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The Bite InterAmerican Academy Dating back to medieval  times, Carnival was a way for  followers of the Catholic  Church to indulge themselves  through the forms of food and  "other worldly pleasures,"  A float dancer smiles at the camera  ©Queens Museum of Art


before Lent began. Beginning  on Ash Wednesday and ending  on Easter Sunday, Catholics are 

Carnival, South America's largest party, is celebrated annually 

"required," to fast during the 40 

during the month of February. Although celebration dates vary 

days of Lent. Although Carnival 

slightly between countries, it is typically celebrated before the 

is primarily based in South 

beginning of Lent (Roman‐Catholic event) and lasts around 4‐5 

America, evidence of it is seen 

days. This event is known throughout the world for it's 

in Europe, North America, and 

exuberant displays, of which include many different types of 

Asia. One of the gathering's 

dancers, costumes, floats, parades, and traditions.  

major counterparts is Mardi  Gras (Fat Tuesday), which is  celebrated in New Orleans,  Louisiana.  



One of the many floats in Rio de  Janiero, Brazil 

Some of the more popular traditions include entrudo, 

©Antonio Scorza/AFP/Getty, The Guardian

the act of throwing flour and eggs at innocent passers‐


by. Although this activity was at first enacted by the  poor, it later became a favorite to all the social classes.  Dance is also a big part of this celebration; specific  dances such as Samba are a popular hit, especially in  Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Nevertheless, Carnival isn’t 


to relax and head to the beach. Let’s see what our  Sharks have been up to this holiday season! 


Karin Leiva, 9th Grade

1. What did you do for Carnival  Break?   2. What did you most enjoy  about Carnival?   3. Do you follow/take part in  any traditions? 

always about being active; most people use the time off 

1. For Carnival Break, I went to Punta  Centinela with my friends; I had a  blast! I also met a guy called Luca.   2. What I enjoy most about Carnival is  being able to hang out with my friends.  3. One of the traditions I take part in is  spraying foam at other people.  

1. I stayed in Guayaquil for the  duration of Carnival Break.    2. I enjoy having time off from  school to get some rest.    3. I don’t really take part in  any traditions. However, I  went to beach for a day.  2

1. Carnival wasn’t too  enjoyable for me this year;  I spent the majority of it in  bed with a fever.  2. Although I was supposed  to go to Punta Blanca with  the rest of the seniors, I  didn’t because I was sick.  There was a scare at first  that it might’ve been  dengue, but thankfully it  wasn’t. I recuperated a few  days after.    3. I don’t really take part in  any traditions.



Our Senior Sharks headed off to Punta Blanca for Carnival break; let’s see what they have to share with us! Questions

1. Yes! 2. William crashed a buggy  because of Yujin. I also crashed  into a rock and tipped over the  buggy. I also cut Esteban off!   3. I learned that they shot parts of  the movie “Pirates of a  Carribean” in Punta Cana.   

Yujin Kim, 12th Grade

Jinsoo Whang, 12th Grade

Melissa Mansouri, 12th Grade

1. Did you enjoy your trip to Punta Cana?   2. Can you share any funny stories with us?   3. Did you learn anything new about Punta Cana? 

1. It was amazing! Probably the  best week of my life.   2. We made many friends, and  most of them were over 50  years old! We had expected to  be with people more around  our age, but most of them  were much older.   3. In Punta Cana, they celebrate  Carnival by being active; dance  is one of the most common.  They also don’t pronounce the  “r” sound, which makes  listening to native Dominicans  even more interesting. 


1. Yes! A lot!  2. Rigo and Melissa were out  dancing, and taking a  picture. However a girl  photo‐bombed the picture,  and no one had noticed  until they saw the pictures  after.   3. Punta Cana was actually  cold, even though we were  at the beach.    



Science Fair By: Young Been Cho

Karin and Isabella with their project about Makeup. Picture taken by Young Cho

The Science Fair is a fair that is done once a year at IAA and it is normally in the second semester. A Science fair is generally a competition where contestants present their science project results in the form of a report, display models and models they have created. In our school, IAA’s Science Fair’s purpose is not to compete, but rather to show the school their various experiments that they did and display it with the results of the project.


Our IAA Science Fair took place on Friday, March 1st, at the last block. For an hour and half, students bravely took the courage to present to the students and parents that came to see their projects. Stalin Cem Lam and students that came to see his project, Jinsoo Whang and Fernando Eguez. Picture taken by Young Cho

Parents and their children taking pictures together. Picture taken by Young Cho

Students that came over to see the presentations were very content at the end of their presentations, with a surprised face. Smiles were seen everywhere in the classes where the presentations were held. Ace.

As the Science Fair is an open contest, IAA’s parents were also welcomed to come see the presentations of their son/daughters. They were having a great time together as talking about their son/daughters projects, laughing and feeling proud of their children.

Semana Santa By: Esteban Mercado Semana Santa rolls in every year as a very welcome vacation here at InterAmerican Academy, but most students are not aware of the origins and purpose behind the weeklong holiday. When asked why they think we have Semana Santa, our students did not have a concrete response although most of them were aware that it is tied to religion. According to World Book Online, Semana Santa—or Holy Week—is a Christian holiday that takes place each year between Palm Sunday and Easter. Its purpose is for Christians to remember and celebrate the final events in the life of Jesus. The first day of Semana Santa is Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus’s arrival at Jerusalem when the people spread palms and garments before him. On Holy Thursday, Jesus’s Last Supper is remembered. His crucifixion is remembered on Good Friday. On Holy Saturday, worshippers remember Jesus’s burial and await his resurrection. Semana Santa as we celebrate it today dates back to the late fourth century according to World Book Online. Christians of the time linked the final events of Jesus’s life with the days on which they were thought to have taken place and also created religious traditions that carry on to the present day. Today, Palm Sunday is celebrated with a procession with palm leaves, Holy Thursday worship includes a foot-washing ceremony that resembles Jesus’s practice with his disciples, and Holy Saturday is when churches hold the vigil of Easter, which marks the beginning of Easter and might include a service of light, Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. So Semana Santa is not only just another vacation but also a very important religious celebration. Since we live in a mostly Christian country, it is significant that we not only accept but also understand the traditions and holidays celebrated here.

Beauty Section 2013

By: Karin Leiva and Katherine Murphy

For our last two issues we will be teaching you how to create a flawless face makeup tutorial. Our model was the journalism teacher Ms. Liesch. We began with a clean face than added a moisturizer to make it soft and healthy. Next we applied Macs primer to the face. Too cover up any discoloration or blemishes we used Revlon’s photo ready foundation. In the morning everyone has under eye circles due to lack of sleep, therefore, we used Benefits erase paste concealer to cover up any veins or color. To set all the makeup we used Macs mineralize skin finish powder. Powder helps the face makeup last longer and keeps the face matte. Next to warm up the face we used bronzer around the temples of her forehead and we gave the illusion of higher cheekbones. We gave a little color to the cheeks by using Benefits coralista blush. For the eyes we applied primer to the eyes to ensure the eye shadow will stay on all day. The eye shadow palette we used is the famous Urban Decay Naked Palette. We used very natural eye shadow colors. After the eye shadow was complete we wanted the eyes to be more dramatic so we added black top and bottom eyeliner. Finally we applied the Benefits They’re Real mascara to make the lashes longer and fuller. Lastly the lip color we used was Viva Glam Gaga

Third Quarter 2013  

Third quarter 2013 issue