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the sky is wicked huge.

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We met in the alleyway by the Walker Building and walked to the Esplanade. We met one of the employees of the Esplanade Association who told us all about the park and what the Association does.  Now I’ll tell you: the park was established a hundred years ago and about three million people visit the park each year!  Pretty cool, right?  The Esplanade Association is a non-profit organization made up mostly of Boston citizens that help keep the park clean. That day, we were told about how the dead leaves by the river have to be raked up all the time.  It’s not just because of aesthetics; bacteria grow and somehow it is harmful to the river.  So, he handed us gloves and rakes and we went to work.  We only had about forty-five minutes to work, but with the whole class, we filled about twenty bags full of leaves!

The Sky is Wicked Huge.  
The Sky is Wicked Huge.  

Magazine project for Emerson College's WR121 Writing for Civic Engagement class, Spring '10.