Issue 01 | May 2013

Page 52


By: Alisheva Givre of My Shtub

Tassle & FlowerGarland I love decorating my home with flowers for Shavuos. It reminds of us when Hashem gave us the Torah on the beautiful Har Sinai that he decorated lavishly with flowers. I usually fill all the vases with my favorite picks, and place the vases all over my home. This year I wanted to do something different and I decided the tissue paper garlands that I see everywhere could be adapted for this Yom Tov. fold line, so you have two pieces like the picture. Supplies:

Now take one piece and in the middle twist the flat part of the tissue


Tissue paper in your favorite colors

till it’s tight. Turn the twist, making a loop and use the glue gun to



hold the loop together. You should now have a tassel.


Hot glue gun


Kids glue stick

Attach the flowers to your twine or ribbon with the hot glue gun, and


Twine or ribbon

string your tassels through the loop. Use your creative eye to create any flower tassel combo you like.

Tissue Flowers: The first thing you need to do is open your tissue paper packages and lay your sheets flat in a stack. Now cut a square from the stack about 6”x6” (the size does not have to be exact). Make sure to cut through the entire stack so your square is about 10 pieces thick. Once you have your square, fold it in half. Fold it again till you have a small 2” square. Cut three petals from the mini square from the open edges. Don’t cut on your folds. This does not have to be perfect. Once you have cut your petals open up your flower and pull all the pieces apart. Now its time to create your flower. Take your petal layers and stack them one by one using the glue stick to attach each layer. When you stack each layer make sure to turn each layer so the petals DO NOT line up. This gives it a more authentic flower look. Set your flowers aside to dry. Tassels: Take one piece of tissue and fold it along the lines from the packaging. This is folding it once along the width and in half along the length. You should have a rectangle, hold it lengthwise and trim a fringe along the bottom of the rectangle leaving about 2 inches on top. Open the paper up again and cut it in half all the way down the


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