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Jewelry designers Karina and Marcela Padilla, decidedly a California girl, and her sister Marcela Padilla, a local of Guadalajara, have come together in their oversized sunglasses, towering high heels, infectious laughs, and Mexican roots, to start their own jewelry line. The sister’s casual attitude disguises their exquisite taste and savvy business instincts, both of which are evident in their collection. Inspired in their own new career by their mother, who taught them the art of accessorizing, they remember the vivid memories of her jewelry boxes full of adorned bangles and beaded wonders. Their artistic mother’s passion for creating her own unique baubles has led them to start their own jewelry line. Their collection is both luxurious and timeless, just as their mother’s jewelry box. They began their creative outlets as children, Karina played the piano and Marcella learned to paint. But interestingly enough they both majored in very academic areas, Karina in Industrial Engineering and Marcella in Finance and Administration, however throughout their studies they never lost sight of their creative blood - taking courses in art history and design with an emphasis in gemology and jewelry making. In 2006 the sisters decided to combine their education, roots, and creativity into a passion they now call Josefina Del Alba ®. They have chosen to go back to an art form they were exposed to as children, the beaded art of the Huicholes. The dynamic of the Huricholes old world lifestyle and impeccable taste for color and design allows them as artists to create the perfect balance of classic beauty in each piece. The sisters along with the native artists have chosen to honor the authentic designs with their beautiful symbolism and meanings. Their collection is filled with simple yet bold pieces that work with both evening and casual attire - a must for the sisters, who say they are most comfortable in a great pair of jeans and stiletto heels. The pieces cater to both the simple bohemian girl from California and the elegant women on the upper east side of Manhattan. With a little luck and a lot of style, the sisters have produced an international hit with their iconic jewelry line. They really want to get it right as is apparent through their collections heart and authenticity. They will proceed with their characteristic gratitude and understated confidence as they continue to produce pieces for their latest collection.

No.290 Vi br antI sl andNec k l ace ( Gol dandsi l ver ) $58. 00

No. 171 J okerBr acel et ( Mul t i ) $29. 00

No.359 Gr andPr i xNeck l ac e ( Bl ackandmul t i col or ) $63. 00

No. 137 Amaz onNeck l ace ( Bl ac kands i l v er ) $49. 00 * Shownonhat *

No.136c Geomet r yNec kl ac e ( Bl ackandgol d) $51. 00

No.291 Vi br antI sl andBr ac el et ( Bl ac k) $29. 00

No.204 Par i s i anNec kl ace ( Mul t i ) $61. 00

No.291 Vi br antI s l andBr ac el et ( Si l ver ) $29. 00

No. 4 Par adi seNeck l ac e ( Br onzeandbl ue) $73. 00

No.8 My st i queBr acel et ( Br onzeandgol d) $32. 00 * Shownasahai racc es s or y*

No.122 St unni ngLi ghtNeck l ac e ( Si l verandgr ey) $49. 00 No.162 Cr ossRoadsNec k l ac e ( St eelandbl ac k) $49. 00 * Shownunder122 neckl ace*

No. 137 Amaz onaNeckl ace ( Si l verandLavender ) $49. 00 No. 18 Fi r eWar r i orBr ac el et ( Si l verandLavender ) $29. 00 No.323 El ect r i cFeel Ear r i ngs ( Si l verandLavender ) $20. 00

No.255 Fi er yNeck l ace ( HotPi nk ) $69. 00

No.484 I nnerFi er ceEar r i ngs ( Bl ueandpi nk ) $20. 00

No.472 I nnerFi er c eBr ac el et ( Bl ac kandGr een) $29. 00

No.136 Geomet r yNec kl ac e ( Br onzeandGol d) $46. 00 No.385 St .Bar t hBr acel et ( Gol d) $35. 00

No.397 Mi amiEar r i ngs ( Bl ueandOr ange) $33. 00 No. 136 Geomet r yNeck l ace ( Whi t eandOr ange) $46. 00 No.435 YeahYeahMet alCuf f ( Yel l owandOr ange) $73. 00

No.441 St el l aNeckl ace ( Pi nk) $57. 00 No.13 ShamanBr acel et ( Bl ueandOr ange) * Topr i ghthand* ( Gr eenandRed) * Bot t om r i ghthand) $29. 00 No.339 Par i si anBr acel et ( Mul t i ) * Topl ef thand* $29. 00 No.8 My st i queBr ac el et ( Pi nkandRed) * Bot t om r i ghthand* $32. 00

No. 483 St ar s hi pEar r i ngs ( Bl ueandpi nk ) $39. 00

No.385 St .Bar t hBr ac el et ( Gol d) * Topr i ghhand* ( Whi t eandBl ue) * Bot t om l ef thand* $35. 00

No.8 Mys t i queBr ac el et ( Bl ueandPi nk ) * Bot t om r i ghthand* $32. 00 No.7 Ani mal Thunder ( Mul t i ) * Topl ef thand* $32. 00


Josef i nadeAl ba U. S. A.Of f i ce

Josef i nadeAl ba Mexi coOf f i ce

P. O.Box30274 Sant aBar bar a,CA 93130

Av e.8deJ ul i o#1297 Col .Moder na Guadal aj r a,J al i s c o 44190

T el .( 805)6807701 Fax( 866) 5946929 Kar i naPadi l l a j osef i nadeal ba@l i ve. c om

T el .( 33)38492513 Mar c el aPadi l l a mar c el a@j os ef i nadeal ba. c om

www. j osef i nadeal ba. com

Josefina de Alba Jewelry  

Press Kit 2013

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