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the sky is wicked huge.

how I haven’t grown sick of Boston’s weather and hustle and bustle yet. One of the secrets is being able to escape into Chinatown if only to run errands. Rather than an escape though, I use Chinatown as a link that reminds me of home and therefore adds to my comfort level marginally. Finding zones of comfort is a tactic utilized by artists and writers often, but in this case serve to keep me sane in a completely unfamiliar environment. Though travelling to new places is an integral part of building an identity it is important to keep everything you’ve experienced under your belt so you don’t forget the places you’ve been. I’ve spoken to many people who say that certain parts of Boston remind them of home and I can speculate that perhaps some of them are using the same tactic I am to keep themselves


familiar in a new environment. Much like the fact that every single Chinatown is similar but different, every place that I travel to will have certain aspects that will remind me of other places I’ve been even though it’s a completely new location. It is one of the beauties of travelling that allows a traveler to remember the places he or she has been when visiting a new destination. I understand this concept very well because I live in a place that can’t even be reached by driving from the contiguous United States. Of course it’s natural that every now and then I feel homesick especially if I’m on my own. College marks the longest I’ve ever been away from home since it’s not practical to travel back to Hawaii for every single break or random long weekend. Finding places like China-

town where I can feel a little more comfortable is an integral part of my survival here in Boston. It may not be home, but it’s a place that I can go to escape school every now and then and while I’m at it I can usually procure a delicious meal for under 5 dollars. text · Justin Chun photo · Sophie Bell


The Sky is Wicked Huge.  
The Sky is Wicked Huge.  

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