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Making The POS Work For You

Taking The Plunge

With two retail stores, the managers at Gardener’s Supply Co. in Burlington, VT, needed a technical solution that worked with their set up. They didn’t need just a POS system, they also needed sup-

When Russell’s Garden Center in Wayland, MA,

port and training to ensure they were making the most of the system. They chose J.D. Associates.

started looking at a point-of-sale system, the owners

With that purchase came training sessions at the J.D. Associates offices , as well as on-site visits

were afraid customers wouldn’t accept it. The garden

to ensure employees were ready for launch at the beginning of April. Gardener’s Supply Co. was

center dates back to 1876, and customers liked the

particularly focused on making sure the right information was in the system and that they were

quaint atmosphere of the single-store retailer.

running the right reports to make smart buying decisions, says David Boucher, purchasing

After much research, owner and CEO Tim Skehan

manager for the retail division. Now the company has a much better handle on its product

and his team selected a POS system from J.D.

database and can better track the performance of the many products it offers. “

Associates. As it turns out, customers were more

When you have this pile of inventory that you’ve got to be dealing

than ready to accept the new technology. “Most

with and you’re talking about thousands of SKUs, you can’t

customers were ready,” he notes. “They grocery

manage 8,000 all at once, notes Boucher, explaining life before

shop; a lot said, ‘Yeah, it’s about time.’”

POS. Now? “You go through and run reports – how are fertilizers

Now Skehan is a big fan of the changes the POS

doing? [The POS system] keeps everything separate.”

system has helped bring to Russell’s Garden Center.

J.D. Associates will customize the system so retailers can run

It was all about keeping the small-town feel while

the reports in the way they want to see them for buying, inventory,

improving customer service, providing quicker

customer data and more.

checkouts and keeping inventory up-to-date and

“We did a lot of prep work with them,” says Tim Skehan, owner

accurate. “It helped us refocus,” he says.

and CEO of Russell’s Garden Center in Wayland, MA “[Prep] is probably the key point – and they emphasized it very strongly – a lot of the prep occurs in the initial architecture of the POS


Do You Know…

system and setting it up.” ong lines. Missing inventory. No data to support

He needed a POS that could grow with the busi-

hunches. And, for some, receipts stored in a box.

ness, which includes two retail stores.

These are all possible results stemming from the

Today, Skehan and Boucher quickly list

lack of a computerized point-of-sale system.

the many benefits of their computer-

For many garden center owners, the idea of investing in such a system and embarking on the technology journey that goes with it is simply too overwhelming or intimidating. Why endure the pain of change? Tim Skehan, owner and CEO of

ized POS systems and the positive impacts on their business. As the purchasing manager, finding dead inventory is really important to Boucher. Now he can easily run reports to find under-perform-

That’s why Gardener’s Supply relied on J.D. Associates

What products your best customers buy most often? POS can tell you. Which vendors you spent the most money with last year? POS can tell you. What are the 10 slow-moving products in your inventory? POS can tell you. Which product categories contribute the most gross profit to your bottom line? POS can tell you.

for technical support navigating the new system.“J.D. Associates provided the option for classes and the help-desk tech support,” Boucher adds. When you’re running a retail store Friday afternoon heading into a busy weekend, you need it fixed right then and they were

Exclusive Partnerships

very helpful.supporting us.”Tim Skehan, owner and CEO of Russell’s Garden Center in Wayland, MA, concurs. “They understood our needs and were able to support us with training because, culturally, we were not computer savvy so they were able to coach us a fair amount with that,” he says.

J.D. Associates has numerous exclusive partnerships with leaders in the high-tech industry, which means members of the J.D.Associates team have to be certified to work on those systems. The partnerships include IBM, NCR, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Retail Pro, Torex and Motorola, among others.

Russell’s Garden Center in Wayland,

ing products, make sure he doesn’t buy

MA, understands the hesitancy. He

more of them and make plans to get

Tim Skehan, owner and CEO of Russell’s Garden Center in Wayland, MA, added J.D.Associates’s partnerships

felt it as well. “We’ve been around

rid of them, as was the case with some

were a main reason they chose to work with the company. “They’ve been very supportive and we continue to

since 1876, and we’d looked for a POS system 10 years previous to this. It’s a significant capital investment, and we were afraid we’d lose that small business

votive candles the company was carrying (but not selling!). Previously, all of the company’s sales figures for candles were clustered togwwether, so Boucher couldn’t see

“For the value and support, we felt J.D. Associates was the best way to go.”

allowed him to get rid of dead inventory and improve

understand where his profit comes from. “You’re able

his profits on that category. “Having the POS to do

to put margin percent on anything you’re looking at –

that kind of analysis was a big help,” he adds.

that’s they key,” he adds. “It helps us refocus.”

Skehan says he also uses reports to find things like

look forward to doing business with them.”

So now Russell’s Garden Center and Gardener’s

appeal. We didn’t want to seem big business-y.”

which candles were or were not selling. But when the

the top-selling item by vendor, or by item, as well as

Supply understand their sales and

David Boucher had different concerns as purchasing

items were named more uniquely for the POS system,

sales year to date. But more important than monitor-

profitability better, identify slow-moving products

manager for the retail division at Gardener’s Supply Co.

reports showed exactly which SKUs weren’t selling. That

ing sales figures, Skehan uses his POS system to

more easily and are better buyers.

“Once you get in, it becomes apparent how strong a tool the POS is.”

“Before the POS, we were really only sales-based. Now, we’re able to run reports, and if a product is not profitable, we go find it and remerchandise it.”

– Tim Skehan, owner and CEO of Russell’s Garden Center in Wayland, MA.

– Tim Skehan, owner and CEO of Russell’s Garden Center in Wayland, MA.

About J.D. Associates: Wonder how you can pick the right POS

to garden retailers of all sizes. There’s

system for your business? No problem.

one for every budget.

Confused as to what computers you

technical support seven days a week to

Lost as to how you would train your em-

its customers, including garden centers

That’s easy. Buying a POS system is not

ranging in size from one location to large, multi-store chains. The team at J.D. Associates has a deep

like buying a

knowledge of the garden center indus-

new garden

try and will customize a POS system to

element to add

give garden retailers more advantages

as a SKU. The

when compiling customer data, improving

right POS system comes with a support team that understands technology and the

Upward Mobility

In fact, J.D. Associates provides

need for a POS system? Don’t worry.

ployees to use a POS system?

Making The POS Work For You!

inventory control and increasing plantspecific descriptions in the database. J.D. Associates also offers progressive solutions like hand-held devices to make out-

garden center business, so they can fit

door purchases easier, as well as

the tool to your unique needs and chal-

taking inventory and reducing customer

lenges. J.D. Associates is that team. And

wait times in long checkout lines.

because of its partnerships with major corporations like IBM, NCR, HewlettPackard, Microsoft, Retail Pro, Torex and Motorola, J.D. Associates can offer multi-

For more about J.D. Associates and the company’s offerings, visit

ple affordable point-of-sale (POS) options

“Knowing what I know now, I want a technician who knows that system soup to nuts...That’s J.D. Associates. The fact that they’re certified tells me they’re trained and that’s important.” – David Boucher, purchasing manager for the retail division, Gardener’s Supply Co., Burlington, VT.

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JD Associates: Making the POS Work For You  
JD Associates: Making the POS Work For You  

Wonder how you can pick the right POSsystem for your business? No problem. JD Associates knows.