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A Message from Head of School Marcella Yedid

Each year’s Annual Report offers a prime opportunity to explore selected Key happenings of the previous academic year. As usual, there is an ample supply of pride-evoking, affirming moments that merit mention. High excitement reigned at opening faculty and staff meetings in late August as we distributed to each faculty member iPads and PC’s intended to facilitate and support their teaching with emerging technological tools, now so influential in advancing the learning experience. We reveled in the late afternoon fading October sun as we watched the exciting annual Zag Bowl, pitting enthusiastic seniors against equally competitive juniors in a hard-fought football game, with a range of cheering spectators, including well-supervised canines, distracted babies, and demonstrably engaged adults. All had a chance to nourish their appetites at the Head of School picnic, generously sponsored by the Parents’ Association. We breathed a sigh of relief on a cloudy November morning as a postponed colorful Halloween parade took place on the Manse Field, no victim of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath. A national election did not escape the attention of Upper School students who held an evening symposium with generous research on issues and candidates as well as a full demonstration of civic engagement. We joined the nationwide grieving for the senseless carnage occurring in a Connecticut elementary school, while also supporting our own student-led Teaching Peace Initiative, promoting school curriculums that foster tolerance, respect and civility. The eleventh Annapolis Book Festival carried its tradition of pairing inspiring authors with curious audiences ready to engage in stimulating conversation. Festival organizers made sure to insert child-appealing activities, promoting access to family entertainment throughout the day and excellent support for the School’s endowment fund. With Key’s 2020 Vision guiding the School’s long range planning aspirations, realizing one of its objectives became a highlight of this past year. The acquisition of the 70 acre golf course situated in Annapolis Roads has extended to Key an opportunity to serve its current and future students in unprecedented ways–with expansive athletic fields, observational arenas for Key’s heralded environmental and outdoor programs, all available within five minutes from campus. This legacy-making project enjoyed extraordinary donor support in its early stages, for which we are most grateful. Full development of this exquisite property will, no doubt, require phasing and continued community support. In this third and final year of Wes Jones’s presidency, it is fitting that we acknowledge his extraordinary dedication to Key’s advancement and the noteworthy stewardship he has provided during his tenure. Fortunately for our community, Wes will remain on the Board while passing the baton of President to Missy Attridge. As we chronicle highlights of 2012-2013, we express heartfelt thanks to our many supporters, who generously participated in our Annual Fund campaign as well as in our ongoing capital efforts, whether in the bolstering of Key’s endowment or in the acquisition of invaluable property. The true beneficiaries of that largesse, of course, are our students, on whose behalf we also extend enthusiastic thanks. Marcella Yedid Head of School

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