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J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Beaty Czeto




The founding of a family business...

Founder Jan de Jonge, Sr.


Mission Statement J. de Jonge flowsystems is a specialized systems provider and offers everything from an installation's conception up to full maintenance. We provide specialized products and services with tangible value in the industrial fluid logistics industry, our home market is located toward the west end of the Hamburg - Le Havre geographic line. Based on our slogan "Flowsystems is our World", and with great precision developed through years of experience and expertise in their field, J. de Jonge flowsystems delivers the highest quality to its clients.

Hamburg Amsterdam Vlaardingen Antwerp Le havre

J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Heleen Oomen


on & Piping

Construction & Piping

Founded in 1954

J. de Jonge Konstruktie & Pijpleidingen was founded in 1954 by the ambitious Jan de Jonge, Sr. The core activities of this fledgling company included construction and piping for small projects in the Rotterdam harbor. Today, the expertise of Construction & Piping is centered around the construction of mechanically engineered structures, skids, special products, equipment and piggable piping systems. One of the distinguishing features of this department is its ability to quickly respond to urgent (stop-gap) situations.

Workplace machinery MicroStep Plasma / Oxy-fuel CNC controlled machine for pipe / plate / pressure vessel end caps | 350 x 400 mm (13.78 x 15.75 in) CNC and Saw Machine 50 kVA Spot welding machine | Pipe / profile bending machinePlate rolling machine 3000 x 15 mm (118 x 0.59 in) | 2 metric inch (1.97 inches) pipe bending machine CNC Press brake 3500 mm (137.80 in) - maximum sheet thickness 15 mm (0.59 in)

"The Construction & Piping division has formed the solid foundation of our company since 1954"

Construction & Piping


Since its founding in 1954, the workplace has been integral to our company’s various divisions. Naturally, our certified welding is of high quality and meets the following international standards: ASTM, EN 287-1, ISO 15604. Through collaboration with our consultants, we relief you of your burden. Whenever required, we deliver 24/7, 365 days a year. Most common materials: carbon steel, SS, CuNiFer, Hastelloy, 6Mo, Duplex, Super Duplex, and Monel.

Weldingmethods Metal Inactive Gas ( M.I.G.) | Metal Active Gas ( M.A.G.) | Gas Tungsten Arc ( G.T.A.W.) | Shielded Metal Arc ( S.M.A.W.) Gas Shielded Metal Arc ( G.M.A.W.) | Flux Cored Arc ( F.C.A.W.) | Surface Tension Transfer ( S.T.T.)

Construction & Piping

Plasma/Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine

The MG CNC plasma / oxy-fuel cutting machine is a double driven portal machine, combining and automating different cutting technologies, including plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. We have a comprehensive parameter database available, allowing for fully automated storage and configuration of all information for the cutting of various materials. The machine is supplemented with the ability of pipe and tube cutting, marking, and/or welding joints.

Features Plasma up to 40 mm (1.57 in) thickness | Oxy-fuel to 150 mm (5.91 in) thickness | Plate 12000x2000 mm (472.44x78.74 in) | Pipe diameter 33.4 to 700 mm (1.31 to 27.56 in) Surbase Vault | Profiles | Bevel preparation | sts/SS/ Aluminum | DXF and DSTV file importing | Additional files in consultation

Construction & Piping

Mechanical construction & Piping systems

We specialize in the manufacturing of mechanical constructions and the construction of piping systems. We handle our assignments within the agreed delivery time and within all quality requirements. Of course all other necessities as occupational health, environment, and safety requirements hold a first priority in all our operations. Besides daily on-site maintenance, we also provide new construction and renovation of charging stations, pump platforms, tank pits, etc.

Vopak tank pit 19

Construction & Piping


A skid consists of a processing installation mounted on a steel frame. This can range from heat exchangers and tanks up to full filtration and metering systems. The skids are always constructed, installed and tested to meet specific client requirements. With regards to the many disciplines within J. de Jonge flowsystems you can rely on a satisfactory collaboration. Our waterside location provides for a major advantage.

Construction & Piping

Piggable piping systems

If you have a need for efficient and flexible multi-product transport through a single pipeline without contamination, a "piggable" piping system provides for an optimal solution. In principle, pigging is used to clean a pipe system after transporting a product. After this cleaning, the pipe can be used again for another product. With a closed system it is possible to make alternating connections between different devices in an integrated production process. Piggable pipe systems can be delivered in both open as closed versions.

Construction & Piping


Since 1954, we have established a reputation of craftsmanship, technical innovation and high quality in the world of strainers and other specialty products. Nowadays, we design and build products for the most prevalent industries and we are one of the leading suppliers in the Dutch market when it comes to innovation and material selection. Due to solid particles in process streams, a fair chance exists that your process equipment (pumps, compressors, control valves, etc.) may become damaged. This results in unnecessary downtime of your equipment and leads to costly repairs or, even worse, could compromize the continuity of your production. We make and supply a range of Cone, Y, and Bucket strainers that cover a wide variety of applications, as well as special designs in order to resist more extreme conditions such as pressure fluctuations and water hammer.




The flow launchers are custom designed and developed for each client, they are used to maintain and clean your piggable piping to assure that no residue remains on the lead. At the end of each product transport, it is possible to clean the entire pipeline by means of a pig. This not only works faster than draining, but is also more effective because the residue is completely pigged away. LAUNCHER & RECEIVER

Our flow launchers are engineered in such a way that changing and maintaining pigs is reduced to a simple operation.


J. de Jonge, Sr.

Leadership transition Jan de Jonge, Jr.

J. de Jonge, Jr.

J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Bojoura Stolz

Lo a d i n g Te


Loading Technology

Founded in 1987

The first step to multiplication of business units begins with the founding of J. de Jonge Verladingstechnieken B.V. in 1987. Main activities include maintenance, manufacturing and the overhaul of loading/unloading stations. Nowadays, the Loading Technology division has grown out to become an industry leader in loading and unloading facilities for ships, trucks, and wagons. We provide for custom design, construction, maintenance, repair, and modification for each client specific application. We distinguish ourselves by brand-independent maintenance and a 24/7 call-out service.

"Industry leader in service, repair, and overhaul of marine, truck, and rail loading arms"

Loading Technology

Revision & Maintenance

Marine loading arms are designed for the transporation of fluids from vessel to shore and vice versa. Marine loading arms are increasingly preferred for the handling of fluids and gases. Naturally, your marine loading arms need to be kept in an optimal condition. The Loading Technology department provides for brand-independent maintenance and a 24/7 call-out service, thus assuring that your projects can be brought to a successful conclusion, while your equipment remains fully operational.

Transportation of woodfield loading arms

Loading Technology


Appropriate solutions for loading equipment. As a leading company in terms of loading technology, we combine our expertise with the latest technological developments in order to design, build, and maintain the best loading / unloading systems. By doing so, we optimally meet the expectations of our clients. One of the distinguishing factors of our Loading Technology department is brand-independent maintenance and our 24/7 call-out service.

Loading Technology

Loading stations

The department builds and delivers complete installations for both loading of freight cars and trucks and / or EPC projects. The latest developments in the regulation field (including vapor return and shear coupling) and specific customer requirements have ensured that many different configurations can be created.

Loading Technology

Folding Stairs & Fall Protection

Folding stairs are used whenever operators need a simple and safe way to enter a truck or wagon. We build stairs in compliance with the highest quality standards. Several safety features ensure that people cannot get their hands and / or feet caught into something. Everything is built and constructed according to the latest applicable standards. As most of the top loading of trucks and railroad cars are made customly, many different configurations can be made. From the first basic design, J. de Jonge flowsystems is the right partner to advise about the most appropriate solution for you.

Loading Technology


Loading Technology flow tower TM Constructing flow towers since 1979. If you ship multiple products that need to be loaded / unloaded, a flow tower or a hose tower is a good alternative to the traditional marine loading arm. The latest generation of 'Multi Purpose' tankers and new logistic flows, combined with the large variety of products to be pumped, require an innovative way to handle these products in as short a time as possible. Our flow towers are based on the operational requirements of our client. Therefore, they are designed for each specific appliance. The most important benefit of a flow tower is its shorter docking time.

flow tower


flow tower

Loading Technology


flow reel

flow reel

The latest developments in the regulation field (e.g. vapor return and shear coupling) and specific client requirements have ensured a great variety in possible configurations. As an industry leading company, we combine our expertise with the latest technological developments in order to design and build the best loading/unloading systems, thereby optimally meeting the expectations of our clients. Your needs are what motivates us to find suitable solutions. The flow reel was introduced to provide a vapor return connection on scaffolds. Hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric power are also available. The flow reels allow tube wrapping from 2 to 8 metric inches (from 1.97’’ to 7.87’’), with lengths of over 30 meters (32.81 yards).

Loading Technology

flow coupler manual

The flow coupler manual is the manual version of the flow coupler (QC/DC) and is suitable if you do not have access to a hydraulic system. The flow coupler is extensively tested and meets the highest quality requirements of J. de Jonge flowsystems. The flow coupler manual has a robust design, a firm grip, and can reduce your connection time up to 80%.

Design - Design in accordance with guidelines of the OCIMF Part 1, Section 6 - Tested well beyond OCIMF Part 1, Section 12.7 requirements - Temperature range, -50 to + 100 degrees Celsius (-58 to +212 degrees Fahrenheit) - Tested under extreme conditions with a guaranteed lifespan of at least 15 years.

Benefits - Robust design - Low maintenance - Suitable for both existing and new loading arms - Long life - Faster connection time - One size fits all

Loading Technology

flow coupler hydraulic

The flow coupler is used to connect marine loading arms to the vessel that is to be loaded and can thereby reduce connection time by 80%. The flow coupler hydraulic can be mounted on almost any loading arm. If you have a hydraulic system, you can use the flow coupler hydraulic to comfortably and securely fit your marine loading arms.

Design - Design in accordance with guidelines of the OCIMF Part 1, Section 6 - Tested well beyond OCIMF Part 1, Section 12.7 requirements - Temperature range, -50 to + 100 degrees Celsius (-58 to +212 degrees Fahrenheit) - Stainless Steel Gasket - Tested under extreme conditions with a guaranteed lifespan of at least 15 years.

Voordelen - Robust Design - Low maintenance - Suitable for both existing and new loading arms - Long life - Faster connection time - One size fits all

Loading Technology

flow joint

The flow joint is a standardized swivel joint produced to the highest standard of J. de Jonge flowsystems. The swivels are suitable for a wide variety of products such as marine, rail, and truck loading arms. The flow joint is a reliable solution which requires minimal maintenance.

Design - Design in accordance with guidelines of the OCIMF Part 1, Section 6 - Tested well beyond OCIMF Part 1, Section 12.7 requirements - Temperature range, -50 to + 100 degrees Celsius (-58 to +212 degrees Fahrenheit) - Stainless Steel Gasket - Tested under extreme conditions with a guaranteed lifespan of at least 15 years.

Voorde V d dele llen - Robust design - Low maintenance - Suitable for both existing and new loading arms - Long life - Faster connection time - One size fits all - Weldable on either side - Durable arm

J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Bojoura Stolz




Founded in 1990

The J. de Jonge Adviesburo, founded in 1990, is an independent engineering firm for the (petro) chemical industry and tank terminals. In the field of engineering, J. de Jonge Adviesburo delivers advice and support on cost estimates, work preparation, and construction of complete (turnkey) projects. Both (feasibility) studies as well as basic and detailed engineering are implemented with proven techniques and methods. Also, with J. de Jonge Adviesburo, compiling procurement and tender packages lays in trusted hands.

"Mechanical engineering along with basic and detailed engineering, all from one source."


Software that helps us reach our goal The J. de Jonge Adviesburo uses the following software for design, layout and calculations. Autocad: Design, layout and fabrication drawings Plant 3D: Design of plants and tank farms Strucad: Structural design and workplace Scia drawings: Structural calculations Fluidflow: Flow and capacity calculations Hytran: Water hammer calculations P10: Stress calculations for piping Total Station: Measuring Solidworks: Design, 3D renderings, and so much more....


Surveying and Mapping

Based on our expertise and engineering background, we can survey buildings and structures using digital measuring equipment. We always work with the utmost precision to show exact dimensions in a diagram. For example, by using a "total station", we are also able to map out installations and tank settlements.

J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Beaty Czeto

Heat Exchanger Service

Founded in 1996

Heat Exchanger Service BV was founded in 1996 and is part of J. de Jonge flowsystems. The company specializes in repair and construction of all types of Shell & Tube heat exchangers, air coolers, and pressure vessels up to approximately 4 meters (4.4 yards) in diameter and 215 metric tons (237 tons) in weight for the (petro)chemical industry and energy sector. All types of carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous materials are processed with extreme precision and speed. All activities are performed according to the most common codes such as RToD, ASME VIII Div. 1/2, TEMA, and EN and PED. Our team of specialists is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Top quality and service”

Heat Exchanger Service

New Construction & Refurbishment of Air fin banks

A specialist in new construction and refurbishment of all types of air coolers up to about 12 meters (13.12 yards) long, 2.40 meters (2.60 yards) wide, and weighing 15 metric tons (16.53 tons); for both the petrochemical industry and the energy sector. All types of carbon steel, stainless steel, Duplex and non-ferrous materials are processed with extreme precision and speed. All activities are performed according to the most common codes and regulations.

Heat Exchanger Service

New Construction and Refurbishment of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Service specializes in the design, manufacturing, repair, and testing of all types of Shell & Tube heat exchangers, air coolers, and pressure vessels in a wide variety of materials. With a modern robotic machine park, we weld and roll your Shell & Tube bundles with the highest precision and quality. All welding processes are available for composing and welding pressure vessels and heat exchangers and are performed by our certified welders.

Welding processes Orbital | TIG | MIG/MAG | Electric | O.P. | S.T.T.

DOW: Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Service


Heat Exchanger Service specializes in the design, manufacturing, repair, and testing of all types of Shell & Tube heat exchangers, air fin banks, and pressure vessels in a wide variety of materials. With the full service you need to reduce your downtime to a minimum. Pre-emptive whenever possible, corrective if necessary.

Heat Exchanger Service

Plug Systems

A leaking pipe in a heat exchanger is extremely bothersome. Plugging leaking pipes is a solution which has been used for years to prevent costly and lengthy repairs, such as to prevent retubing. The drawback of traditional plugs is that they may result in "uncontrolled" and dangerous situations. For example, consider a plug being blown off with great force due to pressure build-up. With certified mechanics, we can safely set and clear "controlled" and certified plugs in various designs, materials, and sizes for you. HES works exclusively with certified plugs and equipment.

Heat Exchanger Service

Machining operations

Mechanical editing of tube sheets and baffle plates is performed in fully automated CNC centers. The welding jackets are all available to assemble and weld, and this is performed by our certified welders. Water Cabinets up 4.5 meters (4.92 yards) with a maximum of 20 metric tons (22.05 tons). Pipe plate production up to 3.5 meters (3.83 yards) and drilling to 350 mm (13.78 in) thickness.

Heat Exchanger Service


For immediate interventions, HES has a selected team with beam mechanics technicians available to assist you in the inspection, plugging, and the repairs of various types of heat exchangers. This service makes us unique and allows you to remain quickly responsive to undesirable situations. Success with our clients depends on the availability sufficient details of installed equipment for definitive shipping of men, material, and equipment. Proven services which have been highly appreciated by our clients throughout the years.

J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Heleen Oomen

R ot at i n g E


Rotating Equipment

Founded in 1999

The Rotatech department was founded in 1999 and specializes in new supply, repair, overhaul, and maintenance of rotating equipment. By using modern technology and the deployment of specialists, this department ensures that your equipment is brought and kept in peak condition. Our team of specialists is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Innovation in rotation”

Rotating Equipment

Repairs & Maintenance

We can repair all brand name pumps, entry mixers, fans, blowers, and other rotating equipment in our well-equipped workshop. We regularly apply re-engineering to support our clients in solving problems and to extend tool life. In both cases, we pay attention to specific details. From a standard measuring protocol up to capturing modifications through CAD drawings and material specifications. The workshop is equipped with a; - 5-metric ton (5.51-ton) crane - industrial washing machine - blasting cabinet - bead blast cabinet - 2 balancing benches - milling machine, turning machine We also have a fully equipped, clean workshop available for the repair of all brands of mechanical seals.

Rotating Equipment


In addition to revisions in our workplace, an important part of our work is on-site service for our clients. - removal and installation of equipment including alignment - ATEX–related inventory combined with visual inspections - detection and troubleshooting - the placement of new units - status monitoring In our service segment, we focus on relieving our clients of their burden.

Rotating Equipment

New Construction

Rotatech is also brand-independent in the delivery of new products. This provides us with an opportunity to study your application to select the best equipment.

Rotating Equipment New Supply and Refurbishment of Mechanical Seals JJF Mechanical Seals is a proprietary product line of J. de Jonge flowsystems BV. This provides for a complete range of technically advanced mechanical seals according to ATEX. In addition to delivery, we also provide advice on purchasing the correct seals and sealing systems and build pumps while taking into consideration the latest emission requirements, such as conversions from single to double mechanical sealing. In our seal repair shop, we can repair each brand using original parts.

J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Beaty Czeto




Founded in 2009

J. de Jonge flowsystems has years of experience in the maintenance of complex mechanical and rotating process equipment. We offer our customers all types of contractual maintenance with our disciplines. For our clients, the contractual outsourcing of maintenance activities has a number of technical, organizational, and financial benefits. Such benefits include; - a clear security policy - efficiency gains through expansion - sustainable knowledge management and knowledge exchange

“The full service concept”


Industrial Plastics

Industrial plastic piping systems is a complement to the J. de Jonge flowsystems offering. Our pipeline supply consists out of plastic piping and fittings made of various thermosets and thermoplasts, such as GRE and HDPE.


Rain shields

A simple system that prevents corrosion of tank floors. This patented solution has been proven and applied in various tank terminals. The system not only helps ensure that no rainwater flows under the tanks, but also ensures that the natural flow of air conditioning makes the ground drier under the tank. Benefits include; - easy inspection and ventilation - stoppage in the corrosion of tank bottoms by using Rain Shields - considerable savings on maintenance costs, approximately 10% to 30%


Tank Maintenance

Appropriately maintaining the operational availability of storage tanks requires a solid know-how combined with a professional application, both in new construction and repair. Repair disciplines include repairing evacuated tanks, repairing roofs, whole or partial renewing of soils and annular rings, and calculations for auxiliary structures for jacking and moving larger storage tanks. The wide variety of storage within the industry calls for finding appropriate solutions and customization in terms of engineering plans, consultancy, and feasibility of a project. The wide range of disciplines that our in-house tank team offers, ensures that our clients can count on a reliable, effective, and safe service in the fields of construction, maintenance, repair, jacking, and moving tanks.


Boiler Services

Boiler Services specializes in service and maintenance of steam boilers. From cylindrical boilers to exhaust gas boilers, from repair and / or replacement of diaphragm walls to the rolling of pipes and replacing or repairing pipes in furnaces, superheaters, and economisers.

J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Bojoura Stolz

Research & D


Research & Development

Founded in 2010

Research & Development is a relatively new department within our company. The R&D department supervises, coordinates, and develops new products. In this department, engineers work on the development of special products which are more efficient, safe, and durable. Their goal is to perform research on the development of new products and techniques in order to continuously improve our products. Of course, the safety and quality of our products come first. We apply strict rules and requirements for studies, research, and product development.

J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Jasha Garritsen





We have been responsible for the engineering of the terminal and all its parts, supply, and installation of the piping, the construction of a Truck Loading Station, supply and installation of 3 new flow towers to be built, construction of 9 new storage tanks, and the construction of the E&I part. In July 2010, this EPC project was initiated by the prefabrication activities in our workshops. In August 2011, the on-site work was completed. In total, approximately 26,000 man hours were delivered. This equates to about 15.5 man years. Approximately 8 kilometers (4.97 miles) of pipeline and 3000 processed pipe fittings with an average diameter of 6 metric inches (5.51’’) were installed. Addtitional appendices were mounted on 1,100 units.

J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Jasha Garritsen



J. de Jonge flowsystems has completely overhauled the mechanical installation of the Gryphon FPSO. This FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage, Offloading) is a converted supertanker which directly connects oil and gas resources to the seabed via pipeline. The ship, the Gryphon A, is over 250 meters (273.40 yards) long. The installation process includes multiple systems, each of which needed to be overhauled. J. de Jonge flowsystems was chosen because of the long experience that the company has in petrochemicals, and by choosing J. de Jonge flowsystems as an overhaul partner, they chose a partner with multidisciplinary maintenance techniques, supported by an engineering department that can outsource itself. The total overhaul scope includes more than 60,000 man hours.

J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Bojoura Stolz




Quality & Safety To us, delivering quality is a matter of surpassing the expectations of our clients. Within the framework of our ISO 9001-certified quality management system, we ensure continuous improvements of our processes and procedures through a comprehensive internal audit program. In addition to quality service, the safe conduct of our work comes first. With accurate risk assessment, management and practical instructions, we hold our safety culture at a high level. Every single day, we all strive for our colleagues to go home safe and sound!

"We represent quality and safety"



We like to guarantee safe and high quality implementation of our services and production. Therefore, ever since the nineties, we have certified our management systems. On the topic of safety, we are certified in the most extensive version of the VCA certification program, the VCA Petrochemistry. By doing so, we aim for the highest level in the Dutch industry. In terms of quality, we have been busy and are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. Our definition of quality is: the continuous improvement of products and services.

“Wij staan voor kwaliteit en veiligheid”

J. de Jonge flowsystems ART By: Dirk Ooms




Global presence

J. de Jonge flowsystems B.V. J. de Jonge Adviesburo B.V.

Heat Exchanger Service B.V.

J. de Jonge flowsystems regio Noord-West B.V.

J. de Jonge flowsystems N.V. J. de Jonge Verladingstechnieken N.V.

Koningin Wilhelminahaven ZZ 18 / Haven 648 3134 KG Vlaardingen The Netherlands

Koningin Wilhelminahaven ZZ 25 3134 KG Vlaardingen The Netherlands

Petroleumhavenweg 28 1041 AC Amsterdam The Netherlands

Polderdijkweg 8 2030 Antwerp Belgium

Tel: +31 10 248 58 00 Fax: +31 10 434 46 09 E-mail: Web:

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J. de Jonge flowsystems GmbH

J. de Jonge flowsystems Middle East S.P.C.

J. de Jonge Loading Arm Systems N.V.

Schleusenstrasse 22a 26382 Wilhelmshaven Germany

P.O. Box 36079 Jubail Industrial City 31961 Saudi-Arabia

Bakval 11 Noord Aruba (The Netherlands Antilles)

Tel: +49 4421 80 65 65 Fax: +49 4421 80 65 67 E-mail: Web:

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