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April 2014

The Chip In an attempt to keep alumni updated and informed, the Alpha Omicron chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity has decided to bring back “The Chip.” We have also decided to produce the first e-version of the Chip. We hope that this will be an effective way of staying in touch and believe it has been too long since the last ATO newsletter was produced. The chapter has been through some tough times recently, but we are excited to tell you about some of last year’s highlights. Your suggestions or comments are always welcome.

The State of the Chapter As the 2013-2014 school year draws to a close, the Alpha Omicron chapter of ATΩ would like to share our accomplishments and touch on our plans for the upcoming semester. The year has brought its fair share of challenges, and we managed to overcome many obstacles in the fall. As you all should know, we are still on probation as an organization. Our punishment has made the brothers reflect on what it means to be an Alpha, and reevaluate our individual commitment to our brotherhood. Over the past few months, I’ve started to notice a change in our brothers. Everyone has grown closer to one another and has been rallying for future generations of ATΩ at St. Lawrence University. This momentum has led to a very successful spring semester. Several brothers were inducted into Gamma Sigma Alpha, the Greek honorary society, for academic excellence. A few have excelled in athletics, and taken a significant role in student government. All the brothers have been active in community service events. We have been working very hard to prepare for next fall. With the opportunity to host two pledge classes in one semester, we expect to yield a large yet selective group of new brothers. Furthermore, we have been planning a large and successful “signature” philanthropy event next fall. We want to establish an annual event that will raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. My time thus far as Worthy Master has been challenging, yet very rewarding. I have seen all of my brothers grow and mature during this short time. Similarly, I have learned from each and every brother how to successfully interact and lead on campus. I look forward to our upcoming success in the fall of 2014, and thank you for your continued faith in our chapter. Love & Respect Evan Koncewicz ’15 ATΩ President


ATO Community Involvement On October 6, 2013 around 6 a.m., I was awakened by three missed calls and a number of texts. Outside my dorm window, I could hear the sounds of idle vehicles, like numerous running generators. Pulling up my shade, I saw flames rising from the steeple of the chapel. I hurried outside and watched several firefighters attempt to contain the blaze as spectators gathered. Around 8 o’clock, the fire was officially contained, although parts of the steeple still smoldered. That day everyone was witness to the distorted steeple, an upsetting sight of one of the most iconic symbols of St. Lawrence. Before dawn the next morning, high winds blew the steeple down. Luckily, the fire was contained to the upper sections of the bell tower and steeple. The chapel bells, donated by Alpha Omicron’s founder, Irving Bacheller, were left relatively unharmed. In an effort to thank the firefighters we decided to start a fundraiser. Throughout late October and early November, we sold Gunnison Memorial Chapel T-shirts all around campus. Brother Kelan Koncewicz designed them and orchestrated the fundraising efforts. A number of brothers volunteered their time between classes and outside of hockey games, selling T-shirts to raise money for the Canton Fire Department. At the end of the fundraising efforts, Jesse Gaboury, Kelan Koncewicz and Evan Koncewicz presented a check for $575.60 to Canton Fire Chief Robert Crowe on November 22, 2013. The check was given to thank the volunteer members of the Canton Fire Department members for their continuing efforts to protect North Country citizens and keep them safe. Evan Koncewicz ’15 President


More Philanthropy ATO brothers had a strong presence at the annual Phantom in the Park, which is held every fall in downtown Canton. This event, sponsored by the Canton Chamber of Commerce and co-hosted by all the Greek organizations on the St. Lawrence campus, provides a day full of fun and games for children in the local community. To the right is a picture of brother Alexander Hoimes playing Bag-O with a young boy from Canton. We are looking forward to a similar event, Peter Rabbit in the Park, around the Easter Holiday.

Jesse Gaboury and Jeff O’Connor coordinated efforts to raise $1,207 for children’s cancer research by shaving their heads for St. Baldrick’s Day at St. Lawrence. This was a school-wide event and a few brothers decided to get involved. This year’s event raised more money than ever before. Jack Siuta ‘15 Philanthropy Chair

Brother Jesse Gaboury


Brother’s Jeff O’Connor (left) and Jesse Gaboury (right)

ATO Brothers Studying Abroad This semster (Spring’14), five ATO brothers are studying abroad: Emmet Arthur ‚15 London, United Kingdom Kelan Koncewicz ’15 Dunedin, New Zealand Charlie Taggart ’15 Vienna, Austria Will Wilsea ’15 Beijing, China Ben Woodbury ’15 Queensland, Australia

Kelan Koncewicz ’15 swimming in thermal hot springs in Rotorua, New Zealand

This spring semester, I am fortunate enough to study at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. My courses (papers as they call them here) include Marine Ecology, Geomorphology, Environmental History of New Zealand and Maori Studies, most of which are counting toward my Conservation Biology / Geology double major. I have already done a lot of exploring around the two islands, including hiking up one of the country’s active volcanoes, Mt. Ngauruhoe; swimming in thermal hot springs in Rotorua; and surfing at some of Dunedin's best beaches. I plan to do much more traveling to enrich myself on the dynamic geologic features and unique flora and fauna that New Zealand has to offer. I look forward to seeing my brothers back home next semester, and sharing my travels and studying experiences with them all! Kelan Koncewicz '15 Housing Chair


Farewell Seniors This year the Alpha Omicron chapter will say farewell to 10 seniors. Some of these seniors were part of the original group of men that came together to bring ATO back onto campus and took part in the official chartering ceremony in the fall of 2012. These men have held numerous leadership positions in the organization, and their guidance will be missed. However, they leave behind some fantastic memories and have worked together with the new leadership to make sure ATO continues to be a successful organization at St. Lawrence. Some of these men already have jobs awaiting them after they graduate in May, while others hope to travel a bit or at least enjoy one of their last summers before entering into the professional world. Alex Hoimes ’14 will return to San Francisco, to work as an analyst for Citi Bank. Justin Champlain ’14 is heading to Salt Lake City to begin working for Goldman Sachs. Alex Almy ’14 plans to return to Baltimore to work for Legg Mason. Other brothers will be finding work in upstate New York, Maine, and Massachusetts. We are glad to see that our fellow brothers are well on their way to finding success outside of St. Lawrence and simply wish them the best. The principles they have taught us will not be forgotten and our brotherhood will not simply stop after they graduate, but will rather live on and grow to be stronger.

Alpha Omicron snow castle in front of Sullivan Student Center.


The idea to bring “The Chip” back was initially alumni-driven, and we thank you for your encouragement. We are striving to make our chapter stronger and better every day and we hope that this newsletter gives you a better idea of what the brothers of ATO at St. Lawrence University have been doing. This letter would not have been possible without the cooperation of St. Lawrence’s department of Annual Giving & Laurentian Engagement, and we thank them as well. Love and Respect to All of Our Brothers, AO – ATΩ If you have comments, questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us: Evan Koncewicz ’15 – President, AO – ATO SMC 1048 23 Romoda Dr. Canton NY 13617 Justin Champlain ’14 – Alumni Relations Chair, AO – ATO SMC 421 23 Romoda Dr. Canton NY 13617


The Chip  
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