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Ideation CAD + Adobe Suite Brand Development Storytelling Nerf Gun Battles


Sponsored by Umbra Market Research Brand Development Manufacturing Considerations

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GOAL Design a jewelry stand for Target and Umbra’s 2015 Back-toSchool campaign. .

Competitive Items


Opportunity Area


USER -Female 18-22 years old -Small living -Wears a lot of jewelry -Frequently adds jewelry to collection

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DETAIL REFINEMENT The model proved: -jewelry slides down angled arms -the base was too large -there was too much friction when arms passed each other The new design addressed these problems, resulting in a form that more closely fit Umbra’s aesthetic.

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FEATURES The Pirouette features simple geometry and simple construction. Other features include: -threaded base for easy assembly -pivoting arms -small footprint

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Little Interns A little help can go a long way.

Project Leader on team of five Initial Conception Digital Construction of Librarian Co-creator of Caddy

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GOAL Create reliable, expressive line of desktop organizers.

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DEBUT The Interns made their debut in the Pure Talents section of the 2015 IMM Furniture Fair in Koln, Germany.

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DETAIL REFINEMENT Since their debut, our team has refined the forms and functions of the Little Interns.

*Rendering by Mitch Barbon

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Nintendo-Inspired Water Bottle

WiiHydrate Hydrate Your Game

Brand Development Rhino Experience Keyshot Experience

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GOAL Design a water bottle that reflects the Nintendo brand

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FEATURES With form language inspired by the Nintendo Wii, the WiiHydrate water bottle features: -a pop-up lid -acrylic peek-in window -water chilling base -LED indicator in base

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Trade Booth

Project Management Brand Development Exhibit Design Fusion 360

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Hanging Screens scroll through Nikon pictures

Camera Lens Display Table Camera Display Table

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Johnson & Johnson

Pantyliners Treat Yourself!

Project Manager on team of five Competition Benchmarking Graphic Design Concept Ideation

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PROBLEM Johnson & Johnson reps wanted an innovative new packaging system for their Carefree pantyliners sold across Europe.

PURCHASING PROCESS To get a better idea of where pantyliners and their packaging can be improved, we started with a 7-14-28 exercise that broke down the purchasing process.

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MARKET RESEARCH Women 30+ y.o.

We found opportunity to re-brand Carefree’s liners as a charming lifestyle option for all women.

Opportunity Area

Lifestyle Choice

Hygienic Use

Women 14-29 y.o.

BRAND RESEARCH We examined Carefree’s existing packaging and identified pain points for the consumer.

Boxes are obvious and hard to conceal when shopping.

Similar colors and patterns make it difficult for customers to locate a specific style.

Colored bands are difficult to read quickly

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IDEATION Our goal was to create packaging that women would be comfortable carrying around in public. We came to the idea that the pantyliners could be hidden in plain sight (i.e., disguised as candy).

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TREAT YOURSELF Carefree’s new packaging is appropriate for women of all ages. The candy imitation subtly aligns the brand with being a special treat.

*Illustrator file by Mitch Barbon

By adding one more fold in the liners, the packaging becomes discreet in size and shape.

The Fun Size bag is perfect for women on the go or who are simply looking for a trial bag.

The large bow stands out on retail shelves, distinguishing the brand from competition.

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Hornberger industrial designer


Industrial Design Portfolio  

Some of my work completed during my time at Philadelphia University.

Industrial Design Portfolio  

Some of my work completed during my time at Philadelphia University.