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Jeanne Willcoxon, Ph.D. Curriculum Vitae 812 College Street

Northfield, MN 55057


oďŹƒce phone:

cell phone: 507/413-2848

I. Personal

Please visit my website at: to view samples of my work.

II. Education Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY BA in Liberal Arts (1984) including a year at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and Central School in London, England

Harvard University/American Repertory Theatre Institute of Advanced Theatre Training, Cambridge, MA (under the Artistic Directorship of Robert Brustein)

Advanced Actor Training Program (1990)

International House, Center for English Studies, New York, NY. University of Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Adults (1995) University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN MA (2004); PhD (August 2006) Areas of Expertise & Special Interests: Performance Theory, Jacobean Masque Performance, Performance Art (in particular: feminist performance art), Devising Theatre, Postdramatic Theatre.

III. Employment & Teaching Experience Employment Hamilton College

Visiting Assistant Professor

St. Olaf College

Assistant Professor (non-tenure track) – Department of Theatre

Director of the Oral Communication Program Director and Founder of The Speaking Center An oral communication tutoring center for students

Adjunct Professor




2011- 2015


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University of Minnesota

Affiliate Faculty Member Instructor

Macalester College

Adjunct Professor




2007, 2008

Teaching Courses taught at Hamilton College

THETR100 Introduction to Making Theatre: Theory and Practice

THETR204 Collaborative Performance

THETR205 Performing Women THETR 301 History of Theatre

THETR210 Acting Styles: Theatricalism and the European Avant Garde

Courses taught at St. Olaf College
 Theater Courses: TH110 Introduction to Theatre

TH115: Acting for Non-Majors

TH130 Introduction to Acting

TH180 Text & Performance

TH230 Intermediate Acting

TH270: History of Theater up to 1700 TH271: History of Theater 1700 – Present TH360: Senior Capstone Course

Interdisciplinary Courses: IS214: Theatre and Science

GE111: The Monstrous (First-Year Writing Course)

WRIT110A Skills in Composition

ID 294 Leaders for Social Change

The American Conversation Program (AmCon 102, 201 and 202)

The Great Conversation Program (GC113, 115, 116, 217, 218)

Independent Studies:

Independent Study on Feminist and Transgender Performance

IS294 Women in Film

Independent Study on a Feminist Absurdism

Independent Research on Children’s Theatre

Independent Study on Feminist Playwrights

Independent Study on Aesthetic Discourse

Independent Study on Contemporary Norwegian Performance

Independent Study on Ancient Greek Performance

Independent Study on Activist Performance

Independent Study on Contemporary British Theatre

Independent study on The Mediatization of "Woman" in the Contemporary US Pop Culture

Independent study on Gender, Sexuality and Dionysus: Modern and Postmodern Theatre

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Independent Study on Feminist Performance

Independent Study on Theatre as Autonomous Art

Independent Study on Contemporary Puppetry Performance

Independent Study on Contemporary Japanese Performance

Independent Study on Directing House Arrest

Independent Study on Journalism and Theatre

Independent Study on Stage Management

Courses taught at the University of Minnesota TH4178: Survey of Dramatic Literature II (2007)

[supervised student independent research project on Chinese performance and globalization]
 TH1111 and TH1101: Introduction to Theatre (2006)

TH3120: Bodies in Performance: A Critical and Creative Exploration of Performance Art (2005)

TH1301: Acting for Non-Majors (2004)

Courses taught at Macalester College Sources of Global Performance (2007) Modern Global Performance (2008)

Directing at Hamilton College Dry Land - Director, Hamilton College, January 2017

Directing, Devising, Producing at St. Olaf College Cabaret - Director, St. Olaf College, Spring 2016 The Love of Three Oranges – Director, St. Olaf College, Fall 2014

The Baltimore Waltz – Director, St. Olaf College, Fall 2013

Gideon’s Knot – Actor, Faculty Recital, St. Olaf College, Fall 2013

White Nights – Co-Director, St. Olaf College, Spring 2013

Poe Pieces – Director, St. Olaf College, Spring 2013

Making It in the Arts Cabaret – Curator, St. Olaf College, Fall 2012

God of Carnage – Actor, Faculty Recital, St. Olaf College, Fall 2012

Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov – Director, St. Olaf College, Spring 2012

Coreopera – Cross-Disciplinary Performance Piece, St. Olaf College, Spring 2012

Vodka, Fucking and Television by Maksym Kurochkin– Director, Russian Department Reading Series, St. Olaf College, Spring 2011.

Just Show Up Impromptu - Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration, St. Olaf College, Spring 2010.

bobrauschenbergamerica by Charles Mee - Director, St. Olaf College, Fall 2009

An Evening of Feminist Performance – Curator, St. Olaf College, January 2009.

Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind – Director, St. Olaf College, Fall 2008

Life is a Dream by Pedro Calderón de la Barca – Director, St. Olaf College, J-Term 2008

The Lesson by Eugene Ionesco – Director, St. Olaf College, Faculty Recital, Spring 2007

Action and Cowboy Mouth by Sam Shepard – Director, St. Olaf College, Fall 2006

Directing, Devising, Producing at University of Minnesota

Performance Art Extravaganza – Organizer/Producer, University of Minnesota, Spring

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Woyzeck by Georg Büchner – Director, Translator, University of Minnesota, Fall 2004

Endgame by Samuel Beckett – Producer, University of Minnesota, Fall 2002

IV. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY Directing Mama’s Boy – Performance collaboration with Scotty Gunderson. Buoyant Collective, Minneapolis, MN. August 2011.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare– Director, Northfield Arts Guild, Summer 2010

Helen by Ellen McLaughlin - Director, Minnesota Fringe Festival, Summer 2009

Brilliant Traces by Cindy Lou Johnson – Director, Summer 2007

Acting – member of Actors’ Equity Association Twin Cities One Minute Play Festival ensemble dir. Scotty Gunderson, at Southern

Theatre Gideon’s Knot Heather dir. Wendy Knox, Faculty Recital

Mama’s Boy Mama Devised Work, Buoyant Collective

The Oldest Story Cori, Shiduri dir. Lisa Channer, Theatre Novi Most


Off-Off Broadway

How I Got to Cleveland Woman dir. Jo Bonney, P.S. 122

India Song Bald Beggar Woman dir. David Herskovits,

Target Margin Theatre

Twelfth Night Viola/Sebastian dir. Lou Jacob

Penthisilea Megaris dir. David Herskovits, HERE

Target Margin Theatre

Other Places Jemimah dir. Martha Banta, New Georges

American Repertory Theatre

The Island of Anyplace Jennifer King Lear Cordelia u/s The Seagull Nina u/s

dir. Thomas Derrah

dir. Adrian Hall

dir. Ron Daniels

Regional Theatre

Times of War The Sure Thing The Taming of the Shrew

Adirondack Theatre Festival

Adirondack Theatre Festival

Shakespeare & Co.

Doris/Mary Sue Betty Biondello

Published Work

Performance Review, The Walker Art Center’s 2014 Out There Series, Theatre Journal, 66:3 (October 2014): 454-458.

Book Review, On the Uses of the Fantastic in Modern Theatre. Theatre Survey, 52:1 (May 2011): 203-205.

Performance Review, Tony Kushner’s The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures, Theatre Journal, 61:4

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(December 2009): 623-624.

Book Review, 'Divine Thalie': the Career of Jeanne Quinault, Theatre History Studies, 29 (2009): 244-246.

Book Review, Postdramatic Theatre, Theatre Topics, 18:2 (September 2008): 248-249.

Performance Review, Dark Nights: The Museum Soliloquies, Theatre Journal, 59:4 (December 2007): 651-652.

Book Review, Women on Stage in Stuart Drama, Theatre Journal, 59:3 (October 2007): 537-539.

Performance Review, Reeling, Theatre Journal, 58:4 (December 2006): 671-672.

Academic Professional Blogs

Willcoxon, Jeanne and James Brandon. “Dreaming of Theatre History: Pedagogy in the Trenches.” Theatre Historiography. The University of Michigan Press, 18 August 2014. Web. 19 August 2014.

Willcoxon, Jeanne. “Thoughts from the 2014 Theatre History and Theatre as a Liberal Art Preconference.” Association of Theatre in Higher Education, Theatre History Focus Group, 4 August 2014. Web. 19 August 2014.

National Conference Organization “Dreaming of Theatre History: Pedagogy in the Trenches” July 2014 Co-organized the national pre-conference to the Association for Theatre in Higher Education’s annual conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

Conference Presentations – National and Regional American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR) - Minneapolis, MN, November 2016 Paper for the Working Group on Amateur Acts: “The Aged Amateur”

Association for Theater in Higher Eduction (ATHE) - Chicago, IL, August 2016

Presented Paper: “The State of the Discipline in 1986"

ASTR- Portland, OR, November 2015.

Paper for the Working Group on Postdramatic Theatre: “Postdramatic Theater and the Non-Actor” Mid-America Theatre Conference (MATC) – Kansas City, MO, March 2015.

Presented Paper: “The Non-Actor and the Ethics of Looking in Postdramatic Theatre”

Chaired Panel: “Liberated Spectators”

Acted in Playwriting Symposium: Spoken Roses by Peter Wood

Mentored Undergraduate: Kathleen Cueller, Trinity University

Worked with St. Olaf College undergraduate student, Adam Levonian, to develop his theatre history (TH271) class paper (“Helen Resurrected: Objectification and the Presence of the Body in Ellen McLaughlin’s The Trojan Women”) for presentation in the undergraduate panel at MATC.

ATHE Preconference (Theatre History and Theatre as a Liberal Art Focus Groups) – Scottsdale, AZ, July 2014.

Presented Paper: “Dramaturgy, Digital Archives and Teaching Theatre History”

ASTR– Dallas, TX, November 2013

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Paper for Working Group on Postdramatic Theatre: “Is There Theatre Without an Actor?: She She Pop and the Postdramatic Non-Actor”

ATHE Annual Conference – Orlando, Florida, August 2013

Presented Paper on “Paths from the Chicken Coop: Interdisciplinary Work and the NTT”

ATHE Annual Conference – Washington, DC, August 2012

Organized Panel on: “Interdisciplinary Performance in the Liberal Arts: Challenges, Strategies and Success Stories”

MATC – Chicago, IL, March 2012

Paper: “Working with Graduates: Nurturing New Relationships through the Work of Theatre”

Worked with St. Olaf College undergraduate student, Ryan Evans, to develop his theatre history (TH271) class paper (“Universality in Pullman Car Hiawatha: Transportive and Communicative Technologies of the Second Industrial Revolution and their Influence on Thornton Wilder and Early 20th Century Theatre”) for presentation in the undergraduate panel at MATC.

MATC – Minneapolis, MA, March 2011

Paper: “The A.R.T. Four: Company, Quality and the American Repertory Theatre”

Chair for History Symposium Session: “The Broken Piggy Bank: Funding and Finances of Theatre Companies”

ASTR (American Society for Theatre Research) Annual Conference– Seattle, WA, 2010

Co-chair and organizer of Working Session #23 “The Power of Absent Bodies”

MATC - Cleveland Ohio, 2010

Paper: "Kushner and The Guthrie: A Match Made in America" Chair for History Symposium Session: "Ballyhoo Old and New: Ceremonies, Stunts and Targeted Mischief!"

ATHE Annual Conference– New York City, 2009

Paper: “Bacon, the Masques and the “Price of Looking”

MATC– Chicago, 2009

Paper: “Off the Beaten Track: Driveways, Puppetry and the Art of Making Contact”

Chair for History Symposium Session: “Classing up Adaptations”

ASTR – Phoenix, 2007

Paper: “Making Space: Meeting Neighbors in The Driveway Tour”

ATHE – New Orleans, 2007

Paper: “Revisiting Adorno’s Autonomous Artwork: Questioning the Reality and Efficacy of ‘Practice’ Separated from ‘Theory’”

MATC– Minneapolis, 2007

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Paper: “Marking the Moment of Indecorum or How the Performer Fails the Performance”

AAG (Association of American Geographers) – Chicago, 2006.

Paper: “Erasing the Strange: The Masque of Queens”

ASTR - Las Vegas, 2004

Paper: “The Loathsome Sight: The Masque of Blackness and the Contagious Body of a Woman”

MATC - Chicago, 2004

Paper: “Encountering Strangeness in the Queen’s Masques: Witches, Blackamores and Bare-Armed Bodies”

ATHE - Toronto, 2004

Panel: “Mama’s Gonna Buy You a Looking Glass: Balancing Family, Art and Academe on the Tenure Track and Beyond”

GEMCS (Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies)- Newport Beach, 2003

Paper: “The Horse, The Poodle, and The Woman: Goethe and Karoline Jagemann”

ASTR - Philadelphia, 2002

Paper: “The Haunted Immediate: A Rearticulation of Geist in the Discourse of German Expressionism”

Graduate Student Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002

Paper: “The Sorrows of a Not-So-Young Goethe on the Stage of the Weimar Court Theatre”

Space, Place, and Memory Symposium, University of Minnesota, 2001

Paper: “Weimar on the 5th of December, Toward Evening, On a Still Night.”

Roundtables/Working Groups (National)

ASTR – Dallas, TX 2013

Book Discussion Group – Theatre History Focus Group (Association for Theatre in Higher Education)

ASTR - Las Vegas, 2004

National Identity/National Culture Working Group

Paper: “The Early Theatre of Ernst Toller and the Enactment of Nation”

Invited Lectures/Talks

Post-show panelist for Gioa De Cari’s performance of Truth Values, which examines “the challenges of being a professional woman in [the] male-dominated field” of math – Spring 2012

Post-show panelist for Frank Theatre’s production of Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom, Fall 2008; Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Spring 2010; and Ellen McLaughlin’s Ajax in Iraq, Fall 2011.

Guest Lecturer, University of Minnesota, “The Queen’s Masques,” Graduate Seminar,

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Department of Theatre and Dance, Spring 2009, Spring 2012.

Professional Organizations and Activities

Theatre History Focus Group (THFG) of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) – Nominating Committee member 2013-2015

National Communication Association - 2009-present

Minnesota State Arts Board – Panelist for Arts Tour Minnesota Applications, December 2011, 2014, 2015 and October 2016.

Central States Communication Association - 2009-2012

Mid-America Theatre Theatre Conference Member – 2008- present

Association for Theatre in Higher Education Member – 2005-present

American Society for Theatre Research Member - 2002-present

Adirondack Theatre Festival Founding Committee - 1996-present

Actors’ Equity Association Member – 1992-present

AAUP – St. Olaf College Secretary Fall 2011- present; Director State AAUP 2012-2014.

Awards/Fellowships at St. Olaf College

Summer 2014 Faculty Development Grant to enable ATHE attendance and participation. Summer 2014 Collaborative Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (CURI) Grant for Student/Faculty Research Collaboration on: “Dramaturgical Research: Digital Applications, Resources, and Exhibition”

Spring 2013 Magnus the Good Award for collaboration with Dr. Marc Robinson and student Sterling Melcher

Summer 2012 Faculty Development Grant to enable ATHE attendance and participation.

Summer 2010 CURI Grant for Student/Faculty Research Collaboration on “Teaching Shakespeare to Young Adults”

Summer 2009 Teaching and Curriculum Development Grant for Theatre Department

Summer 2008 Faculty Development Summer Artistic Activity Grant

2007/2008/2009/2010 Travel Grants for conference presentations

Selected Awards/Fellowships from the University of Minnesota

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for 2005-2006 Graduate School Fellowship 2000-2001

V. College Activities College Committees - St. Olaf College Senior Speaker Committee - Spring 2015 (select senior speaker for graduation) Curriculum Committee - Spring 2008 (member Continuing Programs Subcommittee), 2010- 2013 (member New Proposals Subcommittee)

CURI (Collaborative Undergraduate Research and Inquiry) Advisory Board member – Fall 2011- present

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Faculty Governance Committee - Fall of 2015 Fine Arts Conversation Committee Member – Fall 2011 - present

Making it in the Arts Conference committee and participant– 2014, 2012, 2010, 2008

College Theme Committee for Fine Arts Faculty - Spring 2010

CIS Major Committees: Olaf Samuelson, LaVana Colebrooke, Andrew Watt, Caroline Holden

Pandemic Course Selection Committee - Summer 2009

Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Committee – 2008-2010

Learning Community on Anxiety – 2008-2009

Workshops (as organizer and participant)

Oral Communication Workshop, St. Olaf College - Northfield, MN, Spring Semester 2016

Organized oral communication workshop for St. Olaf faculty. Sessions throughout the spring semester included guest workshops by Stephen Brookfield on “Discussion as a Way of Teaching,” by University of Minnesota professors Bethany Peters and Robin Murie on “Working with Diverse Learners in the ORC Classroom,” and Dr. Adrienne Christiansen of Macalester College on “Assessing Oral Communication.”

The Moving Company A(udacity) Workshop - Minneapolis, MN, September October, 2015

Led by Dominique Serrand, founder of The Moving Company and co-founder of Theatre de la Jeune Lune, and actor Nathan Keepers, this workshop for advanced theatre practitioners taught the physical theatre techniques of the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq.

Organizer CILA (Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts) Lunch – Northfield, MN, September 16, 2014.

Organized a session on innovative oral communication assignments constructed by St. Olaf faculty.

Oral Communication Workshop, St. Olaf College – Northfield, MN, June 3-5, 2013

Organized oral communication workshop for faculty on how to assess and construct oral communication assignments for designated ORC (oral communication) coéurses. Organized and/or led sessions on: speeches, discussion, integrating technology into oral communication work, team-based learning as a way of teaching, and constructing an oral communication course.

Ethics Workshop, St. Olaf College – Northfield, MN, Spring Semester 2011

In preparation for teaching an ethics-designated course at St. Olaf, I studied a variety of normative ethical frameworks (including perspectives from Christian theological tradition) with Dr. Edmund Santurri.

Teagle-Funded Oral Communication Workshops with Dr. Patricia Palmerton – February and March, 16, 2011

Organized two workshops on evaluating and designing oral presentation and discussion assignments for students.

Oral Communication Workshop, St. Olaf College – Northfield, MN, June 7-9, 2010

Willcoxon Page !10

Organized an oral communication workshop for faculty at St. Olaf College with Dr. Adrienne Christiansen (Macalester College) and Dr. Jo Beld (St. Olaf College).

Organizer CILA (Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts) Lunch on integrating oral communication activities into course content (March 17, 2010) and using discussion in the classroom (April 12, 2011)

India Workshop, St. Olaf College – Northfield, MN, June 14-17, 2010.

Studied history and culture of India to incorporate knowledge of Indian performance and theatre into courses.

Team-Based Learning Workshop with Larry Michaelson – Northfield, MN, January 29-30, 2009

Attended workshop taught by author of Team-Based Learning, Larry Michaelson. Learned strategies of team-based learning to implement in classes.

LaMama Directing Symposium – Umbria, Italy, Summer 2008

Attended symposium on directing with workshops taught by: Naum Panovski (“Collaboration and Aesthetics of Joe Chaikin”); Patrick Acogny (“Directing Using African Dance Forms”); Federico Restrepo (“Puppetry and Visual Theatre”); and Leigh Fondakowski (“Moment Work”).

St. Olaf Summer Camp – Northfield, MN, Summer 2007-2014

Taught workshop on auditioning.

Harmony Theatre – Minneapolis, MN, 2006

Taught children’s theatre workshop for children of Russian immigrants

Neighborhood Bridges/Children’s Theatre Company – Minneapolis, MN, 2000-2001

Helped implement Neighborhood Bridges program of learning via storytelling and theatre at Lucy Laney Elementary School in Minneapolis

Children’s Theatre Workshop – Adirondack Theatre Festival, 1995

Taught in workshop and was on planning committee.

Miscellaneous St. Olaf College

Academic Advisor to an average of 20 students per year.

Director Mentor to Sterling Melcher, student director for Romeo and Juliet – Fall 2011 Faculty Member for Senior Dance Projects of Sarah Weathers – Fall 2009; Ashley Tanberg Yergens– Fall 2013; and for Grace Wehrspann – Fall 2014.

Honor House Advisor for the Gender Equity and Equality (GEE) House – Academic Year 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.

MC for 2013 STO Talks (a St. Olaf event based on TED Talks) – Spring 2013

Scholar's Day Interviewer - Spring 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Student Theatre Distinction Committee Member: Kristyn Art, Kevin Meyer, Liz Rossing

URTA Audition Coach – January 2009, 2011, 2012

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Guest Lectures/Classes at St. Olaf

Last Lecturer “Things, Thought and Theatre” - Spring 2016 (selected by graduating class of 2016 at St. Olaf to give the last lecture before the class graduates)

St. Olaf on the Road – Spring 2013 (an Admissions event that brings mini-lectures on the road to alumni and prospective students)

Guest on Directing Life is a Dream (Spanish 271)– Spring 2012 and 2013

Guest on Directing Chekov – Spring 2012, TH110 and ENGL185

Library Talks event – mini-lecture on and readings from the works of Georg Büchner – Fall 2011

Guest on performing Shakespeare: King Lear in Renaissance Literature (ENG220) – Fall 2010

Guest on using text in performance – Spring 2010, Spring 2013 Advanced Choreography Class

Lecture on David Henry Hwang's Yellow Face - Spring 2010, Combined American Conversation Class

Guest instructor/lecturer on Woyzeck – Fall 2009, 2010 – Text and Performance Speaker at Language and Literature Group on Life is a Dream - February 2008

Guest instructor/lecturer on Directing – Fall 2006, 2008 and Spring 2008, General Education 111L Guest instructor/lecturer on Artaud – Fall 2006-2014 Introduction to Directing

Guest instructor/lecturer on Directing Shepard – Fall 2006, Introduction to Theatre Guest instructor/lecturer on Gender and Race in Jacobean England – Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Topics in Shakespeare

Guest Visits Arranged (see also Workshops) St. Olaf College

Stephen Brookfield, CILA Lunch on “Discussion as a Way of Teaching” on April 12, 2011.

Patricia Palmerton, CILA series on oral communication, February and March, 2011.

Leigh Fondakowski of Tectonic Theatre Project, visit to St. Olaf College with dinner talk and "moment" workshop for students, April 30 and May 1, 2010.

Lee Breuer of Mabou Mines, visit to St. Olaf College with talk on September 16, 2009

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