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Jean Kayij.

Nottingham Trent University Hello, I am Jean Kayij, a second year student at NTU and I can really say that with all the resources the university has offered me in the past two years I have broadened my skillset within design that will help me further along into my design career. Three key value that characterize me as a person is, adventurous, creative and persistent these traits embody my personality and it allows me to push further when tasks get tough. Key softwares I am experienced at: - Indesign - Adobe illustrator - Photoshop - Solidworks - Keyshot






Designing for Production

The Breatha light is designed as a flexible light that can be wall mounted as well as turn into a desk light to accomodate university students whilts they are studying. Its contemporary style gives it a simple but slick look. The Breatha light also comes protection class of IP20 meaning it is protected against solid objects up to 12mm. With the material of copper used it allows for a reasonable price for the university students.

Copper Brushed 90deg.


Light Source LED

Contemporary Style

Student Hub.

Can be wall mounted as well as placed on desk giving convenience

Name inspired from the breathable look on the side of the design with the strips. Circular cut on the underside and upper of design to give out more light.

Button Solar Charger

Hotwire (green) Breathable Grip


As a self proclaimed bike brand Raphas aim is to bring cycling into a new rhelm to compete against some of the biggest sporting bodies in the world, so as a brief it was my goal to help deliver a product that helps boost this goal. This led to the solar powered handle (Heathandle) that can be activated at a press of a button.

Solar charged hotwire on handles to keep users warm

Breathable rubber grip for coolness in the warmth

Button to Activate the solar charge.

All purpose weather

The Heating handle allows you as a rider to stay warm at all times whether in the freezing cold riding with friends or cooling you down whilst having a warm session riding down a sunny road. This is due to the solar powered hot wires attached to the handle that allows the rider to feel warm when in freezing cold whether and it prevents the hands numbing.

My brief for the PDP project involved whether lack of cognitive assertiveness coincides wih poor academic results for students. As i further researched into this topic ity came to mind that an app that tracks data based on your focus would help build important information on a database to eventuallyu help students better themselves through analysation of their focus.

Trigger the AI system at a touch of a button

Once the user has finished he/she then has to press the same button on their phone to then stop the process, once the process is done the phone then flashes light on the back camera..


Available to android and apple

Quick and easy to use

Computer Revision

Study Screen The red dots represent where the student is looking. This gets stored on the connect sensor app database.

Whilst the student is revising for his studies the contact sensors quickly tracks the every spot the student is looking at which eventually gets stored on the applications database.

When revising for an examination the the user using the contact sensor is constantly getting his eye movements tracked by the sensor as shown with the red dots This application allows a student to identify the time taken actually focusing on the revision work compared to the lapses taken when student is looking astray.

UPCYCLING STORYBOARD The design process shows the skill in the making of the Multi usage bucket hat. Several materials were picked out but only a few could be used to go further with. The denim material, and two pieces of felt fabric were used in the process.



The upcycling allowed me to use my creativity to build this denim bucket hat. The brief required us to transform by-products into our very own quality item that would benefit the environment. The Multi usage bucket hat is very convenient for safety for your valuables as well as your skin. This is due to the pockets that sit above The hat which allow the user to store their treasured possessions and on the other hand, the rim that blocks the sunrays from hitting your eyes straight on.

MULTI USAGE BUCKET HAT The multi usage bucket is an upcycled summer hat that can be used at festivals to keep essentials safe

Reused Denim Jumper/ Felt Fabric Pocket on top to prevent theft at festivals

Sustainability Reins Supreme At Festivals The Bucket hat is also very good use when it comes to the indoors fort saftey purposes - Celebratory events


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Product Design Portfolio Jean Kayij  

Product Design Portfolio Jean Kayij  

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