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HedgeTutor™ Comprehensive Educational Commodity Trading & Risk Management Simulator


Commodities Risk Management Made Simple


Commodities Risk Management Made Simple

Welcome to Commos Commos is a boutique consulting firm with global reach exclusively dedicated to the provision of innovative training solutions and advisory in the field of commodity price risk management. We work closely with the main commodity exchanges, major industrial players, physical traders and financial institutions to help their own management as well as clients master the art of commodity price risk management. Recognised practitioners of commodity markets, we are making it our mission to help managers and market operators to take their first steps in the risk management arena to understand the basics of commodity derivatives trading and the financial implications of their use in the value of the company. We have a unique training approach which is practice-driven. HedgeTutor our proprietary online commodity trading and risk management simulator is at the core of our approach.

About HedgeTutor As seasoned commodity markets operators and business development veterans we have been repeatedly confronted to the difficulty of engaging and educating companies in commodity price risk management. HedgeTutor has been created so that its users benefit from a practical, realistic and comprehensive learning experience set over a pre-agreed period of time. All of this in a risk-free environment.

Comprehensive Online Educational Commodity Risk Management and Trading Platform

Realistic Mimics real-life commodity physical and derivatives markets Takes into account all parameters pre to posttrading

Time navigation

User friendly

Allows user to immediately project himself into the future and measure performance and impacts of decisions

Intuitive physical and derivatives trades input User can parameter own trading scenarios

The HedgeTutor learning experience At Commos, we believe that retrieval practice has a critical role in promoting new concepts and enhancing and consolidating learning. HedgeTutor offers a unique learning web based trading and risk management platform that prioritises practice without neglecting theory. Our retrieval practice model

HedgeTutor Theory Guide

HedgeTutor Case Studies Guide

• 70 pages of introduction

to the basics of commodity pricing, trading and hedging theory • Accessible directly from simulation screens or the “Help” tab and pdf downloadable • Customisable to different products, exchanges, etc.

• 25 cases covering


Case% Studies%

concepts developed in the Theory Guide • Accessible directly from simulation screens or the “Help” tab and pdf downloadable • Customisable to different products, exchanges, etc.

Simula-ons% HedgeTutor Simulations • Each user can create unlimited/specific scenarios • Scenarios are saved. They can be interrupted at

any time and reviewed at will

The HedgeTutor simulations Simulations are globally defined by the HedgeTutor subscription selected by the user. Each subscription contains a defined portfolio of physical and financial instruments. These are traded in a simulated market which can be set to follow certain patterns: “bullish”, “bearish”, “random”, “contango”, “backwardation”, etc... providing daily physical spot prices as well as spot and forward prices for derivatives. Additional parameters can also be adjusted to fit other specific user’s requirements and make simulations even more realistic. Like in real-life trading, cash, credit and physical restrictions set in HedgeTutor apply. Hence, performance is not only evaluated through PnL but also by analysing various parameters: Exposure, Credit Lines and Margining, Cash Flows, and Statements.

Simulations screen flow - Market data and inputs Market Data screen: Provides historical and simulated prices for physical and financial markets

Physical Trading screen: Trade physical commodities as priced according to correlation with financial market prices

Navigation: Move freely in time and across screens


Financial Trading screen: Trade financial instruments as priced by HedgeTutor

Exposure screen: Measures exposure for physical, financial and combined portfolios

as HedgeTutor速 continuously produces market prices

Simulations screen flow - Monitor trading / hedging performance Credit Line screen: Displays evolution of Initial and Variation margins and impacts on Credit Line Account

Cash Flow & PnL screen: Provides daily valuations for trades and monitors all cash flow movements

Navigation: Move freely in time and across screens


Greeks screen: Historical evolution of portfolio sensitivities

as HedgeTutor速 continuously produces market prices

Statements screen: PnL and balance sheet evolution

Who should use HedgeTutor?


Market participants

Our flexible licensing solution enables users to train on their own or with colleagues for an agreed number of hours over a set period of time.

• Whether beginner or advanced • Learn by doing, individually or with colleagues • In-depth theoretical and practical education by constantly navigating between interactive guides and monitoring all various impacts of any trading / hedging decisions • Real-life platform: no more lenient prearranged scenarios / solutions: HedgeTutor algorithms constantly generate market prices that cannot be known in advance. It also comes with embedded swap and option calculator

This allows for training at everyone’s own pace with the possibility to review and rework past simulations as many times as necessary. HedgeTutor is also tablet compatible which allows for training on-the-go. With every simulated HedgeTutor transaction, users learn, gain experience, develop skills and confidence that until now could only be hoped for after years of live trading.

• Possibility to purchase specific training sessions Education bodies • Generic version adaptable to the specificities of every commodity exchange and their contracts • Ideal complement to commodity exchanges workshops and educational resources • Allows move towards continuous, progressive and hands-on education • Designed to support e-learning and webinar sessions • Enables to organise intensive training courses with progress assessments • HedgeTutor can be white-labelled

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