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A Rare Sight True Beauty is distant and rare Wars are fought and battles lost Beauty of a woman was the just the cost You have stumbled upon this sight When the earth shakes yet standing still And nerves fight for the courage to speak Only to fall to the ground when your knees went weak Entangled in the web of love, emotions rage Even from afar, the sight of beauty, you truly are The chaotic world around me disappeared Only to see the sight of you, as you grew nearer Greenish eyes with a hint of blue, good god Of all the woman, I saw True Beauty in you Time stood still as you stopped to say hello Imprisoned from your smile and glance It took everything I had, to move from your trance A smile so innocent, its hard to look away The beauty of my dreams, in front of me you are One in a million is all I can say Turn back time, younger in years I pray True Beauty is a sight to behold If you have it, hold it close, never to let go For in this life, it comes and it goes For the True Beauty that walked into my life To this she will never know.

A rare sight  

What happened to me when I seen True Beauty.

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