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Head of School Year Book 2011

Welcome to the Compass International School Year Book for 2010 / 2011. You will find the Year Book packed with happy smiling faces showcasing the great learning that has been happening at our school over the last year. It’s been great fun and we hope that all our students have exceeded expectations in their learning. Our new Madinat Khalifa Campus opened in September 2010 with both primary and secondary students. Everyone has pulled together as a team to make this a wonderful learning community in a very short time and we are all proud of their many and varied achievements. We receive so much support from our community and I would like to thank all our parents for helping out in so many different ways – you really do make a difference. Our School Consultative Group has continued to give advice and support and represents the views of parents in a positive and constructive manner. I thank all members of the SCG for their unstinting efforts in helping the schools to forge ahead with raising standards. My special thanks goes to our school staff – teachers, learning assistants, support and administrative staff – who do an outstanding job making learning happen in the classroom. I thank them whole heartedly for their dedication and commitment to ensuring that our students are ‘Learning Well, Enjoying Life, Exceeding Expectations’. Every year, a part of our community moves on to new countries and new schools. We wish you a safe journey and hope that you will keep in touch and let us know about your new adventures. Enjoy this Year Book and be a proud ambassador of an excellent school.

John Todd Head of School

Early Years 1 Mrs. Karin Grant

Abdulaziz Al Thani

Aesha Khan

This is where the learning starts We have had an exciting and fun filled start to school life in Mrs Corr’s class this year. As 3 year olds we started learning All About Me and as we made friends we began to also think about others and enjoyed playing and sharing. We have been to the beach twice!! Once to play with Sand and Water and then to help clean up the beach at Al Wakra. We enjoyed splashing in paddling pools, chasing bubbles, and discovering that you go down the slide much faster in a wet swimsuit! One day we came to school in raincoats and umbrellas in the hope that it would rain – and it did when Mrs Corr sprayed us with the water hose! We love dressing up and if you come into our class you will see princesses; Spiderman; an astronaut playing Let’s Pretend. We love food and have made chocolate crispies and jelly to see how heat makes Changes. Now we are writing our names and love learning our Jolly Phonics. We cheer on Wednesdays as we have our swimming lessons and find out who has a Golden Card in assembly.

Andrew Rudolph

Here are a few of our favourite things: Painting, dressing up; colouring; playing dragons; playing with babies; lego; riding bikes with our friends; computers and clicking the mouse; making jelly; swimming; P.E. library books and stories; singing; dancing; counting; playing in the sand; the writing table. eating our snacks; playing with our friends and the toys……… but best of all………

We love coming to school!!

Annabelle Hibbert

Aziz Mazizi

Burhan Mahdi

Cincinnatus McCollum

Nazar Vepayeva

Rania Zabedee

Riyan Khan

Robert Ognef

Ruzi Ikram

Mrs. Corr Mrs. Liz Corr

Eliza Nester

Manon Dalessi

Sara Rorstrand

Sarah Tarek Ali Mohamed

Sofie Halbye

Marcela Arredondo

Menno Van Maanen

Mohammed Abdullah

Natthamon Pongnonthach

Tapiwa Mazibananga

Tristan Moguel

Early Years 1 Anna Massey

Ahmad Ayad

Anita Ballantine

Carlos Acuna

Dot Dekker

Enes Celebi

Georgina Fielder

Jennifer Gilmour

Kaarlo Puurunen

Leeloo-Eva Hartescu

Leena Dietz

Mai Miyata

Meera AlKamali

Ms. Kavanagh Martina Kavanagh

We’ve had a wonderful year of learning in EY1 Kavanagh. For many of the children it was their first time in school and that brought many challenges, getting to know teachers and new friends, separating from mum and dad in the morning and settling into the classroom routine. It was all new but we soon got into the swing of things. Speaking with the children about their year in Early Years One, it became apparent that one of the highlights for them was getting a buddy from Year 6, who came to work with them and help them with their learning. The children were delighted when their buddy came to visit and they thoroughly enjoyed all the activities they shared. Here are some further comments the children made about their favourite memories of the year. “I like playing with playdough” (Ahmad) “I play with the doll’s house at school” (Jennifer) “I love to do puzzles” (Naeela) “I like to go swimming” (Kaarlo) “I couldn’t speak English very well, but now I can speak English well” (Yilmaz) “I can write my name by myself” (Leena) “I went to the beach” (Dot) “I like to paint” (Noah) “My friends are Sean, Jennifer, and Georgina” (Mai) “I learned the Humpty Dumpty song” (Carlos) “I can get dressed by myself for swimming” (Anita) “I like playing dress-up” (Georgina) “I know my numbers” (Leeloo-Eva) “I can cut by myself” (Enes) “I liked playing outside on the bikes” (Sean) I like “painting” (Meera) I like “playing” (Mohammed) I like to look at “books” (Nouredin) “I like making gingerbread men” (Emma) “I like painting” (Yusuf ) “I can count to ten” (Zachary) “I like playing with the sharks outside” (Zayn)

Mohamed Mansour

Naeela Dietz

Noah Meekings

Yilmaz Toreyin

Emma Manten

Zachary Cheng

Yusuf Haroon

Zayn Nimis-Ibrahim

Nouredin Saad

Sean Keith

Early Years 2 Eliza Romaniuk

Aman Althaf

Daniel Meijerink

Children in EY2 Ellam have enjoyed a wonderful and exciting year together. For many children in EY2 Ellam it was the first time they had been to school so they began the year learning all about school life and making lots of new friends.

Gabriel Santos

Grace Baker

Haya Ragib

Jennet Vepayeve

Nour Tayani

Olivia Britten

Our learning this year has been focused around the International Primary Curriculum which included the units Family and Friends, Treasure, Plants and Flowers, Animals, Shopping and Going Places. We have been on some fantastic trips too. We went to the Zoo, to LULU supermarket and to help clean up the beach during Environment Week. We had a fantastic time dressing up during Book Week and we really enjoyed it when a Vet came to visit us at school; she was very impressed with our Veterinary Surgery roleplay area, which we all loved playing in. Many children have made huge efforts and progress in learning to speak English, as the children in our class are truly international coming from many different countries. Kohei Jingushi

Rafi Dasuki Rashid

Shiho Kajiura

Simon Gevers

Mrs. Ellam Anna Ellam

Amina Frankfort

Eskild Christenson

The children were asked what they liked doing most at school: Maryam, Eskild and Shiho said they loved swimming. Nour liked reading best. Yasmina and Mia liked playing in all the shops and they loved playtime too. Simon said he likes everything! He also likes Dutch and playing in the role-play area. Kohei and Valdemar liked P.E. and playtime. Yazeed liked to play football. Haya, Grace, Amina and Jennet loved to play in the beauty shop. Grace also liked all the teachers too. Theis and Daniel liked counting and music. Hannah and Olivia loved going on the trips and painting too. Rafi liked playing with the toys in school. Aman and Gabriel liked working on the computer. Nayla said she liked playing in the vets. Maryam Al Thani Mia Bennett

Sofia Boll

Theis Andersen

Valdemar Borno-Aarseth

Yasmina Fakhry

Hannah Small

Nayla Abdulla Al Thani

Yazeed Elsobky

Early Years 2 Rana Al Rifai

We have had so much fun learning this year it is difficult to know where to start. At the beginning of the year we extended a warm welcome to new children joining compass for the first time. We made sure we made them feel happy and settled. Then the pirates came! A huge galleon arrived in school and boy did we have fun exploring the world, finding treasure, making maps and capturing ship mates. We dressed up and had a treasure hunt – we even found real treasure! Agnieszka Romaniuk

Arsalan Khan

Arjun Garia

Betricia Lorentz

Our school year has been far from dull after the pirates we made a beautiful flower shop, made bouquets for weddings, parties and bunches of flowers for everyone. What fun we had! We learned all about plants and how to look after them. We even made our own Garden Centre. The zoo trip was a real highlight for our class. We had been learning so much about animals, their habitats and animals from our home countries. It was fun to have an exciting day out taking our learning into the community. We enjoyed a visit from the vet and bandaged and injected many sick animals in our own Vets Clinic. Shopping has never been so much fun. We visited the shops and even made our own shopping mall. We tried on shoes, sold and ate lots of ice creams, and even managed to fit in the odd beauty treatment for our mums in the Beauty Salon!

Cieran-Craig Silvera

Daan Verschoof

Fouad Hamour

Frederikke Jakobsen

Kaleb Ramkissoon

Kawthar El Molaka

We have had such a busy year of learning and packed so much in. For sure it has been a fantastic year for us all. I have really enjoyed my first year at Compass School with such a delightful, energetic class. Watching them learn to be strong and independent has been a great privilege. I have really enjoyed being a part of their learning journey, laughing with them and enjoying our year together.

Kyle Galvin

Marek Olewski

Miki Toyoshima

Mrs. Holloway Elizabeth Holloway

Nanna Halbye

Christian Iversen

Davur Neshamar

Oliver Ambicki

Pieter Manten

Jhordann Silvera

Johannes Stoy

Joppe Van den Berg

Sofie Koldig

Tamara Ayache

Vera Kleijn

Early Years 2 Simone Hall

Nilda van der Beek

Aayush Sharma

We have had loads of fun learning in EY2. We have worked hard as a team and learnt to share, co-operate and to keep on trying when things get tough!

Arwen Huang

At the beginning of the year many of the children were new to school, its daily routines and expectations. As the class began to settle the children forged some great friendships which have continued throughout the year. During our unit on treasure we loved exploring our learning environment as we followed treasure trails and went on treasure hunts, dressing up as pirates or princesses. The boys had great fun capturing the princesses and locking them away! When we were learning about plants and flowers many of our parents came with us to choose and buy some plants that we then planted in our school garden. It was great to spend our parent’s money and our garden looks fantastic. We learnt many things including to help our friends.

Caelan Welford

The year continued with many challenging and exciting days. We had fun dressing up for book week in our chosen characters, dressing up in our National clothes during Eco week as well as learning about endangered animals. We have been on many trips both real and imaginary! Our parents have been great in supporting us, through accompanying us to Aspire Park, the Zoo and the shops. Parents also helped with counting the sponsored runs, organising end of term parties and painting. During the year we have had some old friends leave and some new friends join. The whole class, including parents, helped everyone to feel part of the school community. All the children within the class have come a long way from those first, shy and crying days way back in September. Well done to you all and good luck next year.

Conrad Hasselkvist

Hassan Al Abduljabbar

Diego Cuauro

Iffa Farhani

Isabella Todd

Mariam Ahmed

Mrs. McLean Nichola McLean

Antonio Cuauro

Ayden Simmons

Naina Sareen

RodolfoTimo Van Kleef

Takafumi Konzo

Sophia Crowe

Camilla Sala

Emaan Khuram

Elizaveta Vartanova

Guillanam Alinier

Tim Rosendale

Nicola Muscolino

Wadha Al Attiya

Early Years 2 Amanda Lackey

Adam El-Metwaly

Ayar Francesc Chalco Diaz de Cerio

Imaan Chaudhary

Leonardo Merlo

Lisa Broijl

Mads Middelboe-Budde

Mahnoor Baig

Marcus Eriksen

Morgan Wheeler

Morris Verschoof

Nabiha Syeda

Natasha Holmstrom

Nienke van Maanen

Mrs. Silvera Camille Harris-Silvera

We have had a super fantastic year together in EY2 Silvera! We began the school year by making new friends and familiarizing ourselves with our learning environment. Our learning this year has focused around the IPC units: “Family and Friends, Treasure, Plants and flowers, Animals, Shopping and Going Places.” At this present moment we are planning our exit point to the unit ‘Going Places’ by going to one of the popular amusement centers in Doha to end a very educational and fun filled year. This is what we liked best at Compass School: Leonardo: “I liked playing with my friends and using the white board in the classroom.” Adam: “I enjoyed PE and playing with my friends and I can write my name.” Zayd: “I liked painting and doing my Maths work.” Ahmed: “I liked the swimming pool and P.E.” Zachary: “I enjoyed going on buses and trips and I learnt how to read.” Mohammad: “I learnt how to read and I enjoyed playing with my friends.” Natasha: “I liked coming to school because it is fun and we do fun stuff.” Philippa: “I enjoyed doing swimming and P.E. I am happy because I learnt how to write.” Riley: “I enjoyed doing Maths because I get to plus numbers and I liked playing with my friends.” Nabiha: “I have fun in school.” Ayar: “I have learnt to speak English and write words.” Morris: “I have learnt how to read and paint flowers and patterns and my family.” Matilda: “I enjoyed coming to school because I get to read and write and I liked swimming.” Zainab: “I like my new school because I play with my new friend Imaan and I learnt how to read.” Mahnoor: “I like to come to school because I like Leonardo and I read my book.” Lisa: “I enjoyed painting and playing with my friends.” Imaan: “I liked going on school trips and swimming.” Marcus: “I enjoyed painting and colouring.” Mads: “I liked swimming and playing.” Nienke: “I enjoyed doing Phonics and Maths and Swimming.”

Gabriella Goring

Leo Naziri

Mohammad Saoud

Matilda von Lutzow

Philippa Docherty

Ahmed Mansour

Riley Pigneguy

Zachary Munro

Zainab Badurdeen

Zayd Abu-Ghazaleh

Year 1 Amanda Holmstrom

Alia Daoud

Catherine Van Breukelen

It has definitely been a successful year, full of many changes! The children transitioned well from Early Years and embraced a more academic school day. Seven of our students were new to Compass this year, but adapted to our school community so quickly. We’ve had to say goodbye to Isabella and Sherman and we’ve welcomed baby Mia. They’ve all worked hard this year and are proud to now be able to tell time, write letters, and read stories on their own. We’ve had many laughs in our classroom as I firmly believe school must be fun! Read below some of our favourite moments: Tobias: “My favourite memory was making junk model robots. I also like P.E.“ Remus: “I had so much fun in the musical. During free time, Mrs. Durrant and I taught the class my dance.” Jake: “My favourite day was when we went to Sheikh Faisal’s museum and saw all the cool cars.” Pichamon: “I had so much fun doing our class assembly. I loved singing the plant song.” Malek: “My favourite part of the day is break time when I play soccer.” Vansh: “I always had fun doing art projects. My favourite was making robots out of junk.” Yasmina: “My favourite part of the year was singing Mister Sun in our class assembly.” Ismail: “The best was sports day. I like running with my friends.” Sherman: “Sports day was the most fun day because there were so many different things to do.” Jon: “I had so much fun at Sheikh Faisal’s museum because we saw old boats.” Youssef: “My favourite day was when we cleaned the beach. We had lots of rubbish bags” Emil: “I like school because during free time I play legos with Malek.” Rosa: “I liked going on the beach cleanup. I found lots of rubbish with Remus and Anouk.” Alia: “I liked when we went outside and looked at our shadows. After, we drew how they changed.” Abbes: “I had fun buying bananas on our trip to the fruit and vegetable market.” Daman: “I liked going outside and doing the experiment with ice cubes. We put them on our heads!” Srivishnu: “My favourite part of the day is counting by 10s in our morning meeting.” Yara: “I had the most fun making junk robots.” Heloise: “My favourite part of the year was being the News Reporter during our class assembly.” Yousef: “It was fun taking our class bear Allie home for the weekend. I like hearing what my friends do with her too.” Anouk: “I liked going on the beach cleanup. It was fun and my mum came too.”

Emil Halbye

Ismail Daoud

Pichamon Pongnonthachai

Jacob Nimmo

Rosa Dalessi

Sherman McCollum

Srivishnu Ramachandran

Tobias Agdal

Mrs. Durrant Lauren Durrant

Anouk Van der Windt

Daman Bumrah

Heloise Robertson

Jon Toftdal

Mahmoud Yousef

Margaret Koons

Mercedes Hutter

Mohamed Abbes Kouki

Vansh Pathela

Yara Alkamali

Yasmina Kalash

Yousef Alaa

Zayani Malek

Year 1 Anne Strobel

Ammaar Mirza

Augustus Ugurlu

Cheyenne Kyle

Gabriel Prat

Haitham Aranki

Hein Htet Aung

Kaitlyn McLean

Karima Ahmed

Leah De Wet

Marwa Shibl

Nuradilah Zaim

Ms. Hall Amanda Hall

A fun year of learning and a great year for making friendships and working together as a team! Here are the children’s memories of their time in Year 1. Ammaar and Yousuf: “We found about clothes that keep us warm, clothes that are waterproof and clothes that keep us cool.” Javier and Hein: “We learned that nocturnal animals don’t sleep at night, they hunt for their food.” Patrick and Leah: “We enjoyed finding out about hedgehogs: they have spikes to protect themselves from predators.” Sina and Gabriel: “We loved learning about smelly skunks…they can spray their smell up to 10ft.” Evie and Wildan: “We learned about nocturnal animals by researching on the computer.”

Arman Mojahed

Kaitlyn and Jireh: “Bats can eat 600 mosquitoes in just one hour. The smallest bat is called a Pipistrelle; it is the same size as the tip of our thumbs.” Cheyenne and Bader: “We learned that owls can turn their heads all the way to the back. They are camouflaged so that their prey does not see them.” Arman: “I used the computer to go on Google Earth and look for my school and my home.” Augustus: “In Eco Week I learned ‘reduce, reuse, recycle.’ I know to try to use both sides of a piece of paper.” Julia and Adilah: “We have learned that all types of transport pollute our earth, our home.”

Bader Hussein

Marwa and Yuna: “We remember painting a Doha sunset and adding a silhouette of the City.” We have so many happy memories of the year it is hard to share them all but our favourite moments were: the trip to the fruit and vegetable market, the trip to the transport museum, designing in the style of the artist Andy Goldsworthy, the beach clean-up and sports day. Great learning, great fun! Evie Hammond

Patrick Davis

Sina Asheim

Javier Van der Beek

Jireh Missiona

Julia Nasser

Wildan Hakim

Yousuf Khan

Yuna Lee

Year 1 Barbara Sperlich

Aisha Yusuf

Danielle Arugay

Jacinta Hagenbach

Lot Van de Ven

Maximilian Lubbers

“We have had a fantastic and an amazing year together. We are so proud of Year 1 Oliver. We have had fun, been sad, saying good bye to our friends, Floris and Erik and learned so much together. Each and every child has worked incredibly hard and been a privilege to teach. Thank you.” Mrs Oliver and Mrs Barbara “I liked choosing things that we learned during Environment week and writing about them,” Lot. “I remembered having fun drawing around our bodies and learning about all the parts of the body,” Rami “I enjoyed colouring and making pictures for our transport display because of the colours,” Calum. “We printed bricks using paint to make our castle walls, “ Elena “I liked the time we went to Sheik Faisal’s museum to see all the transport. I liked the aeroplane the best.” Max “I improved my adding and taking away,” Danielle “I enjoyed doing collage because I like decorating,” Khaled “Eating apples and bananas at the fruit and vegetable market because I am healthy,” Noortje

Mohamed Aldobashi

Mohamed Ayeche

Mohannad Suliman

Noortje Went

Mrs. Oliver Kirstin Oliver

“Do you know shadows are made? I do,” remembers Penelope, “We went outside to measure them.” “Making patterns on a fruit kebab because they tasted good,” Wade. “Picking up rubbish and finding animals on the beach clean up,” Marie. “Mixing colours was fun, when, we made a picture of the sunset,” Aisha. “Reading The owl who is afraid of the dark and making firework pictures using the wrong end of the paintbrush,” Emilie. “Experimenting in science,” Mohamed. “I have enjoyed everything and learned lots,” Benjamin. “Improving my handwriting and using spaces between words has been great,” Malika. “ Using the computers especially the Mathletics website,” Mohannad. “Working as a group in maths,” Liam.

Penelope Gathercole

Ryan Ramirez

Sarah Toulan

Benjamin Nijhout

Calum Craig

Elena Van Weelden

Emilie Kjelgaard

Khaled Helmy

Liam Rice

Malika Larayb

Marie van der vennet

Wade Barker

Zedea Olsen

Year 1 Amanda Holmstrom

Aida Artusa

Alayka Hussain

Alya Nimis-Ibrahim

Camila Arredondo

Ehan Irfan

Enriqueta Acuna

Freja Kjaergaard

Georgina Docherty

Louis Schack

Maan Ronhaar

We have had an exciting year of learning in Mrs. Taylor’s class and are all very proud of our progress and achievements. We had lots of fun times in and out of class and here are some of our highlights… We started the year by getting to know each other better in our IPC Unit all about Ourselves. Our class had to perform the first assembly of the year and our friendship dance to “Rig a Jig Jig” was the highpoint of our performance! We went on a shopping trip to the Fruit and Vegetable Market then learned how to make healthy fruit kebabs. In our Clothes Unit, we learned about weather around the world and which clothes are best for hot, cold, windy and wet weather. We dressed up in the clothes that we wear in our home countries and went on a fashion parade around the school. We enjoyed finding out about the sun and moon and how our shadows are made. We went outside and tried to lose our shadows. We were amazed to find out that we could only lose them if we jumped into another shadow! One of our favourite trips was to Sheikh Faisal’s Transport Museum. There we learned how to compare old and new vehicles and to understand how they have changed over the last 150 years. During Book Week, lots of parents came in to read with us and we found out all about illustrators. We really enjoyed transforming our classroom into a Magical Fairytale Land and acting out many of the well-known Fairytales that we know. We learned that there are many GOOD and BAD characters in these stories. Our fairytale party was really exciting, we dressed up and had a banquet fit for a King and Queen! Learning all these things has been a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to find out more in Year 2!

Maya Barghouti

Ryan Wild

Nils Noordhuis

Mrs. Taylor Trish Taylor

Aliza Batool

Donato Freens

Feline Engelen

Pleuni Van den Berg

Seif Abdulnabi

Nicolas Keith

Jos Wheeler

Liam Tibshraeny

Sofie Dekker

Yousof Yavari

Zebian Hanna

Year 1 Victoria Wilkinson

Ali El-Mousa

After a late start at Compass International School Doha for me and for some of the students, they settled into a new routine quickly and made excellent progress. Thanks to all the help and commitment from our class parents, who came in during school time and took the students for reading, spelling and maths groups. You were fantastic! Bram de Vries

Eelke Cath

Children have had the opportunity to extend their learning through a visit to Sheikh Faisal’s Museum. The museum is about 20km outside Doha. We had a wonderful time and looked at his wonderful collection of antique cars. They were a hit, as were the trucks, motorcycles and dhows. The children produced some amazing observational drawings of their favourite forms of transport. The school also raised money for the victims of the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand by a Spring Fare organized by parents. There were a jumping castle, lots of games, beautiful jewellery and toys and a big variety of food and drinks to choose from. Hundreds of back packs were donated by students and parents to send to the children of Japan. What a wonderful sight it was to see all the colourful bags and to imagine the smiling faces of the children receiving them.

Grant Williams

Iain Gilmour

Jakob Holte Henman

Jose Sthormes

I truly enjoyed watching my class grow and change in the short time that we have been together. Well done to all of you! We’ve had a great time learning and playing.

Kuzey Oyma

Nawfal Norkhajrsl

Noah Lanovsky

Mrs. Van Wyk Annelien van Wyk

Alifa Aziz

Clarissa Ranford

Gabriela James

Jacob Aranki

Claudia Surinach-Lopez

Thomas Watson

Tilly Bond

Zach Feherty-Hatim

Zara Wheatley

Year 2 Barbara Sperlich

Aidan Schumann

Atticus McCollum

Cheri Rudolph

Fathima Badurdeen

Jack Hibbert

It has been an exciting, fun-packed year. We welcomed five new children – Atticus, Seif, Arrian, Lars and Amine who quickly settled into our class family. We said goodbye to Aiden and Chantal as they returned to their home countries but were delighted to welcome Natalie, Layla, Levi and Amanah. With children from Holland, America, Denmark, Vietnam, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, England, India and Australia we have enjoyed learning about our different cultures and traditions. I am so proud of the children and all their learning and achievements this year. They are all special and all of them are meant to shine! Darcey - I loved it when I was elected for Student Council. Rosalin - I liked it when we pretended to promenade at the seaside. Darcey was the Mum, Jack was the Dad, I was the sister and Lars was the brother. It was really funny! Mariam - I loved learning about Hawksbill Turtles. Layla - I love doing Science Investigations. Amanah - I love singing in music. It’s a lot of fun when Mrs Croal gets us to do actions too! Amine - Building strong bridges in IPC was fun. Seif - It was good when we made the Secret Garden in IPC. We had to use lots of different stones and materials. Cody - I remember going to the Zoo. We were learning about animals and habitats. Lars - It was good at the Zoo because I saw a real white tiger and I’ve never seen one before in my whole life. Atticus - I liked making a bar chart in Maths about different nationalities in our class. Arrian - I loved learning about Georges Seurat. I like how he does pointillism and I enjoyed making my own picture with paints. Natalie - I like doing English because we make sentences with VCOP. I like learning new WOW words. Levi - I like doing Maths because I’m good at getting the numbers right. Mia - I have really enjoyed reading because it’s good to try learning new words. I love reading fairy tales and princess books. Floortje - I loved making a picture of a Hawksbill Turtle because I like turtles a lot. Gauri - IPC is fun because we do science experiments. We had to see which plants were growing the best. Jack - I love reading and I’m really good at asking interesting questions. Cheri - I like doing IPC because we make things and do painting too.

Lars Noordhuis

Layla Salam

Levi Thoma

Mariam El-Safty

Mrs. Fathers Rachel Fathers

Arrian Fairbrother

Chantal Prins

Mia Rasmussen

Mohamed Mostefai

Nguyen Vu Hanh Nguyen

Cody McHenry

Darcey Gathercole

Floortje Mooij

Gauri Khade

Rosalin Udo

Seif Samir

Year 2 Emily Wilson

Alisa Fielder

Benjamin Sulik

Fatimah Moors

Illuminada Acuna

Julius Verschoof

Kinzamaria Uthman

Malak Noor

Mohammed Khan

Mustansir Motiwala

Nicolai Christiansen

Ms. Jones Emma Jones

This year has been a fantastic one for our class. We had 7 new members not only to the year group but the school in general. Ismail started the year as our student councilor but sadly he had to leave, fortunately Erikka replaced him and made a terrific job of providing help and support to our class. We’ve had a number of school trips throughout the year, creating great memories for both the teachers and children. These include our trips to the Pearl, Doha Zoo and the beach clean-up at Wakra! Miss Jones and Miss Wilson would like to thank all their little super stars for being such a lovely class and wish them all the best in Year 3. Here are some of our favourite memories: Malak: I really enjoyed playing with all my friends. Riyadh: I really enjoyed cleaning up the beach with my friends. Fatimah: I really enjoyed making new friends and I hope some of them will be with me in Yr3. Kinza: I really enjoyed playing games with Miss Wilson. Samuel: I really enjoyed going to the beach clean-up with my friends. Ricky: I really enjoyed playing Maths games. My favourite game is ‘Around the World’. Erikka: I enjoyed being the student councilor for my class and helping people. Lumi: I have really enjoyed having friends at Compass. Julius: My favourite day in Yr2 was Sports Day. Nicolai: I really enjoyed taking Mr. Happy home. Job: I like everybody in my class because they are kind. Ryo: Now I know all my times tables. Benjamin: I found out that I am really good at Maths this year. Mustansir: I really enjoyed doing Art in IPC. Noor: I have really enjoyed making new friends. Alisa: My best part in Yr2 was playing ‘Musical Statues’. Kaylen: I’m happy because I can read much better now. Hamza: I really enjoyed playing with Lumi and Job.

Erikka Ocampo

Hoda Khalil

Job Kanters

Kaylen Maynard

Noor Shaikh

Ricky Cheng

Ryo Kishimoto

Samuel Perez Silva

Riyadh Zabedee

Year 2 Ann Strobel

I loved the play we wrote and performed about the Sea Turtles. Alexandra We did lots of painting and I love to paint. My favourite one was when I did the stairs in the school. Brooke The Spring Festival was excellent. I made a golden lion face paint on myself. Younes I learned to write and speak in English this year. I am very happy. Abdelrahman I learned how to spell words properly and I love the way I write now. Sophia I learned about endangered sea turtles and that some of them won’t be seen again in the world. This is sad. I liked everything in Year 2. Asher I learned to read very well in ERIC. I love reading because I read to my partner. Adham I learned to read and write very well in Arabic. I really like the Arabic language. Majdal I like being in this school because I love Maths. Tomoki I love borrowing library books about animals and dinosaurs. Seshiru I liked English because I learned to read better. We played games on the Smartboard. Gbemi I like going to EAL classes because I have learned a lot of English this year. Kana I liked swimming and horse-riding after school. Gaia This year has been a very enjoyable year at our new campus. Our class is made up of children from all over the world so we have learned a lot about each other’s home countries. We have also really enjoyed seeing many of our classmates learn their new language, English very quickly this year. I have truly appreciated such a diverse group of children to spend my year with. I wish them all the very best for YearThree ahead! Mrs J Parenteau

Alisha Khan

Asher Wood

Brooke Restivo

Gaia Veenhuis

Kana Kitagawa

Mrs. Parenteau Jennifer Parenteau

Abdelrahman Hussein

Adham El-Dabaa

Aduragbemi Olaleye

Alexandra Del Socorro

Majdal Boulos

Seshiru Kitagawa

Sofia Vartanova

Tomoki Kanamori

Younes Sellami

Year 2 Anneke Visser

Karen Hatch

Andrew Wawrzyniak

Bassam Abu-Ghazaleh

Christiana Todd

Indy Udo

Lila O’Molloy

Jeannette Montiero

Maya Ballantine

Miyu Aoki

Nicholas Pahl

Nora Manten

Quinn Kleijn

Mrs. Pilkington Margaret Pilkington

We have had great time learning in Year 2! Our exciting IPC units have helped us to share our fantastic knowledge, understand much more about how the world works and learn many new skills to help us on our learning journey through life! Our year got off to a great start with a ‘pretend’ visit to Australia (our new campus at Madinat Khalifa). We all had to get our passports stamped before we left the school and on arrival ‘down under’. Our class assembly was all about our IPC unit ‘The Places People Go’. Here are some of our best moments in Year 2: “I really enjoyed making the Dolphins book” by Nicholas “Our favourite memory was when we got to flip pancakes in French!” By Maya and Arwa “My crepe nearly hit the ceiling!” Said Dylan “My best moment was making my newspaper building. It was bigger than Mrs Markey!” by Ryon “I liked making a basket out of clay” by Quinn “Book Week was my favourite because Mrs Pilkington wore a Captain Underpants costume!” By Aiden “I came as a book character in Book Week, it was fun!” By Indy “It was really good sketching buildings at the Pearl,” said Andy “We enjoyed the trip to the zoo because there were lots of animals there,” by Thomas and Bassam “The white tiger at the zoo was really cool!” said Alec “Golden Time is fun because you get a chance to play with the toys,” by Noortje “I liked going to clean up the beach” by Kelly “I really enjoyed learning about turtles and making my own turtle,” by Thea “Our favourite memory was washing the car in French!” By Jeannette, Miyu, Christiana and Yusuf

Alec Rijsenburg

Arwa El Gammal

We have worked so hard but also had lots of fun!

Dylan Monk

Kelly Lydevik

Ryon Atkinson

Thea Rorstrand

Thomas Jensen

Yusuf Celebi

Aiden Durrant

Year 3 Jackie Bratherton

Alexandra Clark

Bianca Lorentz

Hashim Tayani

We have had a fantastic, fun packed year, in Year 3 Croton. We began the year by welcoming three new students – Klara, Jade and Isabella- into our lovely class. However, we were very sad to bid farewell to our friends Bianca and William who have now left Qatar for new schools in Dubai and Vietnam. On the other hand, we were very pleased to welcome Kathrine who joined our class in April of this year. The children have been so much fun to work with and have worked very hard this year too. I am so proud of them all. Here are some of the things the children had to say about this year: Joshua, “I liked our super science day. It was fun making the circuit.” Liam, “I enjoyed doing the Rainforest Café.” Hashim, “I enjoyed going to Jungle Zone and having lots of fun on the drop tower.” Jade, ”I liked making our junkosaurs in our IPC unit on Dinosaurs.” Alexandra, “I enjoyed learning about the Brainstorm and about the dinosaurs too.” Andrei, ”I liked the Rainforest Café”. Kathrine, ”I like P.E. because I like the games we play.” Huda, ”I enjoyed drawing the large dinosaur pictures.” Klara,”I enjoyed learning about dinosaurs.” Nuh –Ali, “I liked playing mathletics because it’s fun.” Gib, “I loved everything in Mrs Croton’s Class but my favourite thing has to be our Class Assembly.”

Isabella Heukelom

Jackson Sulik

Jade Gevers

Kathrine Stoy

Klara Lindeloff

Liam Maher

Luis Costache

Miasa Sekijima

Mrs. Croton Leah Croton

Luis, “I liked going to Jungle Zone because we got to go on many cool rides.” Stijn, “ I liked learning about how to stay healthy in Science. We need to drink lots of water.” Vincent, “I liked our P.E. lessons because they are fun and exciting.” Rokaiah,”I enjoyed doing the Rainforest Café. I couldn’t believe how much food there was!!! It was SO YUMMY!” Isabella, “I liked doing the Rainforest Café and making the rainforest smoothie.” Miasa, “I am from Japan. I really enjoyed going to Jungle Zone.” Jackson, “I enjoyed making a rainforest smoothie and drawing a rainforest animal with pastels.” Yasmeen, “I enjoyed our super science day making circuits and lighting a bulb.”

Andrei Hartescu

Chutharat Kanthasuk (Gib)

Huda Baig

Joshua Worsley

Nuh-Ali Hussain

Rokaiah Aldobashi

Stijn Kanters

Vincent Molina

Yasmeen Zebian

Year 3 Jackie Bratherton

Lisa Davies

Asumi Saito

Ines Aroti

What an amazing year! What an amazing class! Cunliffe expected amazing and that’s what he got! This class was amazing in every way from their fantastic class assembly to their forever cheerful, smiling faces that went home at the end of each tiring day! This class had, above all, a fantastic ability to help and care for every pupil in 3C. Their relationship with each other was a joy to behold! I will miss them with each and every day! Good luck for the future, team! Lee Cunliffe Our football club was chosen to be escorts for the players in the Asian Cup in Qatar. It was awesome! We got to hold hands with the players and we got to hold hands with our favourite players. Muhammed, Habib and Adam I learned about an Anklyosaurus and how he attacks with his club tail. Luis We really liked working with Miss McCainsh when we did our self-portraits! They are hanging up in the school entrance and we are so proud! Sara and Taelynn I loved doing all the different events in sports day! My team won!! Yeisell My favourite part was when we made Junkosaurs. These were dinosaurs made out of junk! Maarten I went on the camel at Arabic night. I also went on the pony and I held a falcon! Mathias I really enjoyed the dinosaur dig in the sand. We found lots of bones and Lucy found a huge one!! Sam I enjoyed dressing up as famous person during Significant People. I dressed up as Tom Bponen who is a famous Belgian cyclist. Jens My favourite part was Jungle Zone—I spent all day on the bumper cars! Josh We really liked Jungle Zone! We went on the Log Flume so many times that the assistant knew our names! Hannah and Sarah I loved doing our class assembly, it was so much fun because of the raps and Eye of the Tiger song! Rishi My best part was when we made fruit smoothies and Mr Cunliffe was sick because he had to taste

Joanna (Lucy) Chomowicz

Nafisa Sirelkhatim A Ali

Rishi Garia

Sam Thomson

Sara Nagtegaal

Sarah Nabulsi

Mr. Cunliffe Lee Cunliffe

Adam Abdul-Halim

over 20 different ones! Ines We really enjoyed the beach clean-up because we like to help save the earth. Our group found lots of rubbish including two tyres!! We had a lot of fun also! Lucy, Nafisa and Savanna

Humayun (Habib) Ikram

Jens De Witte

Joshua Munro

Luis Castier

Maarten Went

Mathias Jakobsen

Muhammad Darwi Bakhthiar

Savanna Hagenbach

Taelynn Jones

Yeisell Mena

Yoon Hannah

Zoe Wheatley

Year 3 Sue Perry

Anas Hezam

Arham Shafique

Avani Sareen

Connor O’Donnell

Emmy Watson

Esra Verspui

Fadeel Khan

Hugo Falth

Iman El-Moctar

Mrs. Hasselkvist Angela Hasselkvist

Our exit point of ‘Rain forest’ was a rainforest cafe. We raised 1910QR so we can buy 7 acres of rain forest. We had three tasks: selling, washing and collecting in all the money. After one class there was a lot of mess so we had to clean everything. At the end we still sold some things out in the playground. By: Michael De Villiers , Esra Verspui During Eco week we went to the beach clean-up and we saw lots of rubbish in the sand and there was lots in the ocean as well and we collected almost all of the rubbish on the beach. A few days later we collected lots of junk to make junkosaurs. By Calissa Lanovsky We went on a field trip to Ceramic Café and each of us made a plate. We painted a design but had to do 3 layers. They put it in a very hot oven to dry. By Iman El Moctar At the dinosaur dig we were digging for dinosaur bones. We went on a bus to Gharraffa. We found more than ten bones! When someone found a bone they drew it on paper. By Nour and Mackenzie When we were doing the electrical circuit we enjoyed it. It was a little bit hard. We tried to do our best when we were doing the circuit. By Sammy and Hugo We had a great time at Jungle Zone. The mummy ride was the scariest. You get stuck in the tunnel and the track moves from side to side. When the track finishes moving, the mummy pops out of its coffin. By Emmy

Julie James

Mackenzie Lee

Michael De Villiers

Nour Enshasy

Calissa Lanovsky

Dikshita Nair

Sammy Monawar

Year 3 Eddie Holden

Emily Wilson

Ana Castier

Year 3 Miss Watts have been a fantastic class to teach! They have worked hard to improve their learning and we have had many enjoyable highlights over the year. Over to the children to tell you all about their favourite experiences… We had a beautiful day at Sport’s day. We travelled to Madinat Khalifa. We were in the green team. Our favourite races were throwing the javelin and throwing the bean bags. It was great fun and over all we came third. Colin and Mohanad During our Dinosaur, IPC unit we learned how to make junk dinosaurs. We also put together foam dinosaurs such as the Velociraptor, Apatosaurus and Tyrannosaurus. It was great fun! Lau, Connor and Aamir In IPC we liked making a PowerPoint about dinosaurs from our home countries and researching unusual dinosaurs, like the Baryonyx. We also researched about plants that lived in the Mesozoic Era such as the horsetail. Sahl, Ana, Aymen and Piotr This year was a great year! We learned how to make art in many different ways. We used oil pastels to draw a Lowry Painting and reused materials to make collage pictures. We enjoyed going to Café Ceramique. We learned how to clean the plate, paint it and choose sensible colours. Anya, Nick, Fatima and Nada In Environment Week we went to a beach clean-up on Wakra Beach. We found bones and some people even found dead fish! We also found lots Anya Kumarawati of different sorts of rubbish: lids, plastic bags, glass, food waste, ropes and a part of a mobile phone! We had a great time! Julius and Sophie V For our rainforest Exit Point we went to Jungle Zone. We went on all five rides. It was so much fun! Zane, Isabelle, Horia and Oliver

Colin Chatfield

Connor MacLeod

Horia Petrescu

Isabelle Holmstrom

Lau Andersen

Mohamed (Aamir) Shafeek

Mohanad Aboukamar

Nada Alaa

Nicholas Clark

Ms. Watts Kathryn Watts

Jackie Bratherton

Aymen Zayani

Fatima Yousaf

Julius Engelen

Oliver Agdal

Piotr Romaniuk

Sahl Saoud

Sophie Verschoof

Zane Bezuidenhout

Year 4 Penny Hughes

Charles Floden

Fleur Ambergen

Harleen Bumrah

Julie Johnson-Lepine

Mathias Iversen

Mohamed (Hakam) Kouki

Nagham (Yara) Abdallah

Paulina Arredondo

Rebecca Craig

Mr. Burt Dave Burt

Chloe McHenry

What a first year at Compass International School Doha! Learning and laughter are the two words which best sum up a year teaching MP2 Burt. I have been amazed at the children’s desire to learn and feel privileged to have taught such a group of happy and positive individuals. This truly has been a fulfilling and fun-filled year of learning. Mr Burt. I am most proud of my writing. At the start of the year I could only manage a little bit but now we are writing pages! Hakam, Wouter. Our best memory of Year 4 was our sleepover-it was the funniest sleepover we have ever been to! Sterre, Yara, Harleen and Zane. I am most proud of my handwriting because when I started this year I didn’t write cursive but now I do. Paulina. I have really enjoyed playing rugby this year. I am getting better! Mathias. I am proud of my role in our assembly about the 3 Rs. I had to be the roving reporter and had lots of lines to write and learn. Jef. I am really proud of the flushing toilet Charles and me made. It only took us 10 minutes but is amazing! Hamza. We are proud of our improved English speaking, reading and writing. Fleur and William. We really enjoyed taking part in the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, going on the red carpet and rating the films. We are even on the DTFFs website! Chloe and Rebecca. My highlight of this year was taking part in the Dig It musical. I was nervous but really proud at the same time. Julie. Our best bit of the year was being mascots at the Asian Cup. We were on TV and our families could see us. Charles, Hakam and Karim.

Hamza Ahmad

Jef van der Vennet

Karim Kreidie

Sophie Anderson

Sterre Van der Wal

William Borno-Aarseth

Wouter Went

Zane Uthman

Year 4 Laura O Dwyer

Penny Hughes

Brooklyn Plante

Our class have had a fantastic year of learning and ‘Enjoying Life ‘ through the wide variety of learning opportunities experienced both in and out of school. Here are some of the highlights. “I loved the treasure hunt. My treasure was hidden in the sandpit!” Omar Kalash. “I enjoyed playing Howard Carter at our assembly-it was awesome!” Vina Anfang. “At Sheikh Faisal’s Museum, we saw lots of cool stuff from the past!” Danielle Bovey. “At the Tribeca Film Festival I learned how to judge films by holding a ballot. “ Yasmine Dietz. “I enjoyed the school trip to the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra because we got to listen to Arabic and Western instruments and their different sounds.” Julienne Monteiro. “We met football players at the Asian Cup and were mascots for the team!” Pauli Christiansen. “I learned how to make a volcano in IPC. We painted it first then made it erupt!” Khalifa Alkamali. “I took part in a Cross Country Competition at the Golf Club. I learned that you have to run at the same speed for the whole race or you will tire quickly and be last!” Timme Van der Wal. “For Sports Day I had to wear blue, my team colour. It was good being part of a team and we came second.” Abdalla Al Kilani. “I learned how to dribble and shoot baskets at basketball activity.” Gavin Anderson.

Gavin Anderson

Jay Toet

Khalifa Alkamali

Mateusz Ochnio

Nine Rudolph

Omar Kalash

Pauli Christiansen

Mrs. Djedid Ann Djedid

“We had great fun at the school sleepover. We played outdoor games, watched movies and ate pizza by torchlight!” Brooklyn Plante. “I learned lots of different ways to save the planet during Environment Week. ” Nine Rudolph. “In our unit ‘Clean water, Dirty Water, I learned that you can save lots of water by turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth!” Mateusz Ochnio. “Our group found a dead turtle at the Beach Clean Up. There was lots of litter too!” Shriya Singh. “On Arabian night I leaned about Arabic culture and enjoyed henna, eating and dancing.” Shivaanee Shetty. “For Environment Week we held a sponsored bounce. I got 127 bounces in one minute.” Jay Toet

Abdalla Al Kilani

Billal Zebian

Chane Jacobs

Danielle Bovey

Ibrahim Khuram

Julienne Monteiro

Shivaanee Shetty

Shriya Singh

Timme Van der Wal

Vina Anfang

Yasmine Dietz

Year 4 Penny Hughes


Kitty Sharry

Lamis Bareche

Michelle Elliott

Nukaiya Hatherley

Olav Noordhuis

Mr. Everest “My favourite piece of learning was flipping the class upside down and creating a disaster relief zone!” Abhay “Being in Team Dare is the most awesome thing ever!” “We always had so much fun, every second, every minute.” “My favourite parts were doing the haka and the disaster relief zone.” Michelle “My favourite time was making the disaster relief zone using papers and tables” Hazuki “My best part in Team Dare was learning about being a team in cricket” Eiad “My best part was when we built the disaster relief zone” Olav “My best part was when Mr Bomford came in for science” Julius “The best year of my life was in Mr Everest’s class.” “I loved doing science with Mr Bomford also” Lamis “My favourite part was our assembly.” “We did the water cycle and it was fun to act out!” Kitty “My favourite part with Mr Everest was when we built volcanoes because I love art and designing.” Nukaiya “My favourite part was going to Sheik Faisal’s museum because the stuff we saw there was really interesting!” Tim “My favourite time in Team Dare was when we made volcanoes with our own ideas” Chisa “My favourite part was when we built the disaster relief zone” Rebecca “My favourite activity was when we made the disaster relief zone with 6 safety zones.” “I learnt that they do these to help people in natural disasters” Yahya “My favourite part in Team Dare was when we played nonstop cricket and learnt not boo at people, to be nice and play as a team.” Scott Lee “I enjoyed making the volcanoes and I learnt what people use to plaster your arm up when it is broken!” Oliver “My favourite part of the year was when we made volcanoes using plastic straws and plaster of paris” Matin “My favourite part was making the volcanoes out of plaster” Kate

Oliver Jones

Ray Everest

Abhay Liginlal

Ahmad Matin Moors

Chisa Kajiura

Eiad Mohamed

Hazuki Morohashi

Julius Von Bose

Kate Baeckelmans

Rebecca Sannerum

Scott Lee Cayeta

Tim Van den Ven

Yahya El-Safty

Year 4 Sue Perry

Amelia O’Donnell

Aysha Zulfiqar

Cal Restivo

What a great year it has been for us in Year 4 at Madinat Khalifa! Here are some of the children’s favorite memories: My favorite memory of Year 4 is our class assembly on Ancient Egypt. I was chosen to play the role of a pharaoh being mummified and my favorite line was ‘Please don’t try mummification at home’! - Jeremiah I really enjoyed Sports Day at our campus because we had to try and beat the other teams and my team almost won! - Aysha The best thing about Year 4 is the experiments we got to do with Ms. Nazra and Mr. Bomford. The experiment with a spring that shows the shockwaves of an earthquake was my favorite one! It was awesome! – Federico I really enjoyed painting pictures of volcanoes using hot and cold colors. It was fun mixing different colors and painting volcanoes in different states- Signe Book week was fun because we all dressed up as book characters and paraded around the school! – Rumaysa The museum trip was the best! We saw so many amazing artifacts and things from the past. My favorite section was the guns and weapons! – Mostafa During Eco-week, I raised the most amount of money for the sponsored run! I was really happy for myself! – Marcus One of the many experiments we did was melting solids to turn into liquids. We made chocolate crispy cakes by melting solid chocolate! It was yummy! – Noor When I joined Compass, my class was learning about poetry. I liked acting out the poems with my class- Tamer I still remember the treasure hunt we did for our entry point for ‘Treasure’! That was the first time I really got to know our new campus! – Shreya Mr. Bomford did an experiment with us with coke and Mentos. The coke exploded high up into the air! It was awesome! – Cal When we learned about Earthquakes and Volcanoes, we made news clips for our entry point! It was so funny to see ourselves on video! – Olamide Our class assembly was so much fun! I played the role of Howard Carter who discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamen! - Sondre

Federico Sala

Hannah-Sophia Brasch

Jeremiah Missiona

Johanne Nielsen

Marcus Rosendal

Noor Mirza

Olamide Olaleye

Raed Karkoub

Rumaysa Khan

Shreya Sharma

Ms. Nazra Fatima Nazra

Mostafa Shibl

Signe Hundahl

Sondre Asheim

Tamerlan Aliyev

Yousuf Hefeeda

Zsofia Tuba

Year 5 Carole Bartle

Eddie Holden

5 Cowie have had an action packed year. We have learned so much. Here is just a small selection. • In PE we learned to pass, shot and work in a team in a range of sports. Ryan • In maths I learned to convert fractions to decimals. I enjoyed Eco Week the most. Omar • I enjoyed art class the most because we were able to use our imagination. I also learned how to play the recorder in music. Mohammad • I enjoyed Big Writing in English because I learned to improve my writing using VCOP. Arthur • I enjoyed music the most because I learned to play the recorder. Pippa • In science we make Hokey Pokey. It tasted delicious and we learned about the science behind making it. Ayaan • I enjoyed Mathletics because I was fun to practice my math. Elijah • In the Myths and Legends unit I learned many fascinating things about ancient Greece. Luuk

Charlotte Mooij

Floortje Ambachtsheer

Luuk Van Weelden

Mohammad Manea Almanaa

Mohammed Ayaan

Omar Jamali

Pippa Dekker

Ryan Hildebrand

Mr. Cowie Peter Cowie

• In the Myths and Legends unit I learned that the Trojan war was started because the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen of Troy, was kidnapped and taken to the city Troy. Tijm • I enjoyed the camp the most because I was able to spend more time with my friends. Victor • I learned the most in maths. To start with fractions were tricky, but I became especially good at them by the end of the year. Marcel • I liked VCOP in English because it helps you write good stories. Umar • I learned the most in math because it is my favourite subject. Tycho • I enjoyed camp because there were lots of sports. Hadi • I learned to give more details in my writing by using “Show, don’t tell.” Floortje • I enjoyed writing a detailed story about Achilles and the battle of Troy. Asia • My favourite writing technique is “Show, don’t tell” because it gives your writing more impact. Clara • I liked the Year 5 camp because we were able to lots of fun things with our friends. Lotte • I enjoyed learning about ratios in maths. Shreya

Shreya Manna

Tijm Nagtegaal

Tycho Ambachtsheer

Arthur Van der Vennet

Asia Musselman-Moe

Clara Burden

Elijah Hillyer

Hadi Sadr

Lama Khalil

Marcel Blignaut

Michael van Brueklen

Umar Naeem

Victor Rondon

Year 5 Sue Perry

Amirah Zaim

WHAT a busy year this has been for Year 5 Leeman! For many, there was the exciting switch to a new campus and the thrills of setting up ‘home’ at Madinat. Whilst for others, newly arrived in Doha, there was the challenge of making new friends and settling into the routines here at Compass. The personal goals of adaptability and cooperation have been very much in evidence and a wonderful, dynamic and fun-loving group of students has emerged. Together we have shared some very happy memories; here is just a sample…

Aron Broeken

David Verspui

Esraa Hussein

Matthew Monawar

Mohammed Orabi

Noah Imamkhan

Norman Gjerdingen

Oliver Guest

Miss Leeman Jan Leeman

“My favourite Year 5 memory is the camping trip. I enjoyed playing rounders in the centre of the camp, sand-boarding on a steep dune and the amazing talent show. It was the best school trip ever!” Andia Modeen “One of my most treasured memories in Year 5 is when we went to Sheik Faisal’s museum. We went there in the first term and when we arrived, we looked around the huge courtyard filled with tonnes of doors, interesting machines, plane propellers, ship steering wheels and even a well. We continued into the museum and saw lots of interesting artefacts. I had a really good time and learned a lot of new things.” Reuben Strobel. “If I had to pick my favourite memory in Year 5, it would definitely be making the space station. I made it with two of my classmates during our IPC unit, ‘Mission to Mars and Beyond’. We made this space station to learn the most essential things a space station would need if it was going to Mars.” Amirah Zaim “I really enjoyed our special treat pyjama party at school which we had because we had earned enough stickers on our ‘reward snake’ by behaving well in class and being very enthusiastic with our learning.” Norman Gjerdingen Thanks Year 5 for making it such a great year! Miss Leeman.

Andia Modeen

Bernardt Engelbrecht

Emily Davies-Pianta

Maddy van der Schoor

Quinton Croal

Razan Hezam

Reuben Strobel

Shafira Balqis

Zane Baki

Year 5 Carole Bartle

Adamah Frankfort

Anas El Gammal

Hashim Hassan

Ilse Visser

Isis Greer

Julia Chomowicz

Malthe Weile

Mathias Bjork

Mohamed Ali A Sirelkhatim

Mohammad Abdul-Halim

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Year Five this year. Again, I have been amazed at how well our students from such diverse backgrounds get on with and cooperate with each other so well. There have been many highlights over the year, some of which you can read about below. James Maher During Environmental Week we learned about carbon footprints. We found out that Qatar has the largest carbon footprint per person in the world. We went on a garbage clean up at Wakra Beach. We also did a sponsored bounce to raise money for the people in New Zealand and Japan. The highest score in our class was 106 bounces in one minute! Ramsha My favourite thing this year was going on the camp. I liked when we travelled over the sand dunes in the landcruisers. I really enjoyed playing soccer, sandboarding and going to sleep in the tents. Yoeran I really liked doing I.C.T. this year. I learned how to create hyperlinks and other cool stuff. I liked I.C.T because I am good at it and because I learned stuff I never knew. Armand I really enjoyed working on our space station with Julia and India. Julia was great to plan with and India brought a lot of materials to work with. They were both fun to work with. Isis My favourite IPC Unit was Myths, Legends and Beliefs. I enjoyed it because we got to make drawings using chalk and created a 3D effect by using foam which we coloured gold, silver or bronze. When everything was finished, we had beautiful pictures. Ilse I really enjoyed our trip to Sheik Faisal’s museum. I especially liked the vehicle section with all the old cars as well the plane and boats. Magnus

Mohammad Suliman

Muzzammil Awad

Olivier Heukelom

Mr. Maher James Maher

Armand Blignaut

India Hagenbach

This year at Compass I have learned lots and had fun. I especially enjoyed our IPC Unit, Mission to Mars. In Maths we learned all sorts of things such as: how to multiply using the grid method; how to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions and vice versa as well as equivalent fractions. Our field trips were also very nice. My favourite was the overnight trip to the Inland Sea. Olivier The camp was the best camp because it was my first camp ever and I was with my friends and we had millions of games. Muzzammil

Saud Al-Thani

Sebastian Pedersen

Yoeran Maynard

Magnus Toftdal

Mathias Lindeloff

Yousaf Ramsha

Zaynab Laws

Year 6 Carole Bartle

Abdulaziz Jassim Al-Thani

Daniel Jensen

Jack Small

Lauren Honey

Paul Von Lutzow

Mrs Burchell Way to go Year 6! You have all shown the courage to change, the resilience to keep at it, the cooperation to solve problems together, the thoughtfulness to help each other and the communication skills to work it all out. You have been adaptable and amazing enquirers. Above all, you have worked at being moral and shown respect to everyone. Take these personal goals with you and use them every day! Thank you for an action packed year full of learning and growth. Puck This year was just AMAZING! I liked the children, the trips and I love Mrs Burchell. I am also looking forward to next year. Abdulaziz The best thing of my Primary Years was working for my Science Fair in Year 6. Moza This year I have had the best year ever at Compass School. I will miss Primary school and I will miss Mrs Burchell. Krispijn I really liked making my science project because I learnt how the electricity flows through a parallel and series circuit. Sophie This year has been amazing! Thanks to Mrs Burchell I feel more confident in Maths. I can’t wait for next year. Quinten My best friend was Daniel. My favourite unit was IPC. I liked the Science Fair project so much. Rebecca Year 6 was my best year ever. Mrs Burchell is my best teacher ever. Isabelle Year 6 has been the best year I have ever had. I really liked learning about coordinates because I never knew how to do them before, now I do. Soraan I had a lovely year! We did exciting things like make a news bulletin, the Fujairah thing and the movie thing. And I liked the unit where we saw the rollercoaster video and went on the bumper cars. Ruh-Ali My favourite activity was Hockey in PE. I liked playing hockey and learned how to defend. Lauren My year 6 has been so enjoyable. I have learnt a lot and had a fun time doing it at the same time. Mazen I enjoyed learning about electricity for the science fair. I also really enjoyed learning how to do area and perimeter. Samantha Year 6 was really fun and at the same time very

Puck Van de Ven

Quinten Ambergen

challenging. I have learned a lot and am certainly sad to be leaving Year 6. Eagan This is my last year in Primary school. I will miss Mrs Burchell and my friends who are leaving. Goodbye Primary school!! Karan I really liked the science fair. It was fun making my project. Chloe I really enjoyed the IPC unit making the news. It was really exciting when we had to make our own movies. Over-all, this year has just been great! Jack I think I did a great job drawing a roller coaster for the IPC unit The Physical World.

Rebecca De Azevedo

Ruh-Ali Hussain

Mrs. Burchell Pat Burchell

Chinmaya Vempati

Chloe Pigneguy

Eagan Pangestiarso

Isabelle Dekker

Karan Pathela

Krispijn Ambachtsheer

Mazen Mohamed

Moza Alkamali

Sophie Maher

Soraan Farah

Chinmaya I have learnt a lot in this school year. Not just academically, either. Fujairah taught me about responsibility and resilience. Paul I really enjoyed this year because we went to Fujairah where I learned how to cooperate with others. Daniel I have had so much fun making my science project for the science fair. Siri This had been the best year ever. Mrs Burchell is nice and kind and mostly wears a skirt which I would fiddle with. Mrs Burchell has a nice smile.

Samantha Ocampo

Samuel Sieberg

Siriwan Yueayai

Year 6 Linda Latham

Bayan Enshasy

Karla De Villiers

Loes Klinker

Olivia Perry

Osama Hussein

Sahar Karkoub

Mrs. MacDonald Sara MacDonald

Abbey - It was fun because we got to go to the North Star Camp for a week. Sasha - This year has been a blast. Meeting new people and doing new things. Haruka - This was my best year since I have been at Compass. I made loads of friends and I really enjoyed being in this class. Georg - It was really fun and we had lots of trips. Josh - Year 6 was excellent. I loved the Fujairah trip and the classroom economy. This is my best school year ever! Loes - I had an absolutely fabulous time and made lots of friends this year. Sammie - I loved year 6, especially the Fujairah trip. I am looking forward to Secondary! Ahmed - Year 6 was my favorite school year so far. I have made lots of friends this year and it would be amazing if they were in the same class with me next year. Sean - I really enjoyed having the classroom economy. That was the best thing about year 6. Olivia - This year has been really exciting because I have learned interesting things. I have met new friends from different cultures and I hope to keep in touch with them. Karla - I really enjoyed my last year of primary. It was unforgettable! Silvio - Year 6 has an extraordinary class. I hope the next year class enjoys it as much as we did. Osama - Year 6 is great and it is my best year in my life. Ahmad - I learned well and I have a lot of friends. Jonathan - This year was really good. I loved all the topics and my favorite topic was making movies. Etienne - When I first arrived at Compass, I was a bit nervous but what made me feel comfortable was the teacher was very nice. I learned many new things and made lots of new friends. Bayan - The wonders of Year 6 sparked my imagination and I will always keep it as a happy memory. Sahar - This is my best year ever because I am made a lot of good friends and I have a nice teacher. Yasmeen - I just arrived here (May) and I think it is a good.

Abigail Almstrong

Ahmad Hamdan

Ahmed Sellami

Etienne Sebag

Hans (Georg) Bech

Haruka Yamaguchi

Jonathon Lee

Joshua Davies-Pianta

Sammie Klinker

Sasha Brickowski

Sean Holmstrom

Silvio Patricio

Yasmeen Hefeeda

Year 7a “This year was a enjoyable one and a very good one. The thing I enjoyed the most was the dhow trip. We went on that trip for our entry point for a balance unit.” Max Mooij “This year we went on a dhow trip, most of the students in our class came. The dhow trip was for our new Unit Balance. While there I get to learn how to balance in a dhow. It was Fun!” Min Khant Ko

Aedan Gibson

WE CERTAINLY EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS!!!! Joshua: On the dhow I loved the cold beverages. With the tasty Arabic food. I loved the dancing girls who were performing in the play, with their talent at dancing. Mahmoud: in year 7 I loved the dhow trip and my liked my teacher Mr. Mitchell for teaching me history, geography and English. And I liked yr7. Aedan: I really enjoyed the football tournament and it made my dreams really come true in Secondary School, especially because I was captain and it was also a year 8 tournament and we came 2nd. Rik: I liked this school year because I never felt like leaving this school and the school trips we made were awesome especially the dhow trip. Sadly I have to leave this year to go back to Holland.

Calvin Del Socorro

Alvaro Cooper

Mahmoud Aboukamar

Max Mooij

Megan Strobel


Min Khant Ko

Muhammad Al Faridzi

Mr. Hannah Robert Hannah

Afeera Zulfiqar

Damia Munira Bakhthiar

Dorien Verspui

Lisa Falth

Omar Al Saidi

Precious Obaro

Richard Rosendal

Saeed Rajan

Utana Mojahed

Year 7b Clive Bomford

Mathew Guest

Amy Holt

Constance Citilan

Guillermo Van der Beek

Mads Weile

Mohammed Al Abduljabbar

Monia A.Ali Sirelkhatim

Omar El Siefy

Sarah El-Moctar

Ms Feherty Wendy Feherty

Amy Clark

7b have had an amazing year which has included learning in a variety of forms. We have pioneered a buddy system with year 2 which we will continue next year; we have made our own rivers and seen the effects of water erosion, we have built The Coliseum and dressed up as gladiators and my personal favourite-chocolate tasting. Ms Feherty We took a trip to the Grand Hyatt to experience how to make chocolate and where it came from. We got the opportunity to taste lots of different types of chocolate. We used our 5 senses to describe what the chocolate smelled, tasted, felt, looked and even sounded like. My favourite part was tasting the milk chocolate. Yum! Kristen The best part of the year has been learning all about animation and how to make one. We all chose a topic and made plans for our animation. The winning animation was called ‘Lego City Chaos’ and you can view it on Youtube. We made the film as homework, but we didn’t mind as we enjoyed doing it! Andrea, Mads, Hazem

Sooahn Kim

Andreas Asheim

Griffin Sharrry

Hassan Al Khayat

Hazem El-Dabaa

Ivana Sthormes

Kristen Joshua

Tom Roebers

Victor Hundahl

Wynton Hammond

Yo Lin Van Kleef

Year 8a Bryan Holmstrom

Alexander Airikainen

Christian Nielsen

Dany Baki

Hank Small

Hassan Majid

Irfan Zaim

Jeppe Laursen

Jericho Hatherley

Jesus Montiel

Joanna Hughes

The last twelve months have been fun. I will miss Compass, my friends and my favourite teachers. We’ve been doing Mathletics and competing against students around the world, but unfortunately not anybody from Venezuela, my home country. In ICT, the Scratch programming was great because we got to write our own computer games. In Art, we designed our own shoes with a celebrity in mind. The simulators at the Space Camp were cool. Some of the rides hurt, you had to be strapped in tight as they spun you round. I’d like to say a special goodbye to Jonathan, PJ, Jeppe and all the rest of you guys. Jesus Montiel In Science we’ve been learning about forces, such as terminal velocity. Our teacher Mr. Holmstrom makes this stuff very easy to learn. Arabic has been hard. It’s challenging to learn a new language. Already I have good Arabic vocabulary for travelling, and talking about my family. Hank Small

Kei Yamaguchi

Rached El-Moctar

Year 8b “In this school year there have been many wonderful experiences for us students. The new school campus here in Madinat Khalifa was very welcoming when we first came. This school year we went to Dukhan for a Science Trip. We went to visit an old police office and a sink-hole that has enough space for the whole school. Being part of the school production has been an honour for me. Although I have been in the school production last year, it feels more rewarding as I was given one of the main roles.” Janeena Missiona “This year has been a new and exciting experience for me. This is our first year in the Madinat Khalifa campus, and it definitely feels more like a school than before. This year I really enjoyed the trip to Space Camp Turkey, we got to learn a lot about space and space travel, as well as getting to try out all the simulators and pretend we were on a real mission. I learned many new things about space and science, and about working as a team. I hope we get to do something like that again! It was a great year and I’m proud of what I’ve done.” Nadia Gjerdingen

Andreas Solvsteen

Bart Roebers

Ikram Sellami

Vasco Anfang

Iona Gibson

Janeena Missiona

Jonathan Restivo

Keeghan Ellis

Nadia Gjerdingen

Nanna Vig Beier

Riccardo Sala

Sean Croal

Tinotenda Mazibananga

Year 9a Davina Wright

Abdulrahman Al-Suwaidi

Gijsbert De Jongh

Ashley Snoei

Aisha Obaidan

Mads Borg

Jassim Al-Thani

Jonas Laursen

Megan Price

Rachel Dunn

Robert Boym

The school year 2010/2011 has been very interesting. There have been the ups and the downs, people coming and people going. We had trips from going to the Islamic museum to do graffiti with an artist from Tunisia and Canada named El Seed, to going to different schools for sports tournaments. We also had a sports day at our school which meant everybody could participate even the teachers! But next to all the fun the year 9’s had checkpoint exams. Those three days were the longest three days of my life! But then it went right back up again because of the school production; Beauty is the beast. The first performance we did didn’t turn out as planned. But after that it was amazing! After all the fun we had to say goodbye to our dearest friend, Rachel Dunn. She will be missed. But she left good memories behind!

Wian Engelbrecht

Year 9b Stuart Keens

At Compass we did a school production it was called ‘Beauty is a Beast’. My friends and I did a dance in the play; we had a lot of fun learning it and showing it to the audience. We created a background for the play which we did in Art. We had many classes to finish it and it turned out to be pretty nice. Many parents liked our school production; it was our first production that MK created.This school year there were a lot to things to learn for next year in year 10. I like most of the teachers in this school. I understand most of them when they teach me, they teach very well. - Isabel Cooper In this school year, I have had a lot of fun. I met new friends and I think that this school year was better than the last. I also learned many other fascinating things like Pythagoras theorem and interesting facts about WW1 and WW2. The thing that I liked the most the school year was the movies that we watched and that we got to go on a fun maths site called Mathletics. The movies that I enjoyed the most were the movies that we saw in history or in English. In science we did a lot of experiments. It was really fun. We also dissected a sheep’s heart. We could see the heart and stick our fingers in all the pipes. - Reza and Rohan

Al Maha Al-Thani

This year was very exciting and it is a shame it went so fast. We made some great friends who are unfortunately leaving. The school is starting to grow even more which is a great improvement. We enjoyed dancing in the school production with all our friends; we had a great time and set the roof on fire. One of our favourite subjects in school is art, because we have been doing many interesting work and we have an amazing teacher. - Celine & Daphne. This year at Compass it has been an exciting year. We started off with putting on a school show called ‘Beauty is a beast’, it started off quite shakily and we didn’t think it was going to come together. In the end it did and it was amazing and everyone put a lot of effort into it. Also the teachers are very good and hard working, making sure we do the best we can do and get the best grades we could get. - Georgia Perry My third year in Compass International School Doha was full of exciting moments. The school play was so good that it went up in flames, literally! The French teacher had a baby. We got to play lots of football in the first two terms of school. The best lesson of the year was when we got to see Mr. Bomford (the science teacher) set magnesium on fire. I have really enjoyed this school year. - James McKnight

Rohan D’Souza

Reza Imamkhan

Aziz Chouchane

Celine Imamkhan

Georgia Perry

Isabel Cooper

Daphne Broeken

Omar Baki

Mohammed Celik

James McKnight

Year 10 Paul Sharry

“The year began with a visit to the ‘singing’ sand dunes. We were able to get away from the glaring city lights and study constellations under a desert night sky. I think the field trip was a good idea to help new students settle into the school and make friends.

Alex Lowrey

Candida Myers

Clotilde Sebag

Filippo Restivo

Ghifari Syuhada

Hassan Tariq

Ines Patricio

Ivan Farizi

Jessie van de Schoor

Jordi De Witte

In November the school announced that they would be picking 15 students to be part of the “Giffoni Experience” at the Doha International Film Festival. All of us jumped up at the chance but it was first come first served! Thankfully I made it along with some of my friends and we went out to the new Katara Cultural Village where the main Festival was being held. We got to see famous actors and directors like Robert Di Niro and Randall Wallace. I was asked to review films, conduct interviews and join panel discussions. Following on from this, the “Giffoni Experience” contacted me and I will be attending their International Film Festival for Youth this summer in Italy. Sara’ fortissimo! In our 2nd term the school organised a new type of sports day; 2 groups competing in track and field events. I was the Captain of the winning team and lifted the trophy with one of the Year 7 girls. She was shorter than me and she decided to lift it straight up… and into my face. Highlight of the day: blood sacrificed for the victory, sounds like something out of a Randall Wallace movie.”

Karim Chouchane

Marissa Bakhthiar

Taylor Price

Turkey Space Camp

Over five days we took part in a mind spinning and stomach turning fast paced and fun packed programme. We competed in robotics projects. We met a real life real astronount, Richard N Richardsons, who has been on 4 missions to space! He talked about his experiences and then we got to ask questions and have our picture taken with him. We were involved in rocket building, visited a local school to build links and promise our support. Lastly, there were the space simulation machines. Look at the pictures, it looks cool and believe me it was a 100 times better than it looks.

Davina Wright

There has been a great deal of learning in Music at Madinat this year. The Primary children began the year learning the Elements of Music, which are pitch, duration, tempo, timbre, dynamics, texture and silence. The Musical Elements are the “basic ingredients required to make music.” Apart from learning through singing, listening, dancing, composing, practicing, performing and the Visual Arts, they also enjoyed learning to sing, arrange and compose songs directly related to the topics covered in class. Year 4 composed their own song about ‘The Egyptians,’ and created an experimental piece of music to sound like an erupting volcano. Year 5 learnt to sing a song called ‘The Phoenix,’ which linked in with their unit on ‘Myths & Legends,’ and in their ‘Plants and Flowers’ unit, Early Years 2 learnt to sing ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary,’ a classic British nursery rhyme as well as a few others. All children and students have learnt how to conduct in 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time and to read music notation. In our Music Buddying Program, class 9A buddied up with the Year 2 class and taught them how to create their own ‘Musical Hand Poster’ and how this translates into playing instruments and creating musical sounds. The children gave excellent ensemble and solo performances at the Primary and Secondary Music Carnival’s in December, this was attended by children, teachers, parents and friends, it proved to be a huge success, ending the year on a high! This gave our students studying voice,

Music Janet Croal

piano and violin (with our in-school Peripathetic teachers), an opportunity to shine and share all they had learnt so far. The Secondary student’s School Disco & Fancy Dress raised a whopping QR2170 for charity! Many of our children also participate in the The Qatar Music Academy’s program of study. Not only have our Secondary students formed their own School Choir and Band, they have also given numerous assembly performances and participated in our school show ‘Beauty Is A Beast.’ In February, our Primary and Secondary students had the opportunity to participate in the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra performance of Bizet’s

‘Carmen,’ they had a fantastic time! And learnt a great deal about the performance process and how professional musicians work. As well as learning through voice and movement, the children have also learnt how to communicate basic greetings and the alphabet in Sign Language. Being a truly International school, we felt it was important to be inclusive of everyone in our school community and the children appear to enjoy this very fluid and kinaesthetic way of communicating. We will continue to develop our children’s self-confidence, verbal and literacy skills, their enjoyment of school life and their sense of well-being through Music here at Compass!

There have been lots of exciting learning opportunities this year in Art and Design. The secondary students in year nine began term one with some observational drawings of the new school building in charcoal with some interesting and sophisticated outcomes. Also in Term one the English Department and Art Department and all Year Seven students participated in a Chocolate workshop at The Grand Hyatt hotel with Swiss Chocolate company, Fauchon. The students learned about the processes and techniques involved with the creation of Chocolate for a wide range of purposes from its raw state to finishing and exportation around the world. In the same term the Art and Design Department took the whole secondary student body to The Museum of Islamic Art for Grafitti workshops with Tunisian Artist El Seed. The students learned how to use graffiti artist spray paint to experiment with a wide variety of techniques and create two large panels which now take pride of place within the grounds of the school. The Primary school were also involved in art workshops with another visiting artist Debbie who introduced Mrs Leeman’s Year Five class to the “Journey into the Ottoman Empire” exhibition at the Museum. The children loved the experience, which involved them drawing in the old souk and printing their images onto a large wooden panels. They returned full of excitement and enthusiasm. The Year Eight students also took part in this workshop and their collaborative artwork in now on permanent display.

Art and Design Mhairi McAinsh

Students on both campuses have been working on a variety of art projects over the year- Year Three students have been creating chalk pastel drawing of their local environment learning about the visual elements of line, shape, composition and creation of form using different art materials to create landscapes. The Year Four classes have been drawing and learning about volcanoes and earthquakes and created learned printing techniques to create triptychs on different papers. In Year Five, as part of their IPC Unit on Myths and Legends, Gharaffa students enjoyed drawing and creating their own Greek mythological creatures and patterns to build their own vessels which were excellent and very realistic once finished with the addition of some 3D mosaic pieces. Year 3 classes enjoyed the collaboration of year 9 and 10 students who helped apply face paints and decoration to change each student into a member of a rainforest tribe. The year 8 classes also enjoyed working with early years children on their Pirate Unit to create animal pirate characters and pirate ship. In February this year, 16 of our Secondary students worked with world famous pro golfer Ian Poulter to create a Futuristic Golf wear Fashion Show at the Qatar Masters Tournament. Four of the winning students received prizes and Ian Poulter merchandise. Students have also been asked to choose one of the outfits that Ian Poulter will play in for next year’s Master’s tournament. Students taking part in the Art ECA will be using their artistic abilities to create the scenery and backdrops for the school production and another group of students are starting to research for ideas for design of a Compass School Calendar for 2011/12. Year 7 students who created bird sculptures using different finishes were very pleased with their results and the other class who created wire insect sculptures had fun trying to knit, weave and form coloured aluminium and copper wire and sheet. All in all, another exciting year in Art and Design Department at Compass International School.

Amal Taha

Rawya Morsey

Because we live in an Arabic society that communicates in Arabic, it is essential to make our students interact and speak to the individuals in the local language; therefore it became vital to learn speaking and writing Arabic. Teaching Arabic in our department requires a variety of teaching and learning methods. Some of them are mainly depending on listening such as songs; others rely on watching educational videos or learning by doing which gives more interest, joy and motivation to the learners who usually like learning through playing games. Our main strategy for the first stages cares for providing children with a bank of linguistic structures by learning sets of useful daily vocabulary such as those for greetings, colours, numbers, food items, clothes, names of animals, parts of the body, fruit and vegetables, days of the week, occupations and different means of transportation. Later on, a pupil becomes able to perform some short Arabic dialogues, introduce themselves telling names, age, class, country, likes and dislikes. During the Years 4 to 6, a pupil learns conversations and communications with the outside community such as talking to a doctor at hospital, a waiter at a restaurant or someone at the airport.

Arabic Mai Alzard

We pay a lot of attention to learning the customs and traditions of Qatar including the local culture related to traditional clothing that is displayed in the Arabic Night Festival where most pupils participate happily in the Arabic dances, songs and music. Pupils and their parents learn a lot about the Gulf customs of hospitality, generosity and specialties of the Arabian Gulf. The Arabic Night Festival is very different for everyone who attends. We asked some pupils about their feelings, one of them said that he enjoys learning Arabic, particularly when he could respond to others, when he made a fruit basket and named it in Arabic and teaches his mother what he learns at school every day. Another pupil mentioned her interest in learning about the means of transportation and making a poster in Arabic. Finally, for the Arabs we teach Arabic language according to the Supreme Education Council Standards and our staff are preparing the books that meet the language standards to be taught in the following year. It’s fun to learn Arabic and it’s fun to communicate in Arabic. Arabic Language Coordinator Enaam Altaweel

Enaam Altaweel

English as an Additio Vicki Todd We have had a fun- filled year in our E.A.L. classes. There are 33 of us from 24 different nationalities. Some of us even speak four languages. The highlight of our year was the ‘Around the World’ assembly where Signe Hundahl and Mostafa Shibl took us for an amazing trip on Aladdin’s magic carpet. In the primary classes we have been busy growing and writing about plants and exploding rockets. We even made cress sandwiches from the cress we grew and strong rafts for the Year 2 topic about ‘Water’. In our secondary classes we have been busy learning vocabulary about History through time, Science Fiction and Globalisation. Our Year 9 students even disguised themselves so that they could become the main characters in the book ‘The Outsiders’. In our IGCSE class, we have learnt language of persuasion and managed to sell new sporting facilities to Mrs. Brackstone-Drake and Mr. Todd in an impressive oral presentation. We have even made our own environmental rap songs. Through having lots of fun, our English has improved so so much!! Vicki Todd and Jani Brabbs (EAL teachers)

onal Language Lorraine Maher

Michael Glover

This has been a busy year! We ran our first ever Beginners ‘Fun’ Club this year and introduced a Non-Verbal Reasoning assessment. We learned the days of the week with Eric Carle’s Hungry Caterpillar and we drew around ourselves to learn about English words for clothes. Milepost one made Potato People whilst learning about feelings and colours. We described push and pull forces and simple machines. We used the internet to find out about letter sounds and simple words. We have been learning about the layout of fiction and non–fiction books, as well as looking at ways of writing our news. Our song ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Think’ helped us improve our road safety skills and write about instructions. Mileposts two and three made litter bins for Environment week and used adverbs of frequency to write about our recycling habits. We worked with the IPC units in each Year group to research and learn about dinosaurs, and to create Powerpoint presentations about Volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes. We also made Chocolate Chimneys before the winter break! We enjoyed presenting our Punctuation Assembly to help us improve our writing levels, whilst also learning about compound words, contraction words, letter blends and vowel sounds. Levi – ‘I enjoyed playing “Digging for Nouns and Verbs”.’ Mia – ‘Playing word games and finding what was behind the card.’ Mariam –‘The word games, and saying them. It was funny’ Amine – ‘Cooking pancakes with procedure writing.’ Fleur – ‘The quiz to spell words like “UMBRELLA”.’ Klara –‘ I learned to make shape poems.’ Vincent – ‘I liked the Earth Game because it was nice to read and learn.’ Lau – ‘When I made my litter bin, I learned the words ‘reuse, reduce, recycle.’ Mohanned - I made chocolate chimneys and followed instructions.’ Yeisell – ‘I learned about the rainforest houses, which are round.’ Nafisa – ‘My favourite thing was the Magic Triangles for Maths’ Day.’ Mathias –: ‘I enjoyed “Throwing the Banana” to learn about directions. It was fun.’ Yahya – ‘I learned that litter bins can be different shapes during Environment Week.’ Eiad –: ‘My favourite activity was learning how to do Powerpoint Presentations.’ Julius – ‘My favourite was making litter bins.’ Malthe – ‘I learned to reduce, reuse and recycle in my Dragon Bin.’ Sebastian - ‘I made a killer soldier Penguin Bin to put litter in.’ Mathias – ‘I learned more English words when I made my dragon puppet.’ Yoeran –I enjoyed learning about the world in the Master Quiz.’ Quinten – ‘The EAL assembly and learning the Punctuation Pyramid.’

Ingeborg De Smet

Cecil Pak

Christelle Monawar

French Annick Taillefer

Paula Marsh

This year the French department has been really busy! We started early with the children in MP1 doing their assembly, and end the year with the MP2/MP3 students performing in French on June 16th. Now it’s over to the children and what they think about their learning: It’s fun to play les chaises musicales - it makes me think of Muzzy ! - Mohamed A. Y1 I like colouring inside the words. – Aisha Y1 I really liked dressing up in the fashion show. – Calum Y1 In French we have learned about lots of things, like Mardi Gras - but out of all of these I enjoyed making crêpes - they were really yummy. - Chloe Y6 Learning different words in French. – Brooklyn Y4 I enjoyed playing Bingo and doing crosswords. – Bilal Y4 In French I learned poems and songs and I learned how to make crêpe. Nine Y4 I had a great time making crêpes in French. It was also great fun learning about clothes. I can’t wait for French in Year 7. – Jack Y6 I enjoyed learning vocabulary and playing Bingo. – Mazen Y6 On one of the other French lessons we learned about Mardi Gras. And then this one time we learned about food. And then fashion. AWESOME! – Soraan Y6 I didn’t like singing. I liked eating crêpes. - Anya Y3 I learned about celebrations in France. – Eagan Y6 I liked making pancakes. I like to play the number game. I enjoyed making masks. – Fatima Y3 I have really enjoyed the French lessons I had this year. But my favourite thing we did was when we learnt about different types of food. – Sophie Y6 I enjoyed learning French throughout this year. I learned about farm, zoo and animals. I learned how to make pancakes and how to draw monsters. I just can’t believe French class finished! Paula Marsh & Annick Taillefer French Department

Monique Geraghty

Lee Perry

What a year we have had! It’s difficult to know where to start, but I think the best place is with the volleyball tournaments. The boys started us off and although they played as well as we could have expected, we could not get into the finals. So with plenty of friendly rivalry between the boys and the girls we waited to see how the girls would perform. What an afternoon we had – the tension rose as we began to realise we had a chance of making the semi finals and after our final group game we had made it. Unfortunately we then met a strong Al Khor team (who would go on to win the final) and so a place in the final was just beyond us. I was extremely proud of the team, however who had managed to come third in there very first attempt in this tournament. Our next sporting highlight was the girl’s football tournament at ASD. We started with a memorable win against the hosts. After some tense, hard fought games we were waiting on the result from the last group game. We found out we were through on goal difference. So once again we had made it to the semi finals. Yet again, however, we were to be thwarted at the final hurdle and would have to be content with third place. A great achievement for the girls, who were playing in the tournament for the first time. Next it was the boys turn – we entered the year 7 boys in the year 8 football tournament, as some experience in readiness for next year. Along we went to Al Jazeera Academy with no expectations and no pressure on us. So

PE Alistair Brett

it was with some surprise that against bigger, stronger opposition we won our first two games. After two draws and a loss we had made it through to the 2nd round. Now the games began to get quite tactical, but after some heroics from our goalkeeper we were involved it a three way penalty shootout to see whether we would make it to the final. With steely nerves all our penalty takers stood up and scored their penalty shot – we were through to the final. After a hard fought game we unfortunately lost out 1 -0, but were more than happy to be runners up. Well done boys. I also have great memories of sports-day – our first for the secondary school. I am still amazed at the number of students who participated and the fantastic performances that were seen on the day. Our lessons have shown to me that we have a talented group of students, who will go from strength to strength and that the skills you have learnt this year will enable you to become even better performers. Well done to all of you. Mr. Perry P.E. Department

Fred van der Beek

Jelena Otten

Dutch Christa Sterk

Wies Selman

Melanie Kleijn

Dear all, Another year full off Dutch learning through lessons and events has passed by. Each school year we make an exciting start. This year we took off with a new Dutch teacher, Jelena van Uden new Dutch primary groups at our new campus Madinat Khalifa. We saw some of our Gharaffa class friends moving to the new campus, but luckily we see each other back each week during our afternoon reading and cultural lessons. Beside a lot of new things happening we also like to hold on to our old traditions. We had a fantastic Sinterklaas celebration, with the Peters arriving at the back of a Harley Davidson motor bike. Compass turned orange in January celebrating our Queens birthday. Belgium day had a very posh 3rd anniversary at the Inter-Continental Belgian cafĂŠ, where we ate delicious Belgian fries and were we made and ate huge waffles. New on our agenda were the Winterparty Yearbook Dutch Madinat students: Some of our Dutch speaking students moved from Gharaffa to Madinat. Looking at their comments a very positive move. Madinat is the best school ever, the teachers are great and the Dutch lessons super. Aron Year 5 (groep 6) I love the Madinat campus, because it is very easy to move here from year 6 to year 7, since secondary is upstairs. Esra Year 3 (groep 4) I love Madinat, because we have lots of toys and a huge soccer field. Noah Year 5 (groep 6)


Year 5 Camp

Year 6 trip to Fujairah

Asian Football Cup

Environment Week

Maths Day

Book Week


Student Council Primary Student Council – Madinat Khalifa- Silvio Patricio, Reuben Strobel, Hannah-Sophia Brasch, Esraa Verspui, Asher Wood, Gabriella James , Amaar Mirza. -Our first campaign this year was to organise play equipment for all our students, so we each carried out a class survey of what toys people wanted. Then we wrote an extremely persuasive letter to Mr Todd, outlining why it was such an important issue. Thankfully he agreed and so with the help of our shopaholic teachers the toys arrived and have made playtimes so much more enjoyable. Since then we have also organised the sponsored run during Eco week and, keeping with our ‘green theme’ our next project involves the safe disposal of old batteries, computers and mobiles… so watch this space!!

Secondary Student Council – Madinat Khalifa- This year in School Council we have been really involved in improving our school both in its physical form and in its academic aspect. We participated in the recruitment of the Hea d of Learning and were consulted over the new format of reporting that will be in place from September 2011. We also had some input in the school lockers and hopefully they are on their way! It was nice to know that we had a say in the chosen Head of Learning for next year because it shows the other students that we do help in our school choices. When we were interviewing the Head of Learning candidates I really enjoyed having an opinion about who should be in charge of our learning. I liked us being the ones asking the questions for a change!

Student Council - Gharaffa- Counsellors - Daniel Jensen, Armand Blignaut, Clara Burden, Kate Baeckelmans, Nine Rudolph, Jef Van der Vennet, Ines Aroti, Colin Chatfield, Liam Maher, Erikka Ocampo, Jeannette Monteiro, Darcey Gathercole, Lot Van der Ven, Nils Noordhuis, Heloise Robertson. The Student Council at Gharaffa have had a busy year with many new and exciting projects undertaken. Children from Year 1 to 6 participate. Below are some of the highlights of the year. Kate and Jef started off the year organising and ordering new playground equipment. They have been responsible for looking after it and keeping it organised. Clara and Colin worked well together to organise the Eco-Week ‘Sponsored Bounce”. They prepared questions to ask the bouncy castle company and helped write the letter. Ines and Darcey were responsible for looking into improving our recycling efforts. They visited Doha Plastics and interviewed the manager. We are hoping to start recycling plastic at the start of next term. Kate and Nine had a unique opportunity to be part of the interview panel for our new Head of Learning. Armand and Daniel have investigated creating a school cookbook. With all the other exciting things happening they decided to postpone this project until September.

Other people who help us with our learning

Judy Mond Administration Manager

Samantha Ford Admissions Officer

Shona Duncan HR Assistant

Liam Geraghty Finance Manager

Helen Stevenson Secretary-Gharaffa

Kay Tilley Secretary-Madinat Khalifa

Alison Borberg School Nurse

Claire Zitouni School Nurse

Shakkir Kasim IT Officer

Jayson Ramirez IT Officer


Ali Abduaabi


Rashmi Sharma Lab Assistant

Nadal Liaison Officer

Najim Moh’d.

A school is made up of many layers and much work goes on behind the scenes to keep the school running. At Compass we have a team of dedicated people who work hard every day. They do different jobs to make sure -everything is working properly and looked after -new families get a chance to see how great Compass is -the building is looked after at night and the weekends -pay for all the books and resources -look after the staffs -care for the health and safety of the children -and many, many more things We really appreciate all that they do. Amanda Lobo Finance Assistant

Jennifer Jones Librarian

Babette Rousseau Librarian

Sharjan Caretaker

David Caretaker




Head of Learning Sarah Johnson With such a busy and fun filled year behind us, it is always hard to pick out a sample of favourite memories. With this in mind, the Class Assemblies, Presentations of Learning and Community Events e.g. Poetry Evening, are just a few ways in which the students have demonstrated their unique skills and personal strengths. It is such a privilege to be able to work with so many different children, parents and staff across the CISD campuses and have the opportunity to see and hear the children’s enthusiasm and excitement about their learning experience first-hand. This year we have seen children exceed expectations; through the personal goals they have shown courage and determination when faced with a new challenge, and have learned to work and play together in a supportive and caring way making CISD truly a great place to learn!

School Consultative Group

The School Consultative Group is now in its third year of operation. The goal of the group is to support the school in the development of effective partnerships with parents, teachers and staff and to improve the communication between Compass School and parents. The group of 4 parent representatives and 4 staff representatives have met twice each term. The three main focus areas for this year were: Communication, School Improvement Plan and the Strategic Direction of the school.

Campus Principals Learning at Madinat Khalifa 2010 - 2011 Madinat Khalifa campus is nearly a year old and what an enormous amount of dynamic and interactive learning we have enjoyed in the past three terms. Early in the term we welcomed the author Ian Birling to our school as part of ‘Book Week’ and had a very vibrant ‘Reading Breakfast’ with parents reading in class with students. One parent commented that ‘The kids had a blast.’ Parents reading in class is embedded into our year 6 curriculum with ‘Literacy Circles’ every Thursday and of course we have many parents who undertake guided reading with our primary students. Students have been involved in a myriad of Performing Arts activities with the ‘Futuristic Golf Wear’ competition; the Art workshops attended by Years five and eight which yielded some stunning work which is now on permanent display there; the ‘Carmen’ production and the various sporting fixtures taking place weekly. In particular, the Year 5 and 6 girls’ Netball team performed superbly getting through to the play offs. They scored 25 goals during this tournament a significant improvement on the 1 goal scored last year. Our U14 girls came 3rd in the QUESS Football tournament and our year 7 boys got all the way to the final competing against an older team. Other highlights included residential visits to Fujairah, the Inland Sea and the Secondary overseas excursion to the ‘Space Camp

Turkey’ described by students as ‘The best educational trip ever’. Recently our Year 7 spent the day on a Dhow. This was planned as an exciting entry point to the International MiddleYears Curriculum (IMYC) ‘Balance’ unit which is a newly developed Scheme of Work from the creators of the IPC. Our campus production, the staging of which, presented many challenges, was something of a triumph on the night. More than 100 students from Early Year 2 up to Year 10, sang, danced, acted and generally entertained us with the moral tale, ‘Beauty is a Beast.’ The Spring Festival was remarkable because it united both of our campuses in a very real way. Parents, staff and students planned, organised and participated, to make it a memorable community event. We learned about Japan and New Zealand and also about working together. Thank you to all members of our community and especially our exceptional students for helping us to realise our vision of a highly successful ‘all-through’ school at Madinat Khalifa. It has been an exhilarating first year. Happy 1st Birthday MK!

Learning at Gharaffa 2010 - 2011 What an incredible year we have had with so much learning in so many contexts. Compass International School values all activities that enhance the students’ educational experiences beyond the classroom as well as within the school. This year we have been very fortunate to participate in many exciting and enriching opportunity and hope that some of the links we have forged in the wider community will go from strength to strength. In October 30 of our students (15 from Year 4 and 15 from Years 9 and 10) were selected to participate as jurors in The 2010 Doha Tribeca Film Festival. This year it partnered with the Giffoni Experience for an international exchange of children’s’ ideas and film experiences. The jurors got a behind the scenes look at the Film Festival in action. They also watched films, learned about filmmaking, and had the opportunity for engaging exchanges of opinions and ideas. One of our Year 10 students, Hassan was chosen to attend the Giffoni experience in Italy this summer, an amazing achievement. 25 of our students did us proud as mascots during the Asian Football Cup where they got the opportunity to meet with the players and accompany the teams onto the pitch at the start of the games. They had a ‘ball’. A key part of our curriculum is to ensure our students understand and appreciate that we all belong to a global community which responds responsibly to world events. This was demonstrated so well by the community’s response to the many unfortunate events that have happened around the world this year. Working together we have been able to demonstrate to the people of Japan and New Zealand that they are not alone, but part of a caring and compassionate global family. With bake sales, the Spring Festival, Poetry Evening and sponsored events all raising money to alleviate the suffering caused by the disasters, for me

the favourite initiative was the ‘Backpacks’ appeal where our students packed a rucksack with goodies and essentials for a child in Japan who had been displaced or lost their family. The grand total of money raised was approximately 75,000Qatari Riyals and around 400 backpacks were sent to Japan. The learning that took place across this period was phenomenal and beyond measure, emphasising the important of making learning relevant and meaningful. Our first Eco Week was a huge success with the children really taking the messages to heart. Each year group chose a particular theme and studied it for the week. Year 1 developed an Eco Code which they presented at assembly to remind us of the importance of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and simple ways we can make a difference in school. A personal highlight was the beach clean-up where so many people came together to make a difference here in our host country. It has to be said that we took the Ministry of The Environment by surprise as despite careful planning and communication, they did not believe or expect 500 people to turn up and take part. Wakra beach was left a much cleaner place and great learning, great fun was evident for all except possibly the poor crabs who found themselves secretly stuffed into the pockets of many an Early Years child! Hand in hand with these special experiences, goes the incredible learning that takes place daily through the exciting IPC units and all curriculum areas from Maths to swimming, Music to ECAs. As teacher we are always humbled by the enthusiasm and motivation our children display in every lesson and through each activity. Along with the support from our wonderful parent body and wider community we daily demonstrate that we are ‘Learning Well, Enjoying Life and Exceeding Expectations’.

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