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Harmony April, 2009

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Letter from the President

more rewarding to see so many people commit to visiting the steering committee.

Hey Alumni, The First Annual Kiamsha Alumni Family Reunion was an overwhelming success!!! Carlvern and Paula were again gracious enough to let us use their house for another one of our gatherings and, as big as it is, their house was PACKED! It was great to see faces I hadn’t seen in so long. It was even

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To sum the reunion up in a sentence: the band was crankin’, the food was bangin’, and the energy in the room was amaz ing! You could literally feel the love growing in that room as each person entered the door. And it was fun, ya’ll! Seeing hidden talents in the open mic, games, and checking out the Alumni-Made Kiamsha Documentary made it an incredible night. I could talk about this thing all day, but I’ll spare you. Just stay tuned for updates on pics and video from the event, new developments in the KAA, and the Kiamsha Alumni Cookout coming this summer! Big things are happening folks! Inspired Kepa Freeman ‘02 President, Kiamsha Alumni Association

KAA has launched numerous social media sites for you to join and enjoy Kore is a blog created and maintained by Kiamsha alumni. Join our world over in blogspot to stay abreast of the latest alumni updates and events. Post comments and spark discussions about subjects that are important or interesting to you. Click here to view. You can also connect with us at Ning, our very own social networking website. Like Facebook, Ning allows us to connect with friends, post pictures, chat, upload video and make status updates. Click here. If you’re trying to make an impact in your professional career, we are also on LinkedIn. Linkedin allows you to connect with people in an effort to expand your professional network. Sign up and join our group “Kiamsha Alumni Association.” Click here to join.

Road To Essence Magazine: The Amazing Value of Networking by Jendayi Croom

I began my road towards the job of my dreams six years ago, and I wasn’t even aware. While interning at New York’s Radio City Music Hall for the Rockettes, I ate lunch every day by the fountain in front of the Time Inc. building on 50th St. and 6th Ave. It was by this fountain and after a turkey and cheese sandwhich that Jonte Ryan* approached me for the first time. Jonte, who was around my age, was fullfilling his intership requirement with Sports Illustrated Magazine, a title under the Time Inc. brand. Now it was no secret that Jonte was hitting on me. Every single day that I saw him, he would ask me out for lunch or for my phone number. He was a nice guy but I wasn’t in a place to date. So I respectfully declined each time, but made it a point to be amicable and engaging in all of our summer conversations by the fountain. As a result, I learned a lot from him that summer and vice versa. After our summer internships ended, we both went our separate ways, but kept in brief contact through email throughout the years. Five years later, while living in Los Angeles, CA, I was in desperate need of a career change. I was unhappy with *names changed

Bulletins Historian Dr. John Hope Franklin passed away on Wednesday, March 25. Dr. Franklin was a supporter of Kiamsha and ASALH. Before he passed, Kiamsha presented him with a creative poster of himself, designed by a Kiamsha alumni member. For more click here. Kiamsha has finally acquired furniture for our new office space in Upper Marlboro. Cleaning & arranging still needed! N’Erin Brown c/o ‘00 has changed careers and moved back to MD. She is happily pursuing a fulfilling career in childhood education. We wish her luck!

M Me elv e l wa vin- tte As Kiamsha grows into a viable organization D s her aw avi reaching youth locally as well as around the ard s P P country, it is Mrs. Dunn’s hope that you will stay enn hD f ed Sta rom in touch. Please send her your resume so she can te U. keep you on file for future opportunities.

We went Laser Tagging with the Steering Committee! Alumni Alissa Hyman, Tony Broadnax, Renada Johnson, Tiffany Clarke, Andrea Latney, Kara Williams, Japera Croom and Jendayi Croom supported the youth.

JENDI’s 5 NETWORKING TIPS 1. Never dismiss a person. S/he could be the key to your success. 2. Keep in contact with old acquaintances, even if it's through email forwards. Just make sure they don't forget your name. Be memorable. 3. Sign up for LinkedIn and other networking sites. 4. Remember to personally thank anyone who helps you achieve a career goal. 5. Be on the lookout as to how you can help someone else. Don't only be a receiver. Give my finance job and wrote a self-empowering blog entitled “Turning Point #14”. (Check it out here - http://jcroomzuri. Ironically a fellow blogger who I had never met, read that blog and left me a long message which led to me learn that he was a recruiter. We exchanged numbers and had a phone conversation that very same afternoon - a phone conversation full of advice that I will never forget. One piece of advice was to join the networking site LinkedIn which I did while we were on the phone. The most memorable point he made, however, was that resume submittal was not enough. “It is critically vital that you communicate with a human being in order to push your resume further than the thousands of people who are applying for the same job that you are via the internet”, he said. I heard his reasoning loud and clear and internalized it for future use. It was during this same time that I was reading a book entitled “Get Yours! A Girlfriend’s Guide To Having Everything You Want and More” by Amy DuBois Barnett, who just happened to be a former Essence Magazine employee. After reading her inspiring words from cover to cover in two days, I decided that I too wanted to work for Essence Magazine. With my interest in the fashion, beauty and African-American female segments, I knew the company would serve my needs. I logged onto the Time Inc. career website (Essence was just bought by Time Inc. a couple of years earlier) and lo and behold there was a finance position available. I promptly applied and spent that night contemplating what human being I could speak to in order to provide me with that needed push. The very next day (I lie to you not!), I received a friend request from LinkedIn. That friend was none other than Jonte Ryan, who now had a permanent position at Time Inc.! If I remember correctly, I think I broke down with tears of joy that day. Lol. I caught up with my old friend Jonte, asked him for assistance and the rest is history. continued on next page

Kiamsha Alumni Networking Mixer at

Kiamsha Alumni Association presents the first

Posh Lounge. R&B Live is a new, sophisticated and trendy event that takes place at Posh Lounge in D.C. on Tuesday nights. This after hours event showcases rising talent in the area of music and spoken word; and allows you to network with Kiamsha alumni members and other young professionals, while listening to good music and enjoying a great meal. Bring a friend and join us at R&B Live Tuesday, April 21, 2009 730 11th St NW # 1 Washington, DC 20001 Watch an R&B Live performance here

For more information contact Alissa Hyman at continued from previous page

That ad revenue analyst position at Essence Magazine was made especially for me. After USAirways lost my luggage, which forced me to walk into the interview of my life without a suit on, makeup on my face, or a bounce and curl to my hair, I still landed the job of my dreams! What do you think about that?! =) All of these various forms of networking however - the blog post to the recruiter connection to my registration with LinkedIn to Ms. Barnett’s book to Jonte Ryan - helped me land my career job. Being that I am no longer employed with Time Inc. due to the economic recession, I am in search of my next career opportunity. To help others and myself along the way, I have listed 5 networking tips that I am ready to employ all over again. Hopefully they’ll lead you to your dream job just like they did mine. UPDATE: Jendi now works with the Washington Post, thanks again to her networking skills.

A Trip To China by Shanae Williams

Working for General Electric (GE) has afforded me the chance to become somewhat of a world traveler. In August 2008, I traveled to Shanghai and Beijing, China during the Olympic Games. GE is the sponsor for the Olympic Games and participates in all aspects of the games including broadcasts (NBC a sub-business of GE) and the actual construction of the buildings. As a part of the Information Management Leadership Program (IMLP), eighty-five of us were given the chance to train and work in China for an entire month. I remember stepping off the plane, thinking “I can’t believe I am here.” Being one of five African Americans to participate in the trip, I felt proud to be given such a great opportunity. The Chinese were fascinated by our brown skin, as they gazed at us like we were superstars and tried to touch our skin to see if it was real. Throughout the trip, we must have taken over 50 pictures with random strangers who were captivated by us. Initially, I felt offended and uncomfortable, as if I were being stared and pointed at. Then, I realized it was simply a culture shock. My most fond memories are touring the city and thinking about how much we take for granted in the United States. Our fresh air, fancy toilets and clean drinking water are things I had not appreciated. For part of our tour we rode in ricochets, which are men/women riding a bicycle loosely connected to a carriage. They cycled us around in 80 degree weather for hours and only charged us 10 yuan (a little less than $2 USD) – in China it is not customary to tip workers. Returning from China I have long lasting memories – climbing the Great Wall, meeting and celebrating with the Olympians, and learning the Mandarin language. However, I also returned with a feeling that will change my perspective on life forever– gratitude.


A Kiamsha Alumni Publication