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Protect Delicate Equipment By Using A SKB Rack Case Among the best and safest way to transport delicate electronics for instance musical equipment and computer devices, is a rack mounted storage system which is also affordable. The 19" rack paved the way for the ultimate case for moving other delicate equipment where it was first utilized in the computing industry to build well organized yet compact servers and systems. An SKB rack case is specifically designed to be easily accessible, provide shock absorption support for goods during travel, and fit the universal sizes and specifications of professional grade electronics. Band Setup and Takedown Made Easier With a Rackmount System For instance a band who travels all over and needs a suitable way to move various equipment and devices. Equipment would really need to be keep safe and secure while going from any location by various modes of travel. If a thousand dollar piece of electronics breaks before the show, both the overall performance of the artists and experience of the fans might be negatively impacted. However, protecting music equipment should also be balanced with how effortless it is to both pack and transport it. It does no good if all things are safe and sound, but the protection produces a delay of the gig. With a rack mount case system, the cases are specifically designed to carry the standardized sizes of receivers, mixers, and amplification devices. Depending on the need and the equipment concerned, the case has a straightforward slide in motion where the pieces are positioned and locked into place with ease. State-of-the-Art Protection SKB is known for creating some of the most useful rack mount cases on the market. Their cases include superb shock absorption and also protection from nasty conditions including moisture. Created to military specifications, the cases can be trusted to securely move electronics even in war zones without harm being done. While most live shows are not in war zones, the instruments still potentially faces its share of bumps during the trip. Features Found in SKB Cases Even the SKB standard 19� racks are constructed to heavy-duty specifications compared to the thin metal racks you would find readily available for computer servers. Constructed using a durable plastic, the outer shell along with the handles and latches are recessed, allowing for easy stacking. You can get SKB rack cases in all different sizes and styles. The design you select will largely depend on how you anticipate using the case. You can choose far more protection if you know that your cases face more than normal abuse, or you can choose basic protection for the normal wear and tear of the road. There are convenient luggage style cases for simple transportation on a plane or prolonged journey where you will be responsible for moving all your own accessories. The Rolling Shock collection is fantastic for heavy equipment where wheels on the cases are an additional attractive feature. You won't have to worry about packages and cases slipping and falling during transport as all SKB MEI Research Corp

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Protect Delicate Equipment By Using A SKB Rack Case cases are built for easy stacking. Some cases are even constructed so that you can very easily remove the springs or coils. These cases allow you to handle the weight capacity. The SKB rack case provides made to fit possibilities that will grant you the safety you need for your components, no matter what kind of DJ, band or musical performance equipment you must move giving you some relief while traveling. For optimum protection and simple packing, try SKB’s rack mount system. The SKB roto rack is an excellent case that offers protection as well as the ability to stack cases on top of one another. For more info on Cases by Masco are available at the company's site,

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Protect Delicate Equipment By Using A SKB Rack Case  

The SKB roto rack is an excellent case that offers protection as well as the ability to stack cases on top of one another. For more info on...

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