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Maintaining a NetVibes Page CEP 810 Below is a screen dump of my NetVibes page.

This document addresses the issues below. How did I select my feeds? I have based the selection of my feeds on two criteria: a. What I believe students might benefit from and be able to interact with. b. My own interests. Of the eight feeds I have downloaded onto my page, only Sudoku fits under my own interest, and which I intend to make one of my students’ interests as well. Though I am an English teacher, I believe Sudoku helps kids think logically, which is what every teacher longs for. Besides, I may get many thanks from math teachers.  The other seven feeds can be used in many educational contexts. Let’s say we’re in the mood to discuss the day’s events. We can pull some major news from CNN and organize an activity around it. It could be an oral presentation students have to prepare, or it could be a written report students have to submit. During subsequent visits to CNN feeds, students can browse through the latest postings and choose a piece of news of their liking and comment on it in any way they Created by: Jean-Claude Aura

Date: November 10, 2008

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Maintaining a NetVibes Page CEP 810 wish. Hopefully, they will get the knack of it and decide to start their own NetVibes page. What comment have I added? I saw an interesting article on ‘Reading Through Games (and Passions)’ at In it, the author highlights the importance of choosing the appropriate setting to get the best out of our students. More specifically, he mentions how games can be useful for writing purposes. I commented on his posting (as JC) because as a child, I had problems reading comics in front of my parents, and I believe we should all accept what works best with our students rather than what works best with us. What changes have I tracked? Unfortunately, I have been able to check the postings on these pages only twice since I started. However, I have noticed a sharp increase in the number of postings over a period of one week or so, from 25 to 74. What’s more, the latest postings are presented on top of the list, which makes it easier to learn about the most recent news. What have I learnt from these feeds?

Well, I learnt that I share a lot of similar concerns with other teachers. For one thing, it’s a relief to find out that my concerns are other people’s as well. But the biggest reward is the solution to one of your problems someone may have posted, which supports the need to keep in touch with others through blogs. I hope that one day my postings will help others as well. How will I apply the content of my NetVibes page in my own setting? I have already mentioned CNN as a potential source for classroom activities. Another source is NPR Topics: Education. From the posting ‘Obama, A President Kids Can Look Up To’, the teacher can instill in students a sense of antiracism and elaborate on the idea by having students relate a similar event they may recall and which has changed their views of others, especially from a different race or religion. Created by: Jean-Claude Aura

Date: November 10, 2008

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