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“I got it!” Alec said from across the room. “This isn’t even that hard.” At Xcel GED math tutoring, I got to pass on some of my knowledge to those in need. My class of fifteen adult students looked to me for answers, a person only about half their age. Teaching is not an entirely new experience for me. As the oldest of 13 cousins, I have always been the one to ask. I spent years helping with homework in all topics and imparting my best lessons on working hard and giving back. I also taught a course at my high school and a bio lab for fifth graders. Why did Xcel feel different? I thought to myself after leaving the event and again the next week. Helping


the sky is wicked huge.

people is natural, it takes real heart, real dedication to go totally our of your way to help a complete stranger. I don’t pretend to have all of these things inherently, in fact, by attempting to display these characteristics; I learn just how hard it is. Civic service is a lifestyle, not a one off. Alec’s success gave me a different kind of fulfillment. His self improvement now inspires me to carry on with my own desire to work on myself. text · Jordan Drutman

The Sky is Wicked Huge.  
The Sky is Wicked Huge.  

Magazine project for Emerson College's WR121 Writing for Civic Engagement class, Spring '10.