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ENTRY #10 Film Influence - April 24, 2013 Gangster Squad is a recent film that I believe will have an influence on the emergence of the style from the 1940s to 50s. The movie is set in 1949 in Los Angeles, California after World War II. It is based around "The Gangster Squad" defeating Mickey Cohen's criminal organization. The sharp dressed men of the film wear vintage suits that the costume designer gathered from vintage clothing stores. They wear broad shouldered suits that are longer and have a niche waist. Though the exact cut of the suits may not influence male fashion, I believe that men will start wearing more suits and hats to feel like a "gangster" in those times. Grace Faraday (Emma Stone) is the love interest of Jerry Wooters (Ryan Gosling) in the film and wears dresses and makeup in the style of Rita Hayworth. The glamorous red dress Emma wears at the night club will spark a trend for the tailored silhouette for women going out. The actors in the film are very well known and popular at this time which influences how much people will pay attention to the clothing. People idolize these actors and will copy them in several ways. With other movies on the horizon like The Great Gatsby, set in the 1920s, I predict that fashion will be heavily influence by periods of time or specific eras with a certain style.


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