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Utilising The Unique Properties Of Printing Foam Printing foam has a number of different applications associated with ink and printing. The unique properties of printing foam serve to regulate the flow of ink and to maintain its purity in a number of different procedures. Whether undertaking manual printing or automated printing, printing foam offers properties well suited to the control of ink. This foam can be used within products in its own right or even within packaging materials associated with ink products as a protection during both shipping and storage.

For manual printing, printing foam can be used in both the construction of inking pads and inking rollers. Inking pads are designed to retain ink until a stamp is pressed against them, thereby collecting ink from the pad. Printing foam in this application must therefore minimise the loss of ink from the pad, retain the quality of the ink while not in use, transfer the ink when required and return to its former shape after compression. It is these properties that make printing foam an ideal material for the use in inking pads. Moreover inking rollers must be able to retain ink until applied to a surface and maintain their integrity on uneven surfaces when pressure is applied. Printing foam is therefore ideally suited to both inking rollers and inking pads as the unique properties of this foam ensure quality results. Printing foam is also used within inkjet printers. The foam can be used to collect surplus ink, absorbing it and therefore ensuring the quality of the printing process. Within an inkjet printer the printing foam must be able to both absorb and retain the excess ink in order to be effective. Printing foam is ideally suited to this application. Moreover, printing foam can also be used in the packaging of inkjet cartridges during storage and distribution. Printing foam pads can be used to prevent ink escaping from the nozzles prior to being installed within a printer. This application of printing foam serves to maintain the quality of the inkjet cartridge while minimising wastage. Printing foam is an exceptionally versatile material that can be tailored to the exact specifications of the application. Not only can printing foam be cut to size but it can also be adjusted via compression to specified ratios which helps to increase the number of controlled cells per component. Printing foam can therefore be matched the exact requirements of a customer and finely adjusted to create optimum results.

Foam Techniques Ltd is a UK industry leader in the production and supply of printing foam and numerous other grades of foam for a diverse range of applications. Years of experience in the foam industry ensure that Foam Techniques Ltd is able to deliver quality products to a customer’s exacting requirements. With vast amounts of industry knowledge and clients across numerous different industries each with their own unique requirements, Foam Techniques Ltd are ideally placed to provide unique components whether a client has need for printing foam or any one of the numerous foams available.

For further information please contact: Foam Techniques 39 Booth Drive Park Farm South Wellingborough Northampton NN8 6GR Tel No : +44 (0)1933 400096 Email: Web:

Utilising The Unique Properties Of Printing Foam  

Foam Techniques Ltd is a UK industry leader in the production and supply of printing foam and numerous other grades of foam for a diverse ra...

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