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Arch 2003: Case Study: Farnsworth House

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Art 4020 :Rhino 4.0 and Jewelry Design


Arch 2002: Work/Live (Residential Design)


Arch 2001: Writing Space (Residential Design)


Arch 2002: Digital Arts Venue Landscape/Urban Design


Arch 2001: Pottery Studio (Additive Project)


Arch 2001: Dale Chihuly Art Gallery (Subtractive Project) p.14

Arch 1001-1002: Capturing/Defining Space Project


Arch 1002: Case Study : House O


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Arch 2003: Farnsworth House Case Study

Interior View: Living room

Fully Rendered: Exterior View

3D Modeling and Animation: I have explored the innovative technique of 3d modeling. It has drastically enhanced the possibility and growth of Architecture and Design. Living in a world of cutting edge technology the idea of hyperrealistic forms and surfaces become possible with the aid of CAD. In this case I have used programs such as PhotoShop, Rhino 4.0, and Vray. 3

Arch 2003: Farnsworth House Case Study

Rhino Model

This case study assessed my skill level on representation and communication with CAD. I was given the opportunity to use AutoCad, Rhino 4.0, Sketchup, Photoshop, 3ds max, Vray , an Illustrator. This semester long project would reveal my level of expertise with the implementation of my personal style. This extensive process included in-class critiques, multiple drafts/layout designs, editing and development which would ultimately result in a final presentation.

Spatial Diagram


AutoCad Drawings and Diagrams

3D Interior

3D Exterior

Rendered Interior


Rhino 4.0 (3D Modeling) The Essentials

I took an additional digital modeling class to expand and perfect my digital modeling skills. This will increase my ability in designing dynamic architectural forms and surfaces. By having this knowledge I can apply this to contemporary architectural design that will be present in my graduate studies.


Rhino 4.0 : Jewelry Design Porter Lyon (Internship)

Honeycomb Theme: Bracelet, Belt links, Egyptian Style Cuff, and Ring For the past several months I have been interning for a jewelry designer, Porter Lyons. Each piece was designed using Rhino 4.0. These pieces will be mass produced and sold through Porter Lyons. This is evidence that my investigative and extended knowledge of 3d modeling can be applied to product design. Architecture has provided me with the proper skills to effectively come up with design solutions.

Honeycomb Theme: Bracelet, Belt links

Egyptian Cuff and Honeycomb Ring


Work/Live : Magazine St. Infill Project

Presented with the challenge of designing a space that would cater to an architect that lives and works in the same place. The program would accommodate a full service architecture office on the first floor, and a residence the would accommodate a family of 3 on the second floor. My final solution would echo the symbolism of boundaries, and manifest itself into physical minimalistic form.

House O, TEN Arcquitectos

1st Floor (Office)


Facade Sketch

Longitudinal Section

2nd floor (Residence) Living Room

Exterior Patio


Aerial view of model

Process Work: •


Sketch: Shifting planes and intersecting boxes Concept derived from residential boundaries and property lines in New Orleans.

Intial Sketch New Orleans Facade Design Exercise

Spatial/Circulation Diagram

Alternate Design: Facade Sketch

3d model: Includes the original houses that flank my design


2001: Writing Space Project: Walden Pond Concord, MA Design Sketch Intial research derived from reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau. This writing space was designed with the conceptual idea of ingesting nature. This is represented in the floor to ceiling glazing. While taking in the lush surrounding the writer would intuitively project his ideas upon the radiating landscape. Creating a organic interaction. Presentation Board

Site: Walden Pond


Manifesto : Includes a quote from Thoreau

Presentation Board


Continuing The Pattern: My conceptual design revolves around the natural and physical patterns on and around the Immediate site. The elongated striations that run along the Shaw Center and along the ground evoke a strong sense of movement in the downtown area. The impact of a contemporary pavilion within this context follows the progressive patterns of Downtown Baton Rouge , creating a perfect experience for a digital arts venue.

Downtown Digital Arts Venue (Red Stick Festival): Baton Rouge La. River Rd. and North Blvd. Perspective View from the Shaw Center

Park pattern sketch

Highline Park

Grading Diagram

River Rd Elevation

Cad Drawings :Cut Plan

North Blvd. Elevation


Includes restroom

Observation Deck: Facing the Retractable screen, an River Rd

Cantilevered observation deck provides shading for seating area

Entrance: Corner of North Blvd. and River Rd. 12

2001:Pottery Studio: Additive Project

Initially, I was provided with a formal site(white form core), and was allowed to add upon it(chipboard and basswood). Program space of the pottery studio would accommodate storage space, a pottery wheel, a work station, and protection from the natural elements. Sustainable design techniques were implemented into the overall design. My design solution includes a open floor plan, louvers, a window for cross ventilation, and a striated screen that reduces heat gain. Ultimately, my design creates a comfortable environment while the writer can still enjoy nature.

Section 1.Pottery Wheel 2. Storage Closet 3. Work Station 4.Outdoor Space 5.Shaded Balcony 6.Louvers


3 ..

2 ..

1 ..

4 ..

5. . Ground Plan


Art Gallery: Subtractive Project

This project started with rectangular box (white foam core) in which I was allowed to subtract from (chipboard).Gallery space would accommodate ,1-2 people at a time.The dramatic sculpted interior adds to the allure of the Chihuly glass vase. My solution depicts a minimal angular exterior form that is a directly related to the dramatic interior. The interior walkway leads to a spiral staircase that wraps around the glass vase. The usage of the stairs are merely for admiration of the art.

4. 1. 1.


Dale Chihuly Glass vase


Entrance 2. Walkway 3. Chihuly Piece, 4.Exit


Arch 1001-1002: Interlocking Spatial Composition 1st year studio involved a series of design projects that were centered around capturing and defining space. The articulation of space is highly dependent on perception along with physical manifestations. In my various design solutions, shifting and intersecting planes are formed by subtractive and addictive techniques. Space is formed by the delicate measure of juxtaposition of different material , light and proportion. 15

Arch 1001 Case Study: House O by TEN Arquitectos This project exercised application of technical and analytical skills by recreating plans ,and generating diagrams

House O 1st Floor plan : Hardline Drawing

2nd Floor plan : Hardline Drawing

Hierarchy of form Diagram

Public Space Diagram 16

Historical Preservation: Community Design Project Minden , La NG.html Tml

Urban Design Project: Brasilia Utopian Society Case Study: Barcelona Pavilion an_der_rohe1




Architecture work from 2 years of undergarduate design. Includes community design work, urban design project, digital rendering, photoshop,...