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The Benefits Of Using Arch Supports Podiatrists recommend Spenco arch supports for their patients who're looking to increase their performance when they walk or run. Proper arch support is also recommended for patients that are on their feet a majority of the time, either standing or walking, that start to feel tiredness or soreness in their feet. Most patients are happy enough to buy arch supports for their shoes, but don't always realize the mechanism of why arch supports work. For that reason, they often underestimate the necessity for arch support and some even fail to heed their podiatrist’s instructions. One common misconception of arch support inserts is that they function to help make the shoe softer and much more comfortable. The inside of your shoes are not supposed to turn from the feeling you get from a hardwood floor into a cushiony feeling of a gym mat, as numerous people believe. But that idea is false. The confusion may come from the fact that there are actually gel inserts or the equivalent that are designed to provide comfort for your foot, but this is not the purpose of an arch support. This confusion about arch support inserts might also stem from the fact that the inserts generally fill the whole shoe, not just the area of the arch. However, this happens because the inserts must stay in the same place in the shoe to provide proper support, and providing more surface area enhances the friction. They're made like this instead of actually gluing the arch supports down that can raise issues, in the functional and logistical areas. Arch supports have another theory, which is that they're used to match the fit of the insoles a little more closely to the foot, particularly when you have a pair of shoes with a higher arch. This theory can be backed up a little with scientific facts. If you don't have the proper arch support, the vast majority of your body weight will rest on the balls and heels of your feet. This essentially equals about one third of the total foot area. The body weight is going to be concentrated right on these pressure points. The body weight will be more equally distributed when you have insoles that fit your entire foot, or by making use of inserts. While this is somewhat true, the painful symptoms for those needing arch supports don't occur on the pressure points, but at the arch itself. The construction of the foot, like a bipod, is the place the true mechanics of the foot come into play. Picture a stick representing a leg, and then add on a shorter second stick that'll represent a heel. Then where those two sticks meet place a third stick in a downward angle for the ball of the foot. Now you realize that the bulk of the weight is put on the heel, and not on the arch or the ball. The ball of the foot exists to give a second support point when your foot is walking or climbing. The arch isn't a support point, but basically a hinge for the ball. Because of this, its real job is to provide flexibility rather than support. The forces on this hinge are what cause soreness after a great deal of exercise. The appropriate foot support will help with some of the pressure on the hinge, and reduce the level of stress on the arch. To lessen the stress on the arch of your foot and decrease the tiredness and soreness, buy hightier Spenco arch support inserts since they offer the support that's needed with these mechanics in mind. Feet Relief's Spenco arch supports are custom molded for long lasting comfort and pain relief for flat, fallen and low arches with a customized moldable, slide free and odor free material. Go to to learn more specifics about Feet Relief. Feet Relief

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The Benefits Of Using Arch Supports