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The Classic Marque June 2010 Monthly Newsletter of the

Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia

Not all cats have nine lives

Patron: H. Noel Roscrow AM Your Management Committee President: Rick Luff Mobile: 0411 426 913 Email: rickluff@bigpond.com Vice President: Bob Charman Mobile: 0421 482 007 Email: charman@bigpond.net.au Treasurer: Mark Goodwin Mobile: 0488 158 151 Email: markgoodwin59@hotmail.com Secretary: Peter Holland Phone: 8271 0048 Email: secretary-jdcsa@picknowl.com.au Editor: Pete and Kathy Taylor Phone: 8288 0220 Mobile: 0422 563 876 Email: editor-jdcsa@picknowl.com.au Member Secretary: Noel Trew Phone: 8172 2071 Email: member-jdcsa@picknowl.com.au Events Coordinator: VACANT Webmaster: Tom Herraman Mobile: 0423 214 644 Email: info@jdcsa.com.au

Register Secretaries: XK, MK 7,8,9 – Rob Smith SS & Daimler – Bob Kretschmer MK 1,2,S,420 – Geoff Thomas V12 – Roger Adamson XJ, 420G, MK10 – Bob Charman E-Type – Alan Baker Multi-Valve – Peter Clarke

0410736648 8357 8233 83743228 0421052518 8248 4111 0413 830 981 8243 1965

Club Services Technical Officer: Geoff Mockford Phone: 8231 1233 (Bus) 0438 768 770 Regalia: Sue White and Judy Sterzl – 8270 7080, 8322 5126 Librarian – Tom & Marj Brindle 8387 0051 Historic Vehicle Registration Inspectors: North: – Don Evans 8251 1575 Central:– Evan Spartalis 8362 8116 Geoff Mockford 8223 1997 South:– Onslow Billinghurst 8325 1971 Log Books: Peter Holland:

8271 0048

Club Representatives: Australian Council of Jaguar Clubs – ACJC Bob Charman 8248 4111 Federation of Historic Motoring - FHMC Don Tyrell 8371 0015 0417 818069 Marque Sports Car Association - MSCA Barry Kitts 8391 1759 All British Day: Neil Raw TBA

Front cover What a waste. An XJ220 with only 900klms on the speedo was recently found abandoned in the Qatari desert. Originally sold by a Jaguar dealer in Dubai 6 years earlier.

A Class Metal Finishers Fox Creek Winery

Sports Car Centre– Kent Town


MINUTES OF THE GENERAL MEETING OF THE JDCSA – 4TH MAYL 2010 Apologies: Peter and Ross Holland, Evan Spartalis, John & Clare Evans, Don & Kathy Tyrrell Guests and New Members: Paul Keady – EType Owner (welcome) Minutes: The minutes from the previous meeting held 7th March, 2010 were accepted Business Arising: There was no business arising from the previous meeting President Report: Advised the club that whilst the formal part of the meeting will continue, the club recognises that the social event afterwards is of equal importance. With this in mind the Formal part of the meeting will be kept concise. Members are advised that when chairs are put away early after the meeting, members are welcome to stay until midnight. You don’t have to leave.

Regalia. The club is looking for someone to help get the gear out to meetings, if you can assist contact Tim White. Goods are being sold at cost to clear some older stock. Secretary: Rick Luff stood in to present letters to the club: Shannon’s auctions, Magazines and ‘Ride in a rally car’ as advised last month. Proposed amendments to the constitutions read out by Rick. 21 days notice has been given as at Publishing of May Classic Marque. A vote will be held June 2010 meeting which will require a 2/3rds majority. Treasurer Report Club has $19k in transactional account $50k in various ANZ deposits at 5% – 6% Balance remains $6k above last year Recent costs with regards to key rings and First Aid Packs have been paid. Executive has asked the members to nominate how they would like to see funds to benefit members. Membership Report Currently have 15 Life Members 2008 348 fully paid up members

First Aid packs and key rings have not all been claimed by members. If you have missed out please speak to one of the member secretary

2009 359 fully paid up members

Classic and Vintage event at Fox Creek wines was a great success for the club, many thanks to the members and our host for their efforts. It was nice to not have rain and bogged red cars.

Editors Report

Vice President:

Recent car scams are around, even our President was targeted. If it’s too good to be true it’s a scam.

Members are advised of the upcoming Jag Dinner being arranged by Carmel and Judy. Unlike previous years it will not be held in the hills. Previously we have had 50 to 60 members attend. This year we hope to have 100. $45 pp for 3 course meal, 2 pre-dinner drinks, wine on the table. This event subsidised by the club.

2010 373 fully paid up members Website continues to attract new members on a monthly basis.

Articles are requested from the members. We have an annual trophy to give away! Website Editors Report

Additional protection for committee email addresses is being looked at. New Classic and Vintage photos are up. New E-Type meeting video is up. E-Type register to at Marque Restorations. Includes a 2

Aston Martin DB2, Lamborghini ,1930s Mercedes E-Type, 1920s Bentley, Alfa Romeo Please send in photos from other registers A Credit Card PayPal option will be available for 2010/2011 fees. Register Reports: SS and Daimler

Now to be held at Jam Factory behind Ultra Tune, 7.30 for 8pm start. Contact Peter Clarke if you need the details Register have booked a run to Peterborough for October Long Weekend, Other Registers are welcome to piggy back on this event. XJ Mk10 420G

Next meeting at Don Evans 26th May

All members are welcome, Please visit other registers as each is unique.

September 2010 Border Run to Wagga Wagga

Golf Day is planned at Glanville Par 3. All welcome, even if you can’t swing a club.

120 Participants, almost fully booked

A free BBQ will be provided by the club


10.50 for the round + $2 to hire a club (1 iron and 1 putter required)

Welcomes New Members This Month is at Alan Bakers “Shed” on the Third Thursday. If you would like to come along to a meeting please email Alan as he sends out an E-Mail each month a week before the meeting advising location. Last Month meeting was at Marquee Restorations and was very successful. It was great to see some very highly prized cars undergoing restoration. We also witnessed an E-Type doorskin being made up in 15 minutes using traditional tooling. E-Type 50th Anniversary planning is well underway with 100 Owners located.

Starts 11am, Trophies presented V12 Register To be held at 123 Seventh St Joslin at the Adamson’s All Welcome, come learn about the mighty Jaguar V12 Also new Photos for 2011 calendar are required. MSCA (Barry) 23rd May is the 6 Hour Relay Race 9am for practice sessions Racing from 11am until 5pm


11 Teams entered

Refer to Classic Marque from Greenock Museum run. Numbers are needed urgently.


Renmark Run dates were wrong. Correct date 20th November. Will include the best of the Riverland: Ruston Roses, Banrock Station, Wineries and a cruise on the River Murray XK &7 8 9 Register Please see the info in Classic Marque regarding Willunga Run Sunday Week Multivalve Meeting is 4th Tuesday – 25th May 2010

Club has written to Jaguar Australia to see if we can get Jaguar General Manager to Adelaide for a meeting Federation of Car Clubs Log book scheme continues to be abused by other clubs. Examples given. JDCSA Editors advised not to allow adverts for cars as ‘suitable for Historic Registration’, particularly if ads mention modifications not covered by the scheme. 3

Club reminded that “log booked” cars can also refer CAMS log books


Club advised to review all risk management Comments from the floor advised that if “risk management” requirements from insurance companies became an issue it would lead to difficulties in arranging events. Rick Luff referred to the historical risk management issue with CAMS affiliation. He has met with CAMS and at this time he believes there is no benefit to the club to reintroduce this connection. General Business Members Tabled Victor newspaper with JDCSA member photos. Members advised that Grand Carnival Lobethal will not be run 2010 or 2011 due to financial issues. Members requested that the club address the speed of the Classic and Vintage procession. Fire truck to blame. Members racing Jaguars discussed. Room for more. Club is looking to support by hiring undercover area for JDCSA members at Mallala. Meeting Closed.

At about this time each year the committee reviews the Club’s current finances and plans for the coming year. I’m pleased to announce that we are rated FFF (fine fiscal form) and have decided to run next year’s budget as a slight deficit. The reason for this gets back to our desire to return benefits to club members. While still having thrift in mind, we feel it is best to invest back into those who make the club what it is. As I have mentioned on many previous occasions, if you have an idea on how best to do this then drop me a line. Since we last met there have been a number of great club runs including the XK Register’s trip to Willunga and the XJ’s Golf Day. I trust we’ll see trip reports for those in CM shortly (hint). I haven’t had any feedback from the JOCCER’s recent trip so I guess what happens on a JOCCER’s run stays on a JOCCER’s run: wild bunch. And don’t forget the Compact’s run to Greenock Aviation Museum on the 6th June. There’s never a dull moment in the Jag Club. Speaking of all things convivial, check out my article this month entitled “What’s in it for me?” See you on the road. Rick Luff


Regalia Winter Clearance

SALE up to 50% off! ALL ITEMS MUST GO FREE SPORTS BAG Ladies Polo’s


Men’s Polo’s


to one lucky Member buying Regalia on 1st June

(JDCSA – Maroon)

“Daimler” logo Jumper& Fleecy

Reversible Vests $15




(L & XL)

7R & 92R

“Jaguar” Fleecy’s $20

Wool Vests $20 (S,M,XL)

All items available at General Meeting on Tuesday 1st June

Shirts - Chambray’s, $15 Denim & Van Heuson (Men’s & Ladies)







Sports Bags


Orders can be made with payment prior to or after the General Meeting (subject to stock availability). 5

SS and Pushrod Engine Register No Minutes received before publishing Editor

Minutes of the V12 Register Meeting Held at Roger and Di’s home on 14th May 2010

Present: Brian Walker, Murray De Laine, Rick Luff, Roy Malandain, Roger, Di and Scott Adamson Apologies: Pete and Kath Taylor, Alan Dunsford, Greg and Pauline Pittaway, Sue Walker, Marianne De Laine BUSINESS: Reminder to members of Sunday run to Willunga Slate Museum. Video shown of door skin being manufactured at E Type meeting held at Marque Restorations CAR TALK Brian: The Sovereign Series 3 has problems believed to be fuel pressure problems. Murray: XJ has not been used. Had the convertible out first time in 6 weeks. XJS Couple needs attention to Steering Rack Mounts. XJ40 Injector seals need attention. Roger: E Type going well. New Dash Panel has arrived from UK. Rick: Rear end of racer back in. Trouble starting, probably caused by faulty ballast resistor.

NEXT MEETING: 7.15pm Friday 11th June at Rick Luff’s All welcome.

Roger Adamson, Register Secretary

I just took a leaflet out of my mailbox, informing me that I can have sex at 82! I'm sooooo happy, because I live at 73 so it's not far to walk home afterwards


What’s In It for Me? Or (Why Join a Car Club) The short answer is ‘Lots”. But the saying ‘You only get out what you put in” is more to the point. So what does someone get out of being in the Jag Club? Speaking personally, I find it immensely satisfying to associate with people with a similar interest. This alone has got to meet one of our basic animal requirements and that is to belong to the tribe. Suddenly I am not alone in my passion; others share it as well. And the comfortable feeling of being one of the gang should not be underestimated. Also, and this may seem too obvious to mention, being in a club gives you the chance to meet a mob of people that you didn’t know before. Some of these people then move from being club acquaintances to lifelong friends. Social occasions seem to pop out of nowhere and suddenly your circle of friends gets wider still. Dinners, parties, outings: the list goes on. Oh, and there are the cars too. I mention this further in and not at the beginning as before too long, the car that got you into the club becomes just one of the reasons that you continue being a member, rather than the prime one. And there’s a financial benefit as well. I’ve lost track of the times I would have had to get a mechanic to fix a problem when a simple suggestion or a short visit by a member has given me the answer that I needed. Money saved sure, knowledge gained definitely but the friendships cemented is top of the list for me. So that’s what I get out of the club; but in a strange way I get more out by putting more in. Being involved in the executive committee and helping to organise the club, its ongoing operation and its future security is immensely satisfying, especially as I get to do this with a bunch of my mates. The next time you are at a meeting or on a run ask yourself the question “What’s in it for me”? You might just surprise yourself how it’s more than just the cars.

Rick Luff


Minutes of the Compact Register held at the home of Tim & Sue White 13th Apr Present: Tim & Sue White, Ray Thomas .Colin & Marg Haese. Noel Orford, Peter & Roz Holland, David Davidson, Phil Prior, Ian & Cheryl Pascoe, Marg & Geoff Thomas. Apologies: Bill Brown, Doug & Judy, Bob Smith, NoÍl & Carmel Trew. Business Arising Meet at the Victoria Hotel along with XJS group at 8.30 and travel to McLaren Vale for Festival and then on to Fox Creek. We will swap our turn at supper for the main meeting with the E type Register, as many of our members will be away with the JOCCERS. Tim will take the minutes at the next general meting (June) The trip to the Greenock Aviation Museum was discussed (6th June) The Compact and the XJ register will combine and arrange the trip to the Riverland on weekend of 20/21 November. Morning tea/lunch at Banrock Station and accommodation at the Renmark Country Club. Regalia: order by mail or on line only. Small stock only for sample at general meetings Noel Orford brought along an alternator that looks like an original generator, cost about $700 and a bottle of Water Wetter for radiator, which drops temp, by 20 degrees it claims. ($22.00) First Aid kits given to Colin Hease, Ian Pascoe & David Davidson. Car Talk Tim: NTR .S type has new radiator hoses Ray: New carpets, brake hoses replaced. Overflow radiator & thermostat to be put in. Colin: NTR Noel: NTR Peter: NTR need wheels for Daimler Sports, MK2 may fit. Noel O. has some. David: Daimler back from crash repairer NTR Phil: Ongoing idle, Carbs to be looked at. Fixed back door. Ian: N.T.R. This is your Life (in cars) Colin Haese - Colin grew up in Jamestown and he told us of his early life there and in the surrounding districts. He has owned a number of cars (7) and motor bikes (3). He had a hair-raising experience when he hit a sheep at 50 mph on one of the motorbikes. He also told us of Bush Mechanic repairs to E&W.S.trucks with fencing wire e.t.c. Thanks to Tim & Sue for their hospitality. Next meeting 8th June at Noel & Jo Orford’s 12 Pembroke Place, Colonel Light Gardens 8277 2717 8


YOU TO JOIN THEM FOR A WEEKEND AT RENMARK ON 20/21 NOVEMBER 2010. Lunch at Banrock Station, (cost $9-00 wedges to $24-00 main meals) •

Wetlands walk for those who wish to.

Visit to Olivewood Historic Homestead in Renmark.($4-00)

Saturday Night on board the Big River Rambler, with dinner included $65-00 ph.

Sunday, Rushtons Roses & Winery tour

We have booked 21 deluxe rooms at the Renmark Country Club on a first come basis. •

Deluxe room $169-00 double. $152-00 single.

Standard room $122-00 double. $105-00 single.

COOKED BREAKFAST IS INCLUDED. A DEPOSIT OF $50-00 PER DOUBLE IS REQUIRED A.S.A.P. to: Marg & Geoff THOMAS 8374 3228, or Bob & Daphne CHARMAN.8248 4111.


Minutes of the XJ, Mk 10 & 420G Register Meeting held at Shannon’s Clubrooms, 863 South Rd Wednesday, 12th May 2010

Present: Bob & Daphne Charman, John & Claire Evans, Evan Spartalis, Noel & Carmel Trew, Rick Luff, Borys Potiuch, David Bicknell, Martin O’Dea, Jay Russian, Peter & Kathy Taylor, Don Tyrrell, Steve Attard, James Mann, Graeme Moore, John Chambers, Peter & Ros Holland, Darryl & Fay Leyton, Roy Malandain, Chris Michael, Stuart Perkins, Brian & Sue Walker. Apologies: Anne-Marie Pijanka, Brad & Helen Hoare, Alan Andrews, Naomi Chambers, Hayden Isaac, Ray & Barb Offe. General Business •

Our Register Christmas Dinner will be held on Saturday the 27th November on the H.M.S. BUFFALO at Glenelg. The cost will be $35 per head. This includes a 3 course meal and a few surprises.

The week end trip to Renmark with the Compact Register was discussed. The date for this event is November the 20th. 10 couples from our register indicated their interest in attending. We hope that others will commit to the weekend as well.

Noel Trew told the meeting that membership fees are due and don’t forget log books and registration papers. He and Carmel will be away for all of August on an overseas trip so it would be advisable to send in fees as soon as possible.

The members discussed written articles for the Classic Marque. Authors to get their pens at the ready and produce some Pulitzer Prize winning pieces for the magazine with pictures if possible.

Bob highlighted the register Golf Day to be held at the Glanville Par Three Golf Course at Semaphore South on Sunday the 23rd May. There will be a BBQ at 11am with some drinks and then we tee off in 4’s to play Ambrose. May the best team win. Hope to see you there.

The XK 7, 8, & 9 Register’s run to Willunga on Sunday 16th May was discussed and members invited to join in the fun. Lunch will be at one of the three hotels in Willunga main street.

The Compact Register’s run to Greenock on the 6th of June was also discussed.

Car Talk Steve Attard: N.T.R. but he needs a new shed. John & Claire Evans: Took the XJ to the shops a few days ago. After shopping the car would not start. Called the R.A.A. and when they arrived, turned the key and it started. R.A.A. advised them to turn the key in the ignition each time they wanted it to start. David Bicknell: Not a lot. Got the Daimler’s windows up. Taking some rust out of the Jag for Regency Park visit. Rick Luff: Van den Plas OK. XJS is fine. Put diff back in the race car. Put new brake cooler on. P.V.C. $9 elbow from Bunnings seems to do the job. Looking forward to see how it works, as soon as he can get the car to start. Maybe he should call the R.A.A. bloke that John Evans called.


John Chambers: Car still smoking. Checked the water and oil but it had no oil. (John, the car needs the oil to make it smoke!!!) James Mann: Radiator cleaned but put the wrong thermostat in. Martin O’Dea: Took the car shopping and a young chap came up to him and told him not to put the car on gas as he had heard about a man with a Jag like his who had all sorts of problems. (This young bloke looked very much like one of Don Tyrrell’s employees). Robin Bullock’s advice about the micro switch appears to have solved a long term problem. Sovereign put a new light relay it and the first time he put the lights on they didn’t work. Darryl Leyton put in a new fuse and they now work OK. Darryl is now an expert with Jag fuses. Evan Spartalis: His hands are still not the best. He has Geoff Thomas and Greg Castle helping out in his work- shop. Pete & Kathy Taylor: XJS running like a clock. XJ Coupe not idling properly. Could be plug leads. (We have learnt since the meeting that he found a crack in the insulator on the inlet manifold and a new one has now solved the problem). Don Tyrrell: Mk10 magnificent. X300 seals and new bearings on diff and had it serviced. The other Mk 10 still in the shed. Took the 1962 Clipper Deluxe Van for a run from Mount Torrens to Kurralta Park. Leaving it there as it is closer to home to do work during the winter. Graeme Moore: N.T.R. all is OK. Noel & Carmel Trew: Took the XJ to the shopping centre and when they got back to their car, a note was on the windscreen asking if they wanted to sell their car. Noel suggested Martin might be interested as his car is the same. (We suggest you check the hand writing with the lad who works for Don Tyrrell. He gets around you know). Borys Potiuch: Used the car to come to the meeting because he loves to hear what Martin O’Dea has to say. Bob & Daphne Charman: N.T.R. all OK with the big girl. Roy Malandain: Started up and all is OK. Darryl & Fay Leyton: Has new splash guard on Sovereign. Derek has been treated to a new Fibreglass bonnet and boot. Ernie has fitted a new fuse box and the car will be like a rocket on July the 4th. (Next Mallala Meet) Peter & Ros Holland: N.T.R. on his cars, however, he was in Melbourne last week and went to the Healy Factory and suggests if anyone is in Melbourne it is worth having a look. The factory is in Ringwood. Chris Michael: N.T.R. Stuart Perkins: Had a flat battery, recharged and is OK. Car runs beautifully in the heat, but doesn’t like the cold. He’s looking for a Bantam 175cc motor (Sorry Stuart, but a 420G needs something with a little more grunt). He also got a new boot lid from Melbourne. Brian & Sue Walker: N.T.R. Going fine, no problems. Meeting closed 9.00pm Next meeting Wednesday 9th June 2010


Nightfall in Adelaide When I see you waiting under the pale street light, It brings a smile to my face and warmth to the night

I step from my building onto a dark and cold street, And your familiar face tells me that I’m in for a treat.

Your gentle embrace and your cool soft skin, Welcome me and hold me and settle me in.

Work now forgotten and all my cares fade to grey, Because I know from all this you’ll whisk me away.

Ugly faces all around, big bold Yanks and small Asians, Sophisticated Germans and half bread Caucasians.

Lots of substance but no real style Rather take the bus than ride for a mile

But soon it’s over, the encounter has passed. Leaving that crowd, you stand unsurpassed

A gentle touch of my hand and we take up from this morn’, Through laneways and highways, for this you were born.

Now snuggled in, feeling safe and warm In a cocoon, protected from the storm

Before I realise another adventure comes to an end, So park up the Jaguar and see you tomorrow old friend.

Steve Attard 12

Tailem Bend Motorsport Park Pty Ltd Crn Mallee & Dukes Highway, Tailem Bend, South Australia PRESS RELEASE Tailem Bend Motorsport Park Pty Ltd has announced that it is now holding activities and events and accepting bookings, according to TBMP Manager Jo Malloy. “The Coorong District Council along with the Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland Inc Board have worked closely with us to allow us the opportunity of developing an International Standard Motorsport Complex and Training Facility at the former Mitsubishi test track site”. Ms Malloy said. The facility has successfully hosted a MotoTrial event, the Corporate Media Release of the new Porsche 911 Turbo, a special stage of the Clipsal 500 Rally Touring Road Event, Vehicle Component Testing as well as Advanced Driver and Rider Education Programs for not only local providers but also from companies from Queensland and Victoria. In the coming months we will see other activities including various Rallies, both on the dirt and the bitumen, Motorkhana's, Kanacross, Motorcycle Enduro, Drifting, Dealer Product Information days and Sprint Events as well as Advanced Driver/Rider Education Programs including Junior Development and Coaching Programs. Junior Development allows children to enter the motorsport arena in a controlled and safe environment. “Although the name Tailem Bend Motorsport Park suggests that the facility is primarily used for motorsport activities, the site is suitable for many purposes and we have so much more to offer. The site is approximately 680 hectares that comprises a 1400 metre asphalt straight with a 80 x 80 metre skid pan that is capable of being irrigated with reticulating water and a variety of loop roads surrounding it. We have approximately 23 Kms of dirt and gravel roads and then another 350 untouched hectares. Tailem Bend Motorsport Park can assist anyone involved in a club, organisation, driver/rider training or corporate business who is looking for somewhere to enjoy motorsport, participate in a program that will improve your driving skills or hold corporate functions. If you are involved in a school and would like to explore the possibility of varied and practical education programs for your children to enjoy away from the class room atmosphere, we would welcome any opportunity to have your school and your children involved in this exciting project” Ms Malloy said. For anyone wishing to become involved in the facility there are many opportunities to do so whether it be participating in a club event or activity as a driver/rider or perhaps becoming an official for either car or bike racing. Tailem Bend Motorsport Park welcomes any opportunity to have the public involved. An insight to what is currently on offer, TBMP’s vision for the future and an aerial map of the site are included in the attached information leaflet. Any clubs or organisation can use the existing facilities and are invited to contact TBMP. CONTACT: Jo Malloy, Manager, on Tel 0407 795 729 13

Minutes of the Meeting of the XK, 7, 8, 9 Register Held at Willunga The register hosted a run to Willunga on Sunday 16th May. We had some 40 club members enjoying the wonderful weather. Much interest was shown in the Slate Museum and the walk citing Victoria buildings, houses and cottages. Lunch at the Middle Pub also went down well. It was decided between XK, 7, * & 9 Register members to forego the register meeting on the day.

Next register meeting will be held on Wednesday, 2nd June at 46 -48 Torrens Ave, Lockleys at 8pm

and look at Rob’s Cars.

Rob Smith, Register Secretary

Two women meet in heaven‌.. 1st woman: Hi! My name is Sandra. 2nd woman: Hi! I'm Sylvia. How'd you die? 1st woman: I froze to death. 2nd woman: How horrible! 1st woman: It wasn't so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began to get warm & sleepy, and finally died a peaceful death. What about you? 2nd woman: I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act. But instead, I found him all by himself in the den watching TV. 1st woman: So, what happened? 2nd woman: I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic and searched, and down into the basement. Then I went through every closet and checked under all the beds. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, and finally I became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack and died. 1st woman: Too bad you didn't look in the freezer---we'd both still be alive.


Minutes of the Multivalve (XJ40 to current series) held at the clinic of Tony Human – 463 Cross Rd, South Plympton – 23 March 2010 Present: Tony Human [Acting Chairperson], Bob Charman, Doug and Sue Harrison, Tom and Marj Brindle, John and Leslie Clarke, Reg Wymond and Ron Palmer Apologies: Peter Clarke, Jim and Toni Bernardi, Clare Palmer, Sue and Brian Walker, John Castle. General Business: Bob Charman, Vice President, reminded members of this year’s Jag Day, Sunday 17th October and the E-Type 50th anniversary to be held at Birdwood Motor Museum, early April 2011. There was considerable financial savings to the Club from not publishing the magazine and the members were invited to give thought on how the extra funds could benefit members. Suggestions included funding special Register events. Future register runs were discussed. Possible future events could be: •

Lobethal race meet (long weekend in October)

Sunday Adelaide and Suburbs cruise

Walk around Hahndorf with guide including lunch

Bob Charman invited members to consider joining the XJ and Compact Registers on their River Murray / Renmark Club Run Globe Darby Trotts, dinner and racing Leslie Clarke reported that she had difficulty in accessing the Club web site and down loading the Magazine. It was suggested that any member with difficulties should contact the web master. CAR TALK: Doug and Sue Harrison: XJ40, wheel bearing and radiator replaced. Tom and Marj Brindle: XJ40 Recent Service. John and Leslie Clarke; X300 Loaded tent and camping gear into Jag for trip to Victoria. Unfortunately heavy rain caused rubber on wind screen wiper to dislodge .With ingenuity John adapted article of clothing from Leslie to replace wiper blade. Contact with RACV resolved the problem. Unfortunate motoring holiday. Ron Palmer; X308 86000 ks. All OK. Reg Wymond; Radiator hose dislodged requiring vehicle to be towed to Sovereign Auto Services. Running well. Bob Charman; Suspected carburettor problem on 420G - now correctly adjusted and perfect. Interested in S-Type V8. Tony Human; Gear selector linkage came loose. Otherwise great.

NEXT MEETING: John and Leslie Clarke’s at the Old Jam Factory, Payneham Road ,Tuesday 25th May, 7:30 for 8 pm. Enter from the rear, number 16. Phone 8132 1255 Meeting closed at 9:20 pm


E-Type 50th Anniversary.

The JDCSA E-Type register have begun planning their 2011 event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the E-Type. With well over a hundred known E-Types in the state this should be a spectacular event Arrangements have been made with the National Motor Museum at Birdwood to hold the event on their display grounds. If anyone would like to know more details or register their interest they can go to www.etype2011.com


A lot of discussion was held on the Gold Coast during the very successful 2010 National Jaguar Rally on the staging of a 50th Anniversary Tour for the E Type. With this in mind the Jaguar Car Club of Tasmania is proposing to conduct such a Tour during February or March 2011. At this stage expressions of interest are being sought for possible participants. It is proposed that Day 1 – Monday – The Tasmanian members will meet up with Mainland participants arriving on the Spirit of Tasmania – After a hearty Breakfast the Tour will proceed along the Old Bass Highway, hugging the beautiful coast line of North West Tasmania. We will stop for morning tea in Wynyard with time to explore the Discovery Centre and then proceed to Stanley for lunch. The afternoon will be free to partake in a trip to the top of the Nut or just explore this historic little village or a visit to Highfield House. Continue to Smithton for dinner and overnight accommodation Day 2 – Tuesday – After breakfast there will be several options available, being (a) Woolnorth day trip; (b) Arthur River day trip; or (c) Dismal Swamp and Mawbanna Timber Heritage Experience. Return to Smithton for dinner and overnight. Day 3 – Wednesday – Following breakfast the tour will proceed back to Somerset and then travel down the West Coast via the “Targa” stage of Hellyer Gorge continuing to Cradle Mountain and time for a brisk walk before dinner and overnight accommodation. Day 4 – Thursday – Today after breakfast the route will take the tour through Gowrie Park to the town of Murals, Sheffield, and through Deloraine to Launceston where we will be having dinner and overnight accommodation. Day 5 – Friday – After Breakfast we will then proceed through Longford, Cressy & Poatina for lunch at the Great Lakes. The journey will then take us back through Bothwell to join the Midlands Highway and on to Hobart to be part of the Jaguar Car Club of Tasmania State Rally. The Meet & Greet Friday function will be part of the proceedings and overnight accommodation in Hobart. Day 6 – Saturday – The Jaguar Car Club of Tasmania State Rally & Concours Day with plenty of time to visit the Salamanca Market and other attractions. The Presentation Dinner will be held that night. Overnight in Hobart Day 7 – Sunday – A farewell run to the Huon/Channel region with lunch included at either Peppermint Bay or Home Hill Winery. Returning via the “loop” to Hobart for overnight. The option will be available to return to Devonport after this run for the overnight crossing of the Spirit of Tasmania Day 8 – Monday – For those opting to stay the extra day a final farewell Brunch the option to continue with a tour of the East Coast or proceed back to Devonport to catch the Spirit of Tasmania We are currently looking at combining Dinner, Bed & Breakfast for each of days, plus some lunches and attractions. Obviously most accommodation venues are reluctant to give a firm quote without some proposed numbers. Hence this is at this stage a request for expressions of interest in partaking on this Tour. Please indicate your interest to Jenni Appleby on jenni-des@bigpond.com or phone on 0362 730 101 or mobile 0438 807 646 17

Notice Board The following applications for membership have been lodged with the Membership Secretary and are listed in accordance with clause 6 (B-C) of the Constitution. If there are no objections, membership will be ratified one month from this magazine: Brian Buscombe

1967 Mk11 3.4L

Raymond T Baack

1898 XJ6 3.6L

The following applications listed in the November magazine have been accepted. Chris Schubert 1975 XJ6 4.2L Colin & Marilyn Smith

2005 X Type 2L

We hope you will take advantage of the benefits available, and that you will contribute in your own way to make this a better club for everyone. I particularly ask that Register Secretaries and current members make these New Members welcome at meetings and functions. Noel Trew Membership Secretary

GENERAL MEETING ROSTER The Roster for the preparation of supper for the General Meeting is: Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov

E-Type XJ, Mk10 & 420G / V12 Register XK, MK 7, 8, 9 Register Multivalve SS & Daimler Mk 1, 2, S Type &420

Register Secretaries please note: Each Register is responsible for the supply of milk and a light supper. If a register is unable to provide supper, please contact the editor (or President if unable to contact editor) and ask them to obtain supper. The Tables and chairs need to be set up by 7.30pm and all members will assist in this process along with packing up after the meeting.


Marque Sports Car Association of South Australia MSCA for 2010 Round 2: 4 July 8 August Round 3 19th September Round 4 24th October.



Club & Other Events Multivalve Register The Register has traditionally held the hosting on the long weekend in October which now clashes with the Lobethal Grand Prix - the date will need to be ratified by the Register. Compact / XJ Register Weekend in Riverland Berri/Renmark 13/14 November. th

Annual Dinner Dance – Saturday, 30 October at the Adelaide International Motel – 521 Anzac Hwy North Glenelg

Quick Reference for Register meetings General Meeting

Tuesday, 1st June 2010

Register Meetings Compact E-Type Multivalve SS & Daimler XJ, Mk10 & 420G XK, 7, 8, 9 V12

Second Tuesday of every second month Third Thursday of every month 4th Tuesday of odd Calendar months Last Wednesday of each month Wednesday, 9th June Wednesday, 2nd June Friday, 11th June


CAT CLASSIFIEDS For Sale Jaguar XJ6 "Vanden Plas" Full details at www.vandenplas.webs.com (Ad placed 25 Jan 2010)

For Sale SNG BARRATT UK RHS FUEL TANK FOR XJ6, XJ12 & Sovereign Bought Dec 2009 as SNG BARRATT UK were having a sale. Includes washer and locking ring Hidden freight handling cost meant the tank cost me $800! (Learnt a lesson) Buy now $500, Pick up from Prospect SA or collected at JDCSA General meeting. Tom Herraman (0458 508 432) For Sale Mark X & 420G Parts Jim Tucker has the following items for sale: 1.

New radiator


Bonnet in excellent cond.


Complete rear end.


Headlight chrome surrounds.

(Ad placed 25 Jan 2010)


For Sale For Sale - Restored 1967 Mk II 3.8 (Club Members Car) Contact on 83708843.

For Sale Mk2, 1964 3.8 auto Re-built from the ground up. Body has been completely restored and has no rust. The engine has been total overhauled by a Jag mechanic and runs very sweet. The gearbox has been rebuilt also. Please phone 83811003 work hrs 0409287699 mobile. Chris Cooper (club member) (Ad placed 24 Jan 2010)

For Sale Jim Tucker has the following items for sale. Mk 10 or 420G Parts New radiator, Bonnet (in excellent cond), Complete rear end and Headlight chrome surrounds. Contact Jim Tucker Ph: 83708843 (Advertisement placed - 24 Jan 2010)

For Sale “Pepperpot� wheels, good condition, with tyres. $400 PH: Simon 0409 923 228 (Advertisement placed 31 Mar 2010)


WANTED XJ6 S2 in local area (ie SA) Auto and in very good condition throughout. Needs to be a “Turn Key� reliable car with a service history and no major repairs required. Contact Mick Ph: 8864 2251 (Advertisement placed - 22 Feb 2010)

WANTED XJS (late model if possible) Prefer a manual if one exists and would like a local car. Prefer a driver but will consider any well looked after car. Contact Dave Ph: 0407 481 092 (Advertisement placed - 22 Feb 2010)

WANTED Parts for a 1950 MK V Jaguar. Chrome centre bonnet strip Please contact JCCT member ANDREW IRVING PH: (03) 6263 6742 MOBILE: 0488 363 863 Email: tassypair@iprimus.com.au (Advertisement placed - 30 Mar 2010)


The Cat’s Giggle After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, Melbourne scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 100 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago. Not to be outdone by the Victorians, in the weeks that followed, a Sydney archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet, and shortly after, a story published in the Sydney Morning Herald read: "New South Wales archaeologists, finding traces of 130-year-old copper wire, have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced hightech communications network 30 years earlier than the Victorians". One week later, The Advertiser in Adelaide, South Australia, reported the following: "After digging as deep as 30 feet in his yard in Adelaide, George, a selftaught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely stuff all. George has therefore concluded that 150 years ago, South Australia had already gone wireless." Just makes you bloody proud to be a South Aussie!

A Catholic priest, an Indian Doctor, a Rich Chinese business man and an Aussie were waiting one morning for a particularly slow group of golfers in front of them. The Aussie fumed, "What's with those blokes? We must have been waiting for 15 minutes" The Indian doctor chimed in, "I don't know, but I've never seen such poor golf" The Chinese business man called out, "Move it, Time is money" The Catholic priest said "Here comes George the greens keeper. Let’s have a word with him. "Hello, George what's wrong with that group ahead of us? They're rather slow aren't they" George the greens keeper replied, "Oh yes that's a group of blind firemen They lost their sight in an explosion while saving our clubhouse from a fire last year, so we always let them play for free anytime". The group fell silent for a moment. The Catholic priest said, "That's so sad I think I'll say a special prayer for them tonight". The Indian Doctor said "Good idea. I'm going to contact my ophthalmologist colleagues and see if there's anything he can do for them." The Chinese Business man replied, "I think I'll donate $50,000 to the Fire Brigade in honour of these brave souls"! The Aussie said "Why can't they play at night?"

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