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After Facing Competitive Candidates

The American Academy for Girls

X Hilaration Wins Student Council Election Written by Reem Al Habib & Nouf Al Sabah





Sports Day on November 21




AUS.. For a Better Education


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Are You Being Bullied? How to Deal with It?

High School Student Council Election took place on Sunday October 27 for the school year 2013-2014. Candidates joined as groups or competed alone. They were required to film a video indicating their goals and improvements toward the school. All the running teams and candidates campaigned at lunch time in the canteen area. The voting happened after the students walked around the candidates booths where the contestants were ready to answer several questions asked by other students. Students enjoyed Election Day. Booths contained food and refreshments for their visitors. Candidates were competitive and had many people supporting them. The students voted for the candidates that they believed will fulfill their requests and make the school a better place. After an enthusiastic and passionate election during lunch time, the final results were announced. The winners were Team XHilaration: Rawan Boodai, Shaikha Al Sayer, Nouriya Al- Khaled and lama Al -Ostaz.

The Representatives announced their goals and expectations towards new changes. President Rawan Boodai, the student council president, said that she will aim to reach all her goals and make the students get what they need if they were reasonable causes. Shaikha AlSayer, the Vice president, mentioned that she will try her best to support and help the president to reach their goals and “hopefully we will not let you down.” The Treasurer, Nouriya Al- Khaled, and the Secretary Lama Al- Ostaz thanked and showed their appreciation towards their voters and supporters. After all, student council members are highly elected from students that trust them and look forward for new changes. Members should be aware of different issues facing students throughout high school. They should be capable enough to make new changes and help make AAG a better place for students.

H.S. Students celebrate Costume Day

AAG Supports Breast Cancer Awareness at Regency

Written by Fajer Jeragh & Fatima Abdulraheem

On Saturday October 27, 2013, the American Women League of Kuwait held a seminar at the Regency hotel. It was dedicated to breast cancer awareness and was planned and organized by Mrs. Debrah Al Qenaie. Written by Fajer Jeragh

The American Academy for Girls celebrated "Costume Day" on Thursday, October 31st. Students dressed up in different costumes showing their creativity. At the end of the day, the Student Council hosted a party at the Canteen area. Students spent their first block time decorating the classrooms’ doors. Ms. Eman the grade 9 and 10 counselor was the judge that decided which classroom door deserved earning the title of "The Winner" based on the effort and the creativity. By 11 am, all of High School's students and teachers were asked to attend the party at the lunch area upstairs. "I am so excited to attend my first HS event" said a freshman. The celebration continued with activities and games that were organized by the Senior Committee including a Scavengers Hunt. Afterwards, everyone was invited to the buffet area which was set up by all of the High School students who really enjoyed their time.

Students of the American Academy for Girls were given the opportunity to volunteer at this inspiring event, and were awarded for their time spent at this special occasion. The seminar talked about Kuwait’s future plans toward cancer such as new hospital, new technology, and medicine. The U.S. ambassador in Kuwait Matthew Tueller and his wife Deenece Tueller, which is a breast cancer survivor, attended the seminar. The U.S. ambassador had given the audience some input on how he encourages people to organize these events in Kuwait. “I am more than glad to aid any patient through this journey” He said passionately. The seminar was also attended by Dr. Shafiqa Al Awadhi, a professor at Kuwait University of Medicine. The American Women League is a non-political, non-profit organization which promotes friendship and support towards American and non-American women living in Kuwait through social and cultural events.




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Basketball Starts after Midterms


Sports Day on November 21

By Wadha Al Dabbous

Hello warriors, this is Wadha al Dabbous, your editor, reporting to you from somewhere near you . I hope all of you enjoyed the Costume Day festivities here at AAG, I sure did! Make sure to read a recap of it in this month’s issue of the “Warriors” along with many exciting articles about what went on at AAG in the last month. In my editorial for this month I want to shed some light on how different perspectives can change how we see thing and how that can ultimately change how we live.

Written by Reem Al Khaled

Sports Day is near! This year it will take place on November 21st. Few changes were made this year, one of them is the team colors that turned into blue, red, black and white. On the other hand, Volleyball is officially over for both JV and Varsity but on the bright side Soccer has begun! The teams have been chosen and half the games have been played. Unfortunately there are many complaints about the sports schedule. In the case of soccer, it will only last about a few weeks with maybe 3 games a week which doesn’t leave the players with enough practices. Moving on to Basketball, Ms. Misher McIntosh will be coaching again this year and the Basketball season will start after midterms!


AUS … For a Better Education

Written by Nour Al Mudahka

Written by Nour Khoursheed

Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) visited The American Academy for Girls on October 27th. Their purpose was to inform the seniors about how to apply to the University, what the admission process is and what the available majors are. The representatives from GUST were Ibrahim Al Mutawa and the Radio Broadcaster Ali Najim. They were former students at GUST and were offered to work there. The speakers mentioned that GUST is pairing up with University of Massachusetts to offer more majors such as petroleum engineering, for the year 2015. GUST was founded in 2002 and was the first private university in Kuwait. It is the only university in Kuwait with an Olympic swimming pool.

AUS, the American University of Sharjah, visited AAG on Tuesday, October 8, 2013. Mohamed El- Shahed introduced the university to grade 12 students, explaining how they could register and all the information needed. “I think it is a very organized university that provides students with all the facilities they would be interested it in,” Quoted Sama’a AlRefai, a grade 12 student. She added “AUS has earned a fortunate reputation throughout the years.” The University is a complex of stunning buildings on a beautiful campus that contains more than 5,000 students from 82 different nations, and a highly qualified, full-time faculty of more than 350 professionals.

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” -William Arthur Ward Pes·si·mism , is the tendency to stress the negative or unfavorable or to take the gloomiest possible view ; on the other hand op·ti·mism, is the tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation ; when a re·al·ist, is a person who tends to view or represent things as they really are. Letting pessimism or optimism cloud your judgment will only lead in false expectation and disappointments and will negatively affect who you perceive and live your life. Sometimes people project pessimism or optimism to avoid dealing with something that affected them. Although experiences whether good or bad drastically alter a person’s mindset whether pessimistic, optimistic or realist, with some perspective, patience and some faith you can develop the strength to choose how you live your life. Do you have the courage to take that leap of faith, take charge and live your life how you want to live it?

Written By Samar Al Refaie

In this section we will take a look into the new life and experience of one of the students that graduated from AAG. An interview was conducted with Shaikha Boureky that answered a set of questions about her past, present and future. Name: Shaikha Hussein Boureky

Year of Graduation: 2013

Major: Civil Engineering

Country: U.S.A

“ I study in The United States of America, state of Massachusetts, the city of Boston. I have always wanted to study in the states but never thought I'd end up in Boston. I applied to many universities throughout the country and I couldn't pass the opportunity to go to Northeastern University since its a very good school. Boston as a city is wonderful. I honestly didn't think I'd like it as much as I do.” “ lots of things have changed now, especially that I m living abroad. My lifestyle in university is very different from my life at high school. I had to adapt to a whole new system, a whole new surrounding and cope with a different environment from the one I used to live in. My 4 years at high school all together are easier than a semester in University. I have to depend on myself for everything. Failing/succeeding is right in my hands. Managing time was everything because courses and professors don't frankly care about you or your personal life. It's all on me!” “After I graduate, I see myself working in a place where I can use my field of study and use everything I learned in university and be the engineer I aspire to be. “ “AAG will forever be home, comfort and familiarity. But there comes a time to move on and experience the real world. I will forever miss my years in it but nothing in particular that makes me want to come back. Except for P.E? Or soccer season? Or sports day?” “Five years from now, Inshallah I would have graduated with a B.S in Civil Engineering and be on my way back to Kuwait to work. And hopefully if it's in God's will, I'd like to continue my studies and go for my Masters.”


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Art Corner

Interview with “Subash”

I Like That Everyone Trusts Me at AAG Interviewed by Hanaa Adass & Fatimah Abdulraheem

Stanley D’Souza, known as “Subash” is one of the bases at our school. He’s always there to make sure that everything is functioning properly and if not, make sure things get fixed. “Subash” is the maintenance man who ‘s always doing things, even not listed as his job, to ease our day at school. An interview was conducted with him to know more about his personal and professional life. 1. Please can you introduce yourself? My name is Stanley D’Souza. I am from India. People call me Subash because it is my pet name. I have a degree in Inter Art. I live in Kuwait with my wife, son and daughter in law. I worked at ASK for 15 years, UAS for 2 years and had part time jobs in various American schools. 2. Why did you come to Kuwait and how long have you been here? I came to Kuwait of course for money. I’ve been in Kuwait since 1976, which is 37 years. 3. How long have you been at AAG and why did you choose to stay this long? I have been at AAG for 15 years. I chose to stay this long because I get used to work here and now I’m old and I can’t go anywhere.


4. Why did you choose to work at AAG? I chose to work at AAG because I like to work in schools and I like it that everyone trusts me around here. 5. We know you’re the go to guy at AAG but what is your definite job at AAG? I do not really have a specific job because everyone trusts me and I am happy that way. 6. What do you enjoy the most about working at AAG? I like this job! Since I was young, I enjoy being the maintenance guy. I really do not like sitting jobs. I worked before in a hospital but I was not satisfied. 7. What were some of the challenges you faced while working at AAG? I faced challenges like fixing air conditions and other damaged things because they need time and patience to accomplish. 8. Who inspires you in life? I was inspired by a friend and a co-worker at ASK a man called Charles Wills. I call him Chuck. He taught me everything I needed to know about being a maintenance guy. 9. Do you think you have accomplished everything you wanted in life? Oh yes! I really think I accomplished everything I want in life and I thank god for that. 10. If you wouldn't be working at AAG, where would you rather be? I see myself working in an embassy. 11. Where do you see yourself after 10 years? I see myself still working at AAG. I love it here. 12. If you were able to change something in AAG what would you change? I would change stuff like the decoration and air-condition. 13. Is there something that you would like to add or tell to the students of AAG? I would like to tell them that they are beautiful.

Malak Abdullah– Grade 11

Dana Al Sallal– Grade 10

Only Seems Like Yesterday

INJAZ.. To Create Highly-Skilled Workers Written by Diana Abu Sara

Only seems like yesterday you learned how to crawl across the floor, Falling when you first started to learn how to walk, Watching on TV how to count to four, Written by Sundus AlAbdulJaleel

Once again INJAZ club has resumed its activities for the school year 20132014. After joining the “JA Career Success” Program last year, this year, the students chose “JA Company Program”. This program requires the class to turn into a real start-up business with the help of a mentor/entrepreneur. Mrs. Bentlin Taft, the INJAZ supervisor, gave the students a chance to choose what program they would like to be a part of. She said that “our AAG students are instructed to come up with a business idea, study its feasibility, sell its stocks to raise capital, divide into management teams, produce a business plan, produce and sell a product or service and finally liquidate the company.”

And hearing claps when you first began to talk, Only seems like yesterday it was your first day of school, Running to the arms of your parents at the end of the day, When building the tallest tower using Lego was cool, And with the other kids you would play, Only seems like yesterday you turned eight And you already had your first best friend, Finding that sometimes with other people it was hard to relate, And wondering when the last class will end, Only seems like yesterday cubbies turned into lockers, And your bags were piled with books,

INJAZ program ends with an exciting national competition every year between the schools in Kuwait. The winner will compete against the winners in the Gulf and then go international.

Already becoming fans of celebrities like rockers,

This after school activity is every Monday starting from November 18, 2013 to March or April 2014. Each meeting after school lasts for 2 hours. Every INJAZ student has to be fully committed to this program.

Only seems like yesterday you entered the ninth grade,

INJAZ-Kuwait is a nonprofit organization – founded in 2005 – committed to inspiring, preparing and empowering youth in Kuwait to succeed in the global economy. INJAZ-Kuwait forms part of the global network of Junior Achievement Worldwide (JAW). The programs are designed to narrow social inequities, harness female empowerment, encourage social engagement, foster creativity and experience and develop generations of highly-skilled workers.

And wearing make up for different looks,

Making jokes and trouble in class, That whenever there was food, there was a raid, And you had to walk through the halls with a pass, Only seems like yesterday it was the beginning of summer and the start of the school year, And I know what you’ve been thinking in the inside, That near graduation, you’ll end up having a smile as well as a tear, When you look over your shoulder and realize that time passed by so fast it flied.




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Zain Zamani

Riddle “On my own I'm 24th, two of us and I'm 20, three of us and I'm 18. What am I?” Answers should be submitted to the journalism teacher in room 319. The first three students with the right answer will be given the permission to order food to school.

Students of the Month Interviewed by Dana Abu Sara

Grade 9: Jana Al Ajmi

“I focus in the class, and I try my best not to talk. That’s why my grades improved.”

Grade 10: Redhab Al Khaled

“I Do my best in all of the subjects and enjoy it at the same time. I study hard to maintain my good grades in all subjects and want to make everyone proud when they see me graduate as a valedictorian. “

Teacher of the Month Ms. Komal Khanna I am very thankful to the people who have nominated me as the Teacher of the month. It feels great to be appreciated for all the hard work and effort that is put every day. Thank you once again.

Upcoming Events Nov 3rd— Arabic Midterm Exam Nov 4th— Religion Midterm Exam Nov 6th— Pink Day

Grade 11: Malak Abdullah

“I make sure I'm on the right track. If I have any questions, I ask them before any quizzes/tests. I am focused in class. At home, my home works are all completed, and the occasional review is required. In class, I remain seated and quiet when the teacher is lecturing. I ask questions only after the teacher has finished her lesson. And the respectful tone we are required to use when addressing a teacher is a must.”

Nov 11th— Math Midterm Exam Nov 12th — Science Midterm Exam Nov 13th — Social Studies Midterm Exam Nov 14th —English Midterm Exam

Grade 12: Safa Rashid

Nov 21st —Sports Day

“I try to keep a positive attitude all the time, and I try to not stress over things,

Nov 26th— Dara’a Day

and I also like to challenge myself, and always try to be there for others so I can be liked and respected by them.”

Nov 28th— Report Card Go Home

Are You Being Bullied? How to Deal With it? Written by Faner Al Refaie

Have you ever been bullied? Many people around the world are being bullied every day. As a result, many of them harm or kill themselves trying to get rid of it. What is bullying? Bullying is using “superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force them to do something.” What happens to people who are bullied? They Feel trapped, helpless, withdrawn and like no one understands. They no longer enjoy the things they used to enjoy and drop out of activity groups or clubs. They Feel lonely, isolated and avoid group situations. They face Depression and anxiety, increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, and loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy. These issues may persist into adulthood. They also feel anxious, depressed, lonely or insecure, feel like crying a lot and will be unable to concentrate in class. How to deal with bullying? Try to ignore the bully and walk away. Report all bullying to someone who can deal or punish the bully like your parents, school guidance counselor, or principal. Don’t blame yourself, it is not your fault. Be proud of who you are despite what a bully says. Learn to deal with stress, Like doing exercise, meditation, positive self-talk, and muscle relaxation.

Aag Nov 2013