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FALL 2011

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Cape Harbour Newsletter Editor: Bob Richards Designer: Julie Drewes

Twelve Ways to Improve Your Neighborhood Right Now When it was time for our association President Jim Mckinley to write his article for this issue, he and wife Sharon, were on an extended trip. He asked me run the below article to give us all “food for thought” when it comes to curbing potential neighborhood crime and vandalism. BR

The following list is intended to introduce the neighbor who has never participated in a crime prevention effort to simple steps that can be taken now to make a difference. 1. Report crime promptly. Neighbors sometimes don’t report criminal activity because they don’t want to bother the police, they assume police are too shortstaffed to respond, or the y believe that there isn’t much an officer can (or will) do about a given problem anyway. Whether the issue is graffiti, petty vandalism, or something much more serious, police cannot act without first hearing about the problem from you. Calling won’t guarantee that police can fix the problem, but failing to call can guarantee that they won’t. Also, don’t assume someone else has called. Make the call yourself. 2. Report nuisances and other noncriminal problems promptly. Examples: Junked cars on front lawns, abandoned autos in the streets, old mattresses left to rot in a backyard, garbage dumped illegally in a vacant lot. When you find yourself thinking, “someone ought to do something,” do something. Call code enforcement,

nonemergency numbers, landlords, residents, local business owners, or any other person or agency that may have influence on the issue. Then call your neighbors and ask those who are also concerned about the issue to call and report as well. Then keep calling until the issue is resolved. 3. Take away the opportunity for crime. Think about your home, your car, and even your lifestyle and ask what you could change to take away the opportunity for crime. Lock you car and never leave valuables, for a few minutes, in the car where would-be thieves might see them. Trim bushes or trees on your property that offer too-convenient hiding places. Also, trim where trees and bushes block a clear view of your front door and address from the street or make it difficult for a person to see out of windows in your home. In short, make your front porch visible and make sure your home looks like it has its “eyes” (windows) open. 4. Meet the youth who live on your block and greet them by name. This is one of the simplest steps an adult can take; yet it can make a profound difference should there be a future need for adults

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Who's Who of the Cape Harbour HOA

FALL 2011

Committee Chairs

Board of Directors and Officers

ARB Frank Hoffman, 541-9299,

James McKinley, President 540-7853,

Calendar Mary Rich, 540-8075, Directory Jane King, 541-5329,

Judy Kays, Vice President 549-9960,

Sid Snyder, Secretary 945-2612,

Finance Tollie Rich, 540-8075, Invitations Michele McCabe, 945-4324, Landscape Frank O’Neal, 542-0366, Social Len & Liz Zych, 549-0787,

Don King, Treasurer 541-5329,

Technology Bob & Cindy Richards, 471-0052, Welcome Jay Bennett, 945-0384,

Tollie Rich, Assistant Treasurer 540-8075,

Mark your calendars

Welcome New Residents

Cape Harbour Social/Activities Committee (SAC) Events:

Phillipe Robuchon - 5824 Harbour Preserve Circle

All events held at the Cape Harbour Clubhouse unless otherwise noted.

Paul Kosbab & Suzie Finley - 5651 Pennant Court Gail & Duncan Russell - 5660 Yardarm Court

Every MONDAY................................9:30 a.m., Bridge

John & Cyndy Hessenbruch - 1817 Harbour Circle

Every TUES. & Thurs.................9:30 a.m., Mahjong For information and lessons call Lois at 540-2717 or Shirley at 541-9299

Roy & Margaret Kelly - 5637 Harbour Preserve Circle Kelly Chester - 5644 Pennant Court

Every Thursday............................ Sip ‘n Dip Social, BYOB and snack to share, 5:30 p.m.-? Daily......... Meet for coffee, Run Agrounds, 7:30 a.m.-? OCT 12........................................"Big M" floating casino OCT 27..................................................Halloween party NOV 10................"Welcome back snowbirds" Sip ‘n Dip NOV 24................................ Thanksgiving, no Sip ‘n Dip

Marine Insurance Specialist Serving “Florida Based Boats and Owners Since 1971”

NOV 30..........................3 p.m., Decorate the clubhouse

3380 Stringfellow Rd, PO Box 779, St. James City, FL 33956

DEC 10....................................................... Holiday Gala

239-283-7779 • Fax: 239-283-7939 Toll Free: 877-862-4280 E-mail:

DEC 29............................"Almost New Years" Sip ‘n Dip

DEC 1 & 8................................................. No Sip ‘n Dip

Watch for your e-vites and the display boards by the gates for more information. -2-

President’s Message cont...

FALL 2011

< continued from page 1 9. Drive slowly on neighborhood streets. While we often call for stop signs, lights, and speed bumps, we often forget that we can organize a means to slow down neighborhood traffic sooner. Remember that it is legal to drive a few miles per hour below the speed limit in your neighborhood. For example, if the speed limit is 25, try 20 instead. Regular slower driving on neighborhood side streets by multiple neighbors will dampen the desire of racers to use your street - it isn’t as fun to cut through a neighborhood if the likelihood of being stuck behind a car traveling at a more respectful pace has increased. Also, do it on every side street in the neighborhood, not just the one near your home.

and young people to speak to each other in the midst of a neighborhood crisis. Also, it is difficult to help form a safe and supportive community for children without the adults and children knowing each other. Even those without children should know to whom the various children in the neighborhood belong. In this way, each adult is better able to help in an emergency and is better prepared to discuss problems immediately as they arise. 5. Make a list of the names and phone numbers of every neighbor on your block. Not just two neighbors - set a goal of at least 10 and preferably 20 or 30. Find almost any citizen who has turned around a problem block and you will find a citizen who really knows the people who live there. Did you grow up in a neighborhood where “everyone knew each other” and find that today your neighborhood isn’t like that? That’s true for many people. That’s not “society’s” fault. Instead, think of it as your own fault, and you can fix it. Unless you know neighbors’ names and numbers, you can’t call them about a concern or let them know about a neighborhood problem. Learn the names and phone numbers of your neighbors this weekend.

10. Pick up the litter near your home, even if you didn’t put it there. Most people are less likely to litter where they don’t see litter already. You can help stop the growth of trash in your neighborhood by taking away the existing litter that attracts it. 11. Stay where you are. Stable neighborhoods are built on the commitment of long term residents who would rather live in a healthy community than move to a bigger house. Communities reach stability when conscientious citizens allow their roots to grow deep and help transform a geographic area that exists as a “neighborhood” in name only into a real community of involved people. Please, stay and help.

6. Make a list of landlords in your areas as well. As owners of property in the community, landlords are responsible to the neighborhood and most are rightly concerned about the health of the community in which their properties stand. You can find out the name and address of the person or organization that owns any property, including the rental house next door, by contacting your county tax assessor’s office. Do it today.

12. Help your neighborhood association or similar groups. If you are willing, decide what greater contribution you would like to make - then take the lead and do it. If leadership isn’t your desire, at least make sure someone in your household attends local neighborhood association meetings. You’ll be kept better informed of the issues facing the neighborhood and how you can help and, perhaps more importantly, you’ll have the chance to shape, guide, and participate in the future of your neighborhood. Finally, don’t stop at 12 tasks: Do whatever else you can to make your neighborhood a safe and enjoyable place to live, work, go to school, and raise a family. Remember: living in a good neighborhood isn’t a right, it’s a responsibility.

7. Turn your porch light on. Do this every night at dusk and keep it on till dawn. Crime tends to decline in neighborhoods that are well lit. Turning on porch lights is a simple way to start this process. It also makes the street feel more “welcome” to good residents who are out for a walk in the evening. It communicates a higher level of caring for the neighborhood by residents. This can become a daily routine or it can be accomplished by installing a timer. It is also immediate - while you wait for local government to install that new streetlight that everyone is asking for, go ahead and add a little more light yourself. Then encourage other neighbors to do the same. 8. Walk around the block. It sounds simple enough, but neighbors benefit over time when more responsible citizens walk about more, particularly for those who are comfortable doing it, at night, every night around their block. At minimum walk around the block, once every day, preferably at night if you feel comfortable doing so. Take a moment to chat with neighbors, including youth, when the opportunity arises. -3-


FALL 2011

BoatsUS Assembles Top 10 Boat Names for 2010 Here’s what others use. The top ten names are:

When I bought my boat my wife and I labored over a name for weeks, finally arriving at what I thought would say “something about my life”. Then once it was on the boat I wondered if others could figure it out. It’s hard to resist taking a guess at the meaning of a name adorned across a boat’s transom. What it can reveal about the personality of a boat is often a sign of boaters’ changing lives.

1. AquaHolic 2. Andiamo (Let’s go) 3. The Black Pearl 4. La Belle Vita (The Beautiful Life)

A fishing addict... Reel Crazy may be for you. Split with your spouse?...Alimony might be right for you. Kids in college?... Tuition says it all.

5. Mojo 6. Island Time 7. Second Wind 8. No Worries 9. Serenity 10. Blue Moon

Palmetto - Pine Country Club Established 1969

THE MEMBERS OF PALMETTO-PINE COUNTRY CLUB Invite you to discover our restaurant and golf course.

Pro-SHoP 574-2141 18 Holes of Championship golf $66.00 + tax

SinglE anD Family golF mEmbErSHiPS availablE

(includes cart, range balls, pro shop discounts)

Tee times available 72 hrs. in advance. Offer expires April 30, 2011

Multiple Play Passes Available at Discount

Enjoy Dining at PalmEtto PinE Country Club Sunday – breakfast buffet $11.95 9 am -1Pm Wednesday thru Friday 5 Pm – 8 Pm Full menu available. Dining reservations - 574-4711

*now offering introductory memberships with no initiation fee *Single and Family memberships available *own your own cart, use club carts or walk anytime *many member events throughout the year *18 hole arthur Hills-designed championship course with 5 sets of tees on every hole *Complete practice facilities *Pga golf professionals on staff

Proper attire required. Cape Coral’s largest banquet facility for your special occasions. For more information call Charlie Nagle at 574-4711

1940 S.W. 9th Court • Cape Coral, FL 33991 -4-

Restaurant Review

FALL 2011

Searching for SWF’s Best Pizza I ordered a thin crust with sausage and onions, my favorite. First we had a couple of beers. The place has a brisk bar business, but not so as to detract from the dining area which is separate.

This issue I’m jumping from “Bar” food to pizza joints. Growing up in the Midwest I my like pizza just one way, a good amount of toppings, a medium-thin crisp crust and plenty of sauce. After wintering for five years in SWF I’m still looking for a favorite spot even though I’ve eaten at all of the “main stream” pizza restaurants. I’ve tried “most” of the places in Cape Coral and find them to be different. I guess pizza taste is a personal thing. Friends tell me “go here or go there”, add to that the arguments about what is New York style and what is Chicago style.

The salads came and what can I say… it was a salad with ranch dressing right off a truck, not homemade by a long shot.

It’s been years since I’ve had pizza in New York City, but if what I am having here is the real thing ; a very thin crust, not much sauce, not many toppings and sort of greasy seems par for the course. I’ve found what I consider to be NY pizzas are about the same from place to place and nothing seems to stand out.

When our food arrived my pizza looked like a Midwestern pie, cut in squares instead of regular triangles. (I like that better; you can pick up apiece without dripping sauce on your shirt.). The crust was thin and cooked perfectly, with plenty of toppings and sauce. Even the NY pizza fans with us thought it was good. As of this writing their thin crust pizza comes close to my taste. My wife ordered an Italian Beef sandwich and said it was just pretty good; plenty of beef but not much flavor, and not enough cheese. I’ve heard it before; I know she’s looking for the world’s greatest. Also on the menu are other tasty looking items. The Chicago Hot Dog (Vienna Red Hot) caught my eye, maybe next time. Add to it a nice selection of reasonably priced sandwiches, wings, salads and calzones; the menu has enough to satisfy most.

Then there are the Chicago pizza guys. With plenty of folks here in Cape Harbour from the Chicago area we differ in how we think real “Chicago” pizza should be prepared. When I think Chicago I envision a deep-dish pie that is stuffed toppings and cheese so thick you can barely bite through it. In Chicago there’s a chain, Giordano’s, it’s my favorite when I’m in town.

We’ll come back again for the pizza. We’ve already decided to try the deep dish next time, and we’ll try the Chicago Dogs. (A guy at the table next said the dog was good.) Chicago Pizza is worth a try. No need to dress up. It’s not gritty…. But more of a sports bar feel.

That desire to find the perfect pizza takes me to Chicago Pizza at 1341 SE 47th Terrace. It’s easy to find, a block or so from Del Prado on the north side of the street. (Looks like the owners are from Chicago, Bears memorabilia on the walls and a Bears logo on their website, .) From its name I imagined the pizza would be nothing but the traditional deep-dish, but they have both types.

Food:  Service:  Ambiance:  Price: $$½



FALL 2011

Resident Loses Data From Crashed Hard Drive Last spring I received a call from a Cape Harbour resident asking me to take a look at their computer because it wouldn’t start. After taking a look indeed it wouldn’t start as the startup file was missing. The real problem was the motherboard in the computer was fried and it damaged the hard drive when it died. That means all the data on the hard drive was lost. All photos, financial data, records, research on family background…. all gone.

to a new computer…data was lost in the transfer process. Thanks to Carbonite, I simply clicked on the “restore” button, found the files and restored them to the new machine. More good news, it’s simple to use. Download the service from their website and within five minutes your computer will begin backing up to their storage facility. There are no settings to make, no schedule, etc., it’s all automatic. So the question is….is it worth $55 a year to not endure what others say is a nightmare? It’s not necessary but once you lose your data it’s too late!

I suppose over the years I’ve had 15 or 20 of these phone calls. It happened many times at work and to me personally. It’s a matter of simple statistics. A hard drive spinning at 5000 rpm….as with any mechanical device, it’s only a matter of time until it fails. Most folks don’t believe their computer will ever fail, but they all do eventually. The older your computer is, the closer it is to failure.

A Complete Range of Creative Design Services

Advertising Websites Promotional Products Signs Large Format Printing

Fortunately, my friend had “non-religiously” been backing up to an auxiliary external hard drive on their desk. So, they lost only 45 days of data. How many of you are backing up your computer on a regular basis? My guess would be no more than 10%. And for those of you that do, are you storing your backups off premise? If your answer to either of these questions is “no” then below is a simple solution for you. There are several ways to back up your data: 1. To a second hard drive. 2. A tape backup system. 3. Or Online. Any of the three are fine, but keep in mind you should not backup up just to stop a computer crash, you should be backing up in case of fire or theft as well. So, those of you who have those backup hard drives sitting beside your computer you’re exposed to data loss by fire, water damage or theft.

Visit our website for our extensive portfolio of work!


The preferred option is to back up your data online. The system automatically backs up your entire computer (emails messages too) to a remote offsite storage facility. When the process takes place your data is encrypted so it can’t be read by others. 857 SE 47th St, Cape Coral, FL 33904

The service I use is called Carbonite, For $55 per year you’ll never again have to worry about losing your data. Have I had to use it? I have. Not a hard drive crash but when copying existing data

® -6-

Photos - Parties - Good Times

FALL 2011

ay Memorial D

July 4th

To see all the photos, click the links below: Memorial Day July 4th Memorial Day

July 4th

July 4th

Memorial Day -7-

Feature Article

FALL 2011

10 ObamaCare changes that will affect you! 3. There will be a 10% increase in reimbursement from Medicare for primary care services, not enough to offset the increased office expenses of 20% or more over the past decade. Ten percent would be $5 on a $50 Medicare visit, which isn’t very much to most doctors. Some surgical specialties will see the same increase for rural services. This isn’t much of an incentive.

The following article is written by Dr. Marc Siegel. Dr. Siegel is a prolific writer, an Associate Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine, a Medical Director of Doctor Radio, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times and a Fox News Medical Contributor. His website is:

2011 is the year when the new health reform law really begins to take hold. Several new changes were instituted in earlier this year. But as is always the case when it comes to government vision; theory and fact are not always the same.

4. The Medicare Part D doughnut hole will begin to be plugged, with a 50% charge on brand name drugs for those in the doughnut hole, which part D doesn’t cover (over $2,830). But this cash price is top dollar, vastly inflated (Viagra and Lipitor are $9 per pill), while insurers pay much much less for the same drug.

So what is actually happening, and how will it affect you? The heart of the changes show an emphasis on preventive services, end-of-life conversations, prescription Marc Seigel drug coverage, insurance company restrictions, with little focus on how this will all effect your doctor, accessibility of services, or your premiums.

5. Federally funded Medicaid expansion begins, for those at 133% of the poverty level, or $14,000 per year in income. But the states are not ready to handle the administrative costs, which will be in the billions of dollars. Arizona and Texas are already cutting back on Medicaid services. Other states are sure to follow.

Here are 10 important changes to health insurance (public and private) and how I think they will play out in the real world: 1. The new preventive care yearly physical for Medicare patients will include mammogram, preventive care and incentives for doctors to have an advanced directive discussion. Critics say that incentives for these yearly discussions are excessive and will lead patients to scale back on end-of-life care, which may be what the Obama administration has in mind. 2. There will be no more co-insurance for many Medicare preventive services. It remains to be seen how this will affect doctors and whether it will lead to a further overall decrease in reimbursements. Colonoscopies, smoking cessation and other preventive services will have no co-pay, but it may become harder to find practitioners to perform these procedures as reimbursements continue to decline and patients are asked to contribute less and less out of pocket.

6. The 15-member Independent Medicare Advisory board will be formed amid concerns that it will arbitrarily turn down essential services based on overused so-called “comparative effectiveness” research. Technology will be imperiled.

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Feature Article cont...

FALL 2011

< continued from page 8 7. Insurers must now comply with an 80% to 85% Medical Loss Ratio, meaning the amount they must spend on medical services. But there is concern that insurers with a high rate of client turnover will have trouble handling the administrative costs.

Women Making A Difference

8. Health Saving Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts will no longer cover many over-the-counter products, necessitating a prescription for these products and overwhelming doctors.

Goals Of The Giving Alliance of Women • To increase philanthropy in our community • To involve women in strategic giving that produces lasting impact

9. Businesses will be able to apply for grants for Wellness programs. This could be a good thing, especially if these programs incentivize weight loss and smoking cessation.

• To serve as a catalyst for enduring change • To build an endowment to benefit future generations • Have fun & Make friends Together we can do more.

10. Pharmaceutical manufacturers will see the first major industry tax: a $ 2.5 billion tax based on sales. Drug companies agreed to this when the health reform bill was being formulated thinking that they would end up with millions more customers. But in the meantime, the tax may well lead to higher drug prices and shrinking budgets for finding new drugs.

Join Today 239.542.5594


Real Estate Report

FALL 2011

Real Estate Market Update all over the place and we continue to see news reports about declining economies throughout the world, it’s really quite remarkable that we’re selling the amount of real estate that we have been.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m ready for the summer months to be over­—at least when it comes to the heat, humidity, and afternoon thunderstorms. But when it comes to real estate this summer, the market has been extremely busy and sales have been incredible. Historically, a large percentage of sales for the year occurred during our winter months, also known as “Season”, and the rest of the year was a bit slower. But that’s changed recently and we’re now seeing a steady stream of activity throughout the year.

For the year, there have been 3,670 Single Family Homes Sold in Cape Coral (plus 716 Pending Sales), with another 716 currently under contract, for a total of $4,386. That’s averaging right around 550 home sales per month. There aren’t many areas in the entire country that are putting up sales numbers this strong. What’s really encouraging is that as of the date I’m writing this article, there are only 1,418 single family homes actively listed for sale in the MLS, representing roughly a 3 month supply of inventory. We’ve now reached a point where out market has become a more stable market when it comes to supply and demand. This is great news!

During the first four months of this year (Jan. – April), there were 2,054 Single Family Homes and 243 Condos Sold in Cape Coral, according to the Multiple Listing Service. From May 1st through the third week in August, there have been 1,619 Single Family Homes Sold (plus 619 Pending Sales), for a total of 2,238. And there have been 173 Condos Sold (plus 60 Pending Sales), for a total of 233 Sold during this same period. So in this case, sales have been stronger in the summer months than they were in the winter.

If we continue to stay on the same track that we’ve been on for the past year or so, it will be no time at all before we have “officially” rebounded. As always, if I can be of any assistance to anyone or if you’d just like to “pick my brain”, please let me know. Keep the Faith!

When I look at the activity for Cape Harbour during the same time periods, the results are very similar. During the first four months of the year, there were 8 Single Family Homes and 11 Condos Sold in Cape Harbour. From May 1st through the third week in August, there have been 4 Single Family Homes Sold (plus 5 Pending Sales), for a total of 9. And there have been 9 Condos Sold (plus 1 Pending Sale), for a total of 10 Sold during this same period. So the sales numbers are virtually identical.


I know many Sellers like to try to “time” the market correctly and list their property for sale just before “Season”, with hopes they can take advantage of a busy market, but that thought process no longer makes as much sense as it once did. We typically have a large influx of new properties coming on the market for sale between October and December, so the inventory levels during “Season” are generally larger than they are during the summer months. So there is more competition on the market that sellers are competing with. And if the number of sales taking place is about the same, then is it really better to try to sell in the winter? Think about it.

Terry Mell Broker Associate, Realtor, CSP Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group & Aubuchon Homes (239) 823-0442 mobile

Overall, our real estate market has been holding its own recently. Considering the fact that the stock market has been - 10 -

advertiser spotlight

FALL 2011

Edward Jones Financial Planning in Cape Coral SUBSCRIBE NOW 2011-2012 Season

Passion and Discovery

This month we are featuring long time advertiser Sam Mazzotti with Edward Jones Financial Planning here in Cape Coral. Sam moved with his family to Cape Coral from his hometown of Schenectady, New York 21 years ago. Prior to his move from Schenectady he worked in various banking management positions in the suburbs of Chicago. Sam has been a financial advisor with Edward Jones since 1995 and became a partner in 2000. He specializes in retirement planning and received a Sam Mazzotti designation of AAMS (Accredited Asset Management Specialist) from The College for Financial Planning. His emphasis is on: asset allocation, estate planning, investment strategies, and taxation matters.

Classical and Pops Performances 8:00 PM Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall

CLASSICAL Brahms, Symphony No. 2 . . . . . . . . Nov. 5, 2011 Mozart, Mahler and Respighi. . . . . .Jan. 7, 2012 Elgar, Enigma Variations . . . . . . . . Jan. 27, 2012 Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6 . . . . Mar. 3, 2012 Bruch and Beethoven. . . . . . . . . . . Mar. 24. 2012

POPS The Great American Songbook. . . . .Nov. 11 & 12 A Night at the Oscars. . . . . . . . . . . . .Jan. 20 & 21 Michael Berkowitz, Guest Conductor

Broadway—Behind the Mask. . . . . . .Mar. 16 & 17

Special Event

He is a Certified Trustee and sits on the city’s General Employee Pension Board. He is a member of the Goldcoast Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, and Palmetto Pines Country Club.

Holiday Pops “Timeless Treasures”. . . . . Dec. 17 James Stephenson, Guest Conductor

Sam can be found at 2104 Del Prado Blvd Unit 4, (239) 772-7575. Feel free to call Sam for all your investment needs.

Maestro Michael Hall

View full season online at For tickets or more information call 239.418.1500 12651 McGregor Blvd. 4-403 Fort Myers, FL 33919

- 11 -

Financial Focus

FALL 2011

Don’t Let the S&P Downgrade Deter You from Investing Just when you thought you could take a break from financial drama, following the resolution of the debt ceiling issue, here comes Act 2: the downgrade of the U.S. long-term credit rating. As a citizen, you may be feeling frustrated. And as an investor, you might be getting worried. But is this concern really justified? Certainly, it was news when Standard and Poors (S&P) lowered the U.S. long-term credit rating from AAA to AA+. This was, after all, the first time that the U.S. has lost its AAA status since its initial publication 70 years ago. Furthermore, S&P put a negative outlook on the rating, which means that further downgrades are possible. But despite these developments, there’s no reason to think that the sky is falling in on the investment world. Consider the following:

This downgrade should not be as calamitous as we’ve been led to believe. Corporate profits, always a key driver of stock prices, are still strong, and with the market correction we’ve seen in the past couple of weeks, many quality stocks now appear to be more attractively priced — which means it may actually be a good time to look for investment opportunities that make sense for you, rather than head to the “sidelines.” In any case, you never want to overreact to any one piece of news. If you were to make big changes to your investment strategy, you’d likely incur fees and expenses — and, even more importantly, your portfolio might no longer be positioned to meet your long-term goals. You’re much better off by sticking with a strategy that’s based on your individual needs, risk tolerance and time horizon. This can be challenging, especially in light of the screaming headlines. But remember, although past performance isn’t indicative of future results, the U.S. financial markets have seen plenty of traumas in the past, and have always survived — and, usually, eventually prospered. As a smart, disciplined investor, you can do the same. Thanks to Sam Mazzotti of Edward Jones Investments

• “Downgrade” doesn’t mean default. Rating agencies such as S&P assign ratings to bonds to help investors measure credit risk — the chance that they won’t receive timely payments. The downgrade to AA+ just means that investors would be slightly less likely to receive future payments than if the bond had an AAA rating. This is far different from a default, which would result in investors not receiving current payments. • U.S. credit rating is still high quality. S&P didn’t change the U.S. government’s short-term credit rating, which applies to debt maturing in less than one year. Furthermore, even the long-term rating of AA+ is still considered high quality. Also, keep in mind that two other major rating agencies, Moody’s and Fitch, both affirmed their AAA rating on the U.S., although Moody’s has a negative outlook on its rating. • Downgrade was not a surprise. Because the downgrade had been rumored for weeks, the financial markets may have already “priced in” some of the impact. While it’s possible that interest rates may rise, it’s also important to note that similar downgrades of other countries’ debt in the past have not resulted in significant rate jumps. As for the stock market — which was already volatile, partially due to the debt ceiling issue — the negative reaction we’ve seen to the downgrade will likely be short-term.

- 12 -

Business Update

FALL 2011 DepenD on our experience anD KnowleDge

Quality Automotive Center This month’s business update is on the positive side, dealing with one of the “good guys” in automotive service. The below is written by a Cape Harbour resident and is their description how this business owner deals with customer service.

I wanted to relay an experience and story for your Business Update in the newsletter.

A service and minimum that works for you.


The business is Quality Automotive Center, 4511 Del Prado Blvd, Cape Coral, 33904, phone: 239-542-2188, fax: 239-549-4082, Owner: Nick Muhlenbruch. (A “Bumper to Bumper” Automotive Service Center and “ASE” Certified)

I have used Nick’s services for years to maintain and repair my cars. I have referred my mom, son and friends to him.

• Offering NON-ETHANOL GAS and MARINE DIESEL • Obtainable minimums • Competitive pricing • Convenient delivery schedule • 22 years of experience

Call 239-673-7850 or 877-751-6231

Based on my experiences with Nick, I would trust him with any automotive issue I might have. He has been a very reasonably priced professional businessman. If I need some service he will suggest what he feels is necessary. On the other hand, he has on a couple of occasions told me I did not need something done. This just happened today when I thought I needed the front brake pads replaced on one of my cars. He inspected it and said I still had 60% of the pad and he did not recommend I replace them at this time. The car has 71,000+ miles and based on my review of the brakes I thought it was time to have them replaced. I feel certain that if I had taken the car to many other auto repair shops, I would have had a new set of brake pads.

Whether you need 50 gallons or 4,000 gallons you can depend on our experience and knowledge to get the job done. We look forward to developed personal relationships with our customers who can rely on us to make your marine fueling experience an enjoyable one.

P.O. Box 100832 Cape Coral, FL

TLC Property Management One call does it all for all your home needs. Home Maintenance Annual Rental with Qualified Tenant Home Watch Pool Maintenance

Nick runs this business with his wife. I am sure he needs the business due to the slow economic conditions in Cape Coral, but because of his HONESTY and INTEGRITY he suggested I postpone my brake repair. Nick is a rare businessman and I would recommend him to anyone in need of automotive assistance.

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FALL 2011

Now You See Her

by James Patterson and Michael Leowidge Looking for something to read this summer that you could “read a while – lay down - then pick up; all without forgetting what the book was about”? While browsing at the local book store I noticed James Patterson had a new book out, but he had “farmed out” the heavy lifting (writing) to an assistant, whatever that means. I’ve read all Patterson’s Alex Cross novels and honestly I can’t think of one more thing I could learn abourt Cross and his cronies.

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I’m also suspicious of these “assistant” writers”, wondering if the quality of the read will be as good as when the “main man” did the writing. Read on to find out. In “Now You See Her” Patterson tells the story of Nina, a mysterious woman who’s running away from her old life AND secrets which can ruin her life in the present. The story starts off when single mom Nina shows a video recording to her sixteen-year-old daughter of her father wishing her a happy birthday. Only it’s not her father, but an actor hired by Nina. For whatever reason, Nina does not want her daughter to know the truth. Flashback to nearly twenty years ago: Nina is Jeanine, a college senior who travels to Key West for her spring break. As she, her boyfriend Alex, and fellow friends get a little drunk, things began to spiral out of control. Jeanine catches Alex cheating on her with her boyfriend. She steals his car, and runs over a man. A police officer who witnesses the scene offers Nina a choice. Nina feels guilty, even as she falls in love with this police officer. There are a lot of things that she doesn’t know about. Later she meets an FBI agent, who finally opens her eyes. But by then, it’s too late. Meanwhile, a serial killer by the name of the Jump Killer is terrorizing Key West. And Nina is about to get herself into more trouble… Half of the book reveals Nina’s past. The other half of the book flash forwards to Nina’s present, as the demons from her past begin to catch up to her. Overall, I thought it was one good effort for Patterson/ Ledwidge. The plot is fast and clear, the lead character is interesting, and the writing is done in easy-to-read, keep-mecoming-back-for-more short chapters. That being said, this book was not the book I was looking for, one you could lay down and comeback to a week later. This book was a grab-you-by-throat-and-finish-me novel that I couldn’t stop reading. So did I like it, absolutely. I’m giving it five stars, it’s one of Patterson’s better efforts.

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Cape Harbour Newsletter - Fall 2011  

Newsletter for members of the Cape Harbour Homeowners Association

Cape Harbour Newsletter - Fall 2011  

Newsletter for members of the Cape Harbour Homeowners Association