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am addicted to color. Without color the world would be bland, dull, and boring. A crystal blue sky signifies a vibrant and glorious day. A green plant shows that it is alive and thriving. A gold sunset illuminates the world as it greets a new day. A purple flower elicits a fond recollection of a cool spring time day. Later in the year, the orange on the leaves bid farewell to the last bit of warmth and they welcome a cold and biting winter. And one of God’s greatest promises to man would not be possible without color - the rainbow.



am addicted to friendship. Without friendship, life would simply not be as fulfilling. We would not be able to share our greatest adventures with anyone but ourselves. We would have no one to confide in when a secret was eating away at our souls. We would not have anyone to run to when we were lonely, sad, or afraid. We would not have anyone who would put up with our ways when we are being difficult. Friends are there for us, and they challenge us to love and to care. Friends allow us to smile when the world is beating us down. Without friends in our lives, we not would have anyone that would accept us for who we are - faults and all.



I am addicted to beauty. Without beauty, we could not fully appreciate God’s creation. Beauty has no black and white definition. Instead, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. While not everyone agrees on what is beautiful. Something many agree on is that creation is beautiful. Flowers, rain, storms, stars, and the moon all reflect the beauty God saw fit to bestow upon us. However, the truest beauty in the world is that of people for we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of Him. Humanity is the ultimate expression of beauty - a reflection of the image of God.



am addicted to the moment. Without moments life would have no continuity. Everything we behold is comprised of moments. From the sound of a dog barking to the ringing of wedding bells, moments are all around us. However, we often do not see the beauty in many of these moments that make up our lives. We often miss the explosion of light in a sunrise, the cool splash of rain on the ground, the powerful bolt of lightning, or the caring look of a loved one. Moments are unique with entire worlds happening before our eyes, yet we miss them - we miss their beauty.



I am addicted to the unknown. Without the unknown life would be too boring. We would find no joy in learning; we would find no thrill in experiencing life. The desire to face the unknown is a driving force in human existence. The unknown is a testament to how far we have come and how far we must yet still go. The unknown will always be there challenging thinkers and dreamers. It will inspire countless generations to know and to push and to explore. The desire to know the unknown will produce in us a rare trait - courage.