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the sky is wicked huge.

come a person with a better understanding of how people can change your life. Many nights have become blurred into one memory, a group of people becoming one identity. The twelfth floor has made me realize that although achievement and success is gratifying, getting away from who you are, showing yourself a new light is the actual achievement. I was once a girl who did not want change, who was satisfied with her life. A girl, going through life, becoming a woman, who thought her world was perfect. Yet through these long months of common room study sessions, late night hair dying, rounds of true color board games, film screening, music sharing, and advice giving… we have become a mosaic—pieces of tile bound together to make one picture. The more we are able to resemble to each other, the more we belong in the ranks of family. text · Kirsten Judson image ·


The Sky is Wicked Huge.  
The Sky is Wicked Huge.  

Magazine project for Emerson College's WR121 Writing for Civic Engagement class, Spring '10.