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Jennifer Delaney Fashion Business Entry #4 Fall Fashion for Women: Then & Now

I believe the fashion industry and style has become more elegant and classy than it used to be and I am just talking about the 90s versus now. The 90s were all about a toned stomach for the tight belly shirts and bedazzled capris. Sheer sweaters have been traded in for more refined and simple styles. Peplum dresses for example, are tight in all the right places and still have variety and are able to be unique and fun. Maxi Dresses are really popular right now and that is one way of proving that you can cover up and still be sexy. Women have made a lot of mistakes in the past such a oversized blazers with embellished designs. Lately, it has been nice on the eyes to see flattering dresses and people embracing simple styles that can still have a wow-factor. There are styles for every body now. There are ways to enhance flaws or hide them. The fashion world has swapped too-tight dresses for classier items, such as flattering blazers and pin skirts. Even the make up was much too glittery, while many now have opted for the more natural look. Not all fashion in the past was bad, but I think it is safe to say that we as women learn from our mistakes and have developed quite a diverse and beautiful fashion industry.

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