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May 2009

Graduation 2009 As each student walks across the stage to receive a diploma, the graduation attire is symbolic of success. The tassel is the best representation of this. Each strand is symbolic of the journey with graduation. The strands could represent the classes they have taken, the instructors who have helped them,

the peers who have assisted them in classes, or the memories that they have made. While each individual strand may seem insignificant on its own, together they make the most significant piece of the attire. As the graduates dress with the cap, gown and tassel, along with any honor cords or stoles earned, they are completing the college

experience and preparing for the next step. Some will head to other academic institutions while others will enter the workforce, though they will they will always be connected by the graduation ceremony they have shared. Graduation is the celebration of the accomplishments they have achieved.

In this issue, traditional graduation attire is highlighted, along with 12 graduates of the Class of 2009. While each graduate is important and has a story to tell, the following is a selection of some of the stories of Seward County Community College/ Area Technical School graduates.

Jacob Riggs

Graphic design opens new world Will Rector Crusader staff

Crusader photos/ Morgan Allaman & Logan Green

Jacob Riggs helps with instructions during Children’s Art Day sponsored by Kylix art club. At right, Riggs works in the art studio on campus.

“It helped me to discover an opportunity to do something that I had not thought of doing.” — Jacob Riggs Associate of Arts, Graphic Design

Jacob Riggs went from being a Liberal Redskin to a Seward County Saint. Now, after two years at the college he will graduation May 9 with an Associate of Arts degree. Many words can be used to describe what Riggs is like: calm, quiet, friendly, laid back, and funny are used often. Calm and quiet definitely explain how Riggs was able to win the Texas Hold ’Em Poker Tournament during the 2009 homecoming festivities. “Winning the poker tournament is definitely one of my favorite memories because there were a lot of people playing, and I won a flat screen TV,” Riggs said. Another characteristic of Riggs is being able to adapt. He has changed his major since starting at SCCC. “I started off as a communications major,” Riggs said. “This year I took a night class in graphic design, and I really enjoyed it. It helped me to discover an opportunity to do something that I had not thought of doing, so I switched my major.” His interest in graphic design has opened up a new world for Riggs. Outgoing could be added to his list of traits, as he is a part of the Singing Saints Choir, the treasurer of

the Kylix art club, and is the secretary of HALO. “I have had a lot of fun getting to know people by participating in the choir, Kylix, and HALO,” Riggs said. Riggs and his best friend Sergio Padilla also play music together just to pass the time. “In our free time we like to just hang out, play video games and write songs,” Padilla said. “Our freshman year over Christmas break, we played Xbox every night until three or four in the morning.” “I like to hang out with my friends,” Riggs said. “I also like to sleep.” The word adventurous comes to mind, as well as funny, when Riggs and Padilla describe a trip that the choir took to New York City. “We were in New York City, and we had just been to the Empire State Building. We wanted to see Ground Zero because we were leaving the next day, so we rushed over to see it. We ended up having to take a bunch of different subways to make it across the city to make it back in time for curfew, it was crazy,” Riggs said, while laughing and remembering the trip with Padilla. Riggs will leave Liberal to go to Wichita State University to continue his education and to work toward a bachelor's degree in graphic design.

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