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One out of every 600 pit bulls finds a good home. That means only one of them finds a family to play with them, walk them, feed them and love them. The other 599 are, for lack of a better term, screwed. The picture to the right is of my pit bull, Tupelo. She’s a total clumsy goofball. She’s the kind of dog that can cause numerous disastrous events one right after another but her face is so cute that you can’t help but love her. I miss her on a daily basis since I‘ve been at school. I have no one to cuddle to sleep, no one to watch run back and forth down the hall aimlessly, and no one to scratch my legs when they jump on me. Tupelo is the lucky one in comparison to the other 599 who will either be fought, abandoned, euthanized, murdered, abused, neglected or all of the above. Although pit bulls are especially present in animal shelters today there are still thousands of animals who are being put to sleep every month. Since I can’t take home all of those other animals, nor will I ever be able to, I volunteer so I can help them in the best way I can. When I arrived in Boston I immediately applied to volunteer at several Boston based


the sky is wicked huge.

rescue groups and animal shelters. I was accepted at the Animal Rescue League to take photographs of adoptable animals for the website. This was fun, difficult and interesting. Most of the animals are so excited to be out of the cage they are practically jumping out of their skin! They want human connection so badly that they would rather cuddle and play with you than their picture taken. Overall, it was very great besides the sometimes supercilious attitude of the people who work there or other long term volunteers. I am so passionate about helping animals that dealing with people I’m not so fond of is worth it. I hope that everyone can find that one thing that they are really passionate about. Something they will volunteer for even after the fact that they’ll get class credit or service hours for it. I know that mine is helping animals. I love doing other things as well but right now, I’ve got to help all the other Tupelos who won’t find a Chelsea to take them home as much as I can. text & photo · Chelsea Williams

The Sky is Wicked Huge.  
The Sky is Wicked Huge.  

Magazine project for Emerson College's WR121 Writing for Civic Engagement class, Spring '10.