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Sales Advisor

Dune Group, Southampton

Oct ‘12 - current

Working in a fast paced, buzzing environment on the cutting edge of footwear fashion. I contribute to our weekly targets by keeping up with the latest trends, promoting the shoes and providing style advice to customers in line with their strict criteria for customer service. Brand Ambassador

Beauty Consultant Bureau, Bristol

Oct ’10 - Oct ‘12

I have provided temporary cover on beauty counters and promotions for a variety of make up brands such as Lancome, YSL, Loreal and Elizabeth Arden. I am professional, have strong sales experience and this role has taught me how to understand and adapt to each brands criteria quickly and efficiently in a customer service role. Styling Wardrobe More Magazine, Central London- Intern

Sept ‘11

Working closely with several fashion interns, my main duties were to assist with the organisation and preparation for a SS11 fashion shoot for a More’s fashion tips page spread. As well as responsibility for returning products to fashion suppliers, I also had my review on a beauty product published in the November 2012 issue. Fashion Adviser Zara, Bristol

Oct ’08 - Sep‘12

Working for Zara gave me the opportunity to work for a fast moving [high end high street?] fashion brand. I worked mainly in sales on the menswear department and gave style advice to customers and when dealing with new stock, keeping up to date with the latest trends and new clothing lines, was essential for Zara’s standards in providing their customers with prestige advice in clothing. [ Achievements

I took part in a mentoring project at a secondary school with a group of 6-8 year 10 students. Each student would be set task on how they can improve on enhancing their key skills and discussing what career path they would like to take after completing their GCSE’s. The importance of encouraging and guiding each student was a skill and responsibility that I learnt throughout this project. Leadership and taking initiative whilst working with the students has given me the confidence in developing transferable skills and a mutual way of learning. Also as part of a university project, I worked with a team of fellow students to create a magazine idea called ‘Alice’ which originated from a spin-off idea of an existing independent magazine called ‘Wonderland’. This was a great opportunity to make a magazine, by undertaking thorough research on the existing market, promoting and costs. This assignment gave me an insight on exploring the process of launching a new product. Interests 2

Jagdish kaur Full CV  
Jagdish kaur Full CV