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Alana Leigh

Lithe, elegant and graceful, Alana Leigh is the designer and muse behind the jewelry line of the same name. Once a former fashion model, Alana Leigh has created a versatile line of jewelry that captures her love of couture designs. Because of her warmth and genuine love for putting women in jewels that enhance their natural beauty, Alana has developed a loyal clientele and impressive roster of collectors. Her jewelry business was born in 1986 when a buyer for Neiman Marcus noticed Alana wearing a self-designed piece made from unique stones brought back from a recent trip to India and Nepal. This chance meeting earned Alana her first trunk show. Soon, Alana’s jewelry was being sold in more than 400 stores and boutiques worldwide. Each of Alana’s pieces is one of a kind, combining antique, heirloom and European elements. She draws inspiration from architecture, history, and global design, but is guided by innate expression as her jewelry takes shape. “Each unique piece is born as I am designing it; the pieces make themselves, and I often don’t know what I am going to do when I start.” All of her metal work is designed and created by Alana in collaboration with artisans of the highest caliber. Through the years, Alana has conceived over 500 different castings, many of which are inlaid with pearls and gemstones. Every custom Alana Leigh piece has either a signature heart that reads, “Love Alana” or an oval Deco ring that says, “Love Leigh.” These charms guarantee the authenticity of each piece. Working in both gold and silver with semi precious stones, pearls and raw gemstones, there is no skimping when it comes to design, “…jewelry flips when it is worn, it twists and turns, so I create my jewels with equal attention to both front and back.” This effect lends an air of complexity, of opulence and layers of beauty revealed over time. It also allows for her jewelry to be multiple pieces in one. In the midst of an economy where luxury items are put on hold, Alana’s business has never been more lucrative. She credits this to the versatility of her designs and to her personalized marketing. The intimate nature of choosing an Alana Leigh piece is perfectly suited to the thriving home party segment of her business. In recent years, as Alana’s following has broadened into loyal collectors, she has scaled back her department store business and focused on personal sales to groups of women devoted to her designs. Hosted in partnership with many high-profile clients, Alana showcases her jewels with the help of a small sales staff specially trained in selecting and fitting her pieces. “We help our clients select jewelry that enhances their beauty… colored stones that make their eyes look like jewels, necklaces that drape perfectly for that woman’s décolletage.” Many of these parties have a charitable focus with a portion of sales donated to select nonprofit organizations. Alana’s vision for the future includes working with diamonds and platinum, using raw, uncut and unusual precious stones. As she looks forward to the next phase, Alana wants to “continue making more interesting pieces and to evolve as an artist. But mostly, I want to tell other women to live their dreams. It’s out there for all of us, and if I can do it, so can you.” ■ 22

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