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In a quest for impressive, healthy nails and infinite luxury, S'N'B goes beyond ordinary nail polish. To create an exquisite range of wash off, luxurious French nail polishes. This commitment to exceptional nail polishes will make S'N'B the choice of the world’s most discerning women. Experience the promise of superb quality. French nail polishes. Welcome to the natural world of S'N'B.


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Check out Snails Kids’ beautiful look!

They come in tons of pretty colors, like “Prince Frog” green, “Cherry Queen” red, “Twinkle dust” gold and “Splash lagoon” magnificent turquoise. They are the only kids’ nail polishes that wash off with soap and water – just in time for school! No need for any toxic smelly nail polish remover.

Snails Kids come also in delightful bottles, with the cutest little bows and that is what makes them… the perfect gift! They are not only beautiful but safe and gentler on the skin than ever before.


1. A kids’ Revolution

2. Safety & Fun


By focusing on these two simple principles, Safe’N’Beautiful has revolutionized children’s cosmetics. Our Snails brand enables kids to enjoy dressing up, not grow up too fast. Our non-toxic, washable, water-based formulas, made in France, keep harsh chemicals away from delicate little hands. Snails are the only 9FREE vegan nail polish in the world. It does not contain dibutyl phthalate(DBP), toluene, formaldehyde, resin, MIT, perfume & amyl cinnamal. Camphor and Parabens and has successfully passed all relevant chemical tests. Snails are mainly composed of 3 safe ingredients: Water; Acrylic Polymer; and Non Toxic Colorants. We never test on animals and all of our packaging can be recycled. Our formula complies with EEC, FDA and the Japanese Ministry of health.


SNAILS MARKERS Have an Art Attack Flowers, stars, patterns and faces‌ kids can draw anything with the Snails Nail Art Pens. Every fingernail can be a work of art! Snails Markers are non-toxic, they are washable as well and due to their waterbased formula, they leave no stains in case of‌ little accidents!


SNAILS LITTLE EXTRAS Stick-on Fun Snails Nail Accessories are the super-quick way to make fingernails fancy. Kids can choose from Baby Art, Candy Blast, Perfect Princess or Story Telling designs. Peel off a sticker, stick it on and that’s it – instant 3D nail art!







Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. It reminds us all that family moments are moments to cherish. Snails Festive provides you with three holiday colours that will get the whole family in the Christmas spirit!


SNAILS Face Tattoos Snails Face Tattoos are the evolutionary new way for little girls to dress up without stains! No need for paint and harmful toxins! Like a sticker, you just place it on your desired area. Two easy steps: remove, stick and you’re ready! Dress up has never been this fun and safe!

SNAILS Nail Wraps No time for a manicure? It’s simple! Stick, adjust and have pretty nails in an instant. Snails Nail Wrap is a safe and the easiest way for your little girls to do their nails.


SNAILS PRO Work like a PRO! Snails PRO can now aid you and provide you with all you need to do the perfect manicure to little girls. Snails PRO comes with 5 of our washable, non-toxic nail polishes as well as a Snails Top coat for long lasting effect.


SNAILS Hair Chalk Little girls can now safely, temporarily color their hair with Snails Hair Chalk, offered in a pack of 3 magnificent colors, Blue, Pink and Purple. Your little girls can apply any color they desire on their hair in a few seconds, as well as mix and match their painted nails with their colored hair!


SNAILS Nail & Body Glitter

Sparkles are a girls best friend! Snails glitter collection for nails or body and hair is quick, easy and safe to use. Sprinkle some glitter to add shine and glamour!!

SNAILS Body Tattoos All girls, of all ages love their jewellery! Snails Jewellery Tattoos is a new and safe way for your daughters to decorate their skin and show off their shiny Metallic or their vibrant Fluo tattoos, in many different designs.


Snails new Lollips are the first ever child-friendly lip glosses. These cute little lollipop shaped lip glosses are safe and super fun for little girls to play dress-up with, along with Snails nail polishes. They consist of four girly colours and there is no need to stress about any toxic chemicals!


Snails are growing globally!

Launched in 2011, Snails, the first washable kids nail polish, is delighting today children in 59 countries in 4 continents. The non-toxic and completely safe formula of Snails polishes, along with the health and nature consciousness growing more and more globally, gain the confidence and the trust of mums all over the world. Snails have also entered big chain stores in different countries, like Mothercare. Toys R Us, ELC, House of Fraser, Hamleys and Fenwick.


Natural Origin  |   Intense Gloss | Lasting Wear

S�N�BIO For once again S'N'B’s breakthrough laboratories have

The shine is fantastically luminous with outstanding longevity.

come up with a revolutionary double patented formula that

The pay-off is opulent and gorgeous in two coats.

brings powerful nature into a high performance nail polish. Indeed, S'N'BIO is composed of certified 85% natural-origin

The application remains extremely easy and seamless for a perfect colour distribution with even coverage.

ingredients such as potato, corn, wheat, manioc, sugarcane

The drying time is pleasant.

and cotton.


SPA for your nails



Overnight Mask (patented) Overnight rescue for seriously dehydrated nails deeply moisturizes your nails with a unique overnight washable film.



Key ingredients

Continuous overnight rescue easy to use for those with dehydrated nails, looking for an alternative to traditional oil or solvent-based products

* 3% of urea * Water-based film-forming acrylic emulsion


* Efficient moisturizer * Vehicle for active ingredients, solvent-free and VOC-free

* Easy to use continuous overnight rescue * Washable film that continuously suffuses the nail plate with invigorating moistrurizing care * Retains active efficiency for as long as it stays on the nails

Technical characteristics * Paraben-free * Solvent-free * Non-flammable


Instructions for use Apply one coat on bare nails at night and leave on until the next morning. Do not wash hands immediately after use. Wash off the next morning with soapy water. Does not require a solvent-based remover.

Formulation Key Points * Solvent-free water-based overnight nail treatment * Wash off formula * Patented innovative film-forming emulsion * Pink opaque water-based formula



Anti-aging Gold Elixir Gold rush Precious efficiency and care to condition and revitalize dry nails and cuticles



Formulation Key Points

Users with dry, damaged and weak nails who want to nourish their nails and value the incorporation of precious ingredients in nail care products

* Enriched with Gold * Clear water-based gel to preserve the efficiency of actives ingredients * Concentrated in large Golden jewels for striking on-shelf impact

Claims * Water-based fast-absorbed massage gel that restores smoothness, tonicity and radiance * Enriched with Gold, exclusive generation of nail care to combat drying and splitting of nails and cuticles, and naturally prompt healthy nail growth * Non-greasy powerful nail and cuticle conditioner to use on the go

Technical characteristics * Paraben-free * Solvent-free * Non-flammable * Contains a UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing * In compliance with the main regulations

Key ingredients * Colloidal Gold * Amino acid derivative * Keratin-like peptide

* D-Panthenol * Glycerin * Violet rose scent

Action * Suspension of microparticles of precious metal, anti-inflammatory * Anti-oxidizing, energizing, anti-aging * Efficiently targeted active ingredient for damaged nails

* Well-proven efficient hydrating active ingredient for the nail * Emollient * Delicate flowery fragrance

Instructions for use * Apply on bare nails and on nail contour. * Massage in to facilitate its absorption. * Re-apply as needed. 31


Growth magic Stubborn nails won’t grow? Try a magic potion ... and watch them grow!



Key ingredients

Users with short and poor nails that just won’t grow, looking for a nomadic alternative to oilbased products to stimulate nail growth

* Glycerin * Cystin derivative * Proline derivative * Blue colored micro-encapsulated vitamin E acetate, vitamin A palmitate

Claims * Water-based fast-absorbed massage gel containing powerful naturally derived ingredients targeted to condition nails and prompt healthy nail growth * Micro-encapsulated actives efficiently dissolve upon application to release an inflow of hydrating vitamins to moisturize nails and cuticles

Technical characteristics * Paraben-free * Solvent-free * Non-flammable

* Limited color fading * In compliance with the main regulations

Formulation Key Points * Green water-based gel texture containing blue micro-encapsulated vitamins * Bright colored beads for maximum efficiency and striking on-shelf impact * Enriched with vitamins and plant extracts

* D-Panthenol * Seaweed extract * Nettle extract * Vitamin C derivative * Baobab extract * Flower scent

Action * Emollient * Stimulates nail growth * Regenerating * Anti-oxidizing, hydrating * Hydrating, helps improve nail suppleness * Improves nail growth, activates microcirculation * Silicium source, helps nail growth * Anti-oxidizing * Hydrating * Delicate flowery fragrance

Instructions for use * Apply on bare nails. * Massage in to achieve a better absorption. * Re-apply as needed



Anti-aging scrub White opaque water-based cream gel containing red colored mineral particles




* Water-based gel texture that preserves the efficiency of active ingredients * Efficient formula * In compliance with the main regulations

* Efficient moisturizer * Vehicle for active ingredients, solvent-free and VOC-free


* Apply directly onto the nail and its surround with the deer-foot applicator * After application to both hands, rub the surface of the nail to gently exfoliate, and push back the cuticles with an orange stick * Wash hands carefully after use

* Delays senescence of essential cells, anti-aging * Gentle scrub effect * Emollient * Nourishing * Anti-ageing, nourishing, hydrating * Hydrating, helps improve suppleness * Scent

Instructions for use

Key ingredients * Rose stem cells * Red colored minerals * Glycerin * Sweet almond oil * Vegetable lipidic complex * D-Panthenol * Rose



Serum oil A beauty vitamin oil A pure response to dry and brittle nails.


<No int


Key ingredients

Users with dry, brittle nails and rough, irritated cuticles looking for an efficient nail and cuticle conditioner to use on the go.

* Sweet almond oil * Vitamin E acetate * Vitamin F * Citrus essence

Claims * Massage oil specially developed to quickly and deeply moisturize and recondition nails and cuticles. * Helps restore the natural moisture of the nail with a truly nourishing and hydrating effect * Protects the nail plate by reconstituting a lipidic film, restoring smoothness, tonicity, shine, radiance and a younger aspect to nails. * Cuticles are instantly soothed and softened, nails are noticeably nourished and healthier

Technical characteristics

Action * Hydrating, nourishing * Maintains the natural hydration of the nail and cuticles, regenerating * Tonic scent * Anti-oxidizing

Instructions for use * Wash hands carefully before applying nail polish. * Apply a drop on a bare nail and nail contour. * Massage in to facilitate its absorption and stimulate nail growth.

* Paraben-free * In compliance with the main regulations

Formulation Key Points * Pure sweet almond oil-based formula * Citrus scented 37

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WASH OFF range



S'N'B’s UNIQUE WASH OFF FORMULA: WASHABLE Simply wash your hands with soap and water to remove our polish

WATER-BASED Our main ingredient is water, the most natural resource on Earth.

NON-TOXIC – 0% ALCOHOL Our polishes are made in France and adhere to the strictest cosmetic laws in the world.

POROUS As our polishes are waterbased they are also permeable and therefore allow vapour to pass through to the nail. All our products can be washed off simply and easily with soap and water.


NO ANIMAL DERIVED COMPONENTS Our polishes do not contain any animal products or colourings. None of our components were tested on or derived from any animal sources or their by-products.


THE SCIENCE OF LUXURY NAILS OUR LAB IN FRANCE A pioneer in water-based formulas, S'N'B laboratory research is at the heart of a revolution in nail care. Our exclusive mineral complex is a result of a long research and development.

OUR FORMULA S'N'B is on a never-ending search to uncover the most natural ingredients to add in her formulas. Scientific advancement allows us to harness natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s secrets and create the most luxurious formulations for nail products.


THE ULTIMATE RESOURCE: WATER Incorporating the most precious resource on Earth, water, S'N'B creates nail polishes that are washable, non-toxic, breathable and with a surprisingly pleasant, subtle fragrance unlike any other polish. They can be applied easily and dry quickly. They will wash off with just soap and water!




It all began with a quest for natural nail beauty, the primary mission of S'N'Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lab in France and the inspiration for our revolutionary nail care formulas. With a gorgeous palette of modern, refined colours the S'N'B range follows in the successful footsteps of our world-renowned Snails (safe-nails) signature collection for children, available in 59 countries. Today, with our patented formulas, we have the most luxurious water based nail care products on earth. 9-Free and washable with just soap and water. Nail Polish. Reinvented.

Yours truly,

SAFE 'N' BEAUTIFUL PC tel. 0030 210 9590522 fax. 0030 210 940 0172

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