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Operation white-out success! Luxury in excess State legislature passes bills which could effect national public health Start times finalized

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Player Perspective: Esports Featured Athlete: Zaryn Kamara Why do you run? Lady Jays Basketball: Second in State


Editorial: Safety vs. Freedom


Why we should cut down on palm oil


Electoral College


Head to Head: Cell Phone Banned in School

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Noah Holt Bryan Ibañez Demeshia Slaughter Tristyn Smith Ash Stickann


April 15, 2019 Volume 88, Issue 6 Red & Black is a student-led newspaper that serves as a public forum for the school and the community. Opinions expressed in the paper are not necessarily those of JCHS, nor the faculty, staff or administrators.

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FROM THE EDITORS Hello! Welcome back for the final issue of the school year! We are highlighting students in many different groups. I hope we have accomplished our goal of bringing more groups in to the spotlight. This time of year can be stressful for students and teachers, so I hope you can take a break and enjoy this issue. If you missed the annual Mr. JC, you should check out the Spotlight section and see all the cool guys showing off (Shout out to Ash who represented the Red&Black!). Don’t forget that we will still be posting stories on our website! See you all next year! -Taylor:)

Hey guys! Well, here it is: our final issue for the 20182019 school year. To be completely honest, I’ve been dreading this. I’ve loved being a part of this newspaper so much and I’m so sad that my time is coming to an end for a little bit. Even still, we’re not done yet! We’ll still be publishing stories online throughout May and updating our website! I hope the school year has been a good one for everybody; I know it has been for me. I also hope that you guys have enjoyed this year’s Red & Black collectively. We’ve tried our best to bring a good newspaper and it has been an honor to be a part of it. Here’s to next year! -Blakelee

Tuxedo rentals start at $89.99! 04.15.19//NEWS


NEWS Ash Stickann

Upcoming events

Event: Reel Life Cinema: The Fish on My Plate Missouri River Regional Library, Wednesday, April 17, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm. Free. Event: Thursday Night Live 200th block of High St, Thursday, May 9th, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm. $5.00 for 13 and up.

Event: Sound the Alarm Kick-Off; American Red Cross Community Kick-off Event 200-300 Block of High Event: Art Around Town (Gallery Crawl) 1507 E McCarty (Village Square) Friday, April 26th, 4:00 pm Event: Stars Under the Stars 2019- The Little Mermaid Ellis-Porter Riverside Park, Friday, June 7: “The Little Mermaid” 8:45 pm. Free.

Operation whiteout success! Taylor Baker


ollowing the trash audit performed by the green team, the school has decided to make some environmentally-friendly changes. As of next school year, the cafeteria will be reducing the Styrofoam usage during breakfast and lunch. Instead of using Styrofoam plates and plastic utensils, the school will switch to sectioned trays and metal utensils. This is a huge success for the Green Team, who has spent countless hours advocating for this change. The grantwriting committee is still advocating for trash and recycling receptacles side by side in the cafeteria and around school.



Members of the Green Team will be helping facilitate the change next year and guide students as to where their waste will go. Mrs. Fraga, the Green Team staff sponsor, says that moving forward she would like to work towards getting a compost receptacle as well. “We are hoping to continue to work with Food Services and possibly the Culinary Arts program and the Agriculture Department to implement composting at JC. There are many benefits to composting, food waste, reduction being only one of them,” stated Fraga. Mrs. Fraga is very proud of her team

and everything they have accomplished because of their persistence and passion. She also expressed her appreciation towards the school. “We are so proud of the school district’s efforts to embrace waste reduction, increase recycling rates and to shift people’s habits for the sake of reducing greenhouse emissions and thus mitigating climate change,” Fraga stated. The Green Team is made up of students who strongly believe that small changes will make a huge difference. If you are interested in joining Green Team, contact Mrs. Fraga for more information.

Luxury in excess


Ash Stickann

he makeup industry is something that everyone comes into contact within their life. But one thing that has been noticed by many online influencers and customers alike is packaging. Online ‘beauty guru” and makeup Youtube channels have started denying PR (Public Relations) gifts from makeup companies. This is due to the excessive amount of packaging seen in so many of these brands. Youtubers like Patricia Bright, Lauren Curtis, Samantha Ravndahl, Jenn Im and Jackie Aina have all taken their name from receiving lists for PR packaging. The amount of waste created by the layers of tissue paper and cardboard piles up and

creates so much trash compared to the amount of product. This is being seen not only in PR, but in packaging in stores as well, to a certain extent. Brands that claim to be “Vegan” and “Animal Cruelty-Free” are some of the many big perpetrators when it comes to creating packaging waste. When interviewed and asked about this, an employee at Sephora who will remain anonymous said, “It shouldn’t be a problem, it should be about the product, not how much packaging you put it in.” Employees at Ulta were asked to comment on this topic, but due to the company policy, they were unable to give a statement.

The makeup industry creates over 120 billion units of packaging worldwide every year, as told by Stylist, a widely used fashion and makeup news source. That amount of waste is enough to cover millions of acres of land with cardboard, plastic and non-biodegradable substances. There are so many unnecessary levels to what goes into a PR box. There’s wrapping around containers of moisturizers, creams and boxes as well as the countless layers of tissue paper and cardboard to hold everything in place for at most around 4-5 items.

State legislature passes bills which could affect national public health T

his past March, at least twenty states passed anti-vaccination bills to support the trend of people that choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children. Despite the recent outbreak of measles in America, state legislators continue to approve bills that would prevent these formerly-eliminated diseases from propagating. Parents can now evade previous stateimposed vaccination criteria for reasons that could even include non-medical purposes. Doctors will also be required to notify their patients about the potential harms that could result from a vaccination as a result of these new laws. Despite several studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that show the safety of vaccinations, the anti-vaccination movement continues to endure and is starting to gain legal support. The passage of these laws has brought on much worry from many pediatricians, such as Dr. Sean O’Leary. “They think they’re doing the right

Blakelee Sutton

thing. The problem is, they’re basing their beliefs on misinformation and pseudoscience,” O’Leary said of parents who are deicing not to vaccinate their children. Not just that, but the legislation has also gotten the attention of organizations such as The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIAID, showed his concerns at a congressional hearing in February. “I consider it really an irony that you have one of the most contagious viruses known to man juxtaposed against one of the most effective vaccines that we have and yet we don’t do, and have not done, what could be done, namely completely eliminate and eradicate this virus,” Fauci said. The increase in anti-vaccination has been shown to lead to a decrease in vaccination coverage, which increases the chances of an outbreak of a vaccinationpreventable diseases in the United States,

according to a study done by PLOS Medicine done in 2018. The passage of these bills speaks to a growing trend in America regarding our leniency towards the importance of vaccination and the compulsory need for them. Whether or not it continues throughout the rest of the country remains to be seen. 04.15.19//NEWS


National Student Poets Program Taylor Baker


arius Aftetat-Peckham is one of five seniors chosen by the National Student Poets Program to travel around the country speaking to students, holding workshops and sharing his poetry. Darius spoke about his admiration for Ross Gay, who writes about the small joys of life. He often writes about the complications of joy and sadness. Darius came to Jefferson City to share some of his work with students and hopefully put some delight into other’s lives.



fetat-Pec A s kh u i r am Da

The Beautiful Day Dance Mornings, when I woke up, my face sagging, defeated, Dad would smile at me and wave his arms above his head, his legs kicking beneath him, a desperate flail but a chance to show that he could move his body as well as anyone--when the sunlight seemed to break and spill down his raised chin like egg whites and the chill bit into us both--he’d sing The song isn’t as important to me now as the beauty of the dance (and I’m sure the melody was a repetitious rip-off of Zippity-Doo-Dah, though sometimes we tilted our heads beneath the sky And just yelled it, despite the neighbors, dispelling Puff of warm air from our mouths as we screamed It’s a beautiful day, to the blue that filled the space Behind the clouds, to whoever was listening- to the Way I sweat at nights, Dad rubbing the wet T-shirt That clung to my back \, whispering, It’s all right, We’re okay over and over, like a chorus, the the broken Limbs and the deaths that rendered us, for a time, living memories, regretfully alive, but thankful that We could always spin ourselves around, arms spread spread wide To live and dance and) To sing anywaysTo sing always.

Start-times finalized

Pro: More time for high schoolers to sleep in

Tristyn Smith


n the 2019-2020 school year, JCPS will switch its start times (elementary schools at 7:45, middle schools at 8:50 and high schools at 8:40). This has left the student body divided over whether this change is for the greater good, or if it creates more problems than it solves. The factors listed below are some of the pros and cons of the upcoming start time change.

Con: Many parents rely on students to pick up their younger siblings

Studies from the National Sleep Foundation show that the brain of a high school student is traditionally unable to fall asleep before 11:00 PM. This means that on the current schedule, most attendees of JCHS fall short of the 8-10 hours per night that are necessary for a high school age student to function properly. These new start times will allow students to sleep in an extra hour; this means that instead of sleeping from 11-6, most students can sleep in until 7 in order to get that extra hour that they so desperately need.

A large portion of high schoolers drive to school. Many parents use this as an opportunity to save time and money by having their high schooler pick up their younger siblings.

Pro: Increased academic performance

With the new system, this cannot happen and many parents will be forced to take off work to pick up their children or pay for afterIncreased sleep has many results; one of these school childcare. This proves to be very is an overall increase in academic performance. inconvenient to any parent who does With a start time that is delayed by just one hour, not want their younger children students grades rose by an average of 4.5 percent, to be home alone. according to a study conducted by the University of Washington.

Con: Losing work hours

Since a main goal of our school is to improve academically, these start times are a step in Many high school students work after the right direction. school. Oftentimes, their shift starts around 4:00 PM. With the new schedule, students will lose between half an hour to an hour of work time per shift. This can be detrimental to students who need as many hours as possible to pay for things such as vehicle maintenance, food and a place to live. This situation will most likely hurt the student body financially.


verall, there are many reasons why the later start times can help or hurt students. There is no possible way for the district to please everyone, so this decision is bound to upset a large portion of students, but it will also help the others. 04.15.19//NEWS


Featured artist: Jasmine Howard


Q: What made you want to join the culinary arts? A: Well, what made me want to join the culinary program was, I’m really fascinated with cooking. Like, cooking is in my family. My dad cooks, my brother cooks; it’s just a thing my family falls into one way or another.

Q: How easy would you say it was getting into the program, was there any difficulty?

A: No, there was not any real difficulties at all. If you have your priorities right with what you want to do, and if you want to go into the field, it’s easy to get in and it’s a really good program.

Q: Was there any misgivings going into this? Like is this really what you want to do?

A: When I was interviewing, I told Chef Moore that I wanted to be in the

criminal justice field for forensic scientists and this would be like a fall-back plan for me.

Q: And finally, if you were to pursue a career in the culinary arts, what is your end goal?

A: Getting my own restaurant and owning it with my brother. That was our

plan. When I got accepted that was our plan, that I would run the restaurant until he got all the certification and then I would co-chef with him.

College living: On or off campus? Avery FitzSimmons

t’s important to note that prices of college depend on many different factors. They can differ depending on the type of college, what they specialize in, and the location. The cheapest cost for college is usually community -Usually more college where you can get expensive. you basic required classes out of the way. Besides that -All the money for community colleges usually student housing is typically due all at once. doesn’t require you to stay on campus because they don’t have housing. -Limited privacy at While other colleges times. might require you to stay your first year. The -Would have to following are just the flat downsize and get rid of rate for tuition cost, not a lot. everything is included.

Living on campus


-Living on campus would allow a shorter commute to classes. -Utilities are included. -Depending on the scholarship, it might help pay for your student housing if you choose to live on campus. -Campus security. -Usually includes food vouchers.




-Some colleges shut down the dorms during breaks so you wouldn’t be able to stay there.

Mizzou - $9,509 (in state) $25,166 (out of state) Missouri state - $7,376 (in state) $7,950 (out of state) $8,755 (price with meal plan)


Living off campus



-Money is spaced out over time.

-Utilities are not included (sometimes).

-Usually cheaper.

-Some places don’t have a washer or dryer.

-Can start building rent history making it easier to buy or rent places later in life. -More privacy. -If you decide you like the place enough, you can decide to stay there longer.

-Could have difficulties with your landlord. -Be confined to a lease. -Pay for a place yearround.

Featured artist: Haley


Ash Stickann

Q: When did you start enjoying art? A: I’ve done art all my life, but only really got into it around age 13. Q: What medium do you prefer to use? A: Copic markers are what I use the most. Q: What kinds of things do you do when you get artist’s block? A: Really I just doodle and search Pinterest until something catches my eye. There’s no perfect way to get out of an art block. Q: What kind of future are you hoping to build with these skills? A: I’ve thought of doing some kind of illustrative contracts with some children’s book authors, but as of now it’s just a bit of a side gig for me, and I’m fine with that. Q: Do you have any inspirations for your work? A: There’s no major inspiration, honestly. I follow a few artists online (DrawWiffWaffles, Draw With Jazza, Emily Artful, etc). Really my own style is a mix of the kinds of art I like, but it leans towards a childish illustrative look. Q: Have the programs and classes here at JCHS helped you develop your skills in any way to improve your artwork? A: JCPS has offered me a lot of practical help along the way for learning new skills. Personally, though, I think that JCHS has a restrictive way of teaching that just doesn’t work for me. Everything from restricting what materials can be used for certain projects to saying you MUST have an exact sample photo for whatever you’re doing has turned me away from the classes they offer. 04.15.19//FEATURES


Come one, come all to JCHS’s:

Festival of Mystery Avery FitzSimmons

“Up cl


p “Ex


and p

erso nal .”

.” ing h t ny ct a

What to expect:

Performers (Aerial silk dancers, contortionists.) Themed drinks Themed food Lots of places to take photos Party favors Umbrellas incorporated into the decorations Astounding collection of colors Extravagant & unique decorations Interactive aspects of the acts

“Gra p desi hic desi gnin g g th n has d e po o sters ne an a poss , ticket mazing s ible shir , invitat job with ts.” ions , and n i s t n n ude one a ps.” t s d r o ebe have ith pr W g s w is in “M work elping “S tud h od ent Wo ng job s ha i z v a m p a rom e great tog ly pu eth er.” lled th is

Help wanted!

Memberships starting at $12.95

Have unique ideas that you’d like to see at prom?

Buy TWO Spray Tans, get ONE FREE.

People who would like to show off their unique talents.

Help with set design. Help with props. Help with set up/ layout.

Contact Ms. Lori Jobe for more information.


2701 W. Edgewood JCMO 573-556-5585


Featured Teachers Bryan IbaĂąez

Lesley Altheuser

Shellie Goodin

Tucker Snider

Do you have a staff member you think more people should know about? Contact us with your suggestion, and we may do a feature on them! Q: What interested you in joining the health field? Was nursing

your first choice? A: When I was 18, I was in college planning to be an English teacher. I had a great teacher my senior year in high school, and I loved the class. However, I couldn’t imagine being in a traditional classroom day in and day out. A neighbor of mine encouraged me to consider nursing, and the next day, I applied for a job at Jefferson City Manor Care Center. My NCC job allows me the opportunity to be in the classroom, but always with patient care in mind.

Q: What attracted you to teach at JC/Nichols? A: I was a Dialysis nurse for several years. During that part

of my career, my father-in-law was also terminally ill. These stressors made me question nursing as a career. However, when the NCC Practical Nursing Coordinator, Patty Francka RN, called with an OB Instructor Position, my love for nursing was restored. In 2001, I had the opportunity to move to the secondary program Health Science and teach students to become Certified Nursing Assistants. I love being back at the nursing homes.

Q: What’s something that discouraged you during hard times

at nursing school? A: I was an average student in school, both high school and college. I had nursing skills from working in the nursing home, but the academics were hard for me. I had to take a semester off, because I had to take a Pharmacology class over. I just never gave up. I love to share that story with students! Never give up!

Q: Why do you like teaching? A: Teaching gives me an opportunity to share the very best

elements of my subject with others; my content area is one that demands interaction with other minds. Literature, reading, writing - these make us human, and the sharing of them grows us as people.

Q: What did you want to be when you were a teenager? A: A lot of things. I knew for sure that the realm of ideas was

where it was at though. Whatever I chose to do for a living, my path needed to be one where I could find an epiphany. That meant both reading a great deal AND getting out there and having some experiences.

Q: Who influenced you to become a teacher? A: A long string of teachers and mentors. They are everywhere,

and they tend to be there for you when you need them to help you with your next stage. Teachers are not just people who work in schools; they are aunts, uncles, friends. You, yourself, might find you are a mentor to another.

Q: What are your daily challenges? A: The job has some noble challenges inherent to it, and those

are gratifying. I want to bring the best opportunities my content offers to open up new views to my students.

Q: What have you accomplished this year? A: There are the expected accomplishments and little victories

with students. Every year - every day, really - is an opportunity to improve as a teacher and as a person. This job offers endless possibilities to reflect and improve at teaching, learning, and just being a better human. 04.15.19//FEATURES


Mr. JC? more like Entrances: Ash Stickann and Gio Acosta

Swimwear: Dylan Benedict and Benton Kiesling

Minute to win it!!!



Mr. Must-See! Talent: Quinn Kempker and Sam Rackers

Evening wear: David Gillam and Blake Conrad

Your 2019 Mr. JC winner is... Brock Johnson! 04.15.19//SPOTLIGHT


SPORTS Quin Kempker


ompetitive video games, also called Esports, is an activity that is growing in popularity around the world. The prize pools for large tournaments grow larger each year; the last worldwide tournament for “League of Legends” had a six-milliondollar prize pool. Since Esports is a quickly growing industry, many colleges are implementing Esports teams and they are in need of players. This means Esports scholarships are very commonly received by students because of the high demand for players. We introduced an Esports club at JCHS last year, and every graduating senior in the club was offered a scholarship by a college. Since that time, we have introduced teams for “League of Legends,” “Overwatch,” “Hearthstone” and “Super Smash Brothers.” Like any sport, playing on a team requires teamwork, mechanical practice, memorisation and communication.

Player Perspective:

eSports Many people who play together within the club have become very close friends. The club is also a great place to develop connections to many people within the professional scene of gaming. We have the opportunity to speak and play with professional players and renowned coaches from around the world. These connections open future opportunities as well as help you grow as a player and as a person. We have the opportunity to attend invitational championships if our season records are high, and have had players on the Midwest college all-star team two years in a row. A few players are currently preparing to watch a professional match in St. Louis with their coach. Esports is a great experience for anyone who is interested in gaming, and is a wonderful place to meet new people.

Featured Athlete Rylie Bohanan

Zaryn Kamara: Track Q: How long have you been running? A: “I have been running since I was 10.”

Q: What are your goals for this track season? A: “Hopefully make it to state, especially since it’s my last year.”

Q: Why do you run? A: “I run as a way to release my stress and I love the feeling I get after running or exercising.”

Q: What are you looking forward to most for this season? A: “Just spending time with my teammates and all of the away meets.”

Q: Are you doing track in college? A: “Unfortunately, no.”


11.15.18//SPORTS 04.15.19//SPORTS

Why do you run? Michelle Grant

Jackie Hensley Junior

Events: 3200, 1600, and 800 meters.

“I run because I’m bad at all other sports. I also get free food.”

What’s the deal with people running VOLUNTARILY for miles on their own? This seems like a big question everyone has for long-distance runners. Here’s a quick insight on what distance track runners have to say about the reason they run.

Maddie Showers Junior

Events: 1600 and 800 meters.

“I run because it’s a constant challenge and it’s something to put effort into. Whenever I’m done, I feel awesome.”

Ellie Plume Freshman

Patrick Malone Junior

Events: 3200, 1600, and 800 meters.

“I run to compete. I’m good at it, and I really like winning. I win a lot, for the most part.”

Events: 3200, 1600, and 800 meters.

“I run because I really like the team and it’s just kind of nice to go out and run and bond with other people [on the team].” www.jcredblack.com11.15.18//SPORTS 04.15.19//SPORTS


Lady Jays Basketball: Second in State Rylie Bohanan


he 2019 season for the Lady Jays was one for the books. The Lady Jays went 29-2 for the whole season, only losing to the Class 4 and Class 5 state champions. The Lady Jays not only broke the school record for most wins in a season, but they also did what hasn’t been done in years; they made it to the Class 5 State Championships. The Lady Jays fought hard all season to get to the Championship, working hard on the weekdays and even weekends. They set goals at the beginning of the season and by the time season was over, they had met them. “One of our main goals was to win all three of our tournaments and we did. We also beat Rockbridge and Hickman twice this season, which was exciting. We constantly put in work on weekdays and weekends to improve our game,” senior Greta Haarmann states. The Lady Jays were very dedicated to the game and to each other. The greatest


factor of their success was their team chemistry. “We’re like a family on and off the court,” Haarmann states. They also used their height to their advantage. With multiple players standing at six-foot or over, teams had a hard time defending against the Lady Jays. These factors and their skill helped them win game after game, leading them to the Class 5 Championship Game. Every late night and weekend they spent improving their game has been to get to this point. “It will probably be something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. You get treated with luxuries and other bonuses that some athletes will never get to experience. Not only for the basketball side of things, but the support the school, students and community gave us. The send off for the Final Four, the police and fire truck escort out of town, and then


the hundreds of kids and staff members that showed up to support us was indescribable. In the championship game, the adrenaline rush was insane in that environment. It almost felt like a movie. We knew what was on the line and how hard we worked to get there,” Haarmann recalls the experience very brightly. The Lady Jays had a rocky start during the championship game, getting into foul trouble early and struggling to make shots that they usually made with ease. And by the time they started getting their rhythm, it was too late. “It was a tough way to end the season, but that game doesn’t define what an incredible season we had,” Haarmann states. Although the season didn’t end the way the team and whole Jefferson City community wanted, or even expected it to end, this season is going to be remembered by everyone.

The Red and Black’s Editorial: A

Safety vs Freedom

long lasting debate exists in our nation about how much freedom we should give up for safety. The two competing sides both try to maintain the granted freedoms in the American Constitution with their position, but there is only one true answer that safeguards American freedom. That debate includes two sides: protecting each American citizen’s right to privacy and making necessary compromises to this freedom in order to prevent any potential threat. It’s completely understandable why someone would want to advocate for government surveillance such as this. Although it might prevent something like a terrorist attack, the aversion of a potential attack does not justify the blatant violation of the inalienable rights that are granted to each individual citizen. People should have the right to communicate with one another over the Internet or through cellular communication devices without the fear that a government agency might be spying on each conversation that they might have. That being said, there is merit to monitoring what people are saying in a public domain area of the Internet. For example, if someone is cyber-bullying another, or making death threats to another person on their Facebook feed, Instagram post, Twitter, etc, then they should absolutely face repercussions for their actions. Since these areas are available to be seen by anyone, it makes complete sense for the authorities to use this as reasoning for punishment. Public social media feeds can have just as much of an emotional and mental effect on someone as a public area, such as a crowded shopping mall can. That being said, private messages and private conversations should not be monitored by prying eyes in the name of “national security.” The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees that the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated. If people cannot even maintain the privacy to speak to others through the tools available to us, then we have completely ignored the constitutional rights given to all citizens. The day that we give up our own constitutional rights just to feel a little safer is the day that we surrender to our own fears.


he idea that we should give up a large portion of our freedom to gain safety is quite ridiculous. These sacrifices tend to lead to the government over extending its reach by a large margin. One of the most extreme examples is Nazi Germany; where the government controlled all media and it allowed the government to gain almost complete control over the beliefs of its people. The reasoning behind this was to unite the people against a group that was, at least according to Hitler and the Nazi Party, the cause of all of their problems. In this, the Nazis were able to sneak in and chip away at the freedoms that are truly essential. At this point, the sacrifice of freedom for the sake of safety becomes counterproductive because the lack of freedom removes the ability to defend oneself, freely speak or have privacy. These freedoms are essential to having an individualistic and safe society. This is one of the most extreme instances throughout history, but there are modern examples as well. Modern-day China is an example of how an overreaching government is dangerous. The overbearing Chinese government heavily censors its media as a means of protecting the citizens from themselves. This government censors any and all media that conflicts with their point of view. This gives an “everything is fine” mentality to many citizens; when from an outside perspective, everything is obviously very not fine. Both the Chinese and Nazi governments are examples of what can happen when a government reaches too far to protect its citizens from real and non-real threats. In the United States, the conflicts between the people and the government become more common and more severe seemingly by the day. Whether it be the news that Facebook sells its users’ personal information to the government or that the government can see into our private text messages. The idea that media control is necessary for a safe society is simply untrue. The freedom of free speech is just too important to give up. 04.15.19//OPINION


Opinion Why we need to cut down on palm oil H

Michelle Grant

ave you eaten chips, peanut butter, instant noodles or ice cream recently? Have you washed your hands with soap this morning? If you said yes to any of those, you have bought products with palm oil in them. And not just these, palm oil is in many everyday household items. So what is palm oil and why is it so bad? Palm oil is a popular edible vegetable oil made from pulp found in oil palms. Palm oil is used for thousands of food products, soap products and even biofuel. Palm oil is easy and cheap to obtain and good for you- it contains no trans fat making it healthier for people with heart disease and cholesterol. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful to the environment. In order to get the palm oil, rainforests are set on fire to make room for palm oil plantations. Slash and burn agriculture is a fast way to clear land and appeals to poor small-scale farmers and large corporations alike. This deforestation occurs regularly in Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

This results in animals habitats being completely destroyed. Orangutans, among the several other animals affected and killed by deforestation, are suffering in particular. “Over 80% of the orangutan’s environment has been destroyed in the past 20 years alone.” according to Global Development and the Environment. These animals live in nests in the rainforests that are destroyed, leaving them with no home. Along with the destruction of their homes, orangutans are left vulnerable to poachers, where they kill the mothers and illegally sell their babies as pets. And if that isn’t bad enough, since their forest is destroyed, orangutans are forced to creep onto farmer’s lands where they are usually shot. If you want to do something about this tragedy, you can start the next time you go grocery shopping. Look at labels on food or pretty much any other products and avoid anything with the label of “palm”. You could also try your best to buy organic or vegan products, but be wary of this: some organic and vegan labeled products sometimes

still contain palm oil. So most products from shampoo to some of your favorite snacks most likely contain palm oil. But if we all cut down on just half of palm oil products, farmers could get the message and change can happen.

The Electoral College Blakelee Sutton


democratic voting system is one that is incredibly important to traditional American values. In a representative democracy, it provides citizens with the opportunity to appoint the legislators that will introduce our nation’s policy. We, as a nation, pride ourselves on this democratic system, even going as far as to call ourselves the “free world.” Even with that value, America continues to choose its president through an outdated and contradicting system: the electoral college. The electoral college is a system in which each of the fifty states chooses a group of people that are equal to the combined amount of each respective state’s senators and representatives. This group is called the state’s electors. Each presidential election, citizens vote for a candidate in their state of residency. When

w 18

that state’s electors look at the majority vote for their state, they typically cast their vote for that candidate. The elector’s vote is the true determining factor in choosing the president. This system was created with the goal in mind that even states with comparatively low populations would have just as much of a say in the election. That idea would work given that each state had a completely unanimous viewpoint as if each residents of a single state think the same way. The electoral college creates a system in which a great number of votes in a state become irrelevant simply because it isn’t the majority in that given state. For example, 51% of votes could be for the Republican ticket in Texas, while 49% are for the Democratic ticket. Those Democratic votes aren’t


going to matter because the electors of Texas are nearly always going to vote in favor of the state’s majority vote. So, if you are of the minority opinion in your state, your vote means absolutely nothing even if your vote is the majority combined with the rest of the country. The electoral college set out to give a voice to the little guy, but completely throws them under the bus in the process. Our voting system shouldn’t value the individual opinion of each state because there isn’t such a thing as a state’s opinion. People have varying opinions within each state. We ought to value the majority opinion of the nation’s population as a whole. That is the only way to ensure that a Republican vote in New York has just as much value as a Democratic vote in Georgia.


Head to Head Should we have a no cell phone policy?

Lesley Altheuser



Blakelee Sutton

think phones should be banned in school. Students should be required to turn them completely off or check them into the office before school and get them after the school day ends. Phones distract students from learning and encourage cheating. When a student does not know the answer, he or she uses their phone to ask Google. The students then learn to rely on their electronic devices for the answers, rather than looking them up for themselves. Then the students lacks the skills to solve schoolwork and everyday problems. When it comes to testing, students will lack the knowledge they should have learned and will either fail or cheat. Distracting devices encourage students to avoid hands-on learning and studying. Phones access the internet for ideas, communication and cheating for answers. Phones also distract the students. Many teenagers love to text their friends and snap each other. In classrooms, students can verbally communicate with each other. However, virtual or digital communication can distract students. They focus more on their friends’ lives, instead of their class assignments. Students start testing on their phones and forget to finish typing or writing their assignments. “They get bored and check out and go to the phones for comfort. Then they fail to follow instructions or are late in producing their work because they must receive prompts,” said one teacher in an anonymous survey. Most research backs up what teachers are saying about cell phones in the classroom. “Research clearly shows that they are a distraction and interfere with successful learning, and because research shows that “multitasking” is inefficient and destroys quality,” another teacher said in the anonymous survey. Without phones, the students could excel in school. Teachers who teach regular and lower classes have said that the students that have lower grades are on their phones all the time. The students with higher grades usually either do not have a phone or they are not on their phone during class time. Without phones, students are less likely to get distracted and forget to do their school work. Without phones, students will get their work done and learn the skills they need for school-work and life.


he classroom environment is one that is very special. It’s a place that is designed for young minds to learn about important traits, skills and lessons that are going to help them for the rest of their lives. It’s important that nothing distract students from their teachers and the things that they’re learning because it could prevent the full retention of what they’re being taught. This is the primary argument for the banning of the use of smart phones and other devices while in the classroom. This reasoning makes complete sense. Modern smart phones can be a huge distraction for young people and could hurt the education that they’re being provided with in school. That being said, there is a possibility that the newly updated policy that would be put into place for the 2019-2020 school year would prohibit phones in more than just the classroom. Allegedly, phones would not be allowed in areas like the hallways and even the lunch room. This idea is absolutely ridiculous for many reasons. The biggest reason being that absolutely no one is harmed in the event that a random student decides to check their Twitter feed on the way to their next class. It’s merely a way to pass the time and doesn’t have any kind of negative effect on anyone. This is especially true while in the cafeteria. A lunch period should be time for students to wind down and take a break from their classes. If that means that they need look at their phone to do things like communicate or listen to music, then they absolutely should be able to. It makes complete sense to prevent students from using any sort of distraction while in the learning classroom because it actually does have a negative effect. The same cannot be said for areas in which diligent attention is not necessary. So, introducing a new district-wide policy that would prohibit the use of cell phones in the classroom is absolutely justified and would most definitely have a positive effect. But even still, it should not extend beyond this point. Administrators need to take into account the reasons that they would make this policy in the first place. If it’s to protect the learning of the student body, why would it reach to a place where learning isn’t affected? 04.15.19//OPINION



Upcoming Movies


pider-Man: Far From Home is the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to follow “Avengers: Endgame” and it will certainly have a lot to live up to. In “Far From Home,” Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his classmates travel to Europe on a class trip. A group of elemental beings begins to attack around the city, but are fended off by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). It will be interesting to see how Mysterio’s character will pan out throughout the movie. “Spider-Man: Far From Home” comes out on July 5th and is sure to excite Marvel fans who are anxiously awaiting the series’ next outing.


fter 2013’s “Frozen,” fans were left eagerly waiting for the second installment in the series. The sequel brings a new look to the series, taking place in the fall. The only released material at this point shows Elsa beginning to gain control of her powers. It is safe to assume that this will be a major plot point throughout the movie. At this point, Disney has refrained from showing much more than the base announcement and almost all of the information about the movie is speculated. “Frozen II” is slated for a November 2019 release and more information should be revealed over the course of the year.

Tristyn Smith


tar Wars Episode IX is the final outing of the third trilogy in the Star Wars franchise. Other than the recently leaked poster and the information about casting, Disney has kept information about “Episode IX” very quiet. This film will hopefully give Star Wars fans a satisfying conclusion to the story of Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). With Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) gone, the series is set to take a new course. Without a trailer, it’s almost impossible to tell the course that a movie will take. Hopefully, we will get more information in the build to the December release.

Weird legal animals to own in Missouri


Avery FitzSimmons

ots of unique pets seem to be more popular in different states. Missouri has ferrets, small flexible creatures that scare and delight people. You can own many unique animals that people typically don’t think you can legally own. Granted, rules do apply to this, such as having to register the animal or having a permit. These rules also differ depending on the animal. For example, owning a lion is not as difficult as owning a python, both of which are legal to own in Missouri. One would just have to buy the said animal, register it or get a permit, and potentially have the animal tested for diseases. The animals that do not require a permit include capybaras, hyacinth macaw, and fennec fox. But bigger, dangerous animals, such as


lions, tigers, bears, wolves and coyotes do require permits. When registering certain animals, it’s important to note that one might have to pay a fee. Keep in mind that these restrictions vary from county to county. People in the St. Louis area can only own four animals that are prohibited in the city. This includes typical household animals such as dogs, cats, birds and pigs. Animals that are not included are fish, small lizards and small rodents, such as guinea pigs, mice or rats. Some of the exotic animals that are prohibited in the St.Louis Area are gorillas, caiman, alligators, crocodiles, and any venomous snake or any reptile over eight feet in length. There are still some animals that


haven’t been covered. These animals are harder to obtain because while you can pay the fee for them, obtain the permit, and have a perfect place for them to live, the state still might not let you. One example of an animal you cannot own is a penguin. Because all eighteen species of penguins are protected, it’s unlikely you’ll see someone living with them. A bengal cat, while it might be lazy and domestic, is an animal you cannot own, according to Wildlife Services, because it is a hybrid. To find more information as to which animals you can or cannot own in the state of Missouri or the rules as to what is required to obtain different animals, look at the Animal Legal and Historical Center and the Animal Law information website.

Blockbusters are dumb! Blakelee Sutton


ith the introduction of Steven Spielberg’s timeless classic, 1975’s “Jaws,” the concept of a Hollywood “blockbuster” began to become a phenomenon. So many creative and imaginative filmmakers throughout the 70s and 80s began to make large scale, big-budgeted movies that had an idea of their own and had a creative spark at their core. Movies like “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and the original “Star Wars” had a sense of creativeness and individuality that made them feel unique in their time. The kind of thought process that went into the production of those movies seems to be absent in a lot of large-scale movies that have come out in the past decade or so. The greediness of modern film studios

can be blatantly seen with their monetary interest in sacrificing individual creativity in service of executive-written scripts that try to appeal to the widest range of moviegoers as possible. It’s a rare occurrence now for a big movie to have a script that was put together with a passion for quality. Many movies now are created by think tanks that only have one goal at heart: making money. With large cinematic universes releasing two to three movies a year, each movie feels rather generic and like they’re just going through the motions. Marvel Studios is a good example of this. They have a few stand out movies that elevate themselves above the rest, but the majority are still forgettable and by the numbers. They’re created with

Joke quiz! Ash Stickann & Taylor Baker

the mindset of making a large profit and making as many movies as humanly possible, prolonging the cash-printing cycle. Back in the Spielberg era, movies were made because artists wanted their story to be put on screen. Those movies had a genuine soul and were absent of the disgusting cynicism that is prevalent in our current blockbusters. I hope that there is a return to form soon. I’m tired of movies that don’t leave a lasting impact on me and I want to feel more than just the bare minimum of satisfaction when I’m watching movies like this. Make me feel something!

Who said it? Match the teacher to the joke!

Q: What’s the difference between Mr. Ganey and a savings bond? A: One will eventually begin to mature and make money.

Q: Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? A: Great food, but it lacked an atmosphere.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Cow Interrupting cow wMOO! Itching to know the answers? Find out at! 04.15.19//ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT


Should media be remade and rebooted?

Noah Holt


t’s 2019, and honestly, this year has been pretty good with entertainment so far. For animated films, we had “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” drop at the start, making huge waves for animated movies by grossing over a hundred million dollars worldwide. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been ruling the past few years with “Infinity War” hitting store shelves and “Captain Marvel” on the big screen right before “Endgame” explodes to life later this month. But with all of this, we needed a few reboots, but were any of them needed? Remakes and reboots aren’t the same thing. Remakes nowadays typically involve things being re-released. For example, in 2017, Nintendo re-released the second installment in the Fire

Emblem franchise: “Fire Emblem: Gaiden.” It updated the art, character sprites, and even reinvents the game play. This type of remake reintroduced fans of the series today to a classic game that wasn’t as easily obtainable as it once was. On the other hand though, remakes/reboots are very out of place. “Spider-Man,” for instance, was rebooted twice. First, people received the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Trilogy that started in 2002. Then, they got the Andrew Garfield movies in 2012, before finally jumping to 2016 with Tom Holland as the current Spider-Man for the MCU. Marvel seemingly played around with various Spider-Men before settling down with Holland for the cinematic universe. With the

same company, you have the reboot of “Fantastic Four” which is notoriously worse than the original iteration. So, with reboots/remakes, there is the needed and the unneeded. But when doing a remake, it should be warranted or else it is a waste. It can be a detriment more than an assist, while with a reboot, there should be a need and a large amount of time between iterations. Remakes can reintroduce old fans and help bring in new fans to a franchise. Reboots though, should be to revive something that was once dead, so to speak. Not to click the retry button like with “SpiderMan”.

Skin care products Bryan Ibañez


nowing which products work better for your skin type can help reduce the frustration when shopping. Taking care of your skin can be overwhelming with so many products that claim to help with acne, oily or dry skin problems. It can be frustrating when shopping for skin care products, especially if you don’t know what type of skin you have. There are four skin types, one of which you may have: normal, oily, dry or combo skin.

1. Cleanse

A great step to skin care is cleansing the skin to remove dirt, oil, dead skin cells and other pollutants with a cleanser. For a cleanser, look for what skin type it’s made for, but some cleansers can be used for normal to oily skin types or some that are made for normal to combo skin.

2. Moisturize

Another great product for skin care is a moisturizer. Usually, a moisturizer come in lotions and are made for different times of the


day. If you want to have your skin moisturized throughout the day, you can use a morning moisturizer, and some even come with sunscreen to protect your face from the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you want to moisturize your skin throughout the night, use a lightweight moisturizer.

3. Exfoliate

It is also good to keep in mind that a cream and a lotion are not the same thing; a cream is usually heavier than a lotion and have a bigger concentration of oil than a lotion. If you really want to get rid of dead skin cells and remove excess dirt and pollutants, you can use an exfoliator. An exfoliator removes the older dead skin cells and are great for rejuvenating the skin and are great for clogged pores and acne. If you have dry skin, look for a gentle exfoliator, instead of one that would be made for someone with oily skin.


4. Masks

If you want to tone and hydrate your skin, you can use a mask. You can also use face masks, which are great for hydrating the skin, remove excess oil, tone and can reduce the appearance of your pores. Usually face masks come in a package that do one or two things. The choice of a face mask really depends on what you want to focus on; for example, if your skin is drier than usual, you would want a hydrating mask. Taking care of your skin should be easy after knowing what product work best for your skin and a great way to save money while shopping for skin care products.

Why do you run?


Did you see a good movie? Read an interesting book? Hear a great song that’s stuck in your head? Stop by Room 141 with your suggestion.

Blakelee Sutton

hazam! is the newest installment in the DC Cinematic Universe of comic book films. Despite a rather lackluster musical score and a weak villain, “Shazam!” manages to be an incredibly enjoyable flick that celebrates the goofiness of its comic book origins. The stand-out performance in the film is Zachary Levi as the titular character. He completely encapsulates a wacky man-child and is an absolute joy to watch on-screen. The movie’s tone is also one of the biggest things that it has going for it. In the age of the ultra serious and joyless action movie, “Shazam!”


Ash Stickann

et Semetary is the reboot of a horror classic novel by Stephen King. It’s the story of a family moving to a rural town with a dark local history. When trying to adapt, they dive deeper into the myths around the local pet cemetery. Overall, the plot of the film from an outside perspective was very predictable. Often it seemed as if the timing of plot jumpscares were played out too long, creating less suspense in the moment. The storyline moved from scene to scene with high suspense but was very quick-paced from the beginning. You learn very little about each character’s background, so many of the themes

embraces its silliness and has a true childlike wonderment at its core. The film also has a genuine theme of family that manifests through the script. Commentary on “nature vs. nurture” and what truly makes a family is done incredibly well. Heart-warming topics such as this are rarely seen in the modern comic book movie and are a welcome addition to the movie. The weakest link in the movie is its development of the villain. Mark Strong gives a good performance, but the character’s motivation is weak and uncompelling.

between the characters were hard to understand. In some scenes, such as the explanation of the “power” of the land, they brought up a myth of the Wendigo. Though this just seems to just be a wasted moment in the film when this creature is never brought up again. The acting in this film was belieavble at times, though overall there was a consistent level of character. The mother of the film, played by Amy Seimetz, showed a very true level of fear, love and mourning throughout the film. But for a reboot, “Pet Semetary” fulfills the viewer’s satisfaction in seeing a horror film.

Noah Holt


evil May Cry 5 is a “return to form” of sorts for the franchise. This game really makes me enjoy the hack-and-slash form of gameplay that flows so easily. With a surprisingly great story and the awesome combat that didn’t get boring because there are so many ways that you can fight with just ONE of the THREE playable characters. From short range, long range, melee, firearm, the gameplay, specifically the combat, never feels empty or void of creativity. The cutscenes look amazing and always kept my attention, never

getting too exposition heavy or boring. DMC5 is a great game, and I think is a great step in the right direction for the DMC franchise, and is really refreshing since most big games this year haven’t been the best. The only real issues I have with DMC5 is that the camera is sometimes wonky. But, that’s a small complaint compared to the positives that this game brings. 04.15.19//ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT



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