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The Popularity Relating To Friendship Bracelets There is much debate about where specifically did friendship bracelets develop. Many attribute this particular item of jewelry to American Indians from Central and South America. Some believe the Chinese through their traditions and customs formulated the bracelet. Where ever they came from, it is actually a form of macramé where you will discover a series of knots, tied one after another. A form of textile making, macramé can take on many shapes and forms. Rather than using kitting, or weaving, as many textile makers do, macramé involves knotting. This practice began with sailors, who used their extraordinary knotting skills to decorate their knives and parts of ships. The friendship bracelet that many people are familiar with in the USA gained popularity during the counterculture movement during the 1970s. Ever since then, friendship bracelet making has become a tradition among children and teenagers. Using a few pieces of embroidery floss or thread, a young person can weave a colorful gift for a friend, or a piece of jewelry for their own use. The way a friendship bracelet is created, and the materials used to make it, lead to a very durable jewelry item, excellent for wearing during the summer months of sun and surf. Tradition holds that, if you offer a friendship bracelet to a companion and they use it, without removing it, until it ultimately falls off on its own, then that person’s wish may come true. The way the bracelet is designed and formed can be done using countless patterns and styles mainly based off a half hitch knot. From bordered chevrons to candy strips, there are plenty of patterns that can be used when making a bracelet. Tons of patterns exist, even for the holidays where you can make an Easter egg pattern, a Christmas tree version and even the Jewish Menorah. While the bracelet itself is typically a sign of friendship, particular colors can also signify different meanings. A representation of sadness or loneliness is employing the color black. Green will symbolize nature and youthfulness, while grey can symbolize age. To display passion and energy, oranges and reds can do the trick. Truthfully, the colors could simply be those that the maker knows their friend will enjoy, or the colors of a favorite sports team. The sheer variety of alternatives makes each bracelet unique and incredibly personal to the maker and receiver. Making friendship bracelets has been a pastime, and team building activity, for many years. At camp or perhaps for clubs, tons of kids make them for numerous reasons. Some even make these to sell as a way to make a little extra money. The giving of a friendship bracelet is not limited to people under 20 years of age. People spanning various ages are making these for fun and nostalgic reasons whether to bring in money for a fundraiser or to have a fun activity for a group of children, the possibilities are almost endless. Some creative jewelry makers currently offer these multi-colored trinkets at specialty booths or in online stores, providing the perfect gift for those friends who are challenging to shop for. A colorful reminder of childhood years, these spectacular bracelets can serve many purposes for friends in various age ranges. Many jewelry artists are open to making customized pieces, which enables purchasers to pick the color combination that will mean the most to their recipients. Friendship bracelets symbolize lots of things. They signify youth, and summer days spent with great friends. They convey emotion with their different combinations of rich colors. Representing a bond that isn't easily broken, a friendship bracelet can be something simple to more intricate in nature. Giving such a gift to someone says a lot more than a simple, “Congratulations." It says, Helene Jewelry

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The Popularity Relating To Friendship Bracelets “You are my pal, and I hope you stay that way for a long time." With Helene Jewelry braided friendship bracelets, you can express your feelings to your personal friends. Much more details on Helene Jewelry are readily available at the organization's web site,

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The Popularity Relating To Friendship Bracelets  

With Helene Jewelry braided friendship bracelets, you can express your feelings to your personal friends. Much more details on Helene Jewelr...