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If you are tired of buying the same old beauty

products and looking for something that will boost your energetic aura, then look no further as Philosophy has all the answers to every individual’s needs. Providing you with fragrance, skincare, 3-in-1 formula – shampoo, body &and bath. Each bottle comes with a labelled poem, giving you an insight of inspiration that went into making these luxurious treats.

Feeling fruity? You will be spoilt for choice with many fluffy, bubbly scents to choose from. One of the favourites is Senorita MargaritaThis is literally a lime margarita in a bottle! Smells just like it. As for their skin care range it’s been established by top dermatologists - with having done over 25 years of research - the Turbo booster c powder that contains three elements that protects skin from environment attack, sunscreen - to help brighten the skin and complemented with 99.8%anti-oxidants. The formula can be added with your everyday moisturiser for your ultimate skincare protection. The savour moisturiser ‘Hope in a Jar’ is ideal for the winter season ahead; it’s one that will please. Many suffer from dry skin, however Hope in Jar works and absorbs immediately – a little goes along way, once you use this product your skin will look healthier and clearer - so go on and make skincare a priority – “Where there is hope, miracles can occur.” Amazing Grace one of the signature products is sure to leave your skin feeling satiny-silky soft. The perfumed creamy-gel is an award- winning shower gel. This is one of the gracefully clean and beautifully feminine scents of philosophy’s best-selling fragrance. As does Inner Grace fragrance, this is more of a womanly scent who is searching for san inner journey. If you are into meditating this scent is just for you! It frees your mind and lifts your spirit.

From Catwalk to cover- A Front Row Seat at the Exclusive Fashion Textile Museum in London There can be only one place to visit in the next couple of months ahead. The Fashion Textile Museum hosts the spectacular work of catwalk photographers, backstage to front row and including street style from around the world.

The museum is located on Bermondsey Street an industrial area of London’s South Bank with lots of potential. Rhodes found the opportunity to dedicate it to the global fashion industry of modern times. Walking towards the museum I could sense an aura of a cultural corridor leading to wonderfully vibrant pink and orange painted building. Also surrounded by cafes, restaurants, hairdressers and pubs make the area even more welcoming. It’s in a hidden part of London; only by word of mouth such an event would be known which has a greater sense of exclusivity. As the Fashion Textile Museum says - “The catwalk show is a relatively recent phenomenon in fashion history. This exhibition enables us to reflect on its evolution as well as the power of the technology to capture the moment

and allow everyone to take their own seat in the front row.”

Zandra Rhodes opened the Fashion and Textile Museum in May 2003. After shortly having to shut down ~it re-opened in February 2008 under the ownership of Newham College who also ran an academy at the museum. “I am absolutely delighted that our collaboration with Newham College has led to the college purchasing the museum,” says Zandra Rhodes, 1998.“Zandra Rhodes is a perfect champion for skills development in Fashion, Textiles and Jewellery in London, She is not only herself a product of the further education system but she has gone on to achieve the very highest accolades and levels of success. Her dedication to educational work through the FTM, which she established in 2002, has been exceptional, says

Newham College principal Martin Tolhurst. (1998). “The moment when a show transcends clothing and a designer’s vision becomes a cadence of true beauty ~ that’s what I enjoy seeing on the catwalk,” says Jefferson Halk (Co-founder of Dazed & Confused). From the moment of walking into the narrow corridor added heightened expectations once in the main hall everything became clear. Lighting played a great part in the setup of the exhibition ~ this definitely reflected what Hilary Alexander (Fashion Director, Daily Telegraph) said. “Being in the front is like a thousand-and-onefirst nights, a seat at the opera, the ballet, and the theatre. When the lights go down you never know what you are going to see “Encore.”

“The buzz of a catwalk show is like nothing else. Being backstage with the models all lined up, ready to walk out in your collection feels so exhilarating.” Said Henry Holland. (Fashion Designer). This was expressed in the whole layout of the museum ~ extraordinary how well the scene was set. The exhibition was curated by a photographer ~Dennis Nothdurst, therefore its focal points are based on four indispensable photographers. Just to name a few ~ one of the first famous featured photographers is Kristin Sinclair, who’s a successful fashion photographer known best for her fashion shooting documentaries and celebrity pictures. For the past seven years she has attended shows held in New York, Paris, London and Milan. She has shot at the top international shows. Much of her work featured in magazines such as British Elle, Vogue, Grazia and collections not forgetting her online presences. Chris Moore has got to be one of the most well- known fashion photographers in the UK. Working alongside Cecil Beaton and Norman Parkinson in the 1960’s he focused on Ready to wear collections in London, Milan the New York in 1980’s. His work was displayed in thick black frames, with individual spotlights above each picture. The way in which Moore’s captured every image was incredible Be warned if you are into the journalism or editorial side of things, you might not be that impressed. FashionBite blog said - “If you’re entrenched in the fashion world, you may find the descriptions a tad obvious but as an introduction to the various aspects of the catwalk show it’s very good; and if you are rooted in the fashion

scene, it’s worth going to see for all the amazing images.” I must admit I did enjoy taking my time to read all of them as it gave me a real insight into what it’s like to be involved in such shows- a feeling of rawness to sum it up!


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