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September 2009 Results Vol. XX No. 1

Dear Scintillating Superstars,

It’s October of 2009, and I’m back from my 22nd Miller Area Retreat. Sandy clearly acknowledged that this is the time for us to grab the window of opportunity and finish up our National goal. We will have the privilege of being her FIRST DEBUTING NATIONAL AREA. Twenty two years ago when I drove to that retreat by myself for the first time, I was Nadine’s one-month-old brand new consultant. I was nervous, I didn’t know my roommates, and I had never met Sandy. I don’t have one picture from that event. I didn’t know anyone to stand next to. However, I can remember that I was mesmerized by the skill of the directors and the vision Sandy and Nadine and Judi shared about this Mary Kay Career Opportunity. I remember taking copious notes on how to do a great skin care class. I hadn’t even entertained the thought of asking someone else to join, but I somehow knew I wanted more. My limited experience was going to the Ramada Inn for a weekly meeting. I realized that MK is so much more than that. What I did next was take my notes home and I went to work. You can ask Nadine.

I know I did 3 to 5 appointments a week, and I sold a whole lot of product. I know that when I went back to retreat the following year, I had 5 team members with me, and I wore a red jacket. The next year in 1990, I had just returned from training in Dallas because I was now one of those directors! And 22 years later, I again drove to the retreat by myself. But when it was time for pictures, there were 15 directors surrounding me, a whole posse of our consultants piled around us is black sweatshirts, and an amazing number of AWARD WINNING consultants were on the courts. Did I imagine this scene 22 years ago...nope! I sure didn’t. What did you do since you came home from Sandy’s Retreat 2009? Where do you envision yourself in 2010? How do you think we’ll arrange the pictures we’ll be taking next year? Where will you fit in? I think I see lots of room for lots of faces. Hope you want yours to be one of them. As always,


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Sarah Hagen Patty Bowling

$1861 $1090

Autumn Rosenwinkel Sara Akre

$1059 $1019

Patti Gibson Linda James


Autumn Rosenwinkel $1437 Linda James


Angie Marshall


Karen LeClair Patti Gibson Sarah Hagen Shelley Phelps

Linda Zingre Angie Marshall

Tanzi Melton

Tanzi Melton

Donna Storm

Debbie Klopcic

Sara Akre-2

Sara Akre Angie Marshall 5

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Patti Gibson

$417, 152

Sarah Hagen

$1022, 373, 215

Sarah Hagen

$402, 327, 85, 79, 58, 54

Patti Gibson

$428, 255, 245

Sara Akre

$343, 207, 95

Sara Akre

$426, 343

Autumn Rosenwinkel $323, 288, 121

Patty Bowling

$415, 318, 200

Angie Marshall

$280, 62, 55

Autumn Rosenwinkel $396, 324, 216

Heidi Franklin

$229, 74, 54

Angie Marshall


Natalie Hudgens

$212, 90, 70

Tanzi Melton


Barbara Tighe


Leny Misiano


Linda Gebhardt

$156, 102

Linda Gebhardt


Linda James

$130, 107, 85, 67, 58

Linda James

$244, 213

Patty Bowling

$129, 71

Heidi Franklin


Leny Misiano

$121, 120, 75

Natalie Hudgens


Elaine Tuttle


Linda Zingre


Linda Zingre


Barbara Tighe


Tanzi Melton


Autumn Rosenwinkel Sarah Hagen Patti Gibson Linda Gebhardt Natalie Hudgens Linda James Angie Marshall Tanzi Melton Vicki Wilson Patty Bowling Sara Akre Barbara Tighe Linda ZIngre Heidi Olson

66 48 45 39 39 31 28 26 21 20 17 6 5 1

Sara Akre, Angie Marshall, Linda Gebhardt and I all had guests!

November Anniversaries Susan Wiley Maureen Scariot Deb Bussey Linda Frieders Helen Augustine Sally Luman Karla Boltz Tonya Harvey Kathy Anderson Traci Griffin-Lappe Beth Smith Gail York Abby Barnhardt Kathy Nitz Claudia Shaefer Mary Anne Bjork Christa Hoder Emilie Johnson Barbara Tighe Nancy Riggleman Rhonda Antoniolli Elaine Tuttle Lauren Schoepke

C O N S Sara Akre * Kathy Beluschek Mary Anne Bjork Patty Bowling * Kara Eisenmann Heidi Franklin * Maria Gallegos Linda Gebhardt Patti Gibson *

20 19 19 19 16 15 15 14 10 9 9 8 8 8 6 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 1

November Birthdays Jessie Bailey Sandra Dirst Nicki Hoffman Beth Smith Debbie Finley Mary Anne Bjork Shelly Wiegartz Jeanette Wesley




3 3 4 5 7 7 8 11

Linette DeHaven Margaret Shaddle Luann Voss Bernita Armstrong Rebecca Eyre Sally Luman Jeanie Martin Bev Rife


Sarah Hagen * Natalie Hudgens * Daina Hunter Angela James Linda James Debbie Klopcic Karen LeClair Angie Marshall * Shawn Mercer


Heidi Olson Autumn Rosenwinkel * Margaret Shaddle Beth Smith Lori Smith Donna Storm Linda Zingre

Annual Consistency Prize! Everyone that places a wholesale order every month from July to June, of at least $200, will receive a ring on stage at our Black & White Ball!

*= On target for 4 Quarter Star

11 14 14 20 23 27 29 30

Bar Pin 2009/2010


*= moved up since last month Patty Bowling $4000*

New Program Starting August 1 for All New Consultants

Your future’s so bright…

Sarah Hagen Patti Gibson

$4000* $4000*

Angie Marshall Autumn Rosenwinkel

$3000* $2000*

Natalie Hudgens Linda James

$2000 $2000*

with 5 of your family

Angela James Sara Akre

$1000 $2000*

If seasoned consultant

Linda Zingre Barbara TIghe

$1000 $ 500*

Linda Gebhardt Tanzi Melton

$ 500* $ 500*

Heidi Olson Kara Eisenmann

$ 500* $ 500

Jacque Summers Leny Misiano

$ 500 $ 500

Do 5 career talks members of friends! do 10 career talks Learn: How to share the Mary Kay business opportunity Earn: MK Tortoise Shell Sunglasses Turn:

To earn your BAR PIN at the end of a Mary Kay year, you must turn in

Your vision toward ALL

accomplishment sheets with weekly sales.

Mary Kay has to offer

Senior Consultant 1-2 active team members

Star Team Builder RED JACKET 3+ actives

4% Commission

Sr. Consultant benefits plus Red Jacket Rebate Eligible for $50 Bonuses

Team Leader 5+ actives

On-Target Car Driver

All the previous benefits

5+actives and $4000 wholesale growing 1to 12 actives and $18,000 in 4 months or less

Plus 9-13% Commission

Team Leader Pin

Eligible to earn use of Career Car or $375 cash monthly for 2 years PLUS all benefits of

previous levels

DIQ 8+ actives growing to 30 in 4 months or less!!! Production during DIQ counts towards car! Eligible to become Director and earn Unit Commission and Unit bonuses– eligible to wear the exclusive Director Suit.

A sea of Black Sweatshirts repre-

Congratulations Patti Gibson #7 in the POWER COURT Head Table Seating

Congratulations Scintillating Superstars in the

Congratulations Scintillating Superstars in the Recruiting Court-


#3 Sara Akre

# 5 Patti Gibson

#9 Patti Gibson

#6 Autumn Rosenwinkel #10 Angie Marshall Sara Akre, Patty Bowling, Kara Eisenmann, Jamie Benion, Margaret Shaddle, Linda ZIngre, Sarah Hagen

Congratulations Scintillating Superstars in the RETAIL COURT- $3000+ in sales #8 Patty Bowling, Sarah Hagen, Angie Marshall , Patti Gibson

le hadd t S t e ar irs Marg y their f , l e k enjo win osen ugolecki R n l m reat! Autu athryn D Area Ret K r and Mille

Scintillating Superstars Retreat 09

The perks of being a Red Jacket are...

Our brains are full!

NSD Sandy Miller and guest speaker

Time to dream.

NSD Tammy Crayk wow the crowd


Star Consultants


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Pearl Stars———— Patti Gibson

Autumn Rosenwinkel

Emerald Stars— Jeanie Martin

Sara Akre

Diamond Stars— Patty Bowling

Ruby Stars———

Angie Marshall

Our unit goal for 2009/10 is to have

20 STARS each Quarter!

Kara Eisenmann

Sapphire Stars—

Jamie Benion

Sarah Hagen

Linda James

Linda Zingre

Heidi Margaret Franklin Shaddle

STAR CELEBRATION for the 9/16-12/15 Quarter

Friday, December 18 at Dir. Meg Arneson’s home!

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Calendar Nov. 3


Caywood & Assoc.


Nov. 7


The Annex, Ottawa, IL


RED JACKET LUNCHEON (for Reds ONLY) Pitsticks, Ottawa


Nov. 9


Jeanie’s House


Nov. 13

WORKshop #4

Jeanie’s House


Nov. 17


Caywood & Assoc.


Nov. 24


Caywood & Assoc.


Dec. 5


Mon Ami Gabi


MYSTERY DATE (for winners ONLY)


Dec. 18


Meg Arneson’s House


Dec. 22


Jan. 5


Caywood & Assoc.


Jan. 8


Jan. 9


Wyndham O’Hare

Welcome New Consultants NEW Team Member


Sponsored by

Donna Storm

Watseka, IL

Patti Gibson

Melissa Bazan Debbie Klopcic

Fort Campbell, KY Marseilles, IL

Barbara Tighe Jeanie Martin

Kim McDonough Alanna Laxton

Plano, IL Naperville, IL

Sara Akre Sara Akre

PINK BOOT CAMP for New Consultants– contact Jeanie to reserve a spot!



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IF SHE CAN, I CAN! Each month I will feature a different Future Martin Area Director in our newsletter. Directors have all gone through many of the same issues that you have or may go through in your life and career.

Director Name: Grace Lemke Former Occupation: Dental Hygienist City/State: Makoketa, IA Joined Mary Kay: April 3, 2002 Debuted as a Director: December 1, 2003 # of months driving free: 6 years Highest commission check in one month: $6,005 What was the sequence of events that brought you into the company (recruiting layering process)? I met Jeanie through her daughter, Nicki, at a Christmas party. I shared with her that I was looking for a consultant. I had a Mary Kay party with a few friends and Jeanie as my consultant. I called her four months later and asked for more information on the company and signed the next day. Why did you join? I wanted choices for the family we were considering, but more so, I felt that I was called to do so. I always believed that I was meant to make a difference, to affect a lot of people in a really positive way, and that my life was supposed to be filled with thousands of amazing experiences and deep meaningful relationships. is! Why did you want to be a director? I wanted to hang with the big girls. I wanted to know what they knew. I knew it was the next step towards my bigger goal of becoming a National Sales Director. Mostly, I wanted to become a stronger, more self-assured woman and leader for my baby girl. Becoming a director would help me do that. Has there been a dark season in your Mary Kay career? If so, how did you come through it? Absolutely. You can’t just have mountain tops, and wouldn’t appreciate them if I hadn’t been through the valley. Our son was having unexplainable symptoms, behaviors, and delays. I was having health issues, was trying to run a business, deal with two toddlers, and found out I was expecting again. A time of doubt, fear, and frustration came, personally and professionally. I was seriously ill from the pregnancy, and spent a lot of time in the hospital. I worried about whether I could hold on to what I’d built, and if I should. I worried about being the leader they needed. It was humbling and heartwarming to watch my unit surround me, to work more than they had before to make sure our numbers were strong as always, even without my help. They made us meals and prayed for us daily. It taught me to be vulnerable, to appropriately allow others to see my struggle, to depend on others, and to accept and embrace their help. It overwhelms me still to think of how much I was loved through that time.

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What is the one thing that was difficult for you or you were afraid of in this business? I have really had to fight back against self comparison. I’ve typically been good at everything I’ve tried, and because I’m fiercely determined, I worked hard to make myself good at anything that challenged me, thus becoming good at it relatively quickly. This business didn’t come as easily to me, and I had to face skills that weren’t natural talents, but ultimately proved to myself that I can learn any skill and that Mary Kay is a skill-based business that anyone can learn. During what time period did you have the greatest growth of income and what was the growth? I believe I’m currently in that time. My unit is growing from 60-100 and we’re preparing for one if not three offspring to help finish Jeanie’s National qualifications. It’s a time of strong women learning the skills of the business, and enforcing the elbow grease that our unit is known for to create amazing lives for themselves and their families! What do you attribute the growth? I worked, as the leader, through my personal beliefs, my personal skills, and through my personal valleys, and stayed the course so it’s my turn, our turn, to see the mountain top on the other side!













Kristi Mathre

Kelly Knobloch

Sarah Sikma

Marci Barbier

Erika Goodman



















Million Dollar Slumber Party

My Dream Corner… I’m dreaming of how it will feel on November 1st when we assess who will be ready and willing to submit or continue with DIQ requirements. Is your face in one of the pictures of directors-to-be? Will we see clearly the 5 to 10 DIQs we need to finish up PRE NIQ qualifications by March 1st?

Phone: 815-498-3250 E-mail: Fax: 866-310-4310

……………………………. 1284 Lake Holiday Drive Sandwich, IL 60548





Elite Executive Sr. Sales Director

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