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All Saints’ Episcopal Church  Reisterstown Parish 

January 2011 

The Bell Tower  A Letter from the Senior Warden

Volume 11,Number 1  

Vision Statement:  All Saints’ strives to be a place where  people come to know Jesus Christ, are  transformed to His glory, and become  witnesses to God’s unchangeable word. 

Inside this issue:  Letter from the   Senior Warden 


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Happy New Year and greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!    About 30 years ago Marge and I, with two little ones in tow, walked into All Saints’ for the first  time. We got a warm reception and haven’t thought about going to church anywhere else since.  As we watched our children grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, Marge and I fellowshipped  and made lasting friendships with lots of people, many of whom are still here. The sense of com‐ munity here was and still is great. That and the compassion shown for all who come through the  door make this a place where we all want to be.    When I was elected to the Vestry in 1984, the church was “pastoral” in size (one with a Sunday  attendance below 140). We had a budget of $60,000 and a relatively new investment portfolio.  That portfolio was viewed as an endowment, and grew nicely, as we resolved not to dip into it  unless it was absolutely necessary. At times, we may have used part of the year’s interest, but we  didn’t touch the principal.    Fr David arrived more than a decade ago and identified ministries we were lacking, and we  started to grow. Heidi Conley built up the youth group with her knowledge of Christ and ability to  get and hold their interest. Alden Phelps was hired to be music director for the growing family  service.     For me this was the golden age at All Saints’, as my personal growth in the teachings of Our Lord  and Savior soared and I believe this was true for many others as well. As we grew we moved into  a new church size “Program” classification (140 weekly attendance or more). However, the events  of 2003 stunted our growth as some left the church. Furthermore, in 2008 the economy took a  substantial dip from which we have not yet recovered fiscally. Add to this, the numbers in the  pews have declined by about 4% a year for the last 5 years. Consequently we’ve had to pull from  the investment portfolio each year to cover expenses. We’re currently in an economic situation  we’d rather not be in.     We desire to offer the same ministries we have come to love and enjoy, but no longer have the  funds to do so. If we keep dipping into the portfolio to cover the excesses in the budget, the life‐ span of the church can be simply calculated. I, for one, don’t want to even consider that option.     What we can do is take steps towards balancing the budget so that we can protect the portfolio  and the long‐term fiscal stability of the church. You, the congregation, have an opportunity to  participate in Vestry decision on the current proposed budget. Each member of the Vestry has  the budget and is prepared to talk to you. If you have concerns about the $60,000 proposed  budget deficit, (the same amount as the entire budget in 1984), we want to hear from you. Other‐ wise, you will be expected to support it financially. Please do so before the January 18 meeting  which has been called for the express purpose of passing the budget.    The Bible is filled with adversity and hard times, but those who are faithful eventually see the  light and are successful. Let’s remain faithful and assure that our little church is here for the next  generation and beyond. Please pray on a solution and we will discuss this matter further at the  Annual meeting January 23, 2011. Our 2011 pledge campaign will also be announced at that time.    In His and Your Service,    Erik Ewertz  Senior Warden 

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SYKES TOY PROJECT– Church Members Volunteer to Help Needy Families Woodlawn this past Saturday. More than 1,800 families are being helped by DSS, either through the toy distribution or Through a Department of Social Services partnership, the Sykes being adopted, which is when a donor provides food and Toy Distribution was able to give more needy families children's gifts for a family. toys for the holidays. Leading up to the distributions, donations were made at BalBy Marc Shapiro and David Pecor timore County Public Library branches. This holiday season, many families who have fallen on hard "It's up from last year, for sure, which is a little bit surprising times will still be able to have presents for the kids. since the economy is so [bad]," said Melissa Gotsch, manager Thanks to a partnership between the Baltimore County Departof the Reisterstown Library. "We've actually had some good ment of Social Services (DSS) and the Sykes Toy Distribution, donations." needy parents in parts of Baltimore County – Reisterstown, RanWhen donated toys are collected, volunteers ensure that they dallstown, Pikesville and Towson – were able to pick out free are in good condition before parents ever see them. toys for their young ones. "If they're usable and cleanable we clean them up then wrap "Between [Tuesday] and Thursday there are about 200 parents them," said longtime volunteer Katie McClean. "It's mostly registered to pick out toys for about 300 kids," said Joan Stall, the used toys but some people do donate money and we use that volunteer coordinator for the Sykes Toy Distribution. to purchase toys that we may not have in the collection." The annual event, which has been held every Christmas for the There were 20 volunteers helping out Tuesday morning, each past 20 years, was held in Northminster Presbyterian Church's of them thrilled to be able to help local needy families. gymnasium this year. "[I volunteer] because I get a lot of joy out of knowing we "This is the first year we've partnered with DSS," Stall said. cleaned up these toys and we're getting them out to the "They've supplied us with a lot and so has Toys for Tots and the kids," said Iris Buchheiser, one of many volunteers from local school toy drives." All Saints Episcopal Church. "I get a sense of satisfaction and it's fun, a lot of fun." Deborah Ward, director of Volunteer Services for DSS, said donations picked up this year compared to last. As of Monday, The Sykes Toy Distribution will be held again on Thursday there were 331 donors, and she expected that number to surpass from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Participation for parents is by last year's 400. invitation only. However, anyone interested in making a doBefore the toy distribution came to Reisterstown, a record num- nation may contact Pat Hahn, Northminster Presbyterian Church secretary at 410-833-3815. ber of 344 families showed up in Essex, and another 140 in Needy Families Pick Out Christmas Presents

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jean Watson celebrated her 80th birthday on Monday, December 17, 2010 (1211 N. Main Street, Apt. 111 Hampstead, MD 21074-2258)



SPECIAL BIRTHDAYS Mrs. Lillian Arnold will celebrate her 90th birthday on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 (St. Elizabeth’s Hall, Apt. K202, 2300 Dulaney Valley Road Timonium, MD 21093-2748) Mrs. Margaret Lawson will celebrate her 93rd birthday on: Thursday, January 13, 2011 (5223 – 86th Street Lubbock, TX 79424)

The Rev. Melvin and Margaret Turner will celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary on Monday, January 10, 2011 (4759 Shellbark Road Owings Mills, MD 21117-5102) J. Buford, Jr. and Betty Davis will celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary on Monday, January 17, 2011 (Fairhaven, 7200 Third Ave., Apt. O-505 Sykesville, MD 21784)

DEATHS James Dennard Hertz (member) died November 24, 2010 Phyllis M. Fox (member) died December 4, 2010 (son & daughter-in-law: Dennis and Janie Hudgins 10519 Amity St Lorton, VA 22079)

Note from the Parish Office: If you know of anyone who will celebrate their 80th birthday or older– or who will have a 50th wedding anniversary or higher, please call the parish office to make sure we are aware of the information. Thank you.

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January 2011  Sun






Sat 1

Epiphany 4                 

Epiphany 3                  

Epiphany 2                  

Epiphany 1                   

Christmas 2                   

Fr. David & Janet on vacation until January 12, 2011

2 2 Worship Services 11:00 Young Adults 7:30 Alanon 8:30 A.A.


4 7:00p Women/FH 7:00p Men’s Fellowship 8:30p A.A.

5 7:00p Youth Study 8:00p Choir Reh.




9 Baptism of the Lord 11:00a Young Adults 12:00p Youth for Truth 12:30p G.O.C. 7:30p Alanon 8:30p A.A.

10 11 7:00p Prayer meeting, GH 10:00a Bible Study Prayer Room 7:30p R.O.G./GH 7:00p Women/FH 7:00p Men’s Fellowship 8:30p A.A.

12 7:00p Youth Study 8:00p Choir Reh.

13 10a-3p Franklin Garden Club


15 Bell Tower Deadline 1p-3p Prayer Shawl Workshop, FH

16 11:00a Young Adults 12:00p Youth for Truth

18 10:00a Bible Study 7:00p Vestry/GH 7:00p Women/FH 7:00p Men’s Fellowship 8:30p A.A.

19 7:00p Youth Study 8:00p Choir Reh.

20 7:30p Catonsville Kennel Club



Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

25 10:00a Bible Study

26 7:00p Youth Study 8:00p Choir Reh.



29 Men’s Breakfast


PARISH OFFICE CLOSED 7:30p Alanon 8:30p A.A. 23 9:30a ASEC Anl Mtg 11:00a Combined Worship 12:30p Vestry 7:30p Alanon 8:30p A.A.

24 7:00p Prayer meeting, GH Prayer Room 7:30p Catonsville KC Board

30 11:00a Young Adults 12:00p Youth for Truth

31 7:00p Prayer meeting, GH Prayer Room

7:00p Women/FH 7:00p Men’s Fellowship 8:30p A.A.

7:30p Alanon 8:30p A.A.

Schedule of Special Events

Jan 23: 9:30am All Saints’  Annual Meeting 

Jan 23: 11:00am Combined  Worship 

Jan 29: Men’s Fellowship  Breakfast 

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The Bell Tower January 2011  

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Reisterstwon, MD Parish Newsletter

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