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September 2010 Results Vol. XX I No. 1

Dear Scintillating Superstars, “BUILD IT and they will come.” And come they did. Over 150 women came to be a part of our first ever IT NATIONAL RETREAT. The sun shined down on us, and we strolled around the Grand Bear Lodge soaking it all in. When I asked, it was hard to come up with just three high points. Was it the reverberating music on Friday night? How about the first ever Booking Blitz? Do you think the computer training helped, or was it Christmas ideas that you’ll implement? Who liked being on stage getting ribbons or donning the hard hat tiara and sitting on the throne? Someone, who was NOT a Red Jacket, mentioned that the MAJORITY of the pictures in the smilebox were all about those REDS. Hmmmmmm does that mean that next year you might want to be wearing red? Would you like a mentor who will also make you look beautiful? Would you like to be waited on at a delicious dine around? Would you like to talk personally to every director? Would you like special training on advanced topics by nationals and working directors? Moving up the career path could get you all those perks! NSD Lisa Allison played full out. She flew in from Houston on Thursday and didn’t stop endearing herself to us till she left.

Her passion for recruiting was well matched with our desire to build this new national area. There are 6 common objections, and not a person left her class who didn’t intend to memorize the answers. Lisa is logical and intense and focused and successful. She overcame personal health issues, a corporate mindset, and surprise obstacles. Her vision for the future is catchy. We followed her area’s example and finished up our area a year later. Now we’re watching her move her area to excellence. Our vision for our area is becoming clear. We’re planning on 400 Star Consultants this year, and we finished the first quarter with 85, 12 were from our unit. This National Area will be wearing a GOLD INNER CIRCLE ribbon at Seminar, and our unit is willing to do their fair share as we strive to be on courts at our first ever Princess Ball in July. There will be car winners and new directors popping out. The first ever IT National Retreat showed me clearly that we have women wanting more and women willing to work for it, and boy do they ever know how to have fun getting there!! Thank you for being a part of it all,


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Maria Luna Connie Salm

$1109 $1037

Jeanette Wesley Linda James Cynthia Lomeli Vicki Wilson

Jamie Feger brought the winning Hostess! $100 Cash prize for holding the highest dollar amount class!

Claudia Zuniga-Valle Patti Gibson

Sara Akre and her guests enjoyed our Fall Hostess Event!

Katie Marshall Vicki Shelton Paula Jones Cynthia Lomeli Patty Bowling Connie Salm Betty Sosa

$2401 $1802 $1266 $1027 $804 $653 $623

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Connie Salm Maria Luna Linda James Jeanette Wesley Vicki Wilson Carla Barlow Claudia Zuniga-Valle Patti Gibson

$412 $314, 192 $307 $232, 189, 189 $218, 80, 75, 50 $173, 59 $112, 97, 50 $98, 87

Vicki Wilson Cynthia Lomeli Claudia Zuniga-Valle Maria Luna Debbie Klopcic Patti Gibson Carla Barlow Jeanette Wesley Amy Hoyd Linda Gebhardt Linda James Liz Lomeli Jamie Feger

40 26 25 23 19 18 17 17 12 8 6 1 1

Connie Salm Maria Luna Jeanete Wesley Linda James Carla Barlow Amy Hoyd Debbie Klopcic Cassie Bentley Vicki Wilson Claudia Zuniga-Valle Patti Gibson Linda Gebhardt Cynthia Lomeli

$666, 312 $556, 279 $483, 356 $443 $401 $344 $337 $281 $243 $239, 218 $229 $212 $209

November Anniversaries

November Birthdays Lynette Spaulding Nicki Hoffman Beth Smith Mary Anne Bjork Deb Finley Shelly Wiegartz Verna Chelette Linette DeHaven Jeanette Wesley Luann Voss Margaret Shaddle Samantha Roth Brenda Gillispie Crystal Cavey Bernita Armstrong Elizabeth Laureano Mary Ulfers Sally Luman Cindy McCarthy Bev Rife

Susan Wiley 21 Maureen Scariot 20 Deb Bussey 20 Linda Frieders 20 Helen Augustine 17 Sally Luman 16 Karla Boltz 16 Tonya Harvey 15 Kathy Anderson 11 Traci Griffin-Lappe 14 Beth Smith 10 Gail York 10 Abby Barnhart 9 Kathy Nitz 9 Mary Anne Bjork 5 Christa Hoder 5 Barbara Tighe 4 Nancy Riggleman 4 Elaine Tuttle 3 Amy Stevenson 1 Lynette Spaulding 1






1 4 5 7 7 8 10 11 11 14 14 16 16 17 20 20 25 27 30 30


Annual Consistency Prize! Everyone that places a wholesale order every month from July to June, of at least $200, will receive a ring on stage at our Black & White Ball!

*= On target for 4 Quarter Star

Carla Barlow * Mary Anne Bjork Patty Bowling Crystal Cavey Kara Eisenmann * Jamie Feger Linda Gebhardt

Amy Hoyd Linda James Paula Jones Debbie Klopcic Patti Kubisak Cynthia Lomeli Liz Lomeli

Katie Marshall * Autumn Rosenwinkel Connie Salm* Vicki Shelton * Betty Sosa Cindy Torman Jeanette Wesley * Linda Zingre

Bar Pin 2010/2011 *= moved up since last month Connie Salm


Cynthia Lomeli


Jamie Feger


Kara Eisenmann


Linda James


Liz Lomeli

$ 500*

Patty Bowling


Heidi Franklin

$ 500*

Maria Luna


Liz Lomeli

$ 500*

Carla Barlow


Amy Hoyd

$ 500*

Claudia-Zuniga-Valle $1000*

Linda Gebhardt

$ 500*

Vicki Wilson


Kasia Marchwiany

$ 500

Debbie Klopcic


Cassie Bentley

$ 500

Patti Gibson


July begins a brand new year! Track your weekly sales on your accomplishment sheets and beat your best this year for a NEW crystal BAR PIN!

Your future’s so bright… New Consultants: Do 5 career talks with 5 of your family members of friends. Seasoned consultants: do 10 career talks. Learn: How to share the Mary Kay business opportunity Earn: MK Tortoise Shell Sunglasses Turn: Your vision toward ALL Mary Kay has to offer

Katie Marshall at her New Consultant debut! Look how she’s organized her Star order!

Senior Consultant Abby Barnhart Amy Hoyd Carla Barlow Carolyn Kratzer Christine Shatters Cindy Landers Cindy Morris Connie Miller Deb Finley Liz Lomeli Jeanette Wesley Linda James Lynette Baker Michele Bowles Patty Bowling Sara Akre Sarah Valek Stephanie Schneider

This must be completed with a POWER START to win the sunglasses.

Star Team Builder Sr. Consultant benefits plus Red Jacket Rebate

Team Leader 5+ actives

On-Target Car Driver

Eligible for $50 Bonuses

All the previous benefits Plus 9-13% Commission

5+actives and $5000 wholesale growing 1to 12 actives and $20,000 in 4 months or less

Linda Zingre

Eligible to earn use of Career Car or $375 cash monthly for 2 years PLUS all benefits of

RED JACKET 3+ actives

Connie Salm Cynthia Lomeli

Kara Eisenmann Patti Gibson

previous levels

Future DIQ 10+ actives growing to 30 in 4 months or less!!! Production during DIQ counts towards car! Eligible to become Director and earn Unit Commission and Unit bonuses– eligible to wear the exclusive Director Suit.

Representing the Scintillating Superstars at Retreat are– Front Row: Sara Akre, Debbie Klopcic, Liz Lomeli, Amy Hoyd, Katie Marshall, Vicki Shelton, Jamie Feger, Tanzi Melton Back Row: Cynthia Lomeli, Patti Gibson, Kara Eisenmann, Jeanie Martin, Linda Zingre, Deb Finley, Christine Shatters

Retail Sales Court: Jamie Feger #7 Kara Eisenmann

Star Consultant Court WinnersSapphire Stars– Debbie Klopcic, Jamie Feger, Cynthia Lomeli, Vicki Shelton Ruby Star– Katie Marshall #4 Emerald Star Kara Eisenmann

Royalty Treatment Winners: Katie Marshall Cynthia Lomeli

The Martin Area takes over the Grand Bear Lodge!

Area consultant commitments to go to Houston! Look how many DIQs we could have!!!!


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Pearl Stars———— Emerald Stars————————————— Kara Eisenmann

Diamond Stars—————————————

Connie Salm

Ruby Stars—————————————

Katie Marshall

Sapphire Stars——–————–-

Paula Jones

Carla Barlow

Cynthia Lomeli

Debbie Klopcic

Jamie Feger

Jeanette Wesley

Vicki Shelton

Kasia Rebecca Marchwiany Gengler

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S P E CI AL Calendar Oct. 26


Caywood & Assoc.


Nov. 2


Caywood & Assoc.


Nov. 9


Caywood & Assoc.


Nov. 16


Caywood & Assoc.


Nov. 23

MK Thanksgiving Family Support Night

Nov. 30


Caywood & Assoc.


Dec. 4


Mon Ami Gabi


LUNCH DATE with your NSD

immediately after lunch

Dec. 17


Meg Arneson’s House


Dec. 21


Jeanie’s House


Jan. 8-9


Wyndham, Ohare, Rosemont, IL

Jan. 12-15


Houston, TX

March 5


Timber Creek Lodge, Sandwich, IL

April 1-2


Pheasant Run, St. Charles, IL

CONSULTANT Sandra Lomeli

FROM Aurora, IL

RECRUITER Cynthia Lomeli

Cindy Torman Melissa Diaz

Earlville, IL Aurora, IL

Connie Miller Cynthia Lomeli

Nelly Sanchez Elizabeth Laureano

Aurora, IL Chicago, IL

Cynthia Lomeli Liz Lomeli


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IF SHE CAN, I CAN! Each month I will feature a different Future Martin Area Director in our newsletter. Directors have all gone through many of the same issues that you have or may go through in your life and career. I know if she can… YOU can. I hope you enjoy our new monthly article.

Director Name: Deb Eisfeller Present Occupation: VP & Loan Mgr Loan Review, Alpine Bank City/State: Byron Illinois Joined Mary Kay: 1995 Debuted as a director: March 1, 2010 # of months of driving free: 1 Highest commission check in one month: $2,300 What was the sequence of events that brought you into the company? (recruiting layering process) I was a customer of Kathy Wickler for many years. I was (am) a heavy product user, so I was always anxious for the new Look Book every quarter showing the free gift with purchase. Because I love the products, I came into the company to buy for myself and sell to family and friends. Why did you join? Besides the product I also wanted to help Kathy earn her red jacket! Why did you want to become a director? I was ready to go to the next step on the career path and felt ready to do the work to get there. The additional income from commissions is nice but the best part is getting to know other directors better and the sisterhood there is that goes beyond being a consultant. It’s pretty special and something everyone should strive for. Has there been a dark season in your Mary Kay career? Yes, when I gave up my directorship several years ago. But I maintained my client base and many of my personal recruits. That came in handy when I finished directorship in March as a one month wonder to help put together this National Area.

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What is the one thing that was difficult for you or you were afraid of in this business? I didn’t want to seem pushy. During what time period did you have the greatest growth of income and what was the growth? During DIQ. There is a more concentrated effort on doing IPA’s which in turn results in team members. What do you attribute the growth? Writing down a goal and then making the decision to work and finish that goal. What advice would you give a consultant who wants to be a Director? Listen to your director, talk to people who have strong client bases, and find out how they work their business. Consistently book appointments and take action‌, sell, interview and recruit. Always be consistent in your sales and ordering habits. A working consultant orders every month because you are replenishing your shelves because of all the activity. Write down what it will take to achieve directorship, break it down into monthly goals, and then go to work!

Million Dollar Slumber Party

My Dream Corner…I’m dreaming of Mon Ami Gabi this year. Whenever you return to a favorite spot you remember the last time, and last year we had a roomful of consultants, some who are now directors. Who is going to be there this year as a consultant, heading for Houston, and then directorship?

Phone: 815-498-3250 E-mail: Fax: 866-310-4310

……………………………. 1284 Lake Holiday Drive Sandwich, IL 60548




National Sales Director


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