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Selective biography Note: This biography is purely illustrative. The information provided is not based on anyone’s life, and the places and names mentioned are completely fictitious. Coming from a relatively poor family, Robert Anderson received most of his education at Brenton School, a private school that caters mostly for poor people. While Robert’s life took interesting turns, how he came to be a painter is worth mentioning. Robert wasn’t particularly brilliant at school. Since his mother was struggling with expenses, and his father had died from an explosion in the mine where he worked, she had no choice but to pull him out of school. Nonetheless, Robert kept stunning people around him with his unique drawings. When his mother realized that Robert’s only talent was drawing and painting, she decided to give it a shot and put Robert in Dullivan School of Art, an art school that nurtured young talents. Robert was only twelve. There, he dazzled his teachers with his unique ability to draw flawless pictures with one-time strokes. Once, as his teacher noted, Robert drew a complete picture in pencil while blindfolded. It seemed that he didn’t need his eyes to see what he was doing; the image was already drawn in his head. By the age of 19, Robert had painted fascinating pictures of nature that were displayed at the National House of Art. At this point, he received a government grant to continue his studies in France. He was put under the special care of French painter Arnault Xavier, and within a couple of years he had managed to earn himself a reputation in the world of art. He won several local competitions, followed by a couple of international awards, one of which was the Best Contemporary Painter award. With such a worldwide reputation, it wouldn’t be too long before his shot for fame had earned him a decent lifestyle. Starting as a mediocre school student, Robert proved competitive enough in the world of art. He relied on his intuitive talent and drew close to some of the most imminent painters of his time. As is the case with famous artists, Robert’s art gained international acknowledgement and is on display in art exhibitions all over the world.

Selective biography  

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