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Interpreting The Numbers: America’s Divorce Statistics As you enter into the bonds of marriage with your special someone, you never imagine that your solid relationship may one day end in divorce. The staggering truth is, however, that nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce or separation. Since it is just as easy to get a divorce as it is to get married in the first place, many couples that are experiencing hardships view separating as an easy way to escape. Surprisingly enough, the U.S. Census Bureau has reported that the divorce rates across many age groups have been decreasing since 1996. You can look at the divorce statistics reported for different age groups, and denominations across various regions, and begin to understand the occurrence of divorce in the United States, as well as marriage relationships. It is not uncommon for a person to be married several times over the span of one’s lifetime. Keep in mind, however, that while 41% of first marriages end in separation, the percentage becomes even higher for subsequent marriages. In fact, if you choose to marry again, you are 60% more likely to have that marriage end as well. A third marriage threatens a 73% divorce rate. The average age for getting a divorce in both men and women is 30 years old. In many cases, getting married at a very young age leads to a separation later on. After the couple has been married for approximately 8 years, things tend to break apart, statistics show. Children, occupations, and financial difficulties seem to be the main culprit, causing couples to separate. As people age, their goals mature and change, sometimes leading couples in opposite directions in regards to what they want to accomplish and achieve in life. Instead of their spouse holding them back, people choose to let go in hopes of following their dreams and aspirations. There are some predictions as to whether or not your marriage may last. If both of your parents are still happily married, you have a 14% less chance of getting divorced yourself. Moving in with your finance before you marry can cut your chances of divorce by nearly 40%. This is the true test to see if you are compatible with one another and will live well together. When children are involved in a divorce, the separation can become even more emotional. This may be why married couples with children are 40% less likely to get a divorce. “Staying together for the kids” is a true illustration of couples working together in order to raise their children, whether or not they are necessarily in love with one another. Those that do decide to separate the family, however, end up with children that may not have either a mom or dad who is living with them. Sadly, 43% of children growing up in the United States, are being raised without their biological father in the home. Even though it is possible to complete your divorce without the assistance of a divorce attorney, many couples find it useful to enlist the help of a professional. The majority of divorcing couples in the United States hire a divorce attorney to help them settle their case. While divorce is not uncommon in this day and age, ‘till death do us part’ may not mean quite as much as it once did.

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You can look at the divorce statistics reported for different age groups, and denominations across various regions, and begin to understand...

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