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Key West 7 Artists & Friends, 213 Simonton St.;

(305) 294-8444; This consortium of artists comprises the works of the original seven artists, plus the nine who now make up the group. The artists have been practicing their craft in Key West for at least 15 years.

90 Miles To Cuba, 616 Greene St.; (305) 292-1333; The 90 Miles to Cuba gallery celebrates Key West’s historical link to Cuba. It has art and nautical antiques, handmade modern and antique jewelry, select books, original and reproduction graphic art and antique postcards of Key West and Cuba.

Alan S. Maltz Gallery, 1210 Duval St.;

(305) 294-0005; Fine art photographer Alan S. Maltz uses his camera as both brush and palette. Spring 2016 Whether photographing wildlife or daily life, this self-taught artist follows the light and creates masterpieces.

Archeo, 1208 Duval St.; (305) 2943771; Archeo Gallery seeks out and sells ancient art for modern living. Every piece in Archeo, whether a colorful handwoven Gabbeh carpet, or a handhewn teak table or an African tribal mask, tells a story, echoing its maker, tribe and geography. ART 830, 830 Caroline St.; (305) 2959595; ART 830 sells glass art, sculptures, paintings, jewelry and photography from artists such as Thomas Mann, Eddie Mitchell and co-owner Tony Gregory. The two-story building houses the gallery on the first floor and an artist’s studio on the second. Art Space Key West , 1102 Truman

Ave.; (305) 433-0165; Art Space was created as an alternative venue to showcase new talent and dynamic and renegade art projects. There are monthly shows for emerging talents and multimedia art.

Art Warehouse, 3436 Duck Ave.; (305) 293-1122, Visit Art Warehouse for some inspiring custom framing ideas. Family-owned and -operated for 27 years, the business caters to the picture-framing needs of everyone from personnel at fine art galleries to proud parents framing their child’s first drawing. Audubon House Gallery of Natural History, 205 Whitehead St.; (305) 294-

2116; The Audubon House Gallery has a unique collection of Audubon art and prints, with a comprehensive selection of John James Audubon’s timeless images.

Cocco and Salem Gallery, 1111 Duval St.; (305) 292-0072; The Cocco and Salem Gallery exhibits nationally and internationally known painters along with some of Key West’s most respected artists.

Frangipani Gallery, 1102A&B Duval St.; (305) 296-0440; Frangipani sells the fine art of Fran Decker and friends, including local artists William Welch, David Scott Meier and Susann D’Antonio. You’ll find unique creations in all media, including painting, photography, ceramics, jewelry and stained glass. Gallery on Greene, 606 Greene St.;

(305) 294-1669; The Gallery on Greene has an extensive collection of artists, with Spring 2016 an emphasis on local history. Award-winning artists whose work can be found here include renowned wood carver Mario Sanchez, Mike Marrero and Pulitzerprize winners Annie Dillard and Jeff MacNelly.

Gildea Contemporary Gallery, 522 Southard St.; (305) 797-6485; ; Featuring the work of local and international artists in the contemporary figurative genre. Founded in 2013 by owner Paul Gildea, the gallery continues to successfully champion figurative art in Key West. Gingerbread Square Gallery, 1207

Duval St.; (305) 296-8900; This is the island’s oldest gallery, founded in 1974 by Key West’s beloved late Mayor Richard Heyman. It has exhibited the works of such greats as John Kiraly, Van Eno, Tennessee Williams and Henry Faulkner.

Guild Hall Gallery, 614 Duval St.; (305) 296-6076; Guild Hall Gallery was established in 1976 as a co-op with 27 artists. With 27 display spaces, Guild Hall stays true to its original dream, providing affordable space for Key West artists to display their work and expand their creative potential. Haitian Art Company, 605 Simonton St.,

Suite A; (305) 296-8932; This gallery maintains a close relationship with many of Haiti’s best-known artists, and has been instrumental in supporting the emerging talents. Haitian Art Company has a large inventory of paintings, beaded purses and wood, stone and metal sculptures.

Hands On Gallery, 1206 Duval St.;

(305) 296-7399; handsongallery. com Hands On is both a gallery and shop of unique, handmade art-towear clothing, original accessories, handcrafted jewelry, and an everchanging array of fine American and international crafts.

Harrison Gallery, 825 White St.; (305)

294-0609; Helen and Ben Harrison have owned and operated their studio/gallery for more than 30 years. During that time they have represented many talented sculptors/artists, including themselves.

Island Style Gallery, 512 Duval St.; (305) 292-7800; Island Style Galleries (there’s one in Sanibel, too) showcase an array

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Key West Magazine Spring/Summer 2019 Issue  

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Key West Magazine Spring/Summer 2019 Issue  

Here's 565 Reasons You’ll Love It Here in Key West, including in-depth listings and reviews of our 31 Beaches, 296 Bars Cafés and Restauran...