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Essential advice




Issue 29: Driverlink Magazine Gary Grace, Managing Director, GMP Drivercare Ltd.

WELCOME to Issue 29 of Driverlink Magazine.

already working well for a number of our clients.

Driverlink as always provides the very best advice on safe, efficient driving, explanations of the fantastic schemes available through GMP Drivercare and of course, reviews and offers on the best vehicles from leading manufacturers.

GMP Drivercare has always stressed that we look after “all of your motoring needs”. This has never been more true with schemes ranging from Essential Car User Leased Cars, through Salary Sacrifice vehicles and now including our Optimum Solution Scheme for occasional drivers and simple to use Pool Car Booking System. Whatever your driving needs, GMP Drivercare will provide the most cost effective, straight forward option.

It's very easy just at the moment with one issue dominating the news, to lose focus on the need to continue with the great steps forward that have been taken in reducing the environmental impact of the NHS Essential Car User fleet. The growing choice of highly efficient vehicles for Lease Car drivers are also available through our Salary Sacrifice Scheme which is not only great for the driver, but also for the Trust when the vehicle is being used for work. Driverlink has always promoted safe driving techniques for work and it’s important that these are carried over into leisure time. Our cars are our tickets to freedom and with the holiday season nearly upon us, we’ve got some great advice on safe and legal driving abroad. GMP Drivercare has expanded greatly over the years, not only in terms of the number of vehicles and drivers we look after, but also the range of business services we offer. For example, it is essential that we are part of the momentum towards low emission and electric vehicles and pages 26 and 27 explain in full our solution that helps meet that objective. This solution is

Surrey County Council, and Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust, have recently both, joined the GMP Salary Sacrifice Scheme. We look forward to working with all staff and drivers over the forthcoming weeks, months and years and we hope you all will derive the superb benefit that our Scheme has to offer. As well as the helpful advice, news and guides, as always there is a great range of vehicle offers and reviews to help you make your choice of vehicle. On a final note, GMP Drivercare is supporting the 2019 Fleet Workshop Event for the Public Sector in Manchester on the 14th of May. If you are interested in attending, the details can be found on page 17. We very much hope you enjoy the issue.





Salary Sacrifice Scheme About the Salary Sacrifice Scheme 6-7 Ordering your new vehicle 8 - 9 Salary Sacrifice quotations 10 - 16

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Driver advice

The dangers of tailgating Driving in Europe - Travel Checklist Driving in France - Essential advice

Vehicle Options

Read the latest vehicle reviews, from BMW, Vauxhall, Citroen and more...

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GMP Drivercare presenting at the Fleet Workshop for the Public Sector - 14th May in Manchester

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Next issue (30) out June 2019



The Benefits... aNo Deposit aNo Credit Check aNo Additional Hidden Costs aTransparent, All-Inclusive Quotes Included in all quotations: • Road Tax • European Breakdown Services • Emergency Roadside Assistance • Fully Comprehensive Insurance • Annual Key Driver Licence Check • Mechanical Repairs And Servicing

Our Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme is delivered by highly trained and skilled staff, who recognise your needs and those of your Employer. Once you have chosen your vehicle, absolutely all the usual worries and expense are completely removed and you will only need to put fuel in the tank. GMP and our industry-leading affiliates will look after all servicing, maintenance, repair, tyres and a host of other services. You can be sure that you can rely on your vehicle for work and that you can relax and enjoy it at times of leisure.

Looking after all your motoring needs... At GMP Drivercare we are at the forefront of offering a complete peace-of-mind package that allows you to get the best possible prices, on the best vehicles available, achieved through close links with the leading manufacturers.

The GMP difference You retain all the benefits of owning the vehicle, whilst all the concerns or difficulties are removed by the fully managed package provided by the experts at GMP Drivercare and GMP Autocare. Even the quickest overview demonstrates not only substantial savings through use of our Salary Sacrifice scheme, but also the complete removal of many hugely stressful situations.

GMP Giving you that little bit extra With every new vehicle delivered we provide a Safety Pack that includes: A digital tyre tread depth and pressure gauge, hi-vis waistcoat, first aid kit, foil blanket, warning triangle, wind-up torch and accident form.



Helpful advice

When will my car be delivered? Opting for a new car via GMP Drivercare’s Salary Sacrifice or Lease Car Scheme, means you can be assured that the vehicle you order is brand new. We want you to be 100% satisfied, that is why we also want to be able to offer to you, a great choice of vehicles that can be specified to meet your exact requirements. At GMP Drivercare we fully manage and maintain your vehicle, we remove all the headaches normally associated with owning or leasing a car and when we hand over the keys to you, all you have to worry about is adding fuel. Your vehicle will be delivered usually within 12 to 20 weeks, it can take longer depending on the make and model chosen. But you are kept informed of the lead-time through your Employer’s portal and you are notified by email when your vehicle is ready for delivery. Manufacturers work to a ‘just-in-time’ model, which means they make your car to order; this is a more efficient production method and can make vehicles more affordable. At GMP Drivercare we have implemented the just-in-time inventory management model to allow us to serve our clients faster and more efficiently and to have a greater level of control over the entire order process. It also makes it easier for us to respond quickly when the needs of our clients change.


Stick to standard specifications and colour choice for a faster delivery time.

What if I need my car almost immediately? If there is an immediate requirement for a standard specified model we may be able to source your vehicle more quickly, call our team who will be able to advise you.

FAQs How is your Salary Sacrifice Tax efficient? Your tax and NI liability is reduced because it is based on the “sacrificed amount of salary”. You are still liable to BIK tax, but the most popular and highly efficient vehicles keep this to a minimum. The BIK figure is included in your quotation so there’s no need to worry that you will ‘sacrifice’ any more salary that is quoted.

Can my friends and family drive my lease car? Yes, (Subject to your Trust’s Terms & Conditions) additional drivers can be added to your Salary Sacrifice vehicle’s insurance. Firstly they will need to complete a Driver Licence Mandate form. Please note that drivers under 25 or inexperienced drivers will be subject to an increased insurance excess in the event of accidental damage to the vehicle.

Can I have a choice of vehicle within reason? Yes, within reason. However, your Employer sets the CO2 upper levels limit for the vehicles that you can choose.



DRIVER PORTAL Ready to order your new vehicle?

www.gmpdrivercare.com Our Driver-facing Portal Makes ordering your new vehicle simple.

When you are ready to order your new Salary Sacrifice or Lease Car from GMP this handy guide to the new website and driver portal will help. Clients have easy access and can benefit from: • Dynamic content

• Live pricing for Salary Sacrifice and Lease Car options

• Driver-led operation and focus

The Step-by-Step process...




DRIVER REGISTRATION using unique Employer Reference

to Driver Portal

MEMBER HOME PAGE Choose employer scheme




INITIAL QUESTIONS tax band, mileage etc

FILTERS • manufacturer • model • fuel type

ORDER VEHICLE with desired additional options








Ordering your new vehicle

Step 1 - Car Builder • • •

Customers can choose filters to select different car options (inc. CO2). Live prices are displayed for Salary Sacrifice and Lease Cars. Each page displays 16 cars – customer can click on to display 16 more.

Step 2 - Select your options Once you have selected additional options, the system will automatically update the price. NB: Standard specifications are included and will not be shown for selection.

Step 3 - Order Process Once you have selected your vehicle, click to proceed. You will then see your agreement and cost breakdown displayed. Please read the agreements carefully before accepting order. NB: Prices shown (right) are from demo account, and for illustration purposes only.

Step 4 - Authorisation Once you have accepted the order, it will go to your employer for authorisation. You can always view the status of your order on the portal by clicking on MY ORDERS.

After acceptance, GMP Drivercare will process your order and you will receive regular updates via email.




SALARY SACRIFICE QUOTES NO DEPOSIT OR CREDIT CHECK REQUIRED With a Salary Sacrifice offer you get the WHOLE package including:

• Fully comprehensive business and personal insurance • Full service and maintenance package • No quibble tyre replacement • 3 years road tax • Full fleet management service • Accident management • Full manufacturers warranty • Homestart breakdown recovery

BMW X3 DIESEL ESTATE XDRIVE20D SE 5DR STEP AUTO NET Cost Monthly £576.76 GROSS Cost Monthly £627.76 P11D £40310 CO2 139g/km TAX Rate 31% CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW

BMW 3 SERIES DIESEL SALOON 320D M SPORT 4DR STEP AUTO NET Cost Monthly £504.56 GROSS Cost Monthly £579.48 P11D £37940 CO2 112g/km TAX Rate 26% CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW *All quotes shown are estimated and based on based on a 3yr Lease, 10000 miles per annum, the driver contributing 9.3% of their salary to the pension scheme and paying 20% PAYE: All example quotes are subject to change without notice. We recommend that all calculations regarding taxation be independently verified. All pictures are for illustration purposes only.

Get indicative quotes on your vehicles of choice at www.gmpdrivercare.com 10 • DRIVERLINK MAGAZINE


Looking after all your motoring needs With a fully comprehensive range of services from fleet management, salary sacrifice, traditional lease car scheme, driving licence checks, grey fleet management and everything in between.

Fleet Management Solutions Our complete fleet management solutions provide total peace of mind, for both the organisation and the driver.

Vehicle Leasing

For ‘essential’ drivers, a leased car is often the most cost-efficient and manageable solution for both driver and employer.

Salary Sacrifice Schemes Employees can have a brand new, fully maintained and insured car when taking advantage of this tax efficient service.

Public Sector Fleets The mobility of certain key workers forms an intrinsic part of any essential services provision. GMP Drivercare can relieve your organisation of time-consuming and essential fleet management functions, leaving more human and financial resource available, to deal directly with providing your services. You will know that your ‘essential’ drivers will always be mobile, at the lowest possible cost and in the most legally compliant way.


Jupiter Drummond Road, Astonfields, Stafford, Staffordshire JupiterHouse, House, Drummond Road, Astonfields, Stafford, ST16ST16 3HJ 3HJ Tel: 0330 100 4910 Option 2 T: 0330 100 49 10 E: info@gmpdrivercare.co.uk www.gmpdrivercare.com info@gmpdrivercare.com www.gmpdrivercare.com @GMPDrivercare www.gmpdrivercare.com


SALARY SACRIFICE QUOTES NO DEPOSIT OR CREDIT CHECK REQUIRED With a Salary Sacrifice offer you get the WHOLE package including:

• Fully comprehensive business and personal insurance • Full service and maintenance package • No quibble tyre replacement • 3 years road tax • Full fleet management service • Accident management • Full manufacturers warranty • Homestart breakdown recovery

CITROEN C4 CACTUS 1.2 PURETECH FEEL 5DR HATCH (6 SPEED) NET Cost Monthly £283.75 GROSS Cost Monthly £351.26 P11D £18615 CO2 106g/km TAX Rate 25%


CITROEN C1 SPECIAL EDITION 1.0 VTI 72 URBAN RIDE 5DR HATCH NET Cost Monthly £299.62 GROSS Cost Monthly £380.71 P11D £12495 CO2 93g/km TAX Rate 22%


*All quotes shown are estimated and based on based on a 3yr Lease, 10000 miles per annum, the driver contributing 9.3% of their salary to the pension scheme and paying 20% PAYE: All example quotes are subject to change without notice. We recommend that all calculations regarding taxation be independently verified.

Get indicative quotes on your vehicles of choice at www.gmpdrivercare.com 12 • DRIVERLINK MAGAZINE



SALARY SACRIFICE QUOTES NO DEPOSIT OR CREDIT CHECK REQUIRED With a Salary Sacrifice offer you get the WHOLE package including:

• Fully comprehensive business and personal insurance • Full service and maintenance package • No quibble tyre replacement • 3 years road tax • Full fleet management service • Accident management • Full manufacturers warranty • Homestart breakdown recovery




NET Cost Monthly £301.49 GROSS Cost Monthly £374.17 P11D £18190 CO2 117g/km TAX Rate 27%

**SPECIAL OFFER*** *All quotes shown are estimated and based on based on a 3yr Lease, 10000 miles per annum, the driver contributing 9.3% of their salary to the pension scheme and paying 20% PAYE: All example quotes are subject to change without notice. We recommend that all calculations regarding taxation be independently verified.


Get indicative quotes on your vehicles of choice at www.gmpdrivercare.com 14 • DRIVERLINK MAGAZINE



E V ’ U YO RIVED AR d com cs an e p s e essiv . I m pr d r a d n as sta dels . e mo NAV e T r A h t S rated s across all Integ st ng co runni

ve petiti


• Fully integrated 8-inch touchscreen Sat Nav • 18-inch alloy wheels • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection • Lane assist • Front and rear parking distance sensors



• Fully integrated 8-inch touchscreen Sat Nav

• Fully integrated 7-inch touchscreen Sat Nav

• Front camera system

• Smartphone projection, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™

• Smartphone projection, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™

• Heated windscreen

• Dual-zone electronic climate control

• Sports-style front seats

• Rear parking distance sensors

• Air conditioning • 16-inch alloy wheels

Discover our whole range here or book your FREE 3 Day Test Drive here.

Fuel economy# and CO2* results for the Grandland X Range. Combined mpg (l/100km): 37.2 (7.6) – 54.3 (5.1). CO2 emissions: 128 – 111g/km. Fuel economy# and CO2* results for the Crossland X Range. Combined mpg (l/100km): 39.8 (7.1) – 60.1 (4.7). CO2 emissions: 128 – 105 g/km. Fuel economy# and CO2* results for the Corsa Range. Combined mpg (l/100km): 37.7 (7.5) – 44.1 (6.4). CO2 emissions: 150 – 128 g/km. # Fuel consumption figures are determined according to the WLTP test cycle. *CO2 emissions figures are determined according to the WLTP test cycle however, a Government formula is then applied to translate these figures back to what they would have been under the outgoing NEDC test cycle, which WLTP replaces. The correct tax treatment is then applied. Figures are intended for comparability purposes only. The fuel consumption you achieve under real life driving conditions and CO2 produced will depend upon a number of factors, including the accessories fitted after registration, variations in driving styles, weather conditions and vehicle load. Only compare fuel consumption and CO2 with other vehicles tested using the same technical procedures. For more information contact your local Vauxhall Retailer. 3 Day Test Drive terms and conditions apply and vehicles are subject to availability. Please call 0330 587 8221 for full details. All figures quoted correct at time of going to press (April 2019).


SALARY SACRIFICE QUOTES NO DEPOSIT OR CREDIT CHECK REQUIRED With a Salary Sacrifice offer you get the WHOLE package including:

• Fully comprehensive business and personal insurance • Full service and maintenance package • No quibble tyre replacement • 3 years road tax • Full fleet management service • Accident management • Full manufacturers warranty • Homestart breakdown recovery

RANGE ROVER EVOQUE HATCH 2.0 P200 5DR AUTO NET Cost Monthly GROSS Cost Monthly P11D CO2 TAX Rate

£453.63 £404.43 £35065 176g/km 37% CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW


£426.04 £457.91 £27750 152g/km 34%


TOYOTA AYGO HATCH 1.0 VVTI- X-PLAY 5DR NET Cost Monthly GROSS Cost Monthly P11D CO2 TAX Rate

£215.22 £273.47 £11195 93g/km 22% ***QUICK DELIVERY AVAILABLE***

*All quotes shown are estimated and based on based on a 3yr Lease, 10000 miles per annum, the driver contributing 9.3% of their salary to the pension scheme and paying 20% PAYE: All example quotes are subject to change without notice. We recommend that all calculations regarding taxation be independently verified.

Get indicative quotes on your vehicles of choice at www.gmpdrivercare.com 16 • DRIVERLINK MAGAZINE


About the event

A new style of conference event for Public Sector fleet professionals. During our new educational workshop, mixed groups of delegates will be formed in terms of experience and organisational type. The modules will be led by technical specialists from selected organisations who will focus on discussing topics to find solutions - using a fictitious organisation known as Manford Facilities Ltd as a working example of an orgainsation ‘in need of fleet operational advice’. The overall aim of the day will be for attendees to share best practice ideas or problems experienced. The Workshop day is an ideal way to meet with industry peers and suppliers and will provide an excellent networking opportunity, as the delegates attending will be from across the whole of the Public Sector and Social Housing. The event is free to attend for Public Sector fleet professionals and will take place on the 14th May 2019 in Manchester.

Some of the topics that will be discussed will be:

Managing Grey Fleet • Car Schemes • Low Emission Fleet Future Manging Driver Risk • Compliance • Vehicle Specification • Vehicle Procurement...

Indutsry organisations presenting at the event include: *t&cs apply

Event owner: JDM Web Publishing Ltd www.jdmpublishing.co.uk Company Reg: 07514160

Book your FREE* place online


In association with:


THE DANGERS OF TAILGATING Staying safe on the road

HOWEVER impatient a driver is feeling, perhaps as a result of delays during the holiday period, it is important to realise the dangers of tailgating. Drivers must realise this activity will lead to an increased chance of a collision. Tailgating is the scourge of safe driving that refuses to go away. This aggressive behaviour is difficult to react to in the correct way. It triggers a series of emotive responses, but it is absolutely essential that drivers are not intimidated enough to put themselves and their passengers in danger.

Around 25% of drivers admit to travelling too closely to the vehicle in front. It is therefore worryingly common and is thought to be responsible for 1 in 8 road casualties in the UK and is the third most common factor in causing deaths and serious injuries! Drivers who tailgate need to accept the message that it is behaviour is unacceptable, that it is highly intimidating and is at the end of the day, a form of bullying and it won't lead to a journey being any faster.



Some drivers will engage in tailgating, overlooking the known dangers, due to an overestimate of their own ability to react. In normal conditions on fast moving roads, drivers should leave a 2 second gap between themselves and the vehicle in front and in wet or bad weather conditions, that time should be doubled. Most drivers will have experienced being tailgated, so the range of emotions will be familiar. They will likely include anger,


frustration and fear, and each of those can lead to an understandable but nevertheless incorrect reaction. Frustration and fear may lead to increasing speed, whilst anger may lead to slowing down to irritate the tailgater. Increasing speed will simply cause the tailgater to increase speed and turn an already dangerous situation worse. Braking hard will lead to a fullblown road-rage incident, so obviously however tempting these behaviours must be avoided. The safest response is to maintain a safe and correct speed and at the first opportunity, let the closely following driver overtake. On the motorway, this is simply a matter of pulling in once there is a safe gap. On other roads, maintaining a safe, steady speed is the first priority, but if the tailgater does not or can not overtake then slow your speed gradually and pull over if possible - even if this means taking a unintended turn, you can always rejoin your route when it is safe to do so. Deliberate tailgating is both dangerous and at the same time, difficult to combat except by police action on the road. However, there is a less deliberate form born out of following too close without actually realising, so drivers need to be aware that they must leave a safe gap. Lastly, most new vehicles are now fitted with anti-collision safety technology, which includes alerts that signal to the driver that they are travelling too close to the vehicle in front. But for someone intent of drivers dangerously too close these warning will be ignored.

Travelling a safe distance behind the car in front gives you time to react it also means you can avoid harsh braking. Driving in a more relaxed way will also mean your fuel economy will increase - saving you money at the pumps.




DRIVING IN EUROPE Travel Checklist

THIS ESSENTIAL checklist brought to you by the RAC will tell you everything you need to know for driving in Europe, from what to take with you to things to remember when you get there. There are a number of requirements you might not be aware of and its is also recommended that you purchase a European driving kit. The kit will prove essential in some countries where it is the law to carry additional items in your car.

Before you leave Will Brexit impact my European travel plans? There is inevitably a degree of uncertainty surrounding when we will actually leave the EU, but don't let this put you off driving abroad. Based on government advice, it is recommend that you spend a little extra on an International Driving Permit and an Insurance Green Card. It's better to be safe than sorry. The RAC has teamed up with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to give you some tips on preparing for a great trip.

Adjust your headlights It is a legal requirement not to dazzle oncoming drivers. Make sure you adjust your headlamps ready for driving on the right-hand side of the road. Headlamp converters (stickers you put on your headlights) are widely available and you can buy them from the RAC. Buy a GB sticker Don’t forget that your vehicle must display the appropriate country identification letters (e.g. GB). Failure to do so may result in an on-the-spot fine, but if your number plates include the GB Euro symbol, you do not need a sticker within the EU Make a travel pack Create a travel pack containing all the appropriate documentation you will need to comply with the legal requirements of the country you are visiting and to help if you get into difficulties. In addition to your passport and driving licence this may include: vehicle registration document (V5), motor insurance certificate, International Driving Permit (if required or advised), breakdown policy and contact numbers; travel insurance documents and any emergency help line numbers.



Check your breakdown cover extends to Europe You may need to increase your existing cover or take out standalone European breakdown policy to avoid unnecessary stress and significant additional expense if anything goes wrong. If you have a car through GMP Drivercare under the Salary Sacrifice Scheme this is included in your package. Check your car insurance Make sure car insurance covers you to drive abroad. Check with your insurance company that you’re fully covered to drive abroad. If you don’t have overseas cover, you will only have the minimum legal cover (usually third party only) in the EU and you may need to pay an extra premium to extend your insurance cover. You can check this with the GMP Drivercare if you are unsure. Passport validity check For certain countries your passport must be valid for six months after the date you travel – check the entry requirements before you go Photocopy your passport and other important documents Take photocopies of your passport and other important documents and keep these separate from the originals when you travel and/or store them online using a secure data storage site Make sure your car is in good running order Prepare your car before your trip by making sure it is serviced.

Driving in Europe It can be a vastly different experience driving in a different country, so get to grips with these tips to help you adjust as quickly and safely as possible. Get on the right track Remember most European countries drive on the right-hand side of the road (the exceptions are: the UK, Irish Republic, Cyprus and Malta).


This means that typically, you’ll be negotiating roundabouts in an anti-clockwise direction rather than clockwise! If you find you have to overtake, exercise extra caution as it is not easy in a righthand drive car and may be safer when you reach a stretch of dual carriageway. Map out your travel plans Sat-navs are invaluable, but it’s worth doublechecking your route with a detailed map of the area. Remember to bear in mind that sat-nav requirements may differ from country to country – for example, in France, it is illegal to use sat-nav equipment with radar detection indicating where fixed speed cameras are located. Keep the loose change Many European countries operate toll roads, so make sure you have plenty of loose change in the correct currency to cover the cost of tolls. It is also worthwhile keeping some spare money to cover any unexpected costs that crop up along the way. Expect the unexpected Drive carefully and cautiously, taking extra care to be really observant. Remember the local driving style may be very different to that of the UK. The advice from the Foreign Office is to drive defensively when abroad and to expect the unexpected at all times. Stick to the rules Make sure you obey the rules and regulations of the road. This means sticking to all the speed limits and observing what we as UK drivers may think are rather obscure rules – e.g. in Spain and Switzerland, if you wear prescription glasses, always carry a spare set; and in Spain, never wear flip flops while driving and in Italy only park in the direction of the flow of traffic. Observing the local rules will make your holiday go much smoother - attempting to discuss a driving offence with a police officer in a foreign language or using broken English and sign language is never easy!





Essential advice

IF YOU ARE driving in Europe this summer chances are you will need to drive through France. Below is a summary of the latest regulations, hints and tips that will help you stay compliant on your travels.


LCOHOL LIMIT: For people that have less than three years of driving experience, the alcohol limit is 0.2 grams per litre. For experienced drivers and motorcyclists (more than three years' experience) the limit is 0.5 grams per litre. Both are lower than the UK limit of 0.8 grams per litre. The French police also can carry out random breath tests and must carry one out after a driver has committed any driving offence or been involved in an accident. Penalties include a fine, imprisonment and/or confiscation of your driving licence and/or your vehicle. Saliva drug tests are also used with penalties for drug-driving similar to drink driving.


OCUMENTS: A full valid driving licence, proof of insurance (third party or above), proof of ID (Passport, vehicle registration document (V5C Certificate).


LECTRIC VEHICLES: Most electric vehicle charging stations in France work with swipe cards (badges de recharge). In major service stations and supermarkets you can borrow a ‘badges de recharge’ from their shop during opening hours. They may ask to see the registration certificate - they may also ask for a small deposit for the card.


STICKER: If you have a new style EU Number plate with the GB and the Euro flag on it then for the most part that "should" be OK. Though if you read the French regulations very carefully you will see that those are not actually the correct size stipulated as they are not big enough.


REAKDOWN PROCEDURE: If your car does break down and you are on a motorway or toll road use the orange emergency phones at the roadside. A local firm will tow you to a recovery zone and then can you contact your cover provider. You should make sure you have European Breakdown cover before you leave home.


LEAN AIR STICKER: You now need a Crit'Air sticker displayed on your car when travelling to certain cities. It costs only a few pounds and drivers face an on-the-spot fine of almost £120 if they don’t have one. Drivers within the restricted area in one of these cities have to display a Vignette (sticker) in their windscreen. If you're heading to France by car and there's even only a small chance you might be driving in one of these restricted areas we'd advise applying for the sticker so that you're covered. Paris, Lyon, Lille, Marseille, Toulouse, Chambery, and Grenoble have recently been added to the growing number of low emissions zones affecting UK-registered vehicles in Europe. By 2020, only vehicles made in or after 2011 will be allowed. There are six different types of sticker, and the sticker required depends on the emissions of the vehicle. To obtain the sticker you’ll need to provide some of the information which appears on your registration document.


EFLECTIVE JACKETS: You must carry at least one reflective jacket within the passenger compartment of your vehicle and must put it on before you get out in an emergency or breakdown situation.





EADPHONES LAW: All drivers have been prohibited from wearing headsets and headphones whilst driving, be it for music purposes or for phone calls.


IGHTS: You must use dipped headlights in poor daytime visibility. The French Government recommends that all vehicles use dipped headlights day and night. By law you’re also mandated to carry a spare bulb kit for your vehicle.


ARKING REGULATIONS: Parking and stopping on a single yellow line in France is forbidden and you will get a fine and your car could also be towed away. If the line is broken you can stop, to load or unload only. As in the UK, local parking restrictions will be indicated by signs, so before you park up and walk away to do some sightseeing, make sure you read the signs, otherwise you may return to an empty space where your car used to be.


OTORWAYS: Most French autoroutes are toll motorways, and entrances to them are marked as such with the word "Péage". The normal procedure is to pick up a ticket from a booth as you enter the autoroute. Tolls are paid either when you leave the autoroute, or else when the toll section comes to an end. Fees can be paid by cash or card. French motorways, known as autoroutes, are designated with numbers preceded by the letter A (for Autoroute). The country's busiest motorways are the, A1 (Paris - Lille) the A10 (Paris - Bordeaux) the A6, the A7 and the A9 (Paris - Marseille - Nice - Perpignan).


PEED LIMITS: Below are the national speed limits.

• Motorways — 130 km/h in normal conditions, 110 km/h in rain, 50 km/h when visibility is under 50 metres. • Dual carriageways or inner city motorways — 110 km/h in normal conditions, 100 km/h in rain, 50 km/h when visibility is under 50 metres. • Other roads — 90 km/h in normal conditions, 80 km/h in rain, 50 km/h when visibility is under 50 metres. • Urban/built-up areas — 50 km/h in all conditions. If you break the speed limit by 40 km/h or more you will have your licence confiscated on the spot by the police. You can also have your vehicle impounded, be hit with a fine and possibly be held in custody. In France, it is illegal to use sat-nav equipment with radar detection indicating where fixed speed cameras are located.


RAFFIC LIGHTS: Just like the UK, France uses the three-colour traffic light system, however:

• • • •

There is no amber light displayed after a red light. A flashing amber light can mean: caution, slow down or proceed but give way to the right. A flashing red light means no entry, and can also indicate a level crossing or emergency vehicle exit point. If a red light is accompanied by a yellow arrow then drivers may turn in the direction of the arrow but have to give priority to vehicles travelling in that direction, as well as to any pedestrians.


ISION: If you need glasses to drive, you are required to take a spare pair in the car with you when driving in France. This guide is just that - you should always double check all information to be relied on before travelling.



Business Services

What GMP Drivercare can offer your business In recognising the changing needs of our Public Sector clients and their Duty Of Care responsibilities, GMP Drivercare, offer in addition to the traditional Lease Car and Salary Sacrifice Schemes, a Green Motoring Plan, the Optimum Solution Scheme, and full Grey Fleet Compliance Management. GMP Drivercare has developed its own Electric Hybrid Portfolio. This will enable Public Sector clients to reduce emissions whilst making savings to their budgets. Our proactive approach and continued investment enables us to offer a truly holistic transport solution. Another of our integrated services is GMP Autocare which has 450 affiliated vehicle service and MOT franchised dealers/centres across the UK. Thus enabling us to fully manage the service requirements of your complete fleet. On the following pages you will find further details of these business services.



GMP AUTOCARE Employee & Family Benefit Scheme

Benefits of GMP’s Servicing and MOT Testing


“GMP Autocare appreciates the inconvenience of losing a vehicle through routine servicing, our service levels are aimed at providing minimum disruption.”

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All service centres are constantly appraised to ensure the highest possible standards and customer service. • Priority Booking • Complimentary collection from and delivery to home or work • Complimentary wash and vacuum after every service • National network of accredited independent service centres • Parts fitted to and above manufacturers’ specifications maintaining full manufacturer warranty cover • 12 months warranty in all work • Details provided of work carried out and placed in all vehicles (including tyre tread depth) • Customer satisfaction survey

Electric Vehicle and ULEV Solution

Why choose Electric Vehicles for your fleet?

Key benefits •

Businesses and Company Car drivers save thousands of pounds switching to plug-in vehicles.

The UK is legally committed to reducing emissions by 80% of 1990 levels by 2050 and the Government is clearly taking the impact of the technology seriously, having pledged to invest over £600M by 2020 to support the uptake of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV).

Benefit-In-Kind (BIK), Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), capital allowances, and salary sacrifice regimes all incentivise electric vehicles.

Planned changes to company car tax rules will strengthen the case for going electric.

The advantages of moving to this technology are not only environmental, but the financial benefits to businesses adopting electric vehicles into their fleet are numerous. They are also cheaper to run, cheaper to maintain and safer to drive.

Eligible plug-in vehicles benefit from Government grants and tax incentives.

Reduced fuel expenditure and helps the Government achieve Clean Air Zones (CAZ).

Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) reveal that over 63,000 new electric or hybrid electric vehicles were registered in 2017 - an astonishing increase on the 2013 figures of around 3,500.



Electric Vehicle and ULEV Solution

Benefit-in-Kind & Class 1A National Insurance

Company car Benefit-In-Kind (BIK) tax rates are set in advance to enable businesses to plan their vehicle choice lists and calculate the financial cost to themselves and employees. Like BIK tax, employers' Class 1A National Insurance contributions, are linked to a car's CO2 emissions and P11D value.

Based on this P11D, At £30k P11D Value 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 Total (4 years) you would save your business a total of Zero Emission 373 538 662 83 1656 £2,028 in Class 1A NIC over a four year 869 993 1035 3684 Petrol 104 g/km CO2 787 period by choosing Saving 414 331 331 952 2028 the electric vehicle. On a fleet of just 10 models, that equates to a saving of more than £20,000. Employees will also benefit from tax savings, incentives and grants. The plug-in car grant provides a discount of up to £3,500 for eligible cars and generous grants available help towards the cost of home, workplace and on-street charge-points. There are significant tax incentives for making the switch to electric.

Fleet Consultancy GMP Drivercare can provide a Fleet Review for organisations considering or looking to expand the use of ULEVs within their fleet. The review includes: •

Looking for opportunities to successfully implement ULEVs - includes whole-life costing, and charging considerations.

Implementation Support - fleet support, to implement change.

Identify the vehicle opportunity - vehicle profiles and appropriate alternatives.

Fleet cost analysis - carry out whole-life cost v ICE, factoring in grants and tax benefits.

Driver acceptance - ensuring drivers are educated and fully informed.

Tailor Made Insurance GMP Drivercare in conjunction with GMG Risk Strategies has put together an Insurance Policy to cover all electric and hybrid vehicles. As the motoring experts, we searched a panel of approved insurers to give provide our best possible price. The cover is fully comprehensive to include Third Party, Fire and Theft. Included in this package are Accident Management, and management of the Motor Insurance Database- ensuring cover at all times. www.gmpdrivercare.com


Optimum Solution Scheme


“Guaranteed Reduced Grey Fleet Cost and Reduced Carbon”

Introduction to our Optimum Scheme GMP Drivercare’s Optimum Solution Scheme is for those employees who travel little or no business miles. The employer makes no contribution towards the cost of the lease and payment is taken from the employee’s net monthly salary and therefore has no impact on the employee’s pension. The scheme attracts little or no Benefit-In-Kind Tax, as the employee is covering the full cost of the vehicle. GMP Drivercare is an independent fleet management company offering a variety of Lease Car Schemes, all of which compare the market and offers best value to our drivers. Our user friendly online Portal makes it easy for employees to access thousands of vehicles and compare the cost, technical data and specification to ensure they choose the right car for them.

Key Benefits •

No Cost to the employer

Saves employers and employees time in selecting the right vehicle, our online Portal compares the market, and offers the best value to users.

No business mileage required to be eligible.

Reduce, Grey Fleet and Carbon Emissions.

Both vehicle and driver are fully compliant.

3 year contract on a fully maintained basis.

Comprehensive business insurance is included.

Includes breakdown cover to minimise downtime.



Optimum Solution Scheme

Optimum Solution Scheme

Why GMP Drivercare? Did we mention how simple the scheme is? There’s no deposit, no employee credit check. Cars are brand new and include absolutely everything but fuel! Once in place, our complete fleet management solution ensures that the vehicle and driver are fully managed. It includes licence checks, servicing, accident management, maintenance and reporting. GMP Drivercare provides complete peace of mind, for both the organisation and the driver, through our comprehensive and total fleet management solution. We take total responsibility.

Why GMP Drivercare? Thanks to over 20 years of experience in providing solutions and services to Local Authorities, the NHS, charities and the Private Sector across the UK, we can provide a scheme(s) to suit your needs. We are able to make the process of driving a new vehicle as simple and hassle-free as possible. Over time, we have forged strong, lasting relationships with large dealer groups, manufacturers and vehicle finance companies, enabling us to secure the best discount terms. We focus on building long-term customer relationships, ensuring that repeat customers and recommendations form a substantial part of our business.

I’ve always bought my car, why should I Lease one? Leasing or contract hire has always been a popular way of running a car for businesses, however, due to heavy depreciation and unexpected repair costs associated with car ownership, more and more private individuals are looking at the option of leasing as a more cost effective way of running a car. Vehicle Leasing means you can drive a new car or van every 2 or 3 years, avoiding MOT’s and unforeseen bills. You just hand the car back at the end of the contract and take out a new one, avoiding the hassle of having to sell your old car privately or the disappointment of low part exchange value. The inclusion of manufactures warranty, road fund licence and breakdown cover give you complete piece of mind.



Grey Fleet Management

“Employers pay more than £5.5 billion a year in mileage claims and car allowances”

What is Grey Fleet?

GMP Drivercare Solution

The 'Grey Fleet' is an important, but often neglected, aspect of fleet management. It consists of vehicles owned by employees in which business travel is carried out.

GMP Drivercare Grey Fleet Management Service will assist you in managing the financial, legal and environmental issues that surround an employee’s use of their privatelyowned vehicle for business use. We offer an ongoing service for the checking and upkeep of Drivers which includes:

Effective Management of the Grey Fleet is crucial with respect to three key policy areas; Duty of Care and Health and Safety, Financial Efficiency, and Corporate Environmental Responsibility. 14 million private cars are used for business journeys - 40% of all vehicles on the road. The average vehicle age is 8.2 years (older than the average UK car) - contributing to poor air quality.

aDVLA Licence Check with online access to 3 year driver mandate.

aMOT Check. aRoad Fund Licence Check. aBusiness Use Insurance Check,

through a database of recognised Insurance Certificate formats.

aGrey Fleet Policy Documents.



Grey Fleet Management

The Warnings

What Our Experts Say

Continuing the use of a 'Grey Fleet', can be an expensive option when compared to having company cars and there are two main reasons for this.

the latest round of checks for one a InGMP client, only 76% of their 'Grey

Drivers may round up their mileages if organisations don’t audit 'Grey Fleet' mileage claims.

'Grey Fleet' mileage is typically reimbursed using AMAP or greater than AMAP rates. Therefore it is more expensive for longer journeys.

The HSE estimate that more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is 'driving for work'. In 2016, 529 people were killed, 5,269 seriously injured and almost 40,000 slightly injured in collisions involving a driver or rider, 'driving for work'. Between 2006 and 2014, over 62,000 people have been killed or seriously injured in accidents involving a driver on a work-time journey, and over half a million slightly injured in work-related road crashes.

Fleet' drivers could evidence compliance.

a 7% drivers did not have business use insurance cover.

a 1% did not have a valid MOT certificate. a Based on a 'Grey Fleet' of 3000 vehicles,

700+ could potentially be non-compliant.

Case Study

Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust (NCH&C) serves nearly 90,000 people and provides care to patients in their homes, places of care, community hospitals, outpatient units and health centres. With the assistance of GMP Drivercare, the Trust implemented a Travel Policy and saved £500,000 in its first two years, reduced carbon emissions and improved risk management. Our Latest analysis shows: Fleet' mileage fell by 19% a 'Grey (752,000 fewer miles driven)

What to consider? •

How large is your 'Grey Fleet'?

What existing compliance checks are in place?

Are you able to evidence the results of the existing compliance checks - is the data readily available?

Are you confident that your organisation has a defendable position should a 'Grey Fleet' driver be involved in an accident?

a Miles driven in company cars have increased by 42% (202,000 more miles)

a Miles driven in pool cars and daily hire has decreased by 19% (73,000 fewer)

a Total mileage decreased by 13% (623,000 fewer miles)

a Total spend on travel fell by 13% a At the 2017 Fleet Hero Awards, the

Trust won the Smarter Travel award in recognition of its excellent progress.



Pool Car Booking System 24/7 Online Reservations No more waiting, saving you time

RESPONSIVE DESIGN Book from anywhere

NO MORE PAPER Paperless, save the environment

aYour own Dashboard a aAnnouncement a

Automated Reminders Automated Notifications

The cost of sharing paper records in the NHS is estimated at between £500,000 to £1m per Trust ( Computer Weekly) According to a leading accountancy firm's research, adopting paperless systems could save the NHS £4.4bn (BBC News) 71% of hospital workers are in favour of going paperless (Information Age)




Superb handling


THE AUDI A1 Sportsback is a premium subcompact hatchback now in its second generation. Available exclusively as a five-door, the latest car features dynamic new styling that is complemented with infotainment and driver assistance systems on a par with the contemporary full-size class. This second generation model has grown significantly in length – extended by 56 millimetres. The wide, low-placed Singleframe grille and the implied side air inlets dominate the distinctive front. The A1 Sportsback also gives a nod to its Audi Ur-quattro and Sport quattro ancestry when viewed from the side In terms of trim the A1 Sportsback is offered with SE, Sport and S line specification options, and in S line form the car’s dynamic character is brought into particularly sharp relief through

numerous features. These include larger air inlets, additional sill trims, an elongated slit centrally below the bonnet with two fins and a larger rear wing. In the top version at launch – the 2.0 TFSI with 200PS which will be available only in S line form. There is a choice of ten colours which, as an option, can be combined with a contrasting roof colour extending from the A-pillar to the roof edge spoiler. The exterior mirror housings, the side front spoiler lips and the side sills are also available in a contrasting colour. In the cabin all of the controls and touch-screen displays are strongly driver-oriented. The display and the air vent strip on the front passenger side are integrated into an area with a black glass look. In the dark, the cockpit can be brought to life by an optional contour and ambient lighting package that includes LED light



elements in 30 selectable colours. The cabin is also much more spacious, making life much more comfortable for the driver, front passenger and rear passengers. Despite the compact exterior dimensions and the tapering roof line, adults in the rear seats still enjoy plenty of head and leg room. Luggage capacity has increased by 65 litres to 335 litres, and with the rear seats folded down, this increases to 1,090 litres. The load sill height is a comfortably low 67 centimetres. In terms of connectivity the A1 Sportsback is fit for the digital future. Even the entry level SE version features a fully digital instrument cluster with a high-resolution, 10.25-inch display and a multifunction steering wheel as standard. The optional Audi virtual cockpit with an extended range of functions presents comprehensive and diverse information such as animated navigation maps and graphics of some driver assistance systems in the driver’s direct field of vision. The Infotainment system fitted has filtered down from the full-size class. The MMI radio plus comes as standard in the UK – it can be operated via the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel, the smartphone-style touch screen display in the fully digital instrument cluster or via the latest generation of voice control. All versions can be equipped with the optional Navigation Pack or Technology Pack, the former adding hard discbased MMI Navigation plus with a 10.1-inch MMI touch screen and the higher specification Audi Virtual Cockpit, and the latter both of the above plus the various internet-based services offered by Audi connect and Audi Phone Box wireless charging functionality. The Audi smartphone interface which is standard for all versions ensures everyone is always well connected on board. It integrates iOS and Android smartphones using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into an environment in the MMI programmed specifically for them, and offers two USB interfaces (1x USB-A, 1x USB-C with increased charging current). Music and acoustics aficionados will be pleased to find a Digital Audio Broadcasting tuner featuring as standard, and the Audi sound system and Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System available from the options list. The B&O

AUDI A1 SPORTSBACK I VEHICLE OPTIONS system drives eleven speakers with an output of 560 watts. Its 3D effect uses the windscreen as a reflecting surface. The driver assistance systems for the Audi A1 Sportsback also come directly from further up the range. They keep the compact car at the right distance from the car ahead, make it easier for the driver to stay in lane and help with parking. The standard lane departure warning helps the driver to keep the car in the lane from a speed of 40mph. Also standard is the speed limiter, which reliably prevents the A1 Sportsback from exceeding a selected maximum speed. Whether around town or travelling further afield the powerful and efficient engines in the A1 Sportsback range measure up to the task in hand. There is a choice of efficient TFSI engines with outputs ranging from 95PS to 200PS, all enhanced by turbocharging, direct injection and a particulate filter as standard. Four engines are available, but the mid-range include the 30 TFSI, a three-cylinder unit with a 1.0 litre capacity and 116PS of power, a 150PS 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine with the cylinder on demand efficiency system (COD) and the 35 TFSI, and a 2.0-litre, 200PS TFSI with 320 Nm (236.0 lb-ft) of torque that will power the overtly performance-focused top model. All engines except the 25 TFSI can be linked to either a manual gearbox or the seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission, with the exception of the 200PS variant which uses a six-speed S tronic transmission as standard. The chassis configuration of the new Audi A1 Sportsback delivers agile handling and a compelling driving experience. The front suspension is a McPherson construction; a compact, lightweight torsion beam is used at the rear. As an alternative to the standard suspension, there is the option of a tauter sport suspension and an upgrade to a setup incorporating adjustable dampers, plus a selection of other driver-focused additions including a sound actuator, red brake calipers and larger brake discs and the Audi drive select adaptive dynamics system. This allows drivers to select from four modes that influence the driving characteristics: auto, dynamic, efficiency and individual.




VAUXHALL 5TH GENERATION CORSA AVAILABLE to order this summer, Vauxhall’s all-new, fifth generation Corsa has achieved a significant weight loss, with the new model weighing in from just 980kg. Vauxhall has so far only released only a teaser image of the all-new Corsa, featuring its revolutionary IntelliLux LED headlights. Previously seen on Astra and Insignia.The glare-free matrix headlights, automatically and continuously adapt to the prevailing traffic conditions. Approaching traffic and vehicles being followed are simply “cut out” of the illuminated area. Glare is minimised and drivers of the new Corsa can enjoy optimum visibility. The all-new Corsa is based on the new multi-energy platform for small and compact cars, which allows a variety of propulsion systems. So for the first time customers can opt to go fully electric with a Corsa BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), or

choose from a range of highly efficient petrol or diesel engines. Thanks to its lightweight design, the new Corsa weighs up to 108kg less than the outgoing model. This means that every new Corsa benefits from improved performance and handling, and increased efficiency, whether it’s powered by an electric motor or conventional engine. Despite losing around ten per cent of its weight, the Corsa retains similar dimensions to the outgoing model at 4.06m. The light-weight design was created using the latest virtual development methods. The specific use of various steel grades and connection methods enabled the Corsa’s significant weight reduction. This includes the consistent use of high-strength and ultrahigh-strength steels, as well as the optimisation of load paths, connections, structure and form. Compared with the previous

model, the body-in-white is 40kg lighter. Contributing further to the weight loss, these engines are of all-aluminium construction. Of these, the compact threecylinder petrol engines weigh around 15kg less than the previous generation of similarly powerful four-cylinder units. The Corsa also features an aluminium bonnet that saves 2.4kg and the new seat structures save a total of 10kg: 5.5kg at the front, 4.5kg at the rear. These measures combined result in a weight reduction that, allied to optimum aerodynamics and the efficient powertrains, will lead to a considerable reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Vauxhall will open order banks for two new electrified models in 2019: the all-new Corsa battery electric version (BEV) and the Grandland X plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).





Set for an adventure



THE GRANDLAND X offers myriad of personalisation options and is packed full of standard saftey kit that puts it on more than an equal footing with its rivals. Third in the Vauxhall X-branded family of SUVs it sits at the top of the crossover line-up range, which includes the entry-level Crossland X and mid-range Mokka X. Up-front front it has the Vauxhall's signature L-shaped LED daytime running lights. Its also a great looking car especially from the rear with its highly sculpted wheelarches. Its versatility will appeal to families, but it is also a great all-rounder. In terms of engine choice the Grandland X comes with one petrol and two diesel engines available across the range: a turbocharged 1.2-litre petrol producing 130hp, a 1.5-litre diesel producing 130hp, and a 2.0-litre diesel with 177hp. This is appreciably faster than the lower-powered units, with 0-62mph falling in 9.1 seconds and a top speed of 133mph.. The entry-level Grandland X is the1.2-litre Tech Line Nav model which is very competively priced and comes fitted with stopstart and a six-speed manual transmission. In total there are five trim levels to choose from the SE, Tech Line Nav, Sport Nav, Elite Nav and the range topping Ultimate.The Grandland X Ultimate adds to the already impressive list of features available across the range, with adaptive cruise control, wireless mobile phone charging and Denon premium sound system adding a premium feel to the trim. The further additions of heated

windscreen, heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, 360-degree Panoramic Camera and the Premium LED Adaptive Forward Lighting Pack with projector headlights. The Grandland X radiates quality on the inside: the instrument panel and centre console is nicely laid out and horizontally aligned to the driver. The centre stack has three horizontal rows of controls for fast and intuitive access to infotainment, climate control and chassis functions. The material used, although not of a top premium quality, still feel plush. Drivers and passengers benefit from the elevated seating position typical of an SUV, which ensures good visibility and its long wheelbase of 2,675 millimetres means the compact class SUV has plenty of space for up to five people. In the luggage compartment the Grandland X has a load volume from 514 litres up to a maximum of 1,652 litres when the rear seats are folded. Grandland X drivers and passengers enjoy top connectivity with the latest generation of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible IntelliLink systems. The car is also available with the personal connectivity and service assistant, OnStar, which includes a Wi-Fi Hotspot and additional services such as booking hotel rooms and searching for parking. Smartphones can even be charged wirelessly and, for music fans who want to enjoy a top sound experience, a Denon premium sound system with eight loudspeakers and subwoofer is available.





Purposefully practical

In an age of countless crossovers and SUVs, it is easy to forget the virtues of the Estate Car. However, there is a wide range available, especially in the mid-sized sector, and up there with the best is Vauxhalls Astra Sports Tourer. There’s a range of great petrol and diesel engines available to power this practical and good looking car and it’s built in Britain. Driverlink had a look through the range to see which might be the best all-round option. The entry level 1.4L petrol is the only one without turbo assistance, but still delivers 100 BHP which will be enough for many, but the

extra performance and great economy from the rest of the range will be tempting. For instance, the smaller but turbo charged 1.0L petrol is more powerful (slightly) and certainly more economical. Mid-way along, the two 1.4L turbo engines give 125BHP and 150 BHP and at the top of the range the bi-turbo 1.6L will get you to 60 MPH from the standing start in just 7 seconds. Diesel is available with Vauxhall’s 1.6L CDTi unit in three varieties, 110 BHP, 136 BHP and add an extra turbo and you have a barnstorming 160BHP. The most economical of the whole range is the 110 BHP CDTi and not surprisingly, the least economical is the 1.6L bi-turbo petrol.






There are 4 trim levels for the Astra Sports Tourer, all of which have a wide range of standard features that help to compete with other brands. Entry level is “Design” with a range of creature comforts including alloy wheels and Vauxhall’s IntelliLink infotainment system. Tech Line adds sat nav, a larger touchscreen, leather steering wheel and adjustable front arm rest and Sri/Sri Nav is where to go for great exterior and interior sports styling, “Sport” button for more urgent driving dynamics and a front camera system and Vauxhall’s online concierge service, OnStar. “Elite” adds comfort and luxury with leather trimmed and heated seats with a sophisticated climate control system. It should be remembered that at the top of the range, you haven’t reached the entry level price of some of its competitors! It’s worth saying in support of the Astra Sports Tourer that it was developed on British roads, so in some ways it’s going to have the edge over competitors. Part of the brief was to save significant amounts of weight compared with its predecessor, so it’s agile and fun. Regardless of trim, it’s set up with a bias towards firmness, for a sporting experience, but that doesn’t become noticeable until you’re on the worst of roads. It’s a great drive, comparing well with the renowned Focus and Golf and will grip impressively through the corners. The steering can feel a little over assisted in these circumstances but this can be adjusted in Sri trim or above with a touch of the “Sport”button. Of course the full driving experience will depend on the engine choice. Suffice to say that with

seven out of eight of those engines being turbo assisted, most will enjoy a performance led experience. We suggest that for the NHS driver, mid-range petrol or diesel to give great economy and a superb driving experience. There’s a lot of plastic used which is only to be expected in this price range, but in the Astra Sports Tourer, it’s high quality, soft touch on the upper parts of the dash and very well put together. This is how to get an up market feel without the up market price tag! Controls are sensibly set out in zones according to function, so the driver can get to everything easily, with the minimum of effort and therefore distraction. Again, with distraction in mind, the 7 or 8 inch touchscreen is highly responsive and easy to use, much better than many competitors. The interior is airy, with front seats adjustable in multiple planes and overall, realistic room for four tall adults. Interestingly, the rear bench seat will accommodate three child seats, so if you have a growing family, look here before you automatically move towards an MPV! The Astra Sports Tourer reminds us that there will be a place for the mid-sized family estate car for some time to come. It puts practicality, quality, comfort and a great driving experience within reach of the many. Average income essential workers in for example the NHS will need a practical, economical load carrier that doesn’t break the bank, but who’s to say that they don’t deserve something that is also a fun drive, with a great degree of comfort. For this, the Astra Sports Tourer is an excellent choice.





Refined engineering



THE BMW 3 Series has always been a top choice for business drivers. It has undergone many updates and face-lifts over the years but as with the iconic VW Golf, the outline and shape still retains a distinctive look that is instantly recognisable. Known for being one of the finest saloons to drive, this new 7th generation model truly lives up to this reputation. Many manufacturers are leaning towards style standardisation across their model ranges so the desirability and the pure passion drivers used to have when looking for a new vehicle, is becoming lost - but with the new 3 Series, this passion is very much ignited. At Driverlink Magazine we road test several cars a month, and our test of this latest 3 Series was very much anticipated and certainly didn't disappoint. Out on the road, the 3 Series sits beautifully, its strong appearance an styling certainly invites a second glance from other road users. Its all about the performance and the quality of the car that excites, there is no effort involved it just delivers precision steering, ride comfort and power when needed, in a balanced comforting way that reassures the driver that the 3 Series just knows what its doing. The 320D we had on test will almost certainly prove to be the most popular in the range, despite pressure to move away from Diesel. It

was also a great opportunity to see how well the “sensible” choice embodies all that is great in this sporting saloon. It is no longer unusual for vehicles in this category to have a number of driving modes and this is no exception. Briefly; Sport sharper throttle response and stiffer suspension, Comfort for everyday driving and Eco Pro that shuts down certain functions, adjusts throttle response and gear changes to allow the most frugal fuel use. However, on models with an Adaptive setting, the driving mode can be tailored to individual requirements. For example, if you find the steering is too heavy in Sport, you can retain all the other aspects of the mode whilst lightening the steering. The combinations are vast and ultimately, the 3 Series is capable of delivering a truly “bespoke” experience. In many ways, the technical developments in any new model at this level are to be expected. To be successful, they must both offer real benefits, but at the same time increase simplicity. Without simplicity, technology can be a frustrating distraction from what the car is really about. In reality, the natural habitat for a 3 Series in the UK will be the motorway. Its comfort and refinement, combined with powerful engines ensure effortless performance. . The ergonomics, easy controls and adaptive systems mean that driver fatigue will be kept to a minimum, even on



the longest journeys. The 3 Series range consists of familiar petrol and diesel engines, from the 320i and 320d to more powerful 330i and 330d versions. There’s also a 330e plug-in hybrid – a model that promises impressive electric-only driving range as well as 100mpg+ fuel economy, ultra-low CO2 emissions and a 0-62mph time of just 6.0 seconds. The trims on offer are also familiar, made up of SE, Sport and M Sport across the main range, while the M340i xDrive and M3 will be models of their own. Standard specification gains full-LED headlights and stylishly darkened LED rear lights. LED headlights with extended features, Adaptive LED headlights with BMW Laserlight for non-dazzling high beam (with a range of around 530 metres) and LED front foglamps available as options. On the inside the 3 Series is just stunning. BMW have put a lot of effort into making the car driver focused and it has a refined premium interior ambience with clearly structured controls. A newly designed sports leather steering wheel with multifunction buttons has been incorporated with a new panel of buttons for light functions. There is also a new design for the gear selector and the control panel around it on the centre console, including the iDrive Controller, start/stop button, the buttons for the Driving Experience Control switch and the electrically operated parking brake. The new 3 Series has an extensively expanded range of driver assistance systems that pave the way to automated driving: Collision and Pedestrian Warning with Braking function and Lane Departure Warning system are now standard. Optional Driving Assistant Professional comprises systems including Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, Steering and


lane control assistant (which helps guide the car through narrow channels), Lane Change Warning system, side collision protection, evasion aid, Cross-Traffic Alert, Priority warning and Wrongway warning systems. The new generation of the BMW Head-Up Display is also available. BMW have added systems designed to make parking and manoeuvring easier and unmatched by any rival: Parking Assistant with automated longitudinal and lateral guidance for moving into and out of parking spaces, Reversing Assistant, Park Distance Control, rear view camera and 360-degree cameras. This 7th generation 3 Series, has a thoroughly revised control and display system: Standard specification includes instrument cluster with screen size increased from 2.7 to 5.7 inches and Control Display with screen diagonal up from 6.5 to 8.8 inches. Optional BMW Live Cockpit Professional comes with a fully digital 12.3inch instrument cluster and 10.25-inch Control Display with consistently designed, situationlinked and customisable displays. New BMW Operating System 7.0 also optimises intuitive operation through multimodal operation (by touch with the Control Display, using the iDrive Controller or steering wheel buttons, and with gesture control or voice control). Improvement has also been extended to the rear - now easier to get into and offering greater legroom. The boot capacity is 480 litres and the rear seat fold into a split of 40:20:40 as standard. In summary, the new 3 Series reinforces BMW’s position at the top of the compact executive market. It retains and class leading driving dynamics, prestige and quality that we have come to expect over decades and combined with state-of-the-art technology and engineering, it delivers the complete package.








AT HOME both in the city and the country, the new Evoque joins the Range Rover family with a choice of hybrid-electric engines. The Range Rover Evoque has been a phenomenal UK success over the past seven years and its distinctive coupé-like silhouette is instantly recognisable. Inside the new Evoque, you will find finely crafted design, and an integrated digital cabin. The twin touchscreen features new, faster software, 16-way seat controls and cabin air ionisation. When Range Rover Evoque made its debut back in 2010, it transformed the world of compact SUVs and the new model is set to continue that remarkable journey. The footprint is almost identical, yet built on Land Rover’s new mixed-material Premium Transverse Architecture, there is more interior space than before. A longer wheelbase yields 20mm extra rear kneeroom and an increase in small item stowage – the larger glove box and centre cubby

can now fit tablets, handbags and bottles with ease. The luggage space is (591 litres) increasing to 1,383 litres when the flexible 40:20:40 secondrow seats are folded. The new architecture has been developed for electrification, with a 48-volt mild-hybrid available at launch and a plug-in hybrid model offered around 12 months afterwards. The mild hybrid powertrain is a first for Land Rover and works by harvesting energy normally lost during deceleration thanks to the engine-mounted belt-integrated starter generator, storing it in the under-floor battery. At speeds below 11mph (17km/h), the engine will shut off while the driver applies the brakes. When pulling away, the stored energy is redeployed to assist the engine under acceleration and reduce fuel consumption. The result is a refined, quiet and efficient drive in built-up traffic heavy areas, in addition to efficiency savings. Available across the range (when specified with



automatic gearbox) of fourcylinder Ingenium petrol and diesel engines, the mild hybrid delivers CO2 emissions from as low as 149g/km and fuel economy from 50.4mpg (based on the new NEDC Equivalent WLTP test procedure). If the customer chooses the 150PS diesel engine with front wheel drive, Evoque only emits 143g/km. An even more efficient plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) model and three-cylinder petrol Ingenium engine will also join the range next year. Every bit a Range Rover, the compact SUV combines all-terrain capability with all-weather assurance. New Evoque features All-Wheel Drive, as well as a second-generation Active Driveline with Driveline Disconnect to enhance efficiency and Adaptive Dynamics to deliver the optimum balance of comfort and agility. Terrain Response 2 – technology first found on full-size Range Rover – automatically detects the surface being driven on a adjusts the set-up accordingly, while Evoque can now wade through water up to 600mm (previously 500mm). The famed Range Rover command driving position has jumped into the digital age, with a segment-first ‘ClearSight rear-view mirror’ that transforms into an HD video screen. If rear visibility is compromised by passengers or bulky items, the driver simply flicks a switch on the underside of the mirror and a camera feed from the top of the car displays what is behind the vehicle in crisp high definition. The screen provides a wider (50-degree) field of vision and superior visibility in low light. The new Range Rover Evoque is also the first in the world to feature Ground View technology,


which effectively makes the bonnet invisible by projecting camera imagery onto the upper touchscreen to show the driver a 180-degree view under the front of the vehicle. This is useful when negotiating difficult parking spaces, navigating high city centre kerbs or tackling rough terrain and is the realisation of the Transparent Bonnet technology previewed by Land Rover in 2014. Underneath the skin is an engineering and technical revolution. The architecture is all-new to accommodate both plug-in and mild hybrid systems, with only the door hinges remaining unchanged on the body. The chassis has been significantly reworked to make the most of the stiffer body, ensuring the characteristic ride comfort and refinement of a Range Rover. “Evoque is now smarter than ever. The software that sits behind the infotainment system has been refined to provide a more intuitive customer experience. On top of that we’ve added Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless smartphone integration. Evoque is the first Land Rover with Smart Settings, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms to learn the driver’s preference and acts as an onboard butler. In addition to seat position, music and climate settings, Evoque can also control steering column preferences to maximise comfort and convenience. Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to the UK car industry continues following a £1 billion investment to support its creation and delivery. This includes £110 million into the company’s UK manufacturing plant in Halewood, Merseyside, to develop the state-of-the-art flexible manufacturing facility.





THE i30 Fastback N Line trim features exterior and interior design elements carried over from the Fastback N, with chassis refinements and suspension setting changes to achieve a more dynamic drive for the 1.4-litre T-GDi engine. The upgraded exterior design includes a front bumper exclusively accented with a silver character line and Hyundai’s signature Cascading Grille with mesh pattern, as well as black bezel surrounds on the headlamps. Also carried over from the i30 Fastback N, the rear bumper features a red reflector line, the N signature triangular fog lamp and aerodynamic diffuser. As with all i30’s, the i30 Fastback N Line offers a high level of standard safety equipment. Lane Departure Warning System, Lane Keep Assist, Autonomous Emergency Braking and Hill Start Assist Control feature on all models. Standard technology and connectivity equipment also feature, with all N Line’s benefitting from Centre Console Display, 8" Touchscreen Display Audio with Smart Device Integration & DAB, supporting Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. In addition to performance styling, the i30 Fastback N Line models fitted with the 1.4 T-GDi engine also receive changes to the mechanical set up of suspension, brakes and engine response as well as Michelin PS4 tyres, in order to enhance the driving experience over the standard i30 models.

The i30 Fastback N Line 1.0 T-GDi 120PS 6 speed manual, offers cloth sports seats. Air conditioning, an automatic dimming rear view mirror and black headlining are also standard equipment. This model is also available with a 1.4 T-GDi 140PS engine, with both 6 speed manual and 7 speed DCT drivetrains. The i30 Fastback N Line + 1.4 T-GDi 140PS 6 speed manual builds on the N Line trim level by offering heated faux leather and suede sports seats with electrically adjustable lumbar support for both driver and passenger, manual height adjustment and drivers side memory function. N Line + trim also includes dual zone climate control, heated steering wheel, LED headlamps and automatic rain sensing windscreen wipers. An 8” touchscreen satellite navigation with Traffic Messaging Channel, Mapcare and LIVE Services is a customer option. The N Line + is also available with a 7 speed DCT transmission. i30 Fastback N Line is available in a choice of 10 colours; Engine Red and Polar White are solid finish, no cost options. Champion Blue, Stellar Blue, White Sand, Micron Grey, Olivine Grey, Fiery Red, Platinum Silver and Phantom Black are all metallic or pearl paint finishes, at an extra cost option. All i30 Fastback N Line models come with Hyundai’s industry leading 5 Yr Unlimited Mileage Warranty.




SKODA ALL-NEW SCALA SET TO ARRIVE in the UK this summer is the all-new Scala hatchback, with a host of allnew infotainment systems, engineering and safety innovations. In true ŠKODA fashion, the new Scala is defined by its intelligent and practical interior design that delivers exceptional levels of passenger and load space. Three engine options will be available to customers from launch (two petrol and one diesel) with power outputs ranging from 115PS to 150PS, while a 95PS petrol engine arrives later in the summer. The petrol range consists of two 1.0 TSI units with 95PS and 115PS and a 1.5 TSI engine with 150PS. The Scala’s diesel option is a 1.6 TDI unit that generates 115PS. All engines, with the exception of the 1.0 TSI 95PS unit are available with an optional seven-speed DSG transmission. The range consists of three familiar trim grades; S, SE and SE L, with all three offering high levels of standard specification. Despite its status as the entry-level model, the S is fitted with 16-inch alloy wheels, LED headlamps, leather steering wheel, gear and handbrake lever and a height adjustable driver’s seat. Customers opting for S model also get air-conditioning, DAB digital radio, front and rear electric windows and Swing infotainment system with 6.5-inch screen. In terms of safety equipment, the S model, which joins the range later in the Summer, features

front head and side airbags, Front assist, Lane assist, Speed limiter and Emergency call with proactive services. The mid-range SE model adds a host of additional features including cruise control, rear parking sensors, Bolero infotainment system with 8-inch touchscreen, integrated umbrella, and height adjustable passenger seat. The range-topping SE L adds even more equipment and delivers one of the most comprehensive specification lists in the sector. It includes ŠKODA’s new Amundsen infotainment system with 9.2-inch glass touchscreen, digital cockpit, climate control air conditioning, keyless entry with start/stop and a colour multifunction trip computer. The exterior design features 17-inch alloy wheels, full LED rear lights, dynamic indicators and privacy glass on the rear windows. Inside, the seats are finished with silver Microsuede trims and chrome details on the dashboard, door panelling, gear and handbrake lever. The new Scala is positioned between the recently updated Fabia and Octavia models in ŠKODA’s new-look range. Thanks to its long wheelbase of 2,649 mm, the Scala offers sector-best levels of rear headroom. Its boot capacity of 467 litres (extendable to 1,410 litres with the rear seats folded) is also the most accommodating in the sector. The new Scala will open for order in May, with first deliveries expected in the summer.




BMW X3 Series

Perfectly balanced

OVER THE past month Driverlink Magazine has been road testing the full SUV range that BMW has in its current model line up, starting with the X3. Being one of the most important SUVs for BMW, we found this latest generation model offered an excellent confident drive, had a luxurious interior, and an extremely practical set-up. The term SUV which is now in common use, is short for ‘ Sport Utility Vehicle’ - it classifies the vehicle as a light truck utilised as a family vehicle. This outdated term will surely soon have to be redefined given the vast array of SUVs now out on the road, and now offered by most manufacturers. Only a few years ago, if you wanted a larger car you had to opt for the ‘estate’ version of your favourite model. With the ‘X’ range offerings from BMW, your choice has been given a new uncompromising twist. In a few years time there will be an all-electric version badged the iX3, which could well be the first all-electric SUV of its size, again reenforcing the need for a change in definition. From December this year, there will be new plugin hybrid, the BMW X3 xDrive30e which boasts enhanced BMW eDrive technology and will offer up to 31 miles of pure electric range, and superior xDrive handling. BMW claim it will also go from zero to 62mph, when using both electric and

combustion engines, in just 6.2 seconds so it will certainly be very quick 'family truck’ indeed. In terms of engine choice now, the X3 comes with a range of four and six-cylinder turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. All models are fitted as standard with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and xDrive four-wheel drive. Which in a car this size, just makes sense. BMW’s intelligent all-wheel drive system works in tandem with Dynamic Stability Control which monitors the road conditions and sends power to the wheel with the surest footing, therefore improving traction and handling. Most SUVs in reality see little off-road action, and as far as our test went this was no different. We did though get chance to test the X3 out in the hills of North Yorkshire, and found it powered its way with ease, making light work of the many steep inclines. The raised seating position improves your all-round vision - a real benefit especially on narrow country lanes. But if you did want to venture off-road the X3’s raised ground clearance of 204mm will take on most terrains, it also has plenty of tech to help you in your quest to ‘go further’ off the beaten track. The X3 is an accomplished all-rounder, it's smooth and refined with plenty of power and returns decent fuel economy for a car of its size. This latest generation X3 is longer than its






predecessor, which has resulted in better legroom in the back and at the rear the electric tailgate reveals a wide load bay and flat floor. You get a huge 550 litres of luggage space with the rear seats in place and with a 40:20:40 split you can unlock 1,600 litres in total. All models in the X3 range come with at least the 6.5-inch central iDrive infotainment screen and navigation system. In our test model we had the 10.25-inch Professional system, with its intuitive menus and crisp graphics. This features a touchscreen and a rotary touchpad by the gearlever, along with voice-activation to control its functions, allowing drivers to be less distracted while driving. In terms of standard equipment the X3 comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, a reversing camera, parking sensors front and rear, LED headlights, satellite-navigation, and BMW ConnectedDrive with real-time traffic information. The trim structure includes base-spec SE, xLine, M Sport and the standalone M40i and M40d models. Key options include alloy wheels of up to 21 inches, panoramic sunroof, Harman/Kardon hi-fi, Apple CarPlay, and a range of driver-assistance systems, including forward-collision warning and lanedeparture warning.

For everyday use and for drivers racking up higher mileage the cheapest BMW X3 to run would be the diesel xDrive20d version. Its fuel economy is a claimed 53.3mpg, while CO2 output of 140g/ km keeps VED car tax manageable. But for userchoosers who may not do a huge amount of miles per year or for those who don’t want to opt for a diesel X3 in the current climate, there's also the petrol xDrive20i. This version offers claimed fuel economy of 39.8mpg and CO2 output of 163g/km. There’s an awful lot to recommend the X3, thanks to its blend of spaciousness and refinement, and if you want to go larger you could have to look to the X5 and if an SUV just isn’t suitable, you always have the less costly but very desirable 3 Series Touring as an alternative.





Stylish comfort



The new Citroën C4 Cactus hatchback, delivers a host of clever exterior and interior styling options, together with extreme motoring comfort. Its Suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®, filter and absorb major and minor surface imperfections to give occupants the feeling of flying over the road. The Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme is at the very heart of New C4 Cactus, with features and technologies designed to emphasise a feeling of reassurance, comfort and calm. This fresh new model takes driver and passenger well-being to a new level. The new Citroën C4 Cactus is equipped with 12 driver assistance systems, providing extra reassurance and

safety in day-to-day driving, fighting against drowsiness or simple moments of inattention and preventing the risk of accidents. These include Active Safety Brake, Grip Control® and Lane Departure Warning. Drivers and passengers can enjoy three connectivity systems for continuity between their digital worlds and their car, Connect Nav technology, the Mirror Screen function with Android Auto, Apple Car Play™, MirrorLink® and Citroën Connect Box. In terms of styling customers can choose from 4 colour packs: Gloss Black, Silver Chrome, Gloss White and Deep Red. These colour touches contrast with the body colour,



highlighting the AirbumpÂŽ on the lower part of the doors and the foglight surround, giving a total of 31 possible combinations. The new C4 Cactus is nimble and responsive with its compact exterior dimensions which not only deliver occupant comfort and but offer genuine versatility in cities, suburbs and out on the open road. On the inside it is spacious, light and welcoming, with soft fabrics and soothing colours. Four distinct interiors are available, the Wild Grey is the standard fit on Feel and Flair versions. Customers have a further choice of three, including Metropolitan Red with its dark red dashboard; Hype Red


combining Beige Nappa Leather with Beige fabric and red colour touches; and Hype Grey with a more traditional interior feel and Black half-leather seats. The new C4 Cactus range is available with three 3-cylinder PureTech petrol engines and the highly efficient BlueHDi 100 S&S diesel, as well as the latest generation EAT6 fully automatic gearbox. Acceleration, pick-up and driving pleasure are enhanced through the combination of a lightweight and efficient platforms. The latestGeneration PureTech petrol engines, have been voted 2018 International Engine of the Year and the BlueHDi diesel engines comply with the Euro 6 standard on the reduction of NOx emissions and fuel consumption.





Perfect for city living

LAST YEAR Citroën launched the first C1 Urban Ride special edition. Now there is an updated version for spring 2019. With its dynamic styling and go-anywhere good looks, this new version is perfect for demanding city streets. The exterior design, including large wheel arch extensions, ‘Urban Ride’ decals on the rear doors, special graphic stripes on the rear quarter panels, Lipizzan White door mirrors and 15-inch Black ‘Planet’ alloy wheels with black centre caps. Scarlet Red and Lipizzan White body colours that are available as standard, plus the option of a contrasting Caldera Black roof.. Other optional body colours are available: Calvi Blue, Gallium Grey , Caldera Black and Carlinite Grey The C1 Urban Ride has a new interior ambiance, including new Metropolitan Grey and White

‘Urban Ride‘ cloth seats with discreet red topstitching, plus special front and rear protective carpet mats with the ‘Urban Ride’ logo. The new standard specification C1 Urban Ride Colour Pack adds Anodised White trim around the multimedia module and on the upper part of the dashboard. There is a Gloss Black finish on the gear knob and the air vent surrounds, and a special ‘Urban Ride’ dashboard graphic. Agile and ideal for nipping in and out of traffic with its compact dimensions (3.46m long) and handling (10.2m turning circle), Citroën C1 Urban Ride also boasts plenty of room for four people. The ingenious and practical Urban Ride special edition also offers generous boot volume, with capacity ranging from 196-litres to 780-litres (rear bench folded down). It also features a parcel






shelf that flips up when opening the tailgate for easy loading. There are multiple storage spaces throughout the cabin and cup holders too. Combining comfort consistent with the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme and day-today driving pleasure, C1 Urban Ride is also fully connected and comes with a wide range of features, including a reversing camera, a 4-speaker MP3 audio system/DAB digital radio with steeringwheel controls, Bluetooth® hands-free and a USB socket. The model also features connectivity technologies such as a 7-inch touchscreen and extended Mirror Screen compatibility (Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto and MirrorLink®). The C1 Urban Ride is available with a choice of optional equipment, including: Automatic Pack Plus (Automatic Air Conditioning, Automatic

headlights, Keyless Entry and Start) and Active City Brake (which comes as a ‘pack’ with Lane Departure Warning and a Speed Sign Recognition and Recommendation system). It is available as both a 5-door hatchback and a 5-door soft-top: C1 Airscape Urban Ride. With its electric sliding black canvas roof and impressive opening dimensions (800mm long and 760mm wide), the Airscape version offers open-air motoring whatever the season. The C1 Urban Ride is powered by a latestgeneration 3-cylinder petrol engine with Stop & Start, paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox (VTi 72 S&S manual). High-performance, yet efficient, the powertrain is fully compliant with the Euro 6.d TEMP emissions standard and makes every journey a feel-good moment.





Car key security


Check for visual cues to confirm the car is double locked (after a double click of the lock button on your remote) as you walk away. The indicators flash as the alarm is set and in some cases wing mirrors fold in as permanent confirmation that the car is secure Do not store keyless entry fobs just inside your front door within close range of a car parked outside. Fobs without new sleep mode should be stored further away, in a suitable metal box or shielded pouch available as part of TVL range – and TASSA (Tracking & Aftermarket Security System Association) approved



IN THE last issue of Driverlink we looked at the security issues surrounding car key hacking. The UK’s two top-selling cars in Fiesta and Focus are now benefitting from new Ford security technology which disables their keyless entry fobs when not in use to block this illegal hacking activity. Keyless entry fobs of all makes of cars have been targeted by thieves with “relay box” equipment, used to extend the signal from fobs in homes to unlock and start vehicles parked outside. Now, a new motion sensor inside the Ford fob detects when it has been stationary for longer than 40 seconds and triggers a sleep mode, which will not respond to attempts to hack its signal via a “relay box” or through the misuse of other specialist equipment. Moving the keyless fob by picking it up inside the home and taking it to the car will restore full functionality by the time Fiesta and Focus drivers approach their cars. Ford fobs are designed to operate only within a two-metre radius of the cars they are bonded to. Britain’s best-selling car, the Ford Fiesta, plus the Fiesta Van version, are already being delivered with the new fobs as standard at no extra cost, followed by Ford Focus production from May. Simon Hurr, Ford security specialist, said: “The online availability of devices which have no place in public hands has long been a problem for Ford, our industry and crime fighters. We are pleased to respond with a simple but effective solution – swiftly implemented to help protect owners of our top-selling cars.” Latest Ford Fiesta and Focus models can have security upgraded with replacement fobs, priced from £65 (Fiesta), £72 (Focus) plus 0.9 hours labour to programme and test. This is available to owners of the current Fiesta, which has been on sale for two years, and of the Focus introduced


last year. Over the next two years Ford will be rolling out the same motion-sensor technology across its other cars’ key fobs. Additionally, Ford’s Trade Vehicle Locks (TVL) security range has been increased to 125 available locks, guards and related accessories for its car and van customers. Key TVL products for cars include wallets that block access to fobs inside them, protectors covering OBD ports (the diagnostic socket within the vehicle used by dealer technicians to access the vehicle’s electronics) and vehicle marking kits. Richard Billyeald, chief technical officer at Thatcham Research, said: “This is great news for car owners and the wider automotive industry. There is a known weakness in keyless entry systems, and we are pleased that Ford has come up with a simple and effective response on these big-selling models. We hope that other car makers will respond in a similar fashion.” Ford balances fitting vehicles with the equipment required to keep its cars and vans secure, and which match customer priorities and price expectations. For example, every new Fiesta has had an immobiliser since 1994 and all but entry-level models have included a standard Thatcham category one alarm since mid-2017. This means that once set, the in-built alarm system sounds if the car is attacked with force, including entry by an unauthorised person, movement within the cabin, wheel removal and so on. If criminals reach the OBD port, any attempt to plug into the car’s diagnostics automatically initiates a 10-minute software lockdown, while the alarm continues to sound. Repeated attempts to access the system restarts the 10-minute wait period, eliminating the possibility of rapid illegitimate programming of keys for the car via the OBD.






Agility built in

THE NEW Tarraco is designed for drivers who need the usefulness of a seven-seater and the practicality of a large SUV. At the front a more prominent grille design gives a more characterful look. The sharp full LED headlights retain the company’s triangular signature, and the SUV also uses 100% LED technology throughout the exterior and interior as standard on both the XCELLENCE and SE-based trims. Aesthetics may be of huge importance, but an SUV also has to be a practical, functional vehicle, which is why the emphasis at the rear of the Tarraco has been placed on a low loading area, with a design to express the width and practicality of the vehicle. The LED lighting also allows for dynamic rear indicators, another technology that highlights the continual mix of form and function in the Tarraco. No matter which colour you choose from the abundance of options – Dark Camouflage, Oryx White, Reflex Silver, Atlantic Blue, Indium Grey, Urano Grey and Deep Black – the shape, stature and presence of the SEAT Tarraco


remains evident. The SUV’s interior design has a level of quality normally found in the premium sector. The cabin balances the differing needs of the driver and passengers, providing a driver-focused, ergonomically designed seating position and a comfortable environment for passengers with plenty of head and leg room. The precision applied is tangible, most notably in the design and positioning of the infotainment system and SEAT’s Digital Cockpit with a 10.2 inch screen. The central 8-inch infotainment display floats, rather than being integrated into the dashboard, making reading information from it or the cluster simpler and safer. We live in a world that is highly connected whether it’s through our smartphones or computers, and the new SEAT Tarraco extends that connection into the brand’s latest and largest SUV. The Tarraco large 8-inch floating central display integrates SEAT’s Full Link technology to bring the most important information into the SUV and put it at the occupant’s fingertips. The full connectivity solution allows users to benefit from maximum connectivity between




their smartphones and the vehicle, incorporating Android Auto® and Apple CarPlay®. The large SUV also integrates SEAT’s versatile and customisable Digital Cockpit, providing clearer information to the driver, and helping them keep their eyes on the road. The 10.2 inch digital display is an interactive, display where drivers can view everything from classic information found on analogue dials, such as speedometer and tachometer, to full colour maps and navigation. Performance, efficiency and reliability are key to the Tarraco’s powertrain line-up with all the engines powering the large SUV benefitting from direct-injection, turbocharging and startstop technology with outputs of between 150PS and 190PS. There are two petrol variants: a 1.5-litre TSI unit producing 150PS linked to a six-speed manual transmission and a 2.0-litre, 190PS offering a seven-speed DSG gearbox and 4Drive total traction system. There are two diesel options, both 2.0-litre TDIs, with power outputs of 150PS and 190PS respectively. Overall performance in the twowheel drive version is a top speed of 126mph and a 0-62mph time of 9.8 seconds. With 190PS/400Nm you get a top speed of 130mph and the ability to reach 62mph in only 8 seconds. As new technologies come online the SEAT Tarraco is engineered to benefit from alternative powertrain technologies, improving efficiency even further in the future. In this regard, by

2020, the Tarraco will benefit from a Plug-in Hybrid version. With the SEAT drive profile, the driver can select which setting they prefer – Normal, Eco, Sport and Individual and 4Drive versions include offroad and snow modes. Whether the Tarraco is specified with 17-inch alloy wheels, or the largest 20-inch matte machined-alloy wheel options, the chassis offers the maximum amount of quality, and nowhere is this more evident than in the steering. The driver is able to feel the road thanks to the perfectly weighted steering which uses a rack electric power system to provide assistance, but without numbing the experience, instead maximising feedback and driver enjoyment. The result is a nimbleness and lightfootedness that few would expect from a large SUV, but the Tarraco, with a wheelbase of 2,790mm and a weight as low as 1,634kg, manages to perfection, making it not only a practical, every day vehicle but also an SUV that can bring enjoyment to the driver. The Tarraco brings high levels of safety across its trim line-up as standard to ensure that the vehicle can adapt to any incident that may occur. Front Assist with Bicycle Detection, Lane Assist, Tiredness Recognition and Emergency Call are all standard throughout the range. Add to these systems the convenience features also included – Park Assist, Electric Tailgate with Virtual Pedal and Top View camera system – and the SEAT Tarraco stands high amongst its competitors in the large SUV market.




PEUGEOT PLUG-IN HYBRIDS New range launched

PEUGEOT has now announced the launch of its new Plug-in Hybrid petrol engine range. The new engines are available for the Peugeot 3008 SUV, and all-new Peugeot 508 and 508 SW. The new HYBRID engines will give Peugeot drivers the chance to experience new driving modes in their cars, including the ZEV 100% electric mode, 4-wheel drive mode with the HYBRID4, Sport mode, Comfort mode or Hybrid mode. The high voltage Lithium-ion (300V) battery, which comes with new models fitted with Peugeot’s HYBRID and HYBRID4 engines, has a capacity between 11.8 KWh and 13.2KWh, allowing the cars to drive up to 30 miles on a single electric charge.

Energy conservation is further enhanced through intuitive features on the HYBRID engines, including i-Booster, a braking system which conserves power as the car brakes or decelerates, and e-SAVE, allowing drivers to reserve electric energy for planned routes ahead. The vehicle can be recharged in less than 2 hours by using a Wallbox (6.6 kW 32A). Guide lamps surround the charging socket so you can easily and quickly check the battery charge. Once the plug is connected, colours will indicate the progress of the battery charge. Discreetly installed, the charging hatch is located on the rear left wing of the vehicle. The charging system fits easily into specific storage under the boot floor. Accessibility to the new Peugeot HYBRID



engines is made easier with the hybrid version of the Peugeot i-Cockpit®, giving the driver access to all essential HYBRID functions at their fingertips. With a direct access button available on the touchscreen, drivers can see information regarding their HYBRID engine’s efficiency, such as electricity consumption and fuel consumption. Key driving information, such as driving mode, electric gauge level and available electrical distance, is displayed in the driver’s field of vision. The all-new Peugeot 508 HYBRID and 508 SW HYBRID bring together the PureTech 180hp/132kW engine with a 110hp/80kW electric motor for a combined maximum power of 225hp/165kW in traction and optimise fuel efficiency, with less than 49g of CO2 per kilometre. The Peugeot 3008 SUV is being equipped with the powerful HYBRID4 system. This high-end offering provides 4-wheel drive with multi-link rear suspension equipped with a 110hp/80kW inverter and reaches the equivalent of 300hp/220kW. This is the result of the combination of a PureTech engine reaching 200hp/147kW and two electric motors (one


at the front and the second at the rear) each reaching 110hp/80kW. It does 0 to 62mph in 6.5s. The battery capacity is 13.2kWh for a 100% electric range of 30 miles WLTP(2) (60 kilometres NEDC(1)). The PureTech engine is combined with the new e-EAT8 8-speed automatic transmission (Electric Efficient Automatic Transmission - 8 speeds), specific to Peugeot Plug-in Hybrid engines. An electric motor is linked to the box and reaches 110hp/80kW on the front suspension. For optimal and imperceptible transitions between electrical and thermal, the torque converter of the thermal versions gives way to a wet multiple-disc clutch. All these modifications offer a torque increase of 60Nm, for more reactivity. The HYBRID4 engine is only available in a GT version complete with full Mistral black leather with aged grey oak trim. A few months after its launch, the HYBRID4 version will be joined in the range by a HYBRID version of 225hp (165kW). The HYBRID and HYBRID4 engines will be integrated into the Peugeot 3008 SUV and allnew Peugeot 508 and 508 SW model ranges in autumn 2019.






• • •

On collection, the vehicle must be in a safe and roadworthy condition, with all of the appropriate keys, equipment and documentation available. Returned vehicles must have a current MOT certificate. A charge will be levied for vehicles returned without a current MOT certificate. Vehicles should also be serviced to manufacturer’s serviced schedules and have stamped service books to document this. A charge will be levied for spare keys and missing standard items e.g. satellite navigation discs that are not returned with the vehicle. The vehicle should be sufficiently clean to allow a detailed inspection upon hand-over, this inspection does not form the basis of a re-charge it merely describes the condition. The collection agent is not a qualified vehicle inspector and will not be able to tell you if damage falls outside the BVRLA ‘Fair Wear and Tear’ conditions. It is in the interests of the customer to point out damage to the collection agent and retain a copy of the collection appraisal for their records. Qualified assessors can only undertake a re-charge inspection in good light after the vehicle has been cleaned.

LEASING companies will charge for vehicles affected with unsatisfactory in-life body repairs that require re-painting to meet manufacturer’s standards. The customer may also be charged for damage not recorded on collection notes, when damage is obviously not new but has been missed by the collection agent. When the leasing companies receive queries, the team reviews the evidence on both the inspection report and the collection note. If the evidence is shown on the inspection report, and supported by a digital image, whenever practical, the charge stands. (Poor previous repairs are often not clearly visible on digital images.)

EXAMPLES OF ACCEPTABLE WEAR AND TEAR WINDSCREEN & LENSES: Small scratches outside of the driver’s line of sight. WHEELS & TYRES: Minor scuffing is acceptable up to 25mm in length. Tyres must meetminimum legal requirements. DOOR MIRRORS: Minor scuffing, providing paint is not broken. BUMPERS: Minor scuffing up to 25mm in length. BODYWORK: Small areas of chipping. Light scratches up to 25mm in length, relative to the vehicle’s age. Dents up to 10mm providing paint is not broken. DECALS: All decals need to be removed and all glue residue removed. UPHOLSTERY: Should be clean and tidy with only slight wear and soling through normal use.



WINDSCREEN & LENSES: Any damage within the driver’s direct line of sight. WHEELS & TYRES: Scoring and other damage towheel surface. Damage to side walls or uneven tread wear. DOOR MIRRORS: Missing, cracked or damaged BUMPERS: Dented or cracked areas. Deep scuffs where paint surface has been broken. BODYWORK: Stone chips or scratches over 25mm in length which have exposed the bare metal or primer or have rusted. Any impact damage. Multiply dents on a single panel. DECALS: Any damage caused by the removal of such badges and advertising. UPHOLSTERY: Burns, tears or permanent staining. Any damage caused by fitting of equipment such as mobile phones.






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Guaranteed at GMP Our customers agree... Thank you for always being available when I have had a enquiry, its been lovely having someone I can contact whenever I have needed to ask questions. Cathy Brown Thanks very much for all your help with this, which has always been prompt, courteous and very effective Steve Tingle Many thanks for your exceptional efficiency. Natasha Berthollier The service in all areas was excellent. And thank you very much for all your help. Paul Bates

GMP welcomes your feedback Since GMP Drivercare was formed back in 1998, we have been appointed to manage in excess of 10,000 vehicles with a combined value of more than £158,000,000 on behalf of various NHS Trusts, Fire Services and Local Authorities throughout the UK. GMP Drivercare prides itself on its professional, friendly and quality service that it provides to both its clients and its end users. We never underestimate the personal touch and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. These points are always high on the Customer Service Indices. “Looking After All Your Motoring Needs” describes our fully comprehensive range of services and we strive to make everyone feel a member of the GMP Drivercare “Friends and Family”. At GMP, listening, understanding and endeavouring to offer our best advice in everything we do is part of our ethos and all of our members of staff are happy to be contacted at any time. That said, we welcome your feedback on our services, and therefore provide Questionaires for all our customers to submit.



GMP needs your feedback Customer Satisfaction scores Following receipt of a number of returned CSI Questionnaires, we are happy to confirm that our current customer satisfaction rate is 98.3% Our target for the next six months will be to keep up this excellent service and exceed a 95% customer satisfaction rate. Following confirmation of the delivery of your new vehicle, GMP will send you a CSI Questionnaire to complete. We invite you to complete this and return to GMP so that we are able to continue to monitor our progress and improve our services where required. ** All questionnaires received back will be entered into a prize draw to receive £50 worth of high street shopping vouchers.** The winner of this quarter’s vouchers has been notified. (The draw is actioned via inputting all driver names of received questionnaires into the below web page where a winner is randomly generated: http://www.mauvecloud.net/randomchooser.html)

We asked our customers to rate our service levels from ‘outstanding’ to ‘improvement required’. The average scores are represented below.






80 The level of advice given by the fleet advisors

The ease/ smoothness of the ordering process

Updates given to you on your order

Information received of any significant changes to the status of your new vehicle

Process for booking delivery/ collection of your vehicles

The completeness of the information contained in the Driver’s Pack


The courtesy with which you were treated by the fleet advisors

The promptness of response to any queries

How would you describe your overall experience?



HAS YOUR INFORMATION RECENTLY CHANGED? AT GMP Drivercare, we pride ourselves in the all-embracing, total peace-of-mind service provided to all our drivers. To ensure that this high level of service is maintained, it is absolutely vital that we have your up-to-date information. We must be informed of changes to personal circumstances, such as moving house or changing your role at work. We need to be able to contact you so you don’t miss out on vital reminders and so that important documents will not reach you efficiently.

HAVE YOU? Recently moved? We need your new address details... Changed your mobile? We need your new number... Recently got married? We need your new surname... Changed your role or transferred to a different Trust? We will need your new details... Received driving related penalty points/ convictions? We need to know... Been diagnosed with a medical condition that could effect your driving? Let us know any changes that might change your car Insurance premiums...

NEW .NET EMAILS Emails in the NHS are changing to .Net so make sure you update your email preferences stored on our system. You can then continue to receive regular updates, access the services in our online portal i.e for Accident reporting etc. If you have any questions contact a member of our team.


If you are interested in what GMP Drivercare can offer, please get in touch. Office opening hours are below. Outside of these periods you can leave a message via email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Jupiter House, Drummond Road Astonfields, Stafford Staffordshire ST16 3HJ

Tel: 0330 100 4910 Option 1 Office Open Hours Monday to Friday (9:00am – 5:00pm)

BURTON OFFICE Repton House Bretby Business Park Bretby, Burton Upon Trent Staffordshire, DE15 0YZ

Tel: 0330 100 4910 Option 2 Office Open Hours Monday to Friday (9:00am – 5:00pm) Please feel free to email the relevant department directly. LEASE CARS info@gmpdrivercare.co.uk SALARY SACRIFICE salarysacrificeorders@gmpdrivercare.co.uk GREY FLEET greyfleet@gmpdrivercare.co.uk GENERAL EQUIRIES info@gmpdrivercare.co.uk






Gary Grace

Managing Director gary@gmpdrivercare.co.uk

Lorna Green

M Salman Hamid

Scott Felton

Emma Forster

Tiffany Leadbetter

Charlotte Jones

Morgan Jones

Siobhan Maren

Commercial Director lorna@gmpdrivercare.co.uk Employee Benefits Accounts Executive scott@gmpdrivercare.co.uk Special Projects Coordinator tiffany@gmpdrivercare.co.uk Accident Mangement Department morgan@gmpdrivercare.co.uk


Development Director salman@gmpdrivercare.co.uk Business Development Manager emmaf@gmpdrivercare.co.uk Lease Car Department Manager charlotte@gmpdrivercare.co.uk Accounts Department Manager smaren@gmpdrivercare.co.uk



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