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The LoNyLa Broadcasting Guide Welcome broadcasters! Using the Internet to broadcast your own material, readings or panels is a simple point-and-click process. By following the steps in the LoNyLa User Guide, you can learn to broadcast in minutes. Make sure you have a high speed Internet connection and a computer with enough processing power. You can use either a webcam or a video camera to stream live video over the web; however, you will need a Macbook Pro laptop for certain high-definition analog video cameras.

Things You’ll Need High Speed Internet Laptop Computer with at least a 1GB megahertz processor and 1 GB random access memory Video Source (Webcam or Video camera) Video Broadcasting Platform (ex. Watershed, Ustream, Livestream) Cables

I. How to Broadcast with a Webcam Step 1: Go to WATERSHED (UStream private label platform) at:  Click on Login.  Enter “lonyla” in the username field.  Enter the password (LoNyLa artists, please contact LoNyLa administrators for password) in the password field.  Click on login to the right of the password field, which will allow you into the site.

Step 2: Arrive at the Dashboard which summarizes key performance metrics.  Click on Brands from the header menu.


Step 3: Arrive at the Brands screen, which displays the “lonyla� brand.  Click on Channels from the left-side menu.

Step 4: Arrive at the Channels screen, which displays the different channels under the LoNyLa brand.  A LoNyLa Administrator will assign you a channel to use.  Click on Launch Broadcast.  The broadcaster will pop up.


Step 5: Arrive at the password-protected Broadcaster.  You will need a password to start broadcasting.  Please ask the LoNyLa Administrator for this password.


Step 6: Once you’ve enabled the Broadcaster, click Allow.  The broadcaster will automatically locate your webcamera, which appears as a “Video Source” in the bottom panel. Your audio source should be the same as your video source. In this example, the Broadcaster has located a Logitech Webcam Pro.

Step 7: Click on Start Broadcast to begin a live broadcast of your event. You are now broadcasting over the Internet depending on where your VIEWER is located.  LoNyLa will provide you with a webpage and a URL with a VIEWER and a chat board for your audience to interact with your event (if desired).


Step 8: Click on Start Record if you want a video recording of your event.  A panel will appear that walks you through naming and saving your recording.

 You can review the recording. Save it or delete it according to your preferences.


Step 9: Locate your video recording by clicking on Video from the top menu. You will arrive at a library of recorded videos under the LoNyLa brand.  Identify your video recording by name, date and time recorded.  In order to view the recording at a later date over the Internet, you will need to create a webpage and use the EMBED CODE (widgetizes the video recording and allows you to put it into your own web page code) for the video recording. (Think YouTube videos.)


II. How to Broadcast with a video camera LoNyLa uses a Canon Vixia HV30 to stream videos of readings over the Internet. This video camera captures sharp images with a 10x HD Video lens, a 2.96-megapixel CMOS image sensor and a DIGIC DV II processor. Because it is too powerful for video broadcasting platforms, you have to do some workarounds to stream live video over the web. IMPT: YOU WILL NEED A MACBOOK PRO TO STREAM LIVE VIDEO. Step 1: Change the DV Recording Mode on the camera from HD (high definition) to SP (standard play) mode. NOTE: Watershed will NOT stream live video if the camera is streaming in HD mode.

Step 2: Use a shotgun (directional stereo) microphone to pick up sound from your actors. Play with the settings until you get the sound levels you need. LoNyLa uses stereo (not shotgun) mode.


Step 3: Insert one end of a fire wire into the correct input slot in your camera.

Step 4: Insert the other end of the fire wire into your Macbook Pro input slot.


Step 5: Turn the camera on by turning the button to recording (not “play”) mode (to the left on the Canon) but do NOT use tape. You do not need tape to stream live video over the web.

Step 6: Go through all of the steps to broadcast with a web camera on Watershed (see USER GUIDE – WEBCAM), but check your Video Source and Audio Source inputs on the Broadcaster.  Video Source should read “DV Video”. Audio Source should read: “Built-in Microphone.”

LoNyLa User Guide - Broadcasting  
LoNyLa User Guide - Broadcasting  

How to broadcast using a webcam and a video camera.