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Entry #13 Critique Don'ts - May 3, 2013 1. Clothing that is too tight: This is a fashion don't because although some may think they are showing off their figure, they are actually unflattering their traits. Tight clothing reveals too many details of the human anatomy and people risk showing personal anatomical information. Not only does tight clothing expose skin inappropriately, it may restrict blood circulation which poses health risks. The strength and quality of the garment is jeopardy as well because it may become warped or rip. 2. Overaccessorizing: When a person wears too many added articles to their outfit, they may thing they are being fancy or interesting, but it really just distracts others from the outfit itself or the style that person is trying to achieve. Accesorries have the potentional to bring a look together, but in the case where less is more. An overload of accessories can hide what makes a look edgy or interesting. Overaccessorizing may also bring unwanted judgment.


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