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Is Online Voting Appropriate For Your Organization? It's possible there is a need to identify who will be the winner of a certain number of prizes for a contest. Maybe there's a need to keep track of votes for new board members or changes in the workplace. It could simply be a survey to understand consumer trends or accumulate data about public opinion. Whatever the reason to tally up the numbers, online voting is starting to become a popular practice as more and more companies and individuals are recognizing the convenience and security of voting electronically. As we move into an age where practically everything that traditionally had been done with paper is now done digitally, it's worth looking into the advantages of this type of election process. Many of the advantages of online voting are already apparent. In spite of the initial cost for voting software, online voting gets rid of the need to waste paper for each person to record their vote on, which means less waste and money spent. A higher voter turnout can result from the system's ease and convenience, as well as from the company sending out email and instant message reminders. The system can practically remove human error by tallying the results electronically, and it's also fast: votes can be automatically counted into the system right after they're cast, resulting in ongoing election results, if the company desires. Individual voters may also value the ability to go back and correct any mistakes they've made just before casting their ballot. Online voting gives any business the power to easily ask for and obtain opinions at any given time. These data, as well as election results and numbers, can be compared to votes from previous electronic elections to assist your company with future decisions and elections. Despite the many advantages of electronic voting over traditional paper ballots, some people still have concerns over such a system's accuracy and security. The problems that affected the presidential election in Florida in November 2000 is an instance that has caused people to worry. While errors are still a possibility with computers, humans themselves try to find ways to commit voter fraud and always have done so. Electronic voting systems have security checks that are considerably more superior to the many ways that paper voting can be tampered with or accidentally mishandled. As electronic voting systems escalate in popularity, more sophisticated and reliable security and accuracy measures are being built into the programming all the time. The unfortunate thing is that people will continuously try to cheat when it comes to voting. With a paper election, people may make an effort to introduce fraudulent votes, and with electronic votes, someone may try to manipulate the software or hack into a computer system. Modern computer security systems actually enhance a voting system's security by making it more challenging to tamper with election results. Online voting creates the advantage of people not having to travel to cast their vote. Depending on what software you use and how your system is configured, people who are unable to make it to the voting location by a certain deadline may be able to vote anyway. This means that those who aren't feeling well or on vacation can make their opinion known without having to do so in person. A broader range of company members otherwise not able to vote can still make themselves heard. While traditional paper ballots are now becoming a thing of the past, electronic voting is here to stay because it is much more practical, convenient and more secure for businesses and for voters.

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Is Online Voting Appropriate For Your Organization? You are able to feel secure in understanding that your election will provide secure and anonymous voting online for all your employees, or other individuals, when you choose Survey and Ballot Systems to handle your elections. To get more info on Survey & Ballot Systems, pay a visit to them at the website,

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Is Online Voting Appropriate For Your Organization?