Kansas Monks Fall 2015

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America Press who agreed to publish it. There followed a long process of editing that has culminated now with the publication of Ossa Latinitatis Sola: The Mere Bones of Latin, the first of a projected five volume series, which we call the Corpus Latinitatis, “Latin’s body.” This first volume provides the skeletal structure of the Latin language, how it works and holds together. Sixteen years after meeting Reggie, Fr. Reginald Foster (Reggie) & Fr. Daniel I am completing my ninth summer of teaching Latin at Ealing Abbey, now for graduate credit at the Liturgy Institute London. For several years I have been supervising other Latin teachers using our method. This past year I accepted an invitation to serve as a co-promotor for doctoral research on the Latin prayers of the Roman Missal conducted by a student at the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium, where I serve as a guest professor and where our Fr. Emeric Fletcher once studied. The doctoral student wishes to understand how the prayers of the Missal may assist the reconciliation of peoples in Sri Lanka after their recent civil war. As a monk I have been given a great amount of leisure, which I think is well used by pursuing these academic goals so that from a contemplative life of prayer and study I might offer my own contribution in publishing and teaching on liturgy and mentoring others in their progress. But such a contemplative life comes at a cost well beyond the simplicity of our common life. Only by the support of others can we monks maintain a contemplative life of study and reflection for the benefit of the church and world. As life comes full circle, this coming February I shall return to Sant’Anselmo, this time as a professor to teach the Latin structure and theological meaning of the opening prayers of Mass (called collects) from the Lent and Easter seasons. You could say, I’m hooked.




In May 2015, Abbot James established the St. Benedict Chair in Liturgy, naming Fr. Daniel (below) as its first chair holder. The endowment provides an opportunity for others to invest in Fr. Daniel’s work in researching, writing, and publishing as well as in teaching at the master’s level and mentoring doctoral research in the field of liturgy. Fr. Daniel’s family has donated an initial foundation for this chair in memory of his parents, George and Annette. You are invited to consider investing in this important and exciting work – a major ministry of St. Benedict’s Abbey.

For more information on Fr. Daniel’s work and the St. Benedict Chair in Liturgy, see these websites: thelatinlanguage.org liturgyinstitute.org danielmccarthyosb.com liturgyhome.org kansasmonks.org/chair-in-liturgy Society of St. Benedict