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We received an excep-onally good response to our Joel

S. Pollack Memorial Scholarship essay ques-on this year. The ques-on was “We hear more and more about self-driving cars. In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of driverless cars regarding safety on the roads? What are the ethical ramifica-ons of driverless cars?” James Bastian President

This definitely is a hot topic and appears in newspapers

and magazines on a regular basis. Newsday’s Opinion Page on this subject came in March with the writer’s own thoughts. He pointed out that cars driven by well-programmed robots would certainly cause fewer accidents because they would not lose concentra-on and would have automa-c reflexes. Imagine driving on the LIE without fear of angry or distracted speeders or drivers who con-nue to text. Sta-s-cs show that deaths due to auto accidents are up 14% in the past 2 years, close to 40,000 a year (not all on the LIE I hope).…..

Smart cars are already here in some states and a

number of automakers and technology companies are tes-ng fleets of self-driving vehicles, many with backup drivers who can take the wheel in an emergency. Time magazine recently pointed out that within a 3 year period there was a 28% increase in auto related deaths caused by distracted drivers,


Trilines publication spring 2017  

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