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Weight loss is the one subject that is always a news topic. Everywhere you go,you see or hear some type of weight loss message. The dangers of being over- weight features regularly on the nightly news. Our Stores and the Internet are full of weight loss books and products. Weight loss is discussed everywhere, and the newest 'guaranteed to work' diet is on every tongue. If you're trying to lose weight, I hope these few tips will help you to get going... Tip #1 - Don't just talk about loosing weight, do it! Sitting down with a friend, glass of wine in hand, discussing how you really want to loose weight, will not shift the weight. Cut out the glass of wine, and take action, starting immediately. Stop talking and get walking! It will not be long before some results start to show... Tip #2 - Avoid fast weight loss diets. A steady loss is much safer and better, than the much advertised fast loss diets. For long lasting results, you should aim at loosing about 2 pounds weekly. In order to achieve this, you must reduce your intake of calories. It is imperative that you combine your diet programme with some form of physical exercise. Tip #3 - Don't waste your money. Don't waste your money on the latest trendy diet, and weight loss gimmicks. These are not the answer for you. Choose a sensible programme, eat a well balanced nutritional diet, of fruit, vegetable,and lean protein, this will help you with your weight loss plan. Tip #4 - Weight Loss and changing your lifestyle. Many people have a problem with weight all their lives. our sedentary lifestyle,and excess processed foods are two big factors in the on going battle with weight loss. If you want to loose weight, and not put it all on again once the diet is finished, then you have to change your eating habits, to be successful you have to change your lifestyle, and make the healthy food choices, and staying with those choices... Tip #5 - Don't let the weighing scale rule your life. So now you are on 'THE' diet, please do not be a slave to the scales, because if you find you've not lost weight quickly enough, it is very easy to give in, and go and try another diet. You must give the diet a fighting chance. Also even if you are not loosing weight as fast as you would wish, your health will be improving, your heart will function better, and your cholesterol will be

stabilised... So to round things up, do not give up at the first hurdle, do not weigh yourself daily, change to a healthy diet, do some physical exercise daily, and most of all, don't talk about dieting, Do it!

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==== ==== For Great Weigh Loss Tips, Check This Out: ==== ====

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